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Democrats Abroad was established on Mar 1, 1964.  Democrats Abroad is the official Democratic Party arm for the millions of Americans living outside the United States. They work to advance the principles of our Party by spreading the Democratic message to US voters in other countries and encouraging them to vote for Democratic candidates back home.

Democrats Abroad has committees throughout Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. These Country Committees keep Americans abroad informed of their rights and help them participate in the U.S. political process. A support office is maintained in Washington, D.C.

American Democrats living outside of the United States may participate but must first join Democrats Abroad. The online membership form is located on the web site Members will receive information on how they may participate in the Democrats Abroad Global Primary.

Democrats Abroad is recognized as a “state” Party by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and is represented on the DNC by eight voting members, as well as at the quadrennial Democratic National Convention.

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Vote for Democrats in the U.S.  2010 election

التصويت لصالح الديمقراطيين في انتخابات الولايات المتحدة 2010


voter pour les démocrates à l’élection Etats-Unis 2010

stimmen für die Demokraten in den Vereinigten Staaten 2010 Election

ψηφίσουν για τους Δημοκρατικούς στις Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες το 2010 Εκλογή

שטימען פֿאַר דעמאָקראַץ אין די פֿאַראייניקטע שטאַטן 2010 וואַלן

memilih Demokrat di Pemilu Amerika Serikat 2010

votare per i democratici nelle elezioni degli Stati Uniti 2010


미국 2010 선거에서 민주당에 투표

voto para os democratas em os EUA eleição de novembro 2010

votar por los demócratas en las elecciones de Estados Unidos de 2010

bỏ phiếu cho đảng Dân chủ trong cuộc bầu cử Hoa Kỳ 2010

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    • vote from abroad

      Democrats Abroad

      Democrats Abroad is the official Democratic Party organization for the millions of Americans living outside the United States. They work to advance the principles of our Party by spreading the Democratic message to Americans abroad and encouraging them to vote for Democratic candidates back home.Democrats

      Abroad has committees throughout Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. These Country Committees keep Americans abroad informed of their rights and help them participate in the U.S. political process. A small support office is maintained in Washington, D.C.

      Democrats Abroad is recognized as a “state” Party by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and is represented on the DNC by eight voting members, as well as at the quadrennial Democratic National Convention.

      For the purposes of conducting business, Democrats Abroad is a non-profit association organized and operating under the Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act of 2000, D.C. Code §§ 29-971.01 et seq. Democrats Abroad’s principal place of business is the District of Columbia.

      The DPCA: The governing body of Democrats Abroad is the Democratic Party Committee Abroad (DPCA), which oversees Democrats Abroad’s activities. To avoid confusion between local committees and the international body, we refer to our international body as the DPCA, but are known collectively as Democrats Abroad by the general public and media.The DPCA is comprised of the Chair and Vice Chair of each Country Committee, and the elected international officers of the DPCA (International Chair, International Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Counsel, Regional Vice Chairs), as well as the six representatives of Democrats Abroad to the DNC. (The remaining two members of the DNC from Democrats Abroad are the International Chair and International Vice Chair.)

      To contact Democrats Abroad, send email to

      • History

        Democrats Abroad started simultaneously in London and Paris in 1964 when Lyndon Johnson defeated Barry Goldwater. Under the leadership of Toby Hyde and Al Davidson, funds were raised and committees formed. However, votes could not be cast because in 1964, U.S. citizens residing abroad did not have the right to an absentee ballot in most States.

        Hyde and Davidson lobbied party leaders and through their efforts, John Bailey, the DNC Chairman, recognized the London and Paris committees. In 1972, Chairman O’Brien granted Democrats Abroad nine non-voting delegates to the National Convention. In 1976, Democrats Abroad gained the status of a full Democratic state committee with voting delegates to the National Convention. Finally, in 1992 Democrats Abroad switched from a worldwide primary system to a worldwide caucus system for selecting delegates to the National Convention.

        In June of 2007, Democrats Abroad voted to kick-off our 2008 delegate selection process with a global primary, so that Democrats around the world can easily participate. A number of centers will be available for in-person voting, and we’ll also provide for mail and on-line voting, ensuring that every Democrat abroad has the opportunity to vote. The global primary will be followed by regional caucuses and a global convention to select our delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

        Over the years, Democrats Abroad has grown from two small committees in London and Paris to include committees throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. As Americans overseas learn more about their right to vote and participate in the US political process, even though they are away from home, Democrats Abroad continues to grow.

      • Democrats Abroad

        Action Center

        Welcome to Democrats Abroad Voting Action Center, Issue 2010. With our Voting Action Center and our online registration tool, Vote from Abroad, we will provide you with up-to-date information this election year.

        As we move toward the November 2 mid-term elections, most of us living around the world are keenly aware of how important this election will be. Democrats will be fighting to retain our sizeable majority in the House and working toward a true and filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. We have seen, since President Obama took office on January 20, 2009, how the United States has begun the arduous task of regaining our moral standing in the international community.

        These pages will help voters around the globe to exercise their most basic of democratic ideals: the right and obligation to vote!

        For questions about voting please email us at

        Listed below are the state-specific Voter Action Alerts that we have recently sent to our members. If your state is not listed below please click here.

      • Democrats Abroad Events

        Special Event: Steven Hill presents his new book
        By DAA WebAdmin on August 12th, 2010

        Date:Saturday, October 9, 2010 – 6:30pm

        Steven Hill, an astute and eloquent U.S.

        DA Geneva registering voters at Expat Expo Oct 10th
        By Maya Samara on October 2nd, 2010

        Date:Sunday, October 10, 2010 – 11:00am – Sunday, October 10, 2010 – 5:00pm

        Come by and register to vote at Expat Expo in Gene

        Paris Voter Registration
        By Louise Meyers on September 14th, 2010

        Date:Sunday, October 10, 2010 – 3:00pm – 6:00pm

        Voter Registration Shakespeare & Co, 37, rue de la Bûcherie, Paris 75005


        DAF Toulouse October 2010 Second Monday

        By Greg on September 22nd, 2010

        Date: Monday, October 11, 2010, from 6 – 8 pm
        DAF Toulouse will hold its next Second Monday — an informal gathering for members and potential

        Geneva Keep the Congress special event
        By Maya Samara on October 3rd, 2010

        Date:Monday, October 11, 2010 – 6:00pm

        Please join us for an upcoming event as part of Democrats Abroad’s Keep the Congress series of call-ins with Democratic candidates.

        DA France Marseille – dinner featuring Curtis Roosevelt
        By Jason Siegel on October 2nd, 2010

        Date:Thursday, October 14, 2010 – 7:00pm

        The Marseille chapter of Democrats Abroad France

        Happy hour with Dems Abroad Montreal Chapter
        By marcseltzer on September 20th, 2010

        Date:Thursday, October 14, 2010 – 5:00pm

        Save the date! Champs on St. Laurent in Montreal.

        Paris Voter Registration
        By Louise Meyers on September 15th, 2010

        Date:Sunday, October 17, 2010 – 3:00pm – Sunday, October 17, 2010 – 6:00pm

        Voter Registration Shakespeare & Co, 37, rue de la Bûcherie, Paris 75005


        Canberra US Embassy Digital Video Conference on 2010 Congressional Midterm Elections
        By Carmelan Polce on September 29th, 2010

        Date:Tuesday, October 19, 2010 – 10:45am

        Digital Video Conference on The Mid Term Congressional Election with Professor William Chafe The Alice Mary Baldwin Professor of History at Duke University

        Montreal Rally to Restore Sanity? Shall we join with Jon Stewart?
        By marcseltzer on October 7th, 2010

        Date:Saturday, October 30, 2010 – 12:00pm – Saturday, October 30, 2010 – 4:00pm

        On November 8, 2010, from 6 – 8 pm
        DAF Toulouse will hold its next Second Monday — an informal
        gathering for members and potential

        DAF Toulouse November 2010 Second Monday
        By Greg on September 22nd, 2010

        Date: Monday, November 8, 2010 – 6:00pm – Monday, November 8, 2010 – 8:00pm

        On November 8, 2010, from 6 – 8 pm
        DAF Toulouse will hold its next Second Monday — an informal
        gathering for members and potential


        To learn more about Democrats Abroad:

      • Young Guns Show Alarming Pattern of Contempt Towards Women


        House Republican Leadership have recruited, endorsed, and promoted the campaigns of Young Guns candidates with a history of contempt, violence towards women, and wildly extreme policies towards women.

        A recent report about NRCC Young Gun Tom Ganley (OH-13) being sued by a potential campaign volunteer for attempted rape and sexual assault comes on the heels of recent reports about other highly NRCC touted Young Guns and candidates including Jeff Perry (MA-10), Scott DesJarlais (TN-04), Brad Zaun (IA-03), Dan Benishek (MI-01), David Rivera (FL-25), Keith Fimian (VA-11), Dan Debicella (CT-04), Dan Webster (FL-08)

        “It sends women across the country a chilling message when House Republican leadership promotes the campaigns of their Republican recruits with allegations of attempted rape, sexual assault, restraining orders, and other violent behavior towards women,” said Jennifer Crider, DCCC spokesperson. “Our mothers, daughters, and sisters deserve better than Republican leadership that not only tolerates this contemptible behavior, but actively seeks out candidates like this and promotes them.”

