Expanding the ‘Pay As You Earn’ Federal Student Loan Qualifications



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12/21/12 – Pay As You Earna U.S. federal student debt relief law program is passed and into law and signed  President Barack Obama.

Only borrowers who do not have outstanding federal loan debt as of October 1, 2007 may qualify if they receive a disbursement on a loan on or after October 1, 2011. As with Income-Based Repayment (IBR), the borrower must prove Partial Financial Hardship.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pay_as_You_Earn_(PAYE)_-_Federal_Student_Loan_Relief_Program


Expanding Income-Based Repayment

The Administration’s “Pay as You Earn” plan expanded income-based repayment to enable students to take advantage of a new option to cap repayment of student loans at 10 percent of monthly income. These changes reduced the burden of student loans in a fiscally responsible way. Additionally, millions of borrowers are now eligible to consolidate Direct Loans and FFEL Loans and save up to half a percentage point on their interest rate.

Learn more: http://www.whitehouse.gov/issues/education/higher-education/making-college-affordable


Making Student Loans More Affordable

President Obama declared 2014 a year of action – vowing to use the power of his pen and phone to help ensure that hardworking Americans have the opportunity to succeed. And this week will be no different. With a focus on supporting hardworking Americans and upholding our country’s commitment to provide a quality education for all of our students, the President is again taking action. Today, he will deliver remarks at the White House, announcing new executive actions to further lift the burden of crushing student loan debt, including a Presidential Memorandum that will allow an additional 5 million borrowers with federal student loans to cap their monthly payments at just 10 percent of their income

FACTSHEET: Making Student Loans More Affordable

A postsecondary education is the single most important investment that Americans can make in their futures. Higher education results in higher earnings and a lower risk of unemployment, but for too many low- and middle-income families this essential rung on the ladder to opportunity and advancement is slipping out of reach.  Over the past three decades, the average tuition at a public four-year college has more than tripled, while a typical family’s income has barely budged.  More students than ever are relying on loans to pay for college.  Today, 71 percent of those earning a bachelor’s degree graduate with debt, which averages $29,400.  While most students are able to repay their loans, many feel burdened by debt, especially as they seek to start a family, buy a home, launch a business, or save for retirement.

The President and his Administration have a long track record of taking steps to make college more affordable and accessible for families. And as part of his year of action to expand opportunity for all Americans, the President is committed to building on these efforts by using his pen and his phone to make student debt more affordable and more manageable to repay.

Today the President will use the power of his pen to help millions of borrowers afford their student loan payments. He will sign a new Presidential Memorandum directing the Secretary of Education to propose regulations that would allow nearly 5 million additional federal direct student loan borrowers the opportunity to cap their student loan payments at 10 percent of their income.  The Presidential Memorandum also outlines a series of new executive actions aimed to support federal student loan borrowers, especially for vulnerable borrowers who may be at greater risk of defaulting on their loans.

Today the President will also reiterate his call for the sean to pass legislation that could help an estimated 25 million Americans refinance outstanding student loans at lower interest rates, the same as those available to federal student loan borrowers taking out loans this year.  This move could save a typical student $2,000 over the life of his or her loans.

    • The Challenge of Student Debt
    • Capping Student Loan Payments at 10 Percent of Income
    • Doing All We Can to Help Students Repay their Loans
      1. Strengthen Incentives for Loan Contractors to Serve Students Well
      2. Ensure Active-Duty Military Get the Relief They Are Entitled to
      3. Work with the Private Sector to Promote Awareness of Repayment Option
      4. In addition, the Administration will work with Intuit to explore ways to communicate with federal student loan borrowers through Intuit’s free personal financial management product, Mint.com
      5. Use Innovative Communication Strategies to Help Vulnerable Borrowers
      6. Promote Stronger Collaborations to Improve Information for Students and Families
  • Additional Actions to Reduce Indebtedness and Promote College Affordability: Helping Students and Families Access Education Tax Benefits

For the entire article:  http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2014/06/09/factsheet-making-student-loans-more-affordable


Weekly Address: Supporting America’s Students

Remarks of President Barack Obama
Weekly Address
The White House

June 7, 2014

Hi, everybody. This is commencement season, a time for graduates and their families to celebrate one of the greatest achievements of a young person’s life. But for many graduates, it also means feeling trapped by a whole lot of student loan debt. And we’ve got to do more to lift that burden.

