Pres Obama Travels to Asia: APEC CEO/Leaders Summit, EAS & U.S.-ASEAN Summit


2014 APEC Beijing

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is a forum for 21 Pacific Rim member economies that seeks to promote free trade and economic cooperation throughout the Asia-Pacific region. It was established in 1989 in response to the growing interdependence of Asia-Pacific economies and the advent of regional trade blocs in other parts of the world; to fears that highly industrialized Japan (a member of G8) would come to dominate economic activity in the Asia-Pacific region; and to establish new markets for agricultural products and raw materials beyond Europe (where demand had been declining). APEC works to raise living standards and education levels through sustainable economic growth and to foster a sense of community and an appreciation of shared interests among Asia-Pacific countries. APEC includes newly industrialized economies, although the agenda of free tradewas a sensitive issue for the developing NIEs at the time APEC founded, and aims to enable ASEAN economies to explore new export market opportunities for natural resources such as natural gas, as well as to seek regional economic integration (industrial integration) by means of foreign direct investment. Members account for approximately 40% of the world’s population, approximately 54% of the world’s gross domestic product and about 44% of world trade.

An annual APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting is attended by the heads of government of all APEC members except Taiwan (which is represented by a ministerial-level official under the name Chinese Taipei as economic leader). The location of the meeting rotates annually among the member economies, and a famous tradition, followed for most (but not all) summits, involves the attending leaders dressing in a national costume of the host country.



APEC CEO/Leaders Summit 2014 - Beijing

APEC CEO/Leaders Summit 2014 – Beijing

APEC CEO Summit – November 10 – 11, 2014
China National Convention Center, Beijing, China



11/10/14 FACT SHEET: Supporting American Job Growth And Strengthening Ties By Extending U.S./China Visa Validity for Tourists, Business Travelers, and Students

11/10/14 Trans-Pacific Partnership Leaders’ Statement

11/10/14 FACT SHEET: The U.S.-Australia Alliance

11/10/14 Statement by the President on Net Neutrality

11/11/14 2014 APEC Leaders’ Declaration

11/11/14 FACT SHEET: 22nd Annual APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting

11/11/14 FACT SHEET: APEC Efforts to Support Emergency and Disaster Preparedness, Recovery, and Resilienc

11/11/14 FACT SHEET: APEC Leaders Commit to Protect the Environment

11/11/14 FACT SHEET: Key Infrastructure Initiatives Supporting U.S. Economic Priorities Work in the G20 and APEC

11/11/14 FACT SHEET: APEC Breaks Down Barriers to Women’s Economic Participation

11/11/14 FACT SHEET: Promoting Energy Security and Clean, Efficient, and Sustainable Energy Development in the APEC Region

11/11/14 FACT SHEET: Fulfilling Leaders’ Instructions on Quality in Higher Education

11/11/14 FACT SHEET: Leading the Fight Against Corruption and Bribery

11/11/14 FACT SHEET: APEC Leaders Agree on Actions to Promote Regional Economic Integration and Trade

11/11/14  FACT SHEET: U.S.-China Joint Announcement on Climate Change and Clean Energy Cooperation

11/11/14 U.S.-China Joint Announcement on Climate Change

11/11/14 FACT SHEET: President Obama’s Visit to China

11/12/14 FACT SHEET: U.S.-China Economic Relations

ASEAN Myanmar 2014

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is a geo-political and economic organization of ten countries located in Southeast Asia, which was formed on 8 August 1967 by Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.  Since then, membership has expanded to include Brunei, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Its aims include accelerating economic growth, social progress, cultural development among its members, protection of regional peace and stability, and opportunities for member countries to discuss differences peacefully.