        Republicans with Alarming Pattern

        Tom Ganley (OH-13)

        Republicans thought they were handed a gift when well-known multi-millionaire Tom Ganley decided to run for Congress. But Republicans failed to look into how Ganley made millions of dollars by ripping off hardworking people in Ohio.

        * Ganley Sued for Attempted Rape and Sexual Assault. Last week we learned that a woman has filed a suit against Ganley for sexual assault. Ganley allegedly met with the woman, who was interested in volunteering for his U.S. Senate campaign and talking about her car payments, when he propositioned and sexually assaulted her in his private office. [Plain Dealer, 9/30/10]

        * Ganley received $18,500 from GOP Leadership. Ganley has received at least $18,500 in contributions from GOP leadership. [CQ Moneyline]

        Jeff Perry (MA-10)

        The NRCC’s decision to promote Jeff Perry speaks volumes about the reckless leadership they’re offering voters this November. National Republicans have repeatedly rallied around Jeff Perry, who has come under fire for his role in illegal strip searches of two teenage girls, most recently by funding attack ads to prop up his campaign, and their endorsement of his past is nothing short of disturbing.

        * The NRCC has repeatedly propped up scandal plagued Jeff Perry’s campaign. The NRCC has long supported Jeff Perry by touting his candidacy as a member of their “Young Guns” program and today launched television ads on his behalf. [NRCC YouTube Page, accessed 10/5/10; Cape Cod Times, 9/23/10]

        * As a Wareham police sergeant in the early 1990’s, Jeff Perry had a role in two disturbing strip search scandals that involved teenage girls. According to the Boston Globe, “In one case, Perry was the supervisor at the scene when the officer stuck his hand in a 14-year-old girl’s underwear, ostensibly searching for drugs. In the other, Perry accompanied the same officer to the house of a 16-year-old girl to tell her parents that she had voluntarily pulled down her pants to show she did not have any drugs.” [Boston Globe, 5/15/10]

        Scott DesJarlais (TN-04)

        Scott DesJarlais has been touted as a top recruit by the NRCC and one of their top races to watch. Republicans must have not asked DesJarlais about his violent behavior and divorce including him allegedly holding a pistol in his mouth for three hours and dry firing guns outside the room his wife was in.

        * DesJarlais’ Violent, Threatening Behavior. According to Roll Call, “Susan DesJarlais accused her former husband of “dry firing a gun outside the Plaintiff’s locked bedroom door, admission of suicidal ideation, holding a gun in his mouth for three hours, an incident of physical intimidation at the hospital; and previous threatening behavior … i.e. shoving, tripping, pushing down, etc.”

        * DesJarlais had Police Called on him after Harassing his Ex-Wife. In another court document from February 2001, Susan DesJarlais asked that her husband’s visitation rights with their child be limited after he allegedly showed up at her apartment complex on Valentine’s Day and began harassing her to the point that she called the police.” [Roll Call, 9/16/10]

        * DesJarlais Repeatedly Tried to Lower Child-Support Payments. DesJarlais repeatedly attempted to have his child support payments reduced during and after his divorce. [Roll Call, 9/16/10]

        Brad Zaun (IA-03)

        Republicans must have been impressed with former hardware store owner and mayor Brad Zaun – and shocked to hear that he was ordered to stay away from a former girlfriend by police.

        * Zaun Ordered to Stay Away. In 2001, Zaun had to be told by West Des Moines police to stay away from a former girlfriend who had accused him of harassing her. The woman called police to complain that Zaun showed up in the early morning hours and pounded on her windows. “Brad yelled from outside calling her slut and other names,” the police report states. [Des Moines Register, 8/19/10]

        * Zaun received $7,500 from GOP Leadership. Zaun has received at least $7,500 in contributions from GOP leadership. [CQ Moneyline]

        Dan Benishek (MI-01)

        The NRCC has promoted heart surgeon Dan Benishek as the perfect candidate to replace retiring Representative Bart Stupak. But did they know that he hid $100,000 in income to lower his child-support payments when he was making more than 10 times her salary?

        * Benishek Underestimated His Income To Lower Child-Support Payments. Court records from Dickinson County show that Benishek underestimated his income by $100,000 during legal arguments over child support with his ex-wife. When Benishek requested lowering his child-support payments by $2,550 per month, he owned four homes and three vehicles and had an estimated income of $250,000 per year. His ex-wife, a registered nurse, was making $23,000 a year.

        * Judge: “Extremely Significant” Discrepancy. In 1995, a circuit court judge determined that Benishek failed to claim $100,000 income from a land management and marketing firm and called the discrepancy “extremely significant.” [Michigan Messenger, 9/27/10]

        * Benishek received $5,000 from Sessions. [CQ Moneyline]

        David Rivera (FL-25)

        GOP officials highly touted Marco Rubio-roommate and Cuban state Representative David Rivera – a state party officer and budget chairman – who has a troubling history of going to great lengths to hide a violent past.

        * Rivera Accused of Domestic Violence. Days later, the Miami Herald reported on allegations – and a court record – that Rivera was accused of domestic violence in 1994. The Herald noted “inconsistencies” in Rivera’s responses to the allegations. While Rivera said he never met the woman, others said they saw the two together and the woman’s mother once worked on one of Rivera’s campaigns. The allegations were the subject of the mailers Rivera tried to stop from being mailed to voters. [Miami Herald, 8/19/10]

        * Rivera has $3,200 from GOP Leadership. GOP leadership has contributed $3,200 to Rivera. [CQ Moneyline]

        Keith Fimian (VA-11)

        Keith Fimian, a highly touted Republican candidate lost in 2008 largely because of his links to anti-women organizations and his extremist agenda.

        * Keith Fimian Serves on the Board of an Organization Promoting Radical Anti-Woman Groups. Fimian serves on the board of Legatus, a radical organization whose members have financed Fimian’s campaign and serve as a fundraising network for other anti-choice politicians. Fimian’s organization promotes groups that support banning contraception and outlawing abortion. [Legatus Website; Washington Post, 9/10/08; Kansas City Star, 12/17/06]

        * Fimian’s Agenda is Extreme Social Policy, Not Improving the Economy. Fimian is opposed to abortion even in cases of rape and incest and even when the health of the mother is in jeopardy. Fimian opposes stem cell research that has the promise of providing cures to major diseases. [Washington Post, 9/10/08]

        Dan Debicella (CT-04)

        Dan Debicella has been touted as a top candidate by the National Republican Congressional Committee and is part of their Young Guns program. Debicella has faced criticism for being one of only three State Senators to vote against access to emergency contraception for rape victims.

        * Debicella was One of Only Three Senators to Vote Against Allowing Access to Emergency Contraception for Rape Victims. Debicella voted against SB 1343, “An Act Concerning Compassionate Care for Victims of Sexual Assault.” The bill required hospitals to offer emergency contraception to rape victims. [SB1343, 4/25/07]

        Dan Webster (FL-08)

        Dan Webster, a Republican candidate highly touted by National Republicans, has longstanding ties to a radical anti-women’s rights group that believes women should not be allowed to have jobs outside the home, should not be allowed to wear certain types of skirts, and should be “obedient” to their husbands

        * Has Deep Ties to Institute in Basic Life Principles That Promotes Anti-Woman Agenda. In 1997, Webster had already been associated with the Institute in Basic Life Principles for 14 years. Webster not only attended seminars, but also taught classes and even made an instructional video that raised money for the institute. The IBLP was founded in Chicago by Bill Gothard, and preached a literal interpretation of the Bible, including the belief that women should submit to their husbands’ authority. And fathers must lead their families, while women must be “submissive” and “obedient” to their husbands. Also among its myriad teachings: a mother violates scripture when she works outside the home “since no one can serve two masters”; women should submit to the authority of their husbands and should avoid wearing skirts with slits in them; husbands and wives should refrain from sex during “unclean” intervals, including 40 days after the birth of a son and 80 days after the birth of a daughter. “I enjoy the advice he’s given,” Webster said of Gothard. Institute founder Bill Gothard contended in the 1980s that Cabbage Patch dolls caused destructive behavior in kids. [St. Petersburg Times, 2/16/97, 9/28/03; Sarasota Herald Tribune, 3/09/97]

      • Americans Abroad to Get Bigger Say in 2012 Election

        January 27, 2012 By BRIAN KNOWLTON – nytimes

        WASHINGTON — Laws now in force in nearly every U.S. state, the widespread use of electronic ballot transmission, and an accelerated military mail system should make it easier this year for Americans abroad not just to receive and cast ballots in elections but also to be sure that they are counted, according to research by overseas groups, a U.S. election-watch organization and the military.

        As recently as 2009, 25 states and the District of Columbia failed to provide the 45 days for ballot transmission to overseas voters that federal legislation signed into law that year requires. That, along with confusion about addresses, contributed to sometimes high rates of ballots being requested from abroad but not being returned, often because they were received too late or not at all. Mississippi had a 40 percent non-return rate in 2008; Indiana, over 50 percent.

        Now, however, 47 states and the District of Columbia have enacted laws allowing sufficient time for ballot transmission, providing for electronic transmission of unvoted ballots, and eliminating requirements that ballots be notarized or witnessed — often a serious impediment overseas. They also expand use of a federal write-in absentee ballot that can be used when a ballot fails to reach a voter.