See, in a 21st century economy, the surest pathway into the middle class is some form of higher education. The unemployment rate for workers with a bachelor’s degree is just 3.3 percent – about half what it is for high school graduates. The typical graduate of a four-year college earns $15,000 more per year than someone with just a high school degree.

But at a time when college has never been more important, it’s also never been more expensive.

That’s why, since I took office, I’ve worked to make college more affordable. We reformed a student loan system that gave away billions of taxpayer dollars to big banks and invested that money where it makes a bigger bang – in helping more young people afford a higher education.

But over the past three decades, the average tuition at a public four-year college has more than tripled. The average undergraduate student who borrows for college now graduates owing almost $30,000. And I’ve heard from too many young people who are frustrated that they’ve done everything they were supposed to do – and now they’re paying the price.

I’ve taken action on my own to offer millions of students the opportunity to cap their monthly student loan payments to 10% of their income. But Congress needs to do its part. The good news is that Senate Democrats are working on a bill that would help more young people save money. Just like you can refinance your mortgage at a lower interest rate, this bill would let you refinance your student loans. And we’d pay for it by closing loopholes that allow some millionaires to pay a lower tax rate than the middle class.

That’s the choice that your representatives in Congress will make in the coming weeks – protect young people from crushing debt, or protect tax breaks for millionaires. And while Congress decides what it’s going to do, I will keep doing whatever I can without Congress to help responsible young people pay off their loans – including new action I will take this week.

This country has always made a commitment to put a good education within the reach of all who are willing to work for it. That’s what made us an economic superpower. That’s what makes us special. And as long as I hold this office, I’ll keep fighting to give more young people the chance to earn their own piece of the American Dream.

Thanks, and have a great weekend.

Contact your legislator Contact your Congress person to tell them to pass the Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act !!!

U.S. Senators
U.S. Representatives
Tweet a Message to Your Representatives

VPOTUS @ Univ of Delaware 2014 Commencement & Citizens Congress Conference


UDelawareVP Biden @ UD 2014 Commencement

Vice President Joe Biden to deliver remarks at the University of Delaware’s 165th Commencement May 31st

April 7, 2014– udel.edu

Vice President Joe Biden will deliver the Commencement address at the University of Delaware, his alma mater, on Saturday, May 31.

The University’s 165th Commencement ceremony will begin at 9 a.m. in Delaware Stadium, rain or shine, and the event is free and open to the public.

For more: http://www.udel.edu/udaily/2014/apr/commencement-040714.html

The University of Delaware Class of 2014
165th Commencement Ceremony
Vice President Joe Biden – Commencement Speaker
Saturday, May 31, 2014 @ 9:00 AM ET
Delaware Stadium, Newark, Delaware


Live Stream: http://udcapture.udel.edu/udlive/watch.php?t=f&s=thebob.flv&w=896&h=504


Congress Can Be Better


Democrats and Republicans agree, the gridlock in Congress has frustrated the American people and complicated the critical decisions our country faces.

Our representatives in Washington are unable to render solutions for one reason- money.

Since the 1970s, corporate business organizations have focused billions of dollars to organize and lobby for legislation that favors their special interests. This money buys access and influence in Washington; it dominates our policies, and corrupts our politics. Polls indicate that 90% of Americans favor removing the corrosive influence of money in elections.

Citizens Congress Conference is a non-profit volunteer group of concerned citizens comprised of teachers, doctors, nurses, farmers, firefighters, web designers, business owners, artists and others who know that ending government corruption should be the number one national priority.

They are a non-partisan in our pursuit of this issue and are developing and working successfully with organizations across the nation who are deeply committed to restoring balance and faith in our political system.

For more: http://www.citizenscongress2014.org/about.html


Citizens Congress Conference
June 2 – 5, 2014
 Cal-Poly University,  Spanos Theatre, San Luis Obispo, California

The first national gathering of legislators, scholars, and public advocacy groups combating the corruptive influence of money in our political system. Learn more: http://www.citizenscongress2014.org

Conference Registration & Attendees: http://www.citizenscongress2014.org/conference-1.html

$ Should Not Run Politics



Citizens United v. FEC and the Future of Federal Campaign Finance Reform

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 558 U.S. ___ (2010), (Docket No. 08-205), is a US constitutional law case, in which the United States Supreme Court held that the First Amendment prohibits the government from restricting political independent expenditures by corporations, associations, or labor unions. The conservative lobbying group Citizens United wanted to air a film critical of Hillary Clinton and to advertise the film during television broadcasts in apparent violation of the 2002 Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (commonly known as the McCain–Feingold Act or “BCRA”). In a 5–4 decision, the Court held that portions of BCRA §203 violated the First Amendment.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citizens_united


Wake up people, and see the danger we’re in

4/09/2014 10:14:54 AM By Leonard Pitts Jr. – mercurynews.com

This is a column about campaign finance reform.