For more:



November 12-14, 2014
East Asia Summit (EAS) and the U.S.-ASEAN Summit
Nay Pi Taw, Burma


11/13/14 FACT SHEET: 2nd ASEAN-U.S. Summit

11/13/14 FACT SHEET: U.S. Assistance to Burma

11/13/14 Opening of a Peace Corps Program in Burma

11/13/14 U.S. and India Trade Facilitation Agreement at the World Trade Organization (WTO)

11/13/14 FACT SHEET: New Initiative to Improve Labor Rights in Burma

11/13/14 FACT SHEET: The President’s Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative

11/13/14 Joint Statement by The The Republic of the Union of Myanmar, the United States of America, Japan, Denmark and the International Labour Organization (ILO) on Labor Rights and Practices in Myanmar



President Obama’s Asia Travels Itinerary

President Obama travels to China and Burma from November 10-15.  In China from November 10-12, President Obama will attend the APEC Leaders Meeting and APEC CEO Summit.  Upon the conclusion of the APEC Leaders Meeting, the President will participate in a state visit with President Xi Jinping of China.  In Burma from November 12-14, President Obama will attend the East Asia Summit (EAS) and the U.S.-ASEAN Summit in Nay Pi Taw, and hold a bilateral meeting with President Thein Sein.  In Rangoon on November 14, the President will participate in a town hall event with participants in the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) and meet with Aung San Suu Kyi.


Monday, November 10th

President Obama arrives in Beijing

President Obama holds a bilateral meeting Indonesian President Widodo
Westin Beijing Chaoyang, Beijing, China

President Obama participates in a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Leaders Meeting
Embassy of the United States, Beijing, China

President Obama meets and greets with Embassy personnel
Embassy of the United States, Beijing, China

President Obama holds a bilateral meeting with Australian Prime Minister Abbott
Embassy of the United States, Beijing, China

President Obama delivers remarks at the APEC CEO/Leaders Summit
China National Convention Center, Beijing, China

President Obama arrives at the Beijing National Aquatics Center for an APEC Welcome Banquet
Beijing National Aquatics Center, Beijing, China

President Obama participates in an APEC family photo
Beijing National Aquatics Center

President Obama attends an APEC welcome banquet
Beijing National Aquatics Center, Beijing, China

President Obama overnights in Beijing


Tuesday, November 11th

President Obama attends an official APEC summit a welcoming ceremony
International Convention Center, Yanqi Lake, Beijing, China

President Obama attends the APEC CEO Summit plenary session
International Convention Center, Yanqi Lake, Beijing, China

President Obama participates in an official APEC family photo
International Convention Center, Yanqi Lake, Beijing, China

President Obama participates in an official APEC tree planting ceremony
Friendship Lawn, Yanqi Lake, Beijing, China

President Obama attends an  APEC working lunch with leaders
International Convention Center, Yanqi Lake, Beijing, China

President Obama attends the APEC CEO Summit plenary session 2
International Convention Center, Yanqi Lake, Beijing, China

President Obama participates in a walk and talk with Chinese President Xi
Zhong Nan Hai, Beijing, China

President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping hold a bilateral meeting
Zhong Nan Hai, Beijing, China

President Obama attends a private dinner with Chinese President Xi
Zhong Nan Hai, Beijing, China

President Obama overnights in Beijing


Wednesday, November 12th

President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping hold a additional bilateral meeting
Great Hall of the People, Beijing, China

President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping deliver remarks and hold a press conference
Great Hall of the People, Beijing, China

President Obama attends a State Visit Welcome Ceremony with hosted by Chinese President Xi Jinping
Great Hall of the People, Beijing, China

President Obama holds a meeting with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang
Great Hall of the People, Beijing, China

President Obama travels to Burma

President Obama attends the East Asia Summit (EAS) welcome ceremony
Myanmar International Convention Center, Naypyitaw, Burma

President Obama attends an East Asia (EAS) Summit Gala Dinner
Myanmar International Convention Center, Naypyitaw, Burma

President Obama overnights in Naypyitaw


Thursday, November 13th

President Obama participates in an U.S.–ASEAN session
Myanmar International Convention Center – Naypyitaw, Burma

President Obama attends a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung of Vietnam
Myanmar International Convention Center, Naypyitaw, Burma