        “What we’ve really seen in the past several years is tremendous progress,” said David Becker, director of election initiatives at the Pew Center on the States, in a new study on overseas voting. “It’s safe to say that in 2012, the rights of military and overseas voters will be better protected than ever.”

        The upbeat remarks from those working with overseas voters stand in contrast to the darker tone of only a few years ago, when the same experts bemoaned the unpredictable results of a system often described as being based on antiquated methods, using outdated registration systems and built on a patchwork of state laws and procedures.

        As new laws and the Internet have simplified voting for civilians, the military has also made progress.

        In the past, voting materials mailed to a service member overseas had to make a sometimes tortuous series of stops.

        “Total one-way transit time could be from as little as three days to as long as 30 or 40 days,” according to a report by the Federal Voting Assistance Program, the Pentagon unit devoted to helping service members and overseas civilians vote.

        Now, most ballots can be sent to military personnel overseas electronically, and the military’s return-mail process has been streamlined — using a special express-mail label created jointly by the U.S. and military postal services — to allow an average ballot return time of 5.2 days, according James E. Clark, a chief warrant officer who heads operations for the Military Postal Service Agency.

        For the entire article:

  2. Students Abroad


    Give up your right to vote just because you’re not in America? Forget it! Make your voice heard from across the ocean! Just make sure you plan ahead so you have everything you need to exercise this important right while outside the United States.


    Most American citizens living or studying outside of the United States are eligible to participate in federal elections via absentee ballot. You may also be eligible to vote in state primaries, run-off elections, and special elections that occur throughout the year. First, you must register to vote with your local election officials in the United States! To exercise your civic duty, take the time to request a ballot well in advance of your trip.

    Already overseas and forgot to register? Not to worry—you can take care of it from abroad too.


    You can’t vote online, but you can find all the forms and information you’ll need to register and request an absentee ballot on the Internet. Your voting residence is usually either your college or your parents’ address, unless you’ve moved away from home and registered to vote elsewhere. Every state has its own procedures and deadlines, so visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) Voting Assistance Guide for information on your specific state. Start the process now to make sure you receive your ballots in time to vote.

    The Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) can help you access, complete and print all the forms you will need to complete your registration. You will need to create an account, and you’ll still need to print, sign and mail the final form.

    Note: Due to a recent change in federal law, overseas voters will have to request an absentee ballot every calendar year. So, for example, even if you complete your Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) to participate in the November elections, you will need to complete another one in January to participate in federal primaries and special elections the following year.

    • Absentee Voting

      Follow these three simple steps to prepare for your overseas voting experience.

      1. Complete a Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) form to register to vote and request an absentee ballot. Send it to local election officials in the state where you were living before going overseas. Visit the FVAP to find the mailing address for your local election official and state-by-state absentee voting instructions. You can mail your FPCA from any U.S. embassy or consulate. Check your state’s instructions to find out if you can e-mail or fax your FPCA.

      2. After your state’s officials approve your request, they will send you absentee ballots for each federal election that calendar year. Some states will even e-mail or fax you your absentee ballot.

      3. Vote! Complete the ballot and send it back in time to meet your state’s deadlines. Learn more about your state’s procedures and deadlines.


      Absent absentee ballot?

      If you have requested an absentee ballot for a federal election, but you haven’t received it 30 days ahead of your state’s ballot receipt deadline, complete and submit a Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot (FWAB)—also known as “an emergency ballot.” If you are already overseas, contact the Voting Assistance Officer at the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate for help, or download the FWAB here, write in the candidates of your choice, and mail it to your local election officials. If your regular absentee ballot arrives later, you should fill it out and mail it back too. If by chance both make it in by the deadline, your local election official will be able to determine which of the two ballots should be counted.


      Inform yourself: Learn about the candidates and their positions. Both major political parties have organizations for voters abroad. Check out Democrats Abroad and Republicans Abroad for more information. You can find additional information on ballot initiatives, candidates, and elected officials at Project Smart Vote.

      Each state has specific rules and regulations that you’ll need to follow in order to successfully vote absentee. Find your state. For additional assistance completing your registration (FPCA) or emergency absentee ballot (FWAB), the Overseas Vote Foundation has set up an online wizard to guide you through the requirements for your state.

      Need more information? The Federal Voting Assistance Program can answer any questions you may have. To get up-to-date voting information, email to subscribe to FVAP’s Voting Alerts. FVAP also shares Voting Alerts via Facebook and Twitter.

      If you are already overseas and need help, contact your nearest U.S. embassy or consulate for assistance.

  3. U.S. Voters Abroad Test Efforts To Expedite Balloting

    9/29/10 by Pam Fessler – NPR

    It’s not easy to vote if you’re an American living overseas or serving in the military.

    Hundreds of thousands of ballots requested by military and overseas voters in the 2008 elections were never returned or counted. Many of those voters simply did not get their ballots in time.

    But a new law this year appears to be turning things around.

    Take the case of retired Texan Lanny Marcus, who has lived in Cali, Colombia, for the past 15 years, but still feels strongly about voting back home. Every election, Marcus keeps his fingers crossed when he requests an absentee ballot.

    Will he get the ballot on time? Too often, as in his state’s primary this past March — the answer is no.

    “I never got it,” Marcus says. “Usually they come a few days before or after the election, but that one never came.”

    So imagine his surprise when he got a message the other day from his county election office in Texas.

    “When I went to my e-mail, I couldn’t believe it,” he says. “The first time in my life — absentee ballot by e-mail.”

    And he got it a month and a half before the November election, allowing plenty of time to fill it out and send it back by mail.

    Hundreds of thousands of Americans in the military or living abroad are getting similar surprises. Congress last year passed the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act, which requires states to send these voters their ballots at least 45 days before the election.

    “There’s also a process that allows them to track … their request to receive the ballot electronically, and … to track the process of the ballot being returned and received by the county election official in their home county,” says Randall Dillard, a spokesperson for the Texas secretary of state’s office.

    That means voters like Lanny Marcus will not have to guess whether their vote has been counted.

    It’s a huge change for millions of Americans living abroad or serving in the military, who for years were often precluded from voting by excessive mail delays and confusing rules. By comparison, in one Texas county this year, election officials got completed ballots back from American soldiers in Korea only four days after the county sent the ballots out.

    Susan Dzieduszycka-Suinat runs the Overseas Vote Foundation, a group dedicated to easing the process. “Really, the entire landscape of U.S. overseas and military voting has transformed,” she says.

    Dzieduszycka-Suinat lives in Germany and got her ballot from California in early September. She says she has already sent it back, taking advantage of a special service available to many U.S. overseas voters.

    “This program allowed me to go online, pay $25 U.S. to get a FedEx guy to my door in 45 minutes who took my ballot, and it arrived in California the next day,” she says. “So that was a pretty amazing experience, I have to admit.”

    For the entire article and audio interview:

  4. (The Obama Song) World of Friends: Bridges for Obama – One

    Bridges for Obama: American supporters of Sen. Barack Obama have been staging rallies abroad at world-famous bridges to show support for the Democratic presidential candidate and his pledge to span old political divisions.
    The Obama Song (World of Friends): Japan-based American musical artists created and performed this song to celebrate Sen. Obama’s historic candidacy and to inspire us all to change the world.

    • Happy 45th Anniversary, Democrats Abroad!

      In 2009, Democrats Abroad celebrates 45 years of going the distance for overseas Americans. Here are some anniversary wishes from our friends back home in Washington, DC.

      • Democratic delegates come from all over the world

        On 27 August 2008, in Obama Today, by Michelle Austein Brooks

        At the Democratic National Convention in Denver, delegates from the 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories will be casting their ballots for the next Democratic presidential nominee. So will delegates from the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Mexico, India, Japan, South Africa, Lebanon, Switzerland, France and Norway.

        Democrats Abroad, an organization of American citizens who live in foreign countries, casts 11 votes on the Democratic nomination. It has sent 22 delegates from around the world; each will cast half a vote.

        Margo Miller from London said coming to the convention is a culmination of all the work Democrats Abroad does overseas to help Americans register to vote – and hopefully support Democratic candidates. Democrats Abroad has members in more than 160 countries.

        Jo-Ann White, chair of the Florence [Italy] chapter of Democrats Abroad, said she’s met with political leaders from her home state of Massachusetts. Democrats Abroad holds its own election during the primary season, but members must cast absentee ballots from their home states in order to participate in the presidential election. Democrats Abroad members use the convention to remind their home state leaders that votes from overseas matter.

        Participating in the convention “helps spread excitement back home [in their country], so they know it’s worth voting,” White said.

        Democrats Abroad has a busy agenda in the coming months – its members will be passing out leaflets at major events, visiting schools, hosting parties and film festivals and running other events to register voters and get them excited about the upcoming election.

  5. Barack Obama Inauguration Democrats Abroad Bloor Cinema The Annex Downtown Toronto Ontario Canada

  6. Democrats Abroad Election Returns Party: Obama Speaks

    Supporters gather to watch the election returns live from the US in Seoul, South Korea.

    • 7/24/08 Barack Obama Speech from Berlin, Germany

      A crowd of about 100,000 gathered in Berlin today to hear Barack Obama’s major foreign policy speech as he nears the end of a long – and generally successful – foreign tour.