And your eyes glazed over just then, didn’t they?

That’s the problem with this problem. Americans know that government truly of, by and for the people is unlikely if not impossible so long as the system is polluted by billions of dollars in contributions from corporations and individual billionaires. Half of us, according to Gallup, would like to see public financing of campaigns; nearly 80 percent want to limit campaign fundraising.

And yet somehow, the issue seems to lack a visceral urgency in the public mind. William Ostrander understands that all too well.

“There are people that will go nuts over the Second Amendment,” he says in a telephone interview. And not to diminish the importance of self-defense, he adds, but “when you look at the practical character of it, what’s going on in campaign finance corruption is far more injurious to their lives, their well-being and their children’s lives than anything most people have had to deal with the Second Amendment.”

Ostrander is a farmer in San Luis Obispo, and the director of something called Citizens Congress 2014. Its members include a schoolteacher, a small-business man, a firefighter, a general contractor and a doctor — your basic average Americans — who have collectively invested thousands of volunteer hours to set up a summit (June 2 to 5) of lawyers, lawmakers, academics, advocacy groups and other experts.

Their aim: to brainstorm strategies and craft a plan of action to eliminate the influence of big money in politics.

For more: http://www.mercurynews.com/News/ci_25529920/Leonard-Pitts-Jr:-Wake-up-people


POTUS @ US Military Academy & VPOTUS @ Air Force Academy 2014 Commencement


U.S._Military_Academy_West Point

 The United States Military Academy develops cadets to live honorably, with uncompromising integrity, as U.S Army officers in service to the nation. The United States Military Academy has been educating, training, and inspiring leaders of character for our United States Army and for the nation for more than 200 years. West Point provides a 47-month leader-development program steeped in academic rigor, military discipline, and physical challenges, all built upon a moral-ethical foundation. The academy is an internationally recognized institution for academic, military and physical excellence, and we are proud that today’s cadets will become tomorrow’s military, public and private-sector leaders.


President of the United States, Barack Obama, will be the graduation speaker for the U.S. Military Academy’s Class of 2014. The ceremony will take place on Wednesday, May 28.

U.S. Military Academy’s Class of 2014
President Barack Obama – Commencement Speaker
Wednesday, May 28@ 10:00 AM ET
Michie Stadium, West Point, NY

Live Stream: http://www.usma.edu


The United States Air Force Academy (USAFA or Air Force) is a military academy for officer candidates for the United States Air Force. Its campus is located immediately north of Colorado Springs in El Paso County, Colorado, United States. The Academy’s stated mission is “to educate, train, and inspire men and women to become officers of character, motivated to lead the United States Air Force in service to our nation.” It is the youngest of the five United States service academies, having graduated its first class in 1959. Graduates of the Academy’s four-year program receive a Bachelor of Science degree, and are commissioned as second lieutenants in the United States Air Force.

Candidates for admission are judged on their academic achievement, demonstrated leadership, athletics and character. To gain admission, candidates must also pass a fitness test, undergo a thorough medical examination, and secure a nomination, which usually comes from the member of Congress in the candidate’s home district. Recent incoming classes have had about 1,200 cadets; historically just under 1,000 of those will graduate. Tuition along with room and board are all paid for by the U.S. government. Cadets receive a monthly stipend, but incur a commitment to serve a number of years of military service after graduation.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Air_Force_Academy


Vice President Biden to speak at Class of ’14 graduation ceremony

4/25/2014 by U.S. Air Force Academy Public Affairs -  usafa.af.mil

U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. — Vice President Joe Biden is scheduled to be the guest speaker for this year’s graduation ceremony here.

Biden is the 47th vice president and this will be his second visit to the Academy. He was also the commencement speaker for the Class of 2009 graduation ceremony.

Graduation for the approximately 1,000 members of the Academy’s Class of 2014 is scheduled for 9:30 a.m., May 28, at Falcon Stadium.

The ceremony is scheduled to end with a flyover by the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds.