President Obama participates in a Roundtable at the Parliamentary Resource Center
Parliamentary Resource Center, Naypyitaw, Burma

President Obama holds a bilateral meeting with Burmese President Thein Sein
Myanmar International Convention Center, Rangoon, Burma

President Obama overnights in Naypyitaw


Friday, November 14th

President Obama holds a bilateral meeting with Aung San Suu Kyi

Aung San Suu Kyi Residence, Rangoon, Burma

President Obama holds a press conference with Aung San Suu Kyi
Aung San Suu Kyi Residence, Rangoon, Burma

President Obama meets with Peace Corps Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet and Regional Director Keri Lowry
U.S. Embassy, Rangoon, Burma

President Obama holds a civil society roundtable
U.S. Embassy, Rangoon, Burma

President Obama participates in a Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative town hall meeting
Yangon University, Rangoon, Burma

President Obama departs Rangoon en route Brisbane, Australia

President Obama overnights on Air Force One


Saturday, November 15th

President Obama travels to Brisbane, Australia for the G-20 Leaders Meeting

US – China Trade 

US – Burma Trade

US – Australia Trade

Trans-Pacific Partnership



Liberals Don’t You Dare Give Up!

37% Voted on Novemeber 4, 2014 - DID YOU VOTE FOR OUR FUTURE?

37% Voted on Novemeber 4, 2014 – DID YOU VOTE FOR OUR FUTURE?

Yes, we Dems got beat this election. I DID NOT appreciate it that campaigning Democrats dissed President Obama.  Enough young and minority Democrat voters stayed home and the GOP voters came out in full force to vote. Now there is a GOP majority in the House and Senate.

The new GOP Congress will spend their time trying to repeal Obamacare for the 50+ time, repealing voters rights and other civil rights, crippling EPA laws, trying to passing stricter immigration laws, keeping things like phantom issues in the forefront instead of passing legislation to help the 99% [when they actually are in town and at work in Congress], blocking presidential cabinet and department appointees and blocking the appointment of liberal judges.

Whom ever becomes president in 2016 [HRClinton or E. Warren] will also have those GOP Senator winners of last night to deal with in their presidency four years.

Now we Democrats have to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and get back on our feet! Think of our forefathers who fought and died for your democracy!

We have to thank all the Democrat volunteers and voters who worked so hard.

We can appreciate that the US has fared way better then most countries economically coming out of that recession because of actions of President Obama.

We have to start becoming more politically involved and keep up with the news.

Every election creates change for you, your family, your community and your nation. We can start to prepare and vote for Democrats in every election

Work to Take Back Congress!


CR who is proud to be a Democrat!

Proud to be a Democrat

PBO Post Election Promise

Forward For Equality_sml

A. H. Cushing – Medal of Honor Recipient & Salute to the Troops


A.H. Cushing

On November 6, 2014, President Barack Obama will award the Medal of Honor to Army First Lieutenant Alonzo H. Cushing for conspicuous gallantry.

First Lieutenant Alonzo H. Cushing will receive the Medal of Honor posthumously for his actions while serving as commanding officer of Battery A, 4th United States Artillery, Artillery Brigade, 2nd Corps, Army of the Potomac during combat operations in the vicinity of Cemetery Ridge, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on July 3, 1863.

During Longstreet’s Assault, also known as Pickett’s Charge, First Lieutenant Cushing’s battery took a severe pounding by Confederate artillery.  As the Confederate Forces advanced, he manned the only remaining, and serviceable, field piece in his battery.  During the advance, he was wounded in the abdomen as well as in the right shoulder.  Refusing to evacuate to the rear despite his severe wounds, he directed the operation of his lone field piece continuing to fire.  With the Confederate Forces within 100 yards of his position, Cushing was shot and killed during this heroic stand.  His actions made it possible for the Union Army to successfully repulse the assault.

First Lieutenant Cushing’s cousins, Frederic Stevens Sater and Frederic Cushing Stevens III, and families will join the President at the White House to commemorate his example of selfless service and sacrifice.