  7., Oct. 9, 2001:

    Civil rights leader Bond blasts tea party, anti-Obama politics

    by Harper Scott Clark

    KILLEEN – Julian Bond, 70, the iconic civil rights activist of the 1960s and 70s, rallied delegates at the state NAACP 74th annual convention with rousing words to remain resolute.

    “Don’t let President Barack Obama’s enemies repeal the progressive legislation of the 20th and 21st Centuries,” Bond said. “Say no to the party of no. Every vote counts.”

    Bond, who was an integral part of Dr. Martin Luther King’s inner circle, was prominent in the American Civil Rights movement. He teaches courses in the movement’s history at the University of Virginia and is a past chairman of the NAACP national organization.

  8. The White House Blog, Oct. 8, 2010:

    Rural Communities, Our Economy and Our Energy

    Posted by Heather Zichal, Deputy Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change

    Since taking office, President Obama has emphasized the critical role America’s rural communities play not only in our national economy but also in helping to tackle our nation’s toughest energy challenges.

    Today, nearly all of the fuel that powers our cars, trucks, and aircraft currently comes from oil. This oil – half of which is imported from overseas – also accounts for over one-third of our total carbon emissions.

    Yet in small towns and on family farms all across the country, a renewable fuels movement has gained momentum and is reducing our dependence on foreign oil, creating new jobs and industries, and cutting the pollution that contributes to climate change. This is why the President has and will continue to advocate for a robust biofuel industry as part of his comprehensive energy strategy.

    The President has already made progress on this commitment by making significant investments to develop the biofuels industry. For example, the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act included $800 million in ethanol fueling infrastructure, biorefinery construction, and advanced biofuels research. These investments will help put us on a path to reach the President’s ambitious goal of tripling America’s biofuel production by 2022. But more work remains to be done.

    As Congress examines options for extending the biodiesel and ethanol tax credits, the Obama Administration believes in continued financial support for biofuels that can help us meet our energy security and environmental goals. Stakeholders have put forward reform ideas that would provide continued support for first generation ethanol and biodiesel, while simultaneously accelerating the development of infrastructure and research, development, and rapid deployment of cellulosic ethanol and other advanced biofuels, which will be increasingly important in the years to come. We share these priorities, and are in the beginning stages of engaging with key stakeholders to explore options for reform. At this point, no final policy decisions have been made, and we believe that the evaluation of any proposals should be informed and guided by a thorough understanding of what has been successful in the past as well as what is needed for the future. We look forward to an ongoing discussion to identify the policies that will help us achieve our long-term biofuels targets.

    Ultimately, we need a set of policies that will catalyze the tremendous potential of renewable domestic biofuels in order to provide more energy security, cut pollution, and create new opportunities for America’s farmers from coast to coast. Look for a speech from Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack on October 21st for more details.

  9. I was catching up on the news and ran across this. Wonder if there is any validity to this? Sounds like something republicans would do instead of Democrats.

    MOUNT LAUREL, N.J. – A New Jersey Republican congressional candidate criticized his Democratic opponent Friday amid mounting evidence that Democratic officials planted a tea-party candidate in the race to siphon off conservative votes.

    “My opponent, John Adler, represents everything that is wrong with politics in our country today,” Republican Jon Runyan said. “I would ask for an apology. But frankly, an apology from someone like Congressman Adler would be so meaningless that it’s not worth seeking.”

    • Did some checking. Andrew “Lied about Shirley Sherrod” Breitbart is really pushing this, which in itself makes me say the charge is bogus. The Democrat in this race is 3 points ahead of the GOP challenger, according to The Hill.

    • Just out of curiosity, I went to Democrat John Adler’s website and found some interesting news releases:

      – John Adler Receives Endorsement of New Jersey Police and Firefighters

      – Congressman Adler invites Jon Runyan to join him in hosting an open town hall meeting (“… Mr. Runyan has yet to hold a town hall open to anyone in the public…”)

      -Adler Blasts Runyan’s Silence on Shady Money Sources (“…Congressman Adler proudly voted in favor of the bipartisan [DISCLOSE] legislation. Jon Runyan has refused to say how he would vote…”)

  10. usda | October 06, 2010 –

    Improving eating habits through Healthy Apps for Kids

    The USDA announced the winners of its Healthy Apps for Kids challenge during an event at the White House. The USDA’s Bob Ellison has more.

    •, Sept. 29, 2010:

      Apps and Game Designers Level Up on Healthy Eating

      Posted by Amanda Eamich, Director of Web Communications, USDA

      Six months ago the Apps for Healthy Kids competition called upon Americans to design engaging online or mobile games and tools to educate people of all ages about the importance of healthy eating and physical activity. As part of the First Lady’s Let’s Move! initiative, this challenge brought together solvers from across the Nation.

      Today we celebrated the top teams and developers from ten states that won the 12 competition awards. Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra emceed the awards event at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Let’s Move! Executive Director Robin Schepper and Fuel Up to Play 60 partner former NFL player Brian Mitchell….

      Soccer kids

      Local kids run soccer drills with coaches and players from Major League Soccer as part of a monthly “Let’s Move!” series of activities on the South Lawn of the White House, Oct. 7, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Samantha Appleton)

  11., Oct. 8, 2010:

    Soccer on the South Lawn

    Posted by Erin Edgerton on October 8, 2010

    Getting 60 minutes of play every day is important and yesterday students from several Washington, DC elementary schools got their 60 minutes on the south lawn at the White House. As part of the ongoing South Lawn Series, players from the DC United soccer team led the kids in drills and games, showing them just how fun exercise can be. The students ran, jumped, kick soccer balls and ended the day with apples as a healthy snack.

    Part of the Let’s Move! initiative, the South Lawn Series has hosted events throughout the summer and fall that bring local children, sports leagues, community programs and coaches together to participate in sports, games and activities. Playing sports, like soccer, is a great way to get moving but, even if you’re not playing an organized sport, grabbing a ball and heading outdoors is good way to get your 60 minutes and have fun – and don’t forget to keep track of your activities and earn your Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA).

  12., Oct. 8, 2010:

    In Darfur, Security Council sounds alarm on increased violence

    The Security Council delegation visiting Sudan travelled to the war-ravaged region of Darfur today, expressing its concern over increased strife, civilian protection, sexual violence and the illegal flow of weapons, while the search continues for an abducted staff member of the joint United Nations-African Union peacekeeping mission there.

    United Kingdom Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant, who is heading up the Darfur segment of the Council’s mission, expressed the body’s concerns during a meeting in El Fasher with the Wali, or governor, of North Darfur.

    Mr. Lyall Grant said the Council hoped to show its support for the joint UN-African Union (AU) peacekeeping mission in Darfur, known as UNAMID.

    The Council set up the mission in 2007 to protect civilians in Darfur, where an estimated 300,000 people have been killed and another 2.7 million forced from their homes since violence erupted in 2003, pitting rebels against Government forces and their allied Janjaweed militiamen….

    UN officials have warned that the humanitarian situation in Darfur has worsened this year due to resumed clashes between Government forces and rebels, as well as stepped up tribal fighting. The situation has been aggravated by continued attacks on UN-AU peacekeepers and abductions and mistreatment of UN staff and aid workers.

    Yesterday, the Council members wrapped up a two-day visit to Juba in southern Sudan, underscoring that the two referenda scheduled for January must be held on time, in a peaceful environment and according to the provisions of the peace agreement that ended the war between the north and the south.

    “We are here to reinforce that message and the determination of the Council to support you and all parties to the CPA [Comprehensive Peace Agreement] in that process,” said Ambassador Susan Rice of the United States, who headed that leg of the mission.

    On 9 January the inhabitants of southern Sudan will vote on whether to secede from the rest of the country, while the residents of the central area of Abyei will vote on whether to be part of the north or the south.

    The referenda will be the final phase in the implementation of the CPA, which was signed in 2005 to end two decades of warfare between the northern-based Government and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) in the south.

    The Council delegation began their trip in Uganda, where they visited the UN logistics support base in the city of Entebbe and met with the country’s President, Yoweri Museveni.

    statevideo | October 08, 2010 –

    Ambassador Rice Comments on the UNSC’s Commitment to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement

    U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice comments on the UN Security Council’s commitment to support the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) during her visit to Sudan.

  13. usedgov | October 05, 2010 –

    An Education Masterpiece in Baton Rouge

    Forest Heights Academy of Excellence, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a 2008 National Blue Ribbon School, combines the art of learning with the learning of art.

    •, Oct. 8, 2010:

      An Education Masterpiece in Baton Rouge

      By John McGrath, Office of Communications and Outreach

      This week, the Department of Education released a video about a remarkable public elementary school that combines the art of learning with the learning of art.

      Produced for ED by the History Channel, the new video tells the story of Forest Heights Academy of Excellence in Baton Rouge, Louisiana—an award-winning public magnet school where students excel in both academics and the performing and the visual arts.

      In addition to the standard academic curriculum, Forest Heights students have the opportunity to study instrumental music, visual arts, drama, dance, and vocal music. Their arts curriculum is comprehensive and is based on national, state, and local standards. Kids learn everything from costume design and stage lighting to jazz and tap dance, and the school also has a modern, high-tech theater and arts facility.

      At Forest Heights, students also learn math, science, language, and social studies through their study of the arts. Thus, kids encounter mathematical principles through music and learn lessons about history while they work on theatrical productions.

      More than half the school’s population is disadvantaged. About 85 percent of the students are African-American.