United States Air Force Academy’s Class of 2014
Vice President Biden – Commencement Speaker
Wednesday, May 28 @ 12:00 PM ET
United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs in El Paso County, CO


2014 White House Science Fair


WH Science, Tech & Innovation

President Obama to Host White House Science Fair

WASHINGTON, DC – On Tuesday, May 27th, the President will host the 2014 White House Science Fair and celebrate the student winners of a broad range of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) competitions from across the country. The President will also announce new steps as part of his Educate to Innovate campaign, an all-hands-on-deck effort to get more girls and boys inspired to excel and to provide the support they need to succeed in these vital subjects.

With students from a broad range of STEM competitions, this year’s Fair will include a specific focus on girls and women who are excelling in STEM and inspiring the next generation with their work. Since day one, the President has been committed to getting more underrepresented groups, including women and girls, excited to excel at STEM subjects. For example, in the Administration’s signature education reform initiative, Race to the Top, President Obama granted states competitive preference if they demonstrated efforts to close the STEM gap for girls and other groups that are underrepresented.

The President hosted the first-ever White House Science Fair in late 2010, fulfilling a commitment he made at the launch of his Educate to Innovate campaign to inspire students to excel in math and science. As the President noted then, “If you win the NCAA championship, you come to the White House. Well, if you’re a young person and you produce the best experiment or design, the best hardware or software, you ought to be recognized for that achievement, too.”

Meet the Exhibitors in the 2014 White House Science Fair

White House Science Fair Fact Sheet & Backgrounder

STEM Icons

Tuesday, May 27, 2014
White House Science Fair


The Great Society


Great Society Chart May 22, 1964 – The U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson (D) announces the goals of his Great Society social reforms to bring an “end to poverty and racial injustice” in America.

The Great Society program, with its name coined from one of Johnson’s speeches, became Johnson’s agenda for Congress in January 1965: aid to education, attack on disease, Medicare, Medicaid, urban renewal, beautification, conservation, development of depressed regions, a wide-scale fight against poverty, control and prevention of crime, and removal of obstacles to the right to vote. Congress, at times augmenting or amending, enacted most of Johnson’s recommendations. Johnson’s achievements in social policy were made possible by liberal strength, especially after the Democratic landslide of 1964.

After the Great Society legislation of the 1960s, for the first time, a person who was not elderly or disabled could receive need-based aid from the U.S. government.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lyndon_B._Johnson#Great_Society


President Lyndon B. Johnson’s
Remarks at the University of Michigan

May 22, 1964

President Hatcher, Governor Romney, Senators McNamara and Hart, Congressmen Meader and Staebler, and other members of the fine Michigan delegation, members of the graduating class, my fellow Americans:

It is a great pleasure to be here today. This university has been coeducational since 1870, but I do not believe it was on the basis of your accomplishments that a Detroit high school girl said, “In choosing a college, you first have to decide whether you want a coeducational school or an educational school.”

Well, we can find both here at Michigan, although perhaps at different hours.

I came out here today very anxious to meet the Michigan student whose father told a friend of mine that his son’s education had been a real value. It stopped his mother from bragging about him.

I have come today from the turmoil of your Capital to the tranquility of your campus to speak about the future of your country.

The purpose of protecting the life of our Nation and preserving the liberty of our citizens is to pursue the happiness of our people. Our success in that pursuit is the test of our success as a Nation.

For a century we labored to settle and to subdue a continent. For half a century we called upon unbounded invention and untiring industry to create an order of plenty for all of our people.

The challenge of the next half century is whether we have the wisdom to use that wealth to enrich and elevate our national life, and to advance the quality of our American civilization.

Your imagination, your initiative, and your indignation will determine whether we build a society where progress is the servant of our needs, or a society where old values and new visions are buried under unbridled growth. For in your time we have the opportunity to move not only toward the rich society and the powerful society, but upward to the Great Society.

The Great Society rests on abundance and liberty for all. It demands an end to poverty and racial injustice, to which we are totally committed in our time. But that is just the beginning.

For entire speech: http://www.lbjlib.utexas.edu/johnson/archives.hom/speeches.hom/640522.asp

The Great Society at 50

May 19, 2014 by Karen Tumulty Washington Post

One day shortly after starting his new job as presidential adviser and speechwriter, Richard N. Goodwin was summoned to see the boss. Not to the Oval Office, but to the White House swimming pool, where Lyndon B. Johnson often went to ruminate.

Goodwin found the leader of the free world naked, doing a languorous sidestroke. Johnson invited him and top aide Bill Moyers to doff their own clothes: “Come on in, boys. It’ll do you good.”