For more:


November 6, 2014
President Barack Obama awards
Army First Lieutenant Alonzo H. Cushing
the Medal of Honor posthumously for conspicuous gallantry

Salute silhouette

Salute To The Troop @ WH Performance

As part of the showing appreciation for our military and their families President Obama, First Lady Michelle and the Joining Forces initiative will be holding events in honor of our members of the U.S. military, military veterans, and their families.

For more information:


Thursday, November 6, 2014

As part of the “In Performance at the White House” series and the Joining Forces initiative, the President and First Lady will invite music legends, members of the U.S. military, military veterans, and their families to the White House on Thursday, November 6 for a celebration of the men and women who serve the United States.

The program on the South Lawn will have a live audience that will include hundreds of military service members, veterans, and their families. The event will feature performances by Mary J. Blige, Common, John Fogerty, Willie Nelson, Romeo Santos, as well as active duty military members Army SGT. Christiana R. Ball, Marine Corps Capt. Matt Smith and Capt. John Ed Auer, with Don Was as music director. The rock band Daughtry will also perform via satellite from a USO concert at Yokota Air Base in Japan. The President’s remarks will be pooled press and the entire event will be streamed live at starting at 7:25 PM ET. “A Salute to the Troops: In Performance at the White House” will be broadcast Friday, November 7 at 9:00 PM ET on PBS stations nationwide (check local listings), as part of the PBS Arts Fall Festival.

For more:

Joining Forces is a national initiative to engage all sectors of society to give our service members and their families the opportunities and support they have earned. Since the first days of the Administration, First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden have met with military families, learned about their successes and challenges, and made it their priority to support them.

Joining Forces creates opportunities for all Americans to step up and show their gratitude to our service members and their families. Through this effort, Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden are asking Americans to do more for those who have done so much for us. They are asking Americans to get involved in any way they can.

To learn more visit:


Joining Forces

The Right to Vote



VOTE Make a Difference


“The vote is the most powerful instrument, the most powerful non-violent tool in a democratic society.”

U.S. Representative John Robert Lewis


Democrats have a long and proud history of fighting for voting rights that continues to this day. And while we’ve made significant progress in securing the right to vote for all eligible Americans, many voters still face difficulties in the voting process, from registering to casting a ballot to having their votes counted. Those often disproportionately affected are communities of color, young people, the elderly, low-income individuals, and disabled voters, as well as military members and veterans. In many parts of the country, voters are underserved by a lack of polling places, outdated voting machines, and unnecessarily complicated laws.

As Republican politicians try to make it harder to vote, Democrats are working to expand access to the polls. And we won’t stop working to promote a system of elections that is accessible, open, and fair — a system that ensures that every eligible person can cast a vote and that every lawfully cast vote is counted.

To learn more about why voting rights matter, visit:


Homeless People’s Voting Rights 202-462-4822

US Election Assistance Commission 866-747-1471 (toll free) or 202-566-3100

US Acerca de la EAC  866-747-1471 (teléfono gratuito) 202-566-3100

使用本明信片表格和指南在您的 所在州登记投票 – Chinese .
このはがき用紙とガイドをもとに 自分の居住する州で 投票登録を行なってください — Japanese .
주정부유권자 등록 신청을 위한 우편엽서 양식 및 안내서 – Korean .
Dokumento para sa Pambansang Rehistrasyon ng Botanteng Maghuhulog ng Balota sa Koreo — Tagalog
Ghi danh Bỏ phiếu tại Tiểu bang của quý vị bằng cách sử dụng Cẩmw nang Hướng dẫn và Mẫu đơn dạng Bưu thiệp này — Vietnamese .


Polling Place Locator

FLOTUS VOTEDemocratic_Donkey_Sml


Vote Forward

US Voters Deciding on Money for Wildlife Conservation


VOTE_buttonVote for Conservation 2014

US voters deciding on billions for conservation

10/30/14  By JASON DEAREN – AP

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) — Voters across the nation are deciding whether to set aside billions of dollars for parks and preservation in what some environmentalists are calling one of the most significant elections for land conservation in American history.