      In 2008, the U.S. Department of Education named Forest Heights Academy of Excellence a Blue Ribbon School, the highest honor the federal government bestows on schools throughout the country. For a public school to win this award, student achievement must be in either the top 10 percent on state assessments or show improvement to high levels with at least 40 percent of the school’s population from disadvantaged backgrounds.

      Earlier this year, Secretary Arne Duncan spoke about the critical importance of an education in the arts:

      “First, the arts significantly boost student achievement, reduce discipline problems, and increase the odds that students will go on to graduate from college. Second, arts education is essential to stimulating the creativity and innovation that will prove critical to young Americans competing in a global economy. And last, but not least, the arts are valuable for their own sake, and they empower students to create and appreciate aesthetic works.”

      See the full text of Secretary Duncan’s remarks on the importance of the arts and a well-rounded curriculum ( or more information on the Blue Ribbon School’s program (

  14., Oct. 8, 2010:

    Inspiring the Next Generation of Teachers

    Posted by JJohnson

    Our nation focused on Education a few weeks ago as NBC transformed Rockefeller Center into a “Learning Plaza” (, where attendees walked through exhibits and gained information about the status of education in the United States. The two-day Education Nation Summit spotlighted some of the biggest issues we educators face today. The summit featured a Teacher Town Hall, many panel discussions on important topics regarding the challenges and opportunities of education reform, as well as a Department of Education announcement of the TEACH Campaign ( TEACH celebrates teaching and offers resources and guidelines on how to enter the teaching profession. Many prominent educational leaders, including Education Secretary Arne Duncan participated in the Summit.

    As baby boomers retire and we educate to compete in a 21st Century global society, our country will need many more outstanding teachers than are being prepared for the profession today. Secretary Duncan recently said that we require about 200,000 new teachers each year in the next 10 years. In addition, we need more Latino and African American males to enter the profession to provide role models and meaningful connections to the increasing numbers of Latino and African American students in our schools. African American and Latino males, for example, comprise less than 4% of our teaching profession. We’d love to hear from you!

    How can we inspire and attract talented, accomplished people into the teaching profession? More specifically, how can we recruit more Latino and African American males into the profession?

    Please help promote the TEACH Campaign:

    TEACHGOV | September 15, 2010 –

    Micah Turner talks about the impact of teaching.

    • TEACHGOV | September 15, 2010 –

      Melody Barnes talks about her favorite teacher.

    • TEACHGOV | September 15, 2010 –

      Reggie Love, Personal Aide to the President of the United States, talks about the impact his favorite teacher had on him.

    • TEACHGOV | September 28, 2010 –

      Why Tim Bailey Teaches

      Tim Bailey, 2009 National History Teacher of the Year, teaches at a Salt Lake City, Utah, elementary school serving mostly disadvantaged students. Although most of them come from families that recently immigrated from Latin America, Africa, Asia and other parts of the world, the children respond enthusiastically to Tim’s creative approach to teaching American history and citizenship.

  15. DeptVetAffairs | October 04, 2010 –

    2010 Summer Sports Clinic: Cycling

    Veterans wrap up the week at the National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic at the cycling venue.

    • Mr. Boehner Will Say What?

      October 8th, 2010 by Speaker’s Press Shop

      Today in Ohio, House Republican Leader John Boehner is making his “closing argument” (again). According to released excerpts, Mr. Boehner will say that the government is “disrespecting” Americans and that the American dream is “under siege.”

      The speech today by Mr. Boehner demonstrates that when Republicans pledge to go back to the “same exact” failed policies, their leader can only resort to empty rhetoric.

      Congressional Republicans have offered no new ideas and opposed all efforts to move America forward and create jobs. The Congressional Republicans are still championing policies that put the corporate special interests ahead of the middle class, destroyed our economy, and put us in the ditch.

      Congressional Republicans voted against 15 of the 16 small business tax cuts enacted by this Congress.

      Congressional Republicans have pledged to raise taxes on more than 110 million American families by repealing the Recovery Act; and they are holding President Obama’s middle class tax cuts hostage to give tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires.

      The top three House Republican leaders — Republican Leader John Boehner, Republican Whip Eric Cantor, and Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence — voted against the landmark China currency bill that would create and preserve 1 million manufacturing jobs in America.

      Over the last four years, Republicans have voted 11 times to protect tax breaks for corporations that ship American jobs overseas, keep off-shore tax havens for corporations and the wealthiest Americans, and other similar tax loopholes. These tax breaks cost American taxpayers more than $60 billion.

      Under President Bush, Republicans voted 8 times to expand tax breaks for outsourcing and protect offshore tax havens.

      And under Republican control, U.S. multinationals eliminated 1 million American jobs, while adding 2.5 million jobs abroad (1999- 2007).

      Republicans got rid of PAYGO when they were in charge, opposed reinstating it, and voted against making it the law of the land, even as they claim to be committed to fiscal responsibility.

      Mr. Boehner is hoping the American people have forgotten the Republicans were responsible for bringing our economy to the brink – more than 8 million jobs lost, national debt nearly doubled, the foreign-held debt more than doubled, $17.5 trillion in household wealth and retirement security lost, and the worst private sector jobs record of any Administration in 75 years.

    • Leader Boehner Reiterates False Claim That Recovery Act Did Not Create Jobs

      October 8th, 2010 by Speaker’s Press Shop

      Republicans have continued to falsely claim that the Recovery Act “failed” in numerous television ads this year, even after an analysis by the non-partisan concludes that “more people would be unemployed if not for the stimulus bill.”

      This afternoon in Ohio, House Republican Leader John Boehner continued to reiterate his tired talking point that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has not created jobs saying:

      They promised all the spending would ‘stimulate’ the economy and create jobs right away…It didn’t happen.

      There is overwhelming evidence from economists and the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office showing that the Recovery Act is responsible for raising the GDP, lowering the unemployment rate, and increasing the number of people employed. Chief Economist for Moody’s Analytics, Mark Zandi, has also refuted Mr. Boehner’s claim about the impact of the Recovery Act on the economy.

      Maybe Mr. Boehner forgot about the jobs that the Recovery Act created in his home state of Ohio, which are estimated to total 117,000 so far, according to a report by the Council of Economic Advisors. From Ohio newspapers:
      The Morning Journal (Ohio):

      Within Ohio, as of Sept. 21, a total of 7,800 projects were awarded $7.87 billion. With stimulus money, almost 25,896 jobs were funded.

      The Morning Journal (Ohio) – Ohio sixth in education stimulus funds received:

      …the state’s Department of Education was the sixth highest recipient of stimulus funds through June.

      …Title I money is meant to provide funding to districts deemed to be at an economic disadvantage so they can initiate building projects, as well as hire teachers, tutors, social workers, administrators and curriculum coaches. Through June, the grants had created 2,000 jobs throughout schools in the state.

      Columbus Dispatch (Ohio) – 9,500 construction jobs linked to stimulus bill:

      Nearly 9,500 construction workers across the state had jobs on transportation projects funded by the federal stimulus package in July, the highest monthly total since stimulus-paid work began, the state said yesterday.

      And while every Republican Member of the House voted against the Recovery Act, many of them continue to return home to their districts to participate in ribbon-cutting events and tout its success.

    • On Republican Leader John Boehner’s ‘Closing Argument’ Speech in Ohio
      October 8th, 2010 by Speaker Pelosi

      Leader Boehner failed to offer any plan for America; instead, like other Republican leaders, he once again showed he would return to the same discredited policies that drove America’s economy into a ditch.

      Mr. Boehner couldn’t explain why Congressional Republicans have voted 11 times in the last 4 years to protect tax loopholes for corporations that ship American jobs overseas. Not surprisingly, he refused to reject the secret, and possibly foreign, multi-million dollar effort to influence our elections by the same special interests who support shipping jobs overseas.

      Once again, he invoked his support of small business, but wouldn’t explain why he led Congressional Republicans in voting 15 out of 16 times against tax cuts for small businesses to help them create jobs.

      And he failed to tell Americans why Republicans are holding middle-class tax relief hostage to provide tax giveaways for millionaires and billionaires, or why Republicans have endorsed raising taxes in 2010 for tens of millions of Americans.

      Instead of continuing to turn the failed Bush economy around, Leader Boehner and Congressional Republicans want to take us back to the ‘exact same’ policies that nearly destroyed the economy. We must keep moving America forward on behalf of the middle class and small businesses.

    • Obama tells students their future hinges on election

      10/8/10 USA Today

      By David Jackson, USA TODAY
      WASHINGTON — President Obama stepped up his pitch to younger voters Thursday, saying he needs them “fired up” for the congressional elections that threaten to reverse his economic, education and health care policies.

      “There’s an election coming up that’s going to say a lot about our future,” Obama said at Bowie State University in Maryland. “We’ve got a lot at stake.”

      Obama and congressional Democrats are trying to close a huge “enthusiasm” gap in the final month before Election Day. A Gallup Poll analysis released this week shows 56% of likely voters say they’re inclined to vote for Republicans, 38% for Democrats.

      Young voters appear to be a ripe target. About 23 million people under the age of 30 voted in the 2008 presidential election, according to the Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning & Engagement (CIRCLE) at Tufts University. Virginia and North Carolina, both won by Obama two years ago, were among the states that saw big jumps in voting by younger people.