It was an un­or­tho­dox manner of conducting official business. As they bobbed in the tepid water, the president “began to talk as if he were addressing some larger, imagined audience of the mind,” Goodwin later wrote in his memoir. The 32-year-old speechwriter forgot his chagrin as he was drawn by “the powerful flow of Johnson’s will, exhorting, explaining, trying to tell me something about himself, seeking not agreement — he knew he had that — but belief.”

This happened in early April 1964, just a little more than four months after a tragedy in Dallas had made Johnson the 36th president of the United States.

“I never thought I’d have the power,” Johnson told Goodwin and Moyers. “I wanted power to use it. And I’m going to use it.”

For more at: http://www.washingtonpost.com/sf/national/2014/05/17/the-great-society-at-50/ http://youtu.be/kx0K637mBVE?t=1m51s


Brown v. Board of Education 60th Anniv. & Dr Biden @ Villanova Commencement 2014


Brown v Board of Education

Brown v. Board of Education, 347 U.S. 483 (1954), was a landmark United States Supreme Court case in which the Court declared state laws establishing separate public schools for black and white students unconstitutional. The decision overturned the Plessy v. Ferguson decision of 1896, which allowed state-sponsored segregation, insofar as it applied to public education. Handed down on May 17, 1954, the Warren Court‘s unanimous (9–0) decision stated that “separate educational facilities are inherently unequal.” As a result, de jure racial segregation was ruled a violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution. This ruling paved the way for integration and was a major victory of the civil rights movement.

For much of the sixty years preceding the Brown case, race relations in the U.S. had been dominated by racial segregation. This policy had been endorsed in 1896 by the United States Supreme Court case of Plessy v. Ferguson, which held that as long as the separate facilities for the separate races were equal, segregation did not violate the Fourteenth Amendment (“no State shall… deny to any person… the equal protection of the laws.”).

For more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brown_vs_board .


The National Park Service (NPS) has several Brown v. Board of Education events planned to mark the historic event. On Saturday, May 17, 2014 through Sunday, May 18, 2014. Follow on Twitter @BRVB_NHS, a National Park Service (NPS) re-enactment of Brown v. Board of Education U.S. Supreme Court Decision and the world’s reaction. Follow #Brown1954 to see all the tweets. For those in or passing through the area, NPS also has a National Historic Site in Kansas.

Federal Government records pertaining to the Brown v. Board of Education, held by the National Archives and Records Administration. Information in these materials, such as the Introduction to these records, can enrich youths’ historical comprehension of this landmark case.

Library of Congress’s resources from their Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas, online exhibit. Dig even deeper into the history with the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund Brown at 60 site and learn more about “The Doll Test.”

The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund  Celebrates the 60th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education

May 17th marks the 60th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision in Brown v. Board of Education, the constitutional moment that compelled our country to reckon with its history and confront the unfulfilled promise of equality first articulated in our founding documents.

Brown literally changed America. It is a mid-20th century course correction that ushered in a modern America that must grapple honestly with the promise of equality and opportunity for all of its citizens.  At its core Brown marks the beginning of the end of legal apartheid in this country.  This would be enough to celebrate. But Brown is also a powerful example of how change can happen and the important role that law plays in shaping the very character of our country … (read Sherrilyn Ifill’s full reflection).

For more: http://www.naacpldf.org/brown-at-60 ..

5/16/14 First Lady Michelle Obama talks to Head of Interpretation & Education Brown v BOE Historic Site Stephanie Kyzariazis, Topeka Kansas

5/16/14 First Lady Michelle Obama talks to Head of Interpretation & Education Brown v BOE Historic Site Stephanie Kyzariazis, Topeka Kansas

First Lady Michelle speaks at a “Senior Recognition Day”
on the 60th Anniversary of the “Brown v. Board of Education” decision
May 16, 2014 @ 7:00 PM ET
Expocentre, Topeka, Kansas



Dr. Jill Biden, Second Lady of the United States and Villanova alumna, to Deliver University’s 2014 Commencement Address, May 16

Honorary degrees to be awarded to Dr. Biden; Harry Dietzler, long-time youth theater and performing arts innovator; and, the Rev. Robert F. Prevost, OSA, JCD, ’77, former worldwide leader of the Augustinian Order