Pollsters say it’s one of the few places on Tuesday’s ballots where voters of all kinds can find common ground.

The most money at stake is in Florida, California and New Jersey.

“These are highly developed and dense states, and they are watching the good natural places disappear,” said Will Rogers, president and CEO of the Trust for Public Land, which tracks and raises money for the ballot measures. “People know if they don’t step up and protect it, it will be gone.”

Nationwide, it adds up to more than $15.7 billion overall in taxes and bonds for land and water conservation, the most in a quarter-century of elections, according to the trust’s data, which was independently verified by The Associated Press.

Other states with significant conservation funding on their ballots include Utah, New Mexico, North Dakota and Oregon. There are local measures, too: voters in Larimer County, Colorado could renew a sales tax to generate $131 million over 25 years for open spaces.

“One of the things we see in this hyper-partisan age is that support for these measures can extend across party lines,” said Lori Weigel, a pollster in Denver, Colorado, who has been tracking voter preferences on this year’s measures. “There’s something appealing about conserving these natural areas, whether that’s for sportsmen like hunters or environmentalists.”

For more:–politics.html



Polling Place Locator

Vote Forward


Happy Halloween 2014


WH Halloween 2014

Steve Sack cartoon

Steve Sack cartoon

Tom Toles cartoon

Tom Toles cartoon


Don’t be tricked by the GOP candidates!


Republicans Are Trying to Make Sure Minorities and Young People Don’t Vote This November

Control of the Senate could hinge on a few crucial court battles over voting rights.

Wed Oct. 8, 2014 6:00 AM EDT By Stephanie Mencimer – motherjones

As candidates across the country are kicking their get-out-the-vote efforts into high gear, many states are feverishly litigating to defend newly implemented voting restrictions that could prevent many voters from casting a ballot. The outcomes of those cases could shape critical races—and even influence which party wins control of the US Senate.

In a way, Barack Obama can be blamed for this. In 2008, his historic campaign inspired record turnout, drawing more people to the polls than the country had seen in 40 years. Almost all of the record increase came from black, Hispanic, and young voters, who tended to vote Democratic. Republican governors and GOP-controlled state legislatures, not surprisingly, saw this as a problem. They responded by throwing up a host of new obstacles to voting that disproportionately affect black, Latino, and low-income voters.

Since the last midterm elections in 2010, 22 states have passed strict new voting restrictions, according to the Brennan Center for Justice. Some of those measures took effect before the 2012 election, as in Florida, where long lines at polling stations apparently deterred at least 200,000 people from voting that year. Nationally, fewer people cast votes in the presidential race in 2012 than in 2004, even though the country saw the number of eligible voters increase by 8 million. In 15 states, this year’s midterms will mark the first federal election with a host of these new voting restrictions in action.

For more:



Republicans bank on fear in this election

November 2 at 6:23 PM By Rachel Maddow – washingtonpost

Rachel Maddow hosts MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” and writes a monthly column for The Post.

I know it wasn’t planned this way, but there is a certain genius in how we snug Election Day up against Halloween on the calendar. We scare each other for fun and profit on the last day of October every year, but then in even-numbered years, we keep going. We scare each other on the first Tuesday thereafter, too, rolling right from our night of haunted houses and zombie costumes into a national election that’s being directed like the shower scene from “Psycho.”

This year, the closing argument from the Republican side is a whole bunch of ghastly fantasies: Ebola, the Islamic State, vague but nefarious aspersions about stolen elections and a whole bunch of terrifying fantasies about our border with Mexico. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) still hasn’t explained why only he knows about the “at least 10 ISIS fighters who have been caught coming across the Mexican border in Texas.” Ten fighters from the Islamic State are in custody in Texas, but only Hunter knows about it?