      “We want to ensure that what’s been referred to, appropriately, as the enthusiasm gap is closed,” White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said. Obama “has a real affinity for young people being involved in the political process,” he said.

      Obama has held a rally at the University of Wisconsin and has more youth-oriented events on his schedule, including one Sunday in Philadelphia. Next week, Obama will take questions at a town-hall meeting co-sponsored by MTV, the music television network.

      CHANGE: Obama a year ago and today
      MAP: Track House, Senate and governor races

      In Maryland, Obama said Republicans count on “silence” and apathy from young voters.

      “They figure, ‘Obama’s not on the ballot, they’re not going to come out and vote,’ ” the president said.

      Fool them, he implored: “Change comes from the bottom up. Change happens because of you!”

      Obama emphasized in his stump speech issues such as reining in college costs and improving the student loan process. He noted that the new health care law allows children to stay on their parents’ insurance policies until age 26.

      The president said legislation he pushed to stimulate the economy and impose rules on financial institutions has started to reverse the economic slide that began before he took office. He warned that if Republicans win one or both houses of Congress, the GOP would give “free rein” to insurance companies, credit card companies and Wall Street special interests. “We can’t let them do that,” he said.

      The Maryland event was aimed at boosting the re-election chances of several Democrats, including Gov. Martin O’Malley, who is in a rematch with his predecessor, Republican Bob Ehrlich. “I’m proud of our president,” O’Malley told the college crowd.

      He said Obama’s economic policies “saved us from going into the second Great Depression.”

      Later, in his hometown of Chicago to help raise money for Democrat Alexi Giannoulias, who is running for the Senate seat Obama once held, the president urged his audience “to defy the conventional wisdom once again.”

      Recalling the warm November night in Grant Park when he appeared before a roaring throng as America’s first black president, Obama said that event “just gave us the chance to make change happen. That was the start, not the finish of the journey.”

      “Two years later,” he said, “the success of that mission is at stake.”

      Obama said voters face a stark choice in next month’s vote between moving forward, and sliding back.

      “I hope you’re fired up in these last few weeks,” he said.

      Giannoulias, the state treasurer, is in a tight battle with Republican Rep. Mark Kirk.

      • Thank you, Gov. O’Malley, for standing by our President and telling the truth!

    • Obama Calls for Voters to Outweigh Outside Money

      10/7/10 Helene Cooper – New York Times

      CHICAGO — President Obama used twin campaign appearances on Thursday to lash out at the private money that has filtered into Republican coffers for the November election campaign, suggesting that some of it came from abroad, and urging the Democratic Party faithful to symbolically drown out the cash with their “millions of voices.”

      In a not-so-veiled reference to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, President Obama complained that “groups that receive foreign money are spending huge sums to influence American elections, and they won’t tell you where the money for their ads come from.” Mr. Obama mentioned a report by the Center for American Progress, a liberal research group, which this week asserted in a blog that the Chamber of Commerce may be mingling money from foreign contributors with its domestic receipts as it pays for advertisements and other political activities. That could be illegal, and the Chamber has vehemently denied it.

      His remarks came at campaign events first in Bowie, Md., where he rallied about 4,000 students and African-Americans to support Gov. Martin O’Malley, and then later in Chicago, where he stumped for Alexi Giannoulias, the youthful state treasurer who is locked in a close fight with Representative Mark Steven Kirk, a Republican, for Mr. Obama’s old Senate seat.

      In Chicago, Mr. Obama did not mention Mr. Kirk’s name — he became, instead, “Alexi’s opponent” — but he spent much of his time attacking the Republican Party for its ties to big business.

      The combined Chicago events, organizers said, will raise more than $750,000, half for Mr. Giannoulias and half for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

      The Republican Party’s “big idea,” Mr. Obama said, was to give a tax cut to the wealthiest Americans. “At a time when education is the biggest predictor of this country’s success,” he said, “they think it’s more important to provide these tax breaks.”

      In Bowie, Mr. Obama characterized the outside campaign financing as not “just a threat to Democrats.”

      He added: “All Republicans should be concerned. Independents should be concerned. This is a threat to our democracy. The American people deserve to know who’s trying to sway their elections.”

      For the entire article:

    • Huffington Post: Mitch McConnell Open To A Government Shutdown, Joe Miller Says

      Oct 08 2010

      In a fascinating interview with the National Review, Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller said that in a private conversation with Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader expressed openness to the idea of a government shutdown.

      “There was a comment made at breakfast this morning …

      Read more

      • If Mr. McConnell doesn’t want to shut down the government, he should take a second look at all the members of his party who really, really do!

      Washington Post: AUDIO of Sharron Angle suggesting Sharia Law a threat in America

      Oct 08 2010

      I’ve got some audio of Sharron Angle suggesting in a town hall meeting that Sharia Law is a threat in America.

      Angle’s claim was first reported by the Mesquite Local News last week, but it attracted very little attention. The paper sent me a recording of the meeting where Angle add…

      Read more

    • New Haven Register: Father of steroid victim tells McMahon to condemn drug

      Oct 08 2010

      Donald Hooton, whose son committed suicide after abusing steroids, today called on U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon to state clearly that she acknowledges the danger of the illegal drugs and condemns their use.

      Hooton, president of the Taylor Hooton Foundation, based in Frisco, …

      Read more

    • Chicago Sun-Times: Obama praises Giannoulias: ‘He doesn’t shift in the wind

      Oct 08 2010

      President Obama praised U.S. Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias at two Chicago fundraisers Thursday, saying, “He’s comfortable in his own skin. He doesn’t shift with the wind. He doesn’t pretend to be something that he’s not. You know . . . who he is today and who he’ll be tomorrow.”

      Read more

  16. Potatoes4POTUS | October 08, 2010 –

    President Obama has accomplished more in 2 years than any President since FDR

  17. Remarks of President Barack Obama
    As Prepared for Delivery

    Saturday, October 9, 2010
    Washington, DC

    The other day, I was talking about education with some folks in the backyard of an Albuquerque home, and someone asked a question that’s stayed with me. He asked, if we don’t have homes to go to, what good is an education? It was a heartfelt question, one that could be asked by anyone who’s lost a home or a job in this recession.

    Because if you’re out of work or facing foreclosure, all that really matters is a new job. All that really matters is a roof over your head. All that really matters is getting back on your feet. That’s why I’m fighting each and every day to jumpstart job-creation in the private sector; to help our small business owners grow and hire; to rebuild our economy so it lifts up a middle class that’s been battered for so long.

    But even as we focus on doing all that; even as we focus on speeding up our economic recovery; we also know that when it comes to jobs, opportunity, and prosperity in the 21st century, nothing is more important than the quality of your education. At a time when most of the new jobs being created will require some kind of higher education; when countries that out-educate us today will outcompete us tomorrow, giving our kids the best education possible is an economic imperative.

    That’s why, from the start of my administration, we’ve been fighting to offer every child in this country a world-class education – from the cradle to the classroom, from college through a career. Earlier this week, I announced a new Skills for America’s Future initiative that will help community colleges and employers match what’s taught in the classroom with what’s needed in the private sector, so we can connect students looking for jobs with businesses looking to hire.

    We’re eliminating tens of billions of dollars in wasteful subsidies for banks to administer student loans, and using that money to make college more affordable for millions of students. And we’ve launched a Race to the Top in our states to make sure our students, all of them, are graduating from high school ready for college – so we can meet our goal of graduating a higher proportion of students from college than any other country in the world by 2020.

    And yet, if Republicans in Congress had their way, we’d have a harder time meeting that goal. We’d have a harder time offering our kids the best education possible. Because they’d have us cut education by 20 percent – cuts that would reduce financial aid for eight million students; cuts that would leave our great and undervalued community colleges without the resources they need to prepare our graduates for the jobs of the future.

    Now, it is true that when it comes to our budget, we have real challenges to meet. And if we’re serious about getting our fiscal house in order, we’ll need to make some tough choices. I’m prepared to make those choices. But what I’m not prepared to do is shortchange our children’s education. What I’m not prepared to do is undercut their economic future, your economic future, or the economic future of the United States of America.

    For the entire article:

    Weekly Address: Strengthening Education, Not Cutting It

  18. Happy Birthday to First Dog, Bo Obama!!!

    Bo Obama, (born October 9, 2008) is the pet dog of the Obama family, the First Family of the United States. Bo is a neutered male Portuguese Water Dog, or Portie.

    Bo card

  19. 6/2/09 President Obama opened up the White House to NBC News’ Brian Williams, offering the anchor “unbelievable” access to his daily life. In this clip, Obama shows off his puppy Bo, growling with approval when the dog does a handshake trick.

  20. I got my ballot in the mail yesterday. For the first time ever, I will not vote for one Republican even when there is no Democrat in the race.

  21. Good morning folks! OFA is having a gotv event tomorrow that I hope to make. I have to go to Maryland during the day today, then stay over in DC, so if all works well and I can push and prod my boyfriend enough, hopefully we’ll be back in Richmknd in time. Have a blessed day, y’all!

  22. I am driving to my home town this morning to attend my class reunion. It could not have come at a worse time of the year because I would rather be out dragging these people to the polls, but at the ripe age of 61, I don’t want to miss any opportunities to see my former classmates. I will be back at our cause tomorrow. Have a wonderful day everyone. 🙂

  23. Join a House Party on Tuesday—and Ask the President a Question

    Posted by Erica Sagrans on Friday, October 08, 2010

    Via webcast, the President will talk with supporters about the importance of their work over the next three and a half weeks, and how we’ll succeed in the fall elections.

    Find an event near you and sign up today.

    The President will also take a few questions from supporters during the webcast—submit a question here and it could be one President Obama answers on Tuesday.

    The President will be fired up—so whether you’ve been knocking on doors for months, or this will be your first event of the Vote 2010 campaign, Tuesday is a great chance to get energized and focused for the final stretch.

    Find an event.

    Democrats Icon

  24. Happy Saturday O’Family

    Jackie have a great time at your reunion. Vero have a safe trip and I hope you make it back to Richmond in time.


    I’m headed out soon to the Farmer’s Market to help our team GOTV.

    Over 120 students from the DC Federation of College Democrats are driving in two buses to Pennsylvania right now to work for Joe Sestak and Dan Onorato.

    GO YOUTH!!!!

    Our local black radio stations are running DNC ads to GOTV.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the President rally (praying for a really big turnout)in Philly tomorrow.

    Have a great Productive Saturday.

    Our candle link:

  25. Oh I just saw our Kit Kat’s Birthday is today.


    • VERY BEST WISHES to Kit Kat!!!! Big Cyber Chocolate Birthday Cake to you, dear buddy!

      I’m wondering what everyone’s favorite birthday sweet is…….

      • Well…you know mine.

        Yellow cake with chocolate icing. Yummy!!

        • Gayle’s Opera Cake
          Two layers vanilla genoise & two layers of hazelnut sponge cake ~ chocolate ganache & mocha buttercream inside ~ semi-sweet chocolate ganache outside ~ decorated with chocolate covered espresso beans.


          Gayle’s David’s Cake
          Two layers hazelnut sponge cake ~ one layer devil’s food cake ~ chocolate ganache & chocolate hazelnut whipped cream inside ~ vanilla whipped cream outside ~ topped with chocolate decoration & ground hazelnuts on the sides.

  26. I went to a great play last night based on the Olive Kitteridge short stories. At one point the lead actress meets a new man and in order to size him up, she starts hinting around to see if she could find out if he was a Republican or a Democrat. When he won’t quite say, she shouts, “Oh no, you didn’t!!!!” He looks very sheepish and doesn’t answer. She then launch into a couple of sentences about the horrors of the Bush years and the whole audience started clapping!

  27. I want to beat these racists soooo bad!!!!!

    “Sessions said that it’s telling that the DCCC is spending money on “African Americans like Sanford Bishop. And when you have to retreat back to … your hard base you’re having to make tough decisions.”

    • Ick. They are blatant, out and out racists and make no attempt to disguise it. The Southern Strategy is in full play in everything they touch. Racism is a form of insanity, and crazy people ought not to hold public office.

  28. To hear President Obama tell it, Slurpees are the beverage of choice of obstructionist Republicans.

    In each of 20 political speeches over the last two months, Mr. Obama has included a riff in which he portrays GOP leaders as sipping Slurpees while hard-working Democrats struggle to pull the economy out of a ditch.

    “We’re down there. It’s hot. We were sweating. Bugs everywhere. We’re down there pushing, pushing, pushing on the car. Every once in a while we’d look up and see the Republicans standing there. They’re just standing there fanning themselves — sipping on a Slurpee.”
    The line never fails to get a laugh, as it did Thursday afternoon at a Democratic rally at Bowie State University in Maryland. His audience laughs and Mr. Obama does too. He clearly gets a kick out of the image of GOP leaders sipping a slushy, ice-cold Slurpee while Democrats like himself nearly kill themselves to pull the economy out of the ditch of the GOP’s making.

    • Heh! I love the Slurpee image! IT’s just right.

      I wonder if Slurpee sales have been boosted a little by the fre advertising?

  29. Happy Saturday CR, Donna, Jackie, Sandy, COS, Tigerfists, Meta and Vero and all friends!

    Happy 2nd Birthday Bo!


  30. pattymurrayforsenate | October 08, 2010 –

    “For Himself”

    Hiding personal loans, federal investigations – Dino Rossi’s past business dealings show his true colors. He’s out for himself, and not on our side.

    Learn more about Senator Patty Murray’s work for Washington state at

  31. AP, Oct. 9, 2010:

    Obama: GOP plan to cut funding will hurt education


    WASHINGTON — Offering voters a reason to keep Democrats in power on Capitol Hill, President Barack Obama says Republicans would cut education spending and put the country’s economic future at risk if they had their way.

    A quality education is paramount, Obama said. He suggested that federal spending on education is one area where he would not compromise.

    “What I’m not prepared to do is shortchange our children’s education,” Obama said Saturday in his weekly radio and Internet address.

    Obama has spent much of the past two weeks contrasting a GOP proposal to cut spending, presumably including on education, with the billions of dollars he’s investing to improve learning from kindergarten through college. That includes money for public schools, community colleges and to help make it cheaper and easier for families to afford higher education for their children.

    This week, Obama announced a new public-private sector partnership to help match community college graduates and businesses with jobs to fill. The White House also held its first-ever summit on the state of community colleges.

    In his weekly message, Obama acknowledged that the country faces tight fiscal times, but he said a good education is too important to the country’s future prosperity to do it on the cheap.

    “At a time when most of the new jobs being created will require some kind of higher education, when countries that out-educate us today will out-compete us tomorrow, giving our kids the best education is an economic imperative,” he said….

  32., Oct. 9, 2010:

    Obama’s a `Natural’ Chief Executive Officer, Not a Socialist, Rattner Says

    By Carol Wolf

    President Barack Obama is a ‘natural’ chief executive officer and isn’t a socialist, the president’s former auto task force head Steven Rattner said in an interview with CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS.”

    “I thought he was a natural and I have been around a lot of CEOs over the years,” Rattner said during an interview taped Oct. 7 and scheduled for broadcast tomorrow. “I came away with a lot of respect for his CEO qualities.”

    Rattner, 58, the former head of the U.S. government’s Automotive Task Force and co-founder of New York-based private- equity firm Quadrangle Group LLC, was asked about polls showing that some voters, both Republican and Democrat, think Obama is a socialist….

    Rattner also said that Obama has to deal with the political reality that has followed the 2008 financial crisis. “One of the things I say often to my Wall Street friends who are very upset with the president to a person, is you’ve got to deal with the climate that’s out there, and this is a country that is angry,” Rattner said….

    “The president does believe that Wall Street was a significant part of the problem, more of a problem than Wall Street believes it was,” Rattner said. “I think Wall Street is a little bit in its own little bubble and doesn’t really get what’s going on out in the country.”

    Rattner recalled a meeting about a year and a half ago at which Obama told a group of bankers “I’m the only thing standing between you and the pitchforks.”

    Rattner directed Obama’s auto task force from February 2009 until July last year, after General Motors Co. emerged from a bankruptcy backed by $50 billion in government aid. He has since written a memoir of the process called “Overhaul: An Insider’s Account of the Obama Administration’s Emergency Rescue of the Auto Industry.” ….

    The decision to save Chrysler was the most difficult because it was the number three company, had no global business and closing it down would help General Motors and Ford sell more cars, Rattner said on CNN.

    “I think in any normal economic time, many of us would have voted to let it go,” Rattner said. “But we were not in a normal economic time,” he said. “The economy was in freefall. The stock market was in freefall. We didn’t know if the financial markets were going to recover or not.”

    The decision to save Chrysler was made primarily to save 300,000 jobs; unemployment at Chrysler would have added two tenths of a percentage point to the unemployment rate, he said….

  33., Oct. 9, 2010:

    President Obama Pens Column in Latest Alzheimer’s Foundation of America Magazine

    Posted by marin2008

    President Obama is featured as a guest columnist in the latest issue of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America’s (AFA) quarterly magazine for caregivers of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and related illnesses, care ADvantage. In his column, he outlines important provisions in the Affordable Care Act that are relevant to the Alzheimer’s community, such as health insurance, drug coverage and long-term care.

    “Taken together,” President Obama said, “these initiatives represent a major step forward in supporting people with Alzheimer’s disease and those who care for them.”

    The article’s publication comes as AFA embarks on a new campaign to focus the nation’s attention on the urgency of care for the escalating number of families affected by Alzheimer’s disease. The campaign features an inaugural “Together for Care” telethon that will air on December 4.

    Eric J. Hall, AFA’s president and chief executive officer, said the foundation is honored and privileged that President Obama penned a piece for the magazine.

    “We are appreciative of the President’s desire to inform families affected by Alzheimer’s disease about these issues of monumental importance,” Hall said.

    As noted by President Obama, advances in the Affordable Care Act include: requiring new health insurance plans to cover preventive services; reducing out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs for Medicare beneficiaries; creating a long-term care insurance program that includes home health care; and providing more training for long-term care employees.

    These issues are hitting home with an increasing number of Americans. Currently, an estimated 5.1 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease, but the aging population, including the oldest baby boomers who turn 65 next year, is projected to fuel what some experts have dubbed a “silver tsunami.” Advanced age is the greatest known risk factor for the brain disorder, which results in loss of memory and other intellectual function and is now the sixth leading cause of death.

    The fall 2010 care ADvantage also features articles that address everyday challenges related to Alzheimer’s disease, including ways to resolve sleep issues, and balancing work and caregiving.

    Each issue of care ADvantage presents articles written by top experts that offer valuable information about a wide range of timely topics, from the medical and practical to the emotional and inspirational. With approximately one million readers nationwide, it is distributed free to caregivers, Alzheimer’s-related facilities and organizations, and doctors’ offices.

    To read the current issue or for a free subscription, visit

    The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America is a national nonprofit organization headquartered in New York whose mission is to provide optimal care and services to individuals with dementia, and their families. It unites more than 1,400 member organizations that provide hands-on programs to meet the educational, emotional and practical needs of families in their local communities. AFA’s services include a toll-free hot line, counseling, educational materials, a free caregiver magazine, and professional training. For information, call 866-AFA-8484 or visit

    • The President’s column:, Fall 2010:

      What health care reform means for the Alzheimer’s community

      By President Barack Obama

      Right now, more than five million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease, a number that is only expected to increase in the years ahead. I know the pain that Alzheimer’s disease can cause—for those diagnosed with it, and for their families and caregivers—which is why my Administration is committed to finding a cure.

      Already, we have invested billions of dollars in research; this year alone, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) invested nearly $530 million into researching Alzheimer’s disease—funding that supports some of the finest researchers and scientists in the world. And under the new health care legislation—the Affordable Care Act—we’re supporting a “Cures Acceleration Network” within NIH that will award grants and contracts to develop treatments and cures for a number of diseases, including Alzheimer’s.

      The Affordable Care Act also provides critical support for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and the men and women who care for them. It starts by requiring new health insurance plans, as well as Medicare and Medicaid, to cover preventive services without charging copayments, coinsurance or deductibles. Medicare will also provide seniors with a free annual wellness visit. Both of these steps will help ensure that doctors catch signs of Alzheimer’s disease early.

      We’re also reducing out-of-pocket costs for Medicare beneficiaries, particularly those who struggle with high prescription drug costs. Among seniors on Medicare who don’t get extra help with their prescription drug costs for treating Alzheimer’s disease, 64 percent hit the drug coverage gap known as the “donut hole”—and many find themselves changing or altogether foregoing the prescriptions they need when they reach this gap….


    Weekly Wrap Up: America’s Best Kept Secret
    Posted by Kori Schulman on October 09, 2010 at 08:25 AM EDT
    A quick look at the week of October 4th, 2010:

    America’s Best Kept Secret: At the first ever White House Summit on Community Colleges, Dr. Jill Biden and President Obama emphasize the importance of providing all students access to a quality higher education. Not to be missed: A video featuring community college grads, including Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and, yes, even Billy Crystal.

    West Wing Week: “A Farewell to Rahm” Video:

    Notable Number: 64,000. More on the employment situation in September:

    Approved: One week after President Obama signed the Small Business Jobs Act, nearly 2,000 small business owners who had been waiting for loans are approved and will soon have loan funds – totaling nearly $1 billion – in hand.

    The White House Goes Solar: As we move toward a clean energy economy, the White House is leading by example. Energy Secretary Chu announces, “by the end of this spring, there will be solar panels and a solar hot water heater on the roof of the White House.”

    Epic Tweet: NASA: Hubble Space Telescope vs asteriod. Cosmic battle?

    Video: Elizabeth Warren, who’s standing up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, talks transparency on PBS news hour, “This is about making sure that families have the power to make good decisions, that they can see the contracts, they can see what the stuff costs, and they can get a competitive market to start working for them.”

    Take it from Abe: Administrator Craig Fugate with Nationals racing president Abe share simple steps to save lives during Fire Prevention Week.

    Not Signing It: President Obama will not sign H.R. 3808, the Interstate Recognition of Notarizations Act of 2010. White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer explains:

    Favorite photo: A curtsey in the Oval.

  35. Michelle Obama, Sarah Jessica Parker And Patti LaBelle To Hit Broadway »
    By Celeste Katz

    First Lady Michelle Obama will give her regards to old Broadway — and pick up some campaign cash for the Democratic National Committee — at a star-studded Manhattan concert a week from Monday.

    .An email invite sent out to New York supporters today under the name of Obama’s 2008 campaign manager, David Plouffe, reads:

    “Friend — Because of your past support for President Obama and the Democratic Party, I want to personally invite you to a one-of-a-kind event with First Lady Michelle Obama in Manhattan. On Monday, October 18th, please join us for an evening on Broadway, hosted by Sarah Jessica Parker and featuring a performance by Patti LaBelle.”

    Read more:

    • I was in 4th grade when the Beatles came over the first time. Where did THAT time go!

      • I had such a crush on Paul and George. I had a pair of beatle boots and used to dream that they came to my little podunk town and I got to sit in the front row. I finally saw Paul in concert a few years ago when he appeared here in Phoenix. He puts on an excellent show. I wish he would hold a rally/concert for GOTV and President Obama. If that doesn’t wake America up, nothing will.

  36. Local Democrats hold phone banks to rally for Obama

    10/9/10 By Jenny DeHuff-

    NORRISTOWN — More than a dozen volunteers from Organizing for America-Pennsylvania (OFA-PA) gathered to form phone banks inviting neighbors to rally with President Barack Obama at his Philadelphia appearance Sunday.

    In addition to Norristown’s initiative, phone banks were held in Flourtown and Philadelphia at local Democratic Committee headquarters to mobilize voters on Sunday and on Election Day, Nov. 2.

    “I’m thrilled with the turnout we’re getting now for volunteers,” said Norristown area Democratic community organizer Barbara Cahill.

    “All are very enthusiastic and it’s just what we’ve been praying for. These people are making calls and inviting people to attend the function. They’re also asking them if they’re leaning towards (Dan) Onorato, (Joe) Sestak and (which) local representative.”

    The president’s “Moving America Forward” rally in the Germantown section of Philadelphia Sunday is expected to draw thousands, and Wednesday’s phone banks are part of OFA’s ongoing outreach to first-time voters.

    “Sometimes we get into conversations about what Obama has accomplished since he’s been in office,” said Cahill.

    “And we need to continue this. It’s very important we get our Democratic people back into the Congress and also in the states so that we can carry forward and improve upon what’s already been done.”

    Sunday’s “Moving America Forward” rally in Philadelphia comes on the heels of last week’s rally in Madison, Wis., as the president seeks to gain support in the wake of his recent dip in the polls.

    • Obama, The Roots to appear at Philadelphia rally


      PHILADELPHIA — President Barack Obama will be joined by musical guest The Roots at a Philadelphia rally on Sunday.

      The “Moving America Forward” rally will be held in Germantown at the park at Robert Fulton Elementary School, located at 60 E. Haines Street in Philadelphia.

      Doors will open at 3 p.m., and the program will begin at 4 p.m.

      The rally is open to the public.

      Attendees are encouraged to RSVP at

  37. Kat, I just read upthread that today is your birthday. A hug Happy Birthday to you. I hope you are enjoying your day. ((((HUGS)))).

    • (((HUGS))) back to you COS! Guess what my wonderful husband bought me for a present — the Rolling Stone issue with our POTUS! 🙂

      • I should mention he also took us out for lunch and dinner and to a pumpkin farm and other favorite things!

      • Kat that is a nice gift. I am glad that he was able to find it. Yeah!!!! I hope you had a lovely day.

        • Thanks COS, we had lots of fun. I like to cook, but I also enjoy being taken out!

  38. Snippet from the article of the Oct 14th issue of Rolling Stone Magazine:

    Obama In Command

    28, 2010 Jann S. Wenner – Rolling Stone Magazine

    RS: When you came into office, you felt you would be able to work with the other side. When did you realize that the Republicans had abandoned any real effort to work with you and create bipartisan policy?

    PBO: Well, I’ll tell you that given the state of the economy during my transition, between my election and being sworn in, our working assumption was that everybody was going to want to pull together, because there was a sizable chance that we could have a financial meltdown and the entire country could plunge into a depression. So we had to work very rapidly to try to create a combination of measures that would stop the free-fall and cauterize the job loss.

    The recovery package we shaped was put together on the theory that we shouldn’t exclude any ideas on the basis of ideological predispositions, and so a third of the Recovery Act were tax cuts. Now, they happened to be the most progressive tax cuts in history, very much geared toward middle-class families. There was not only a fairness rationale to that, but also an economic rationale — those were the folks who were most likely to spend the money and, hence, prop up demand at a time when the economy was really freezing up.

    I still remember going over to the Republican caucus to meet with them and present our ideas, and to solicit ideas from them before we presented the final package. And on the way over, the caucus essentially released a statement that said, “We’re going to all vote ‘No’ as a caucus.” And this was before we’d even had the conversation. At that point, we realized that we weren’t going to get the kind of cooperation we’d anticipated. The strategy the Republicans were going to pursue was one of sitting on the sidelines, trying to gum up the works, based on the assumption that given the scope and size of the recovery, the economy probably wouldn’t be very good, even in 2010, and that they were better off being able to assign the blame to us than work with us to try to solve the problem.


    Go out and buy the issue to learn about the rest of the article…..that way you can do your part in growing the economy and you can read articles on:

    “Tea & Crackers” The Truth About The Tea Party …pg 49

    Neil Young’s Ragged New Classic

    John Lennon’s 70th Birthday

    Ron Wood

    Nicki Minaj

    ….and more so do your part to restart the economy

    • Taibi (my not so favorite person) did a