VILLANOVA, Pa. – The Rev. Peter M. Donohue, OSA, PhD, Villanova University President, announced that Dr. Jill Biden, Second Lady of the United States and wife of United States Vice President Joe Biden, will address the Class of 2014 as the University’s commencement speaker. Dr. Biden, a 1991 graduate of Villanova University with a Master of Arts in English, will also receive the degree of Doctor of Humanities, honoris causa. The University’s 171stcommencement will be held Friday, May 16 at 4 p.m., in Villanova Stadium. In the event of severe weather, the ceremony will be held in The Pavilion. For more: http://www1.villanova.edu/villanova/media/pressreleases/2014/0501.html
. University of Villanova Commencement 2014
Dr Jill Biden – Commencement Speaker
Friday, May 16 @ 4:00 PM ET
Villanova University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


VP Biden @ UofSC & FLOTUS @ Dillard 2014 Commencements


usc biden

Vice President Joe Biden to deliver UofSC commencement address

4/9/2014 By Megan Sexton – sc.edu

Vice President Joe Biden will deliver the commencement address at the Friday, May 9, ceremony at the University of South Carolina.

Biden will address graduates at the 3 p.m. ceremony in the Colonial Life Arena that includes students from the Darla Moore School of Business, College of Mass Communications and Information Studies, College of Nursing, South Carolina College of Pharmacy and the Arnold School of Public Health.

The Vice President will receive an honorary degree of doctor of public administration.

Biden has spent his lifetime in public service. At age 29, he became one of the youngest people ever elected to the U.S. Senate, where he served for more than three decades. He chaired or served as ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee for 17 years, and was widely recognized for his work on criminal justice issues including the landmark 1994 Crime Bill and the Violence Against Women Act. As chairman or ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee since 1997, Biden played a pivotal role in shaping U.S. foreign policy, working on issues and legislation related to terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, post-Cold War Europe, the Middle East and Southwest Asia.

Biden, a two-time presidential candidate, was tapped by Barack Obama as his running mate in 2008 and the pair were re-elected in 2012. As the country’s 47th vice president, Biden has represented the interests of the United States in every region of the world, traveling to more than two dozen countries. He has also championed many domestic issues, including college affordability, American manufacturing growth and middle class living standards. He is the first sitting vice president to give a commencement address at Carolina.

Also at the Friday commencement ceremony, David Seaton, chief executive officer and chairman of the board of the Fluor Corporation and a University of South Carolina graduate, will receive an honorary degree of doctor of business administration.

For more: http://www.sc.edu/uofsc/announcements/2014/04_biden_to_speak_at_uofsc_commencement.php#.U0wbb15rhbw

University of South Carolina Commencement 2014
Vice President Joseph Biden – Commencement Speaker
Friday, May 9 @ 3:00 PM ET
Columbia, South Carolina




First Lady Michelle Obama to Deliver Commencement Address at Dillard Saturday, May 10

(New Orleans, LA) – First Lady Michelle Obama will deliver the address at Dillard University on Saturday, May 10, when 243 students of Dillard University’s Class of 2014 walk down the Avenue of the Oaks during the commencement ceremony at 10 AM.  

A product of Chicago public schools, Mrs. Obama studied sociology and African-American studies at Princeton University. After graduating from Harvard Law School in 1988, she joined the Chicago law firm Sidley & Austin, where she later met the man who would become the love of her life.

After a few years, Mrs. Obama decided her true calling was working with people to serve their communities and their neighbors. She served as assistant commissioner of planning and development in Chicago’s City Hall before becoming the founding executive director of the Chicago chapter of Public Allies, an AmeriCorps program that prepares youth for public service.

In 1996, Mrs. Obama joined the University of Chicago with a vision of bringing campus and community together. As Associate Dean of Student Services, she developed the university’s first community service program, and under her leadership as Vice President of Community and External Affairs for the University of Chicago Medical Center, volunteerism skyrocketed.

Promoting Service and working with young people has remained a staple of her career and her interest. Continuing this effort now as First Lady, Mrs. Obama in 2010 launched Let’s Move!, a campaign to bring together community leaders, teachers, doctors, nurses, moms and dads in a nationwide effort to tackle the challenge of childhood obesity. Let’s Move! has an ambitious but important goal: to solve the epidemic of childhood obesity within a generation.

As First Lady, Mrs. Obama continues to work on the issues close to her heart — supporting military families, helping working women balance career and family, encouraging national service, promoting the arts and arts education, and fostering healthy eating and healthy living for children and families across the country.

For more: http://www.dillard.edu/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1712:first-lady-michelle-obama-to-deliver-commencement-address-at-dillard-saturday-may-10&catid=129:dillard-in-the-news&Itemid=564

Dillard University Commencement 2014
First Lady Michelle Obama – Commencement Speaker
Saturday, May 10 @ 11:00 AM ET
New Orleans, Louisiana



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