Once and would-be future senator Scott Brown says it’s polio that’s sneaking across the border. Polio, or maybe whooping cough. Or Ebola. Or the Islamic State! Whichever. Rep. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), another Senate candidate, says Mexican drug cartels and the Islamic State are colluding to mount a sneak attack on Arkansas. Boo!

For more:


5 Republican goals if they win the Senate Nov. 4

9/28/14 Associated Press By The Associated Press

Five things Republicans hope to do if they win control of the Senate this fall:

1. Try to pass measures backed by some congressional Democrats but opposed by President Barack Obama. This could include approving the Keystone XL oil pipeline and removing a tax on medical devices. Obama might find it difficult to veto such bipartisan efforts.

2. Highlight party differences on taxes, spending, regulations and other issues. Republicans could force Obama to veto — or Democratic senators to filibuster — GOP initiatives, painting Democrats as obstructionists.

3. Block confirmation of Obama’s judicial and executive nominees who do not satisfy Republicans’ demands.

4. Join the House in launching investigations into politically sensitive areas such as the Internal Revenue Service, environmental regulations and the killing of Americans in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012.

5. Appeal to conservatives by passing bills to repeal Obama’s health care law and achieve other long-frustrated goals. Obama probably would veto such efforts, assuming they survive Democratic filibusters. But GOP lawmakers could argue they’re doing all they can, and voters should elect a Republican president in 2016 to complete the work.


Give America a treat


Vote for Democrats in 2014



Polling Place Locator

Infrastructure Investment


Modes of transportation

 The U.S. faces a funding gap of $1 trillion in transportation, water, and electricity needs between now and 2020.  Treasury Jack Lew’sExpanding Our Nation’s Infrastructure through Innovative financing report examines the high costs of these investment deficiencies to the U.S. economy and outlines the critical importance of modernizing and maintaining our nation’s infrastructure to ensure economic growth, opportunity, and job creation, and to help American businesses compete effectively in the global economy.

“The Department of Transportation has put forward a long-term transportation bill called the GROW AMERICA Act that will help states, cities and towns tackle their transportation needs and plan for the future, all without adding to the deficit,” said Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.  “It’s a significant step forward – but more must be done to make the most of our future growth.  The Build America Investment Initiative will leverage private investment along with public support to ensure our country’s future continues to burn bright.”

The Administration’s four-year transportation re-authorization bill, which President Obama put forward in his budget, is a long-term strategy to provide certainty to states, cities, as well as private investors.  While Congress passed a bill to keep the Highway Trust Fund solvent through next May, the Administration’s proposal is a comprehensive approach that rebuilds America, creates construction and jobs, and tackles our most urgent repairs as soon as possible.  To help pay for these investments, the Administration’s proposal would use temporary, one-time savings from pro-growth business tax reform.

On July 17, 2014, President Obama called upon Secretary Lew and Secretary Foxx to co-chair an interagency working group to analyze how to increase public and private sector collaboration in infrastructure development; expand appropriate use of private sector infrastructure financing; and achieve gains in productivity, efficiency, and resilience.  The working group’s report is due to deliver to the President on November 14, 2014.

For more:

Infrastructure Investments by Nation
Biden to headline economic forum

10/25/14 01:41 PM EDT By Kevin Cirilli - TheHill

Vice President Joe Biden will keynote an economic forum in Washington on Tuesday.

Biden will speak at the North American Strategic Infrastructure Leadership Forum to an audience of more than 400 public and private sectors executives.

It is hosted CG/LA Infrastructure and aims to bring together officials and sponsors from the top infrastructure 100 projects in North America, a CG/LA spokesperson shared first with The Hill.

“Infrastructure drives economic growth across the board. Vice President Biden understands this and has demonstrated leadership in developing a national vision to innovate and improve the state of U.S. infrastructure,” said CG/LA President and CEO, Norman Anderson in a statement.

For Biden, the forum offers a opportunity to highlight the administration’s continued calls to invest in infrastructure spending, which many Democrats have argued would help spur economic growth.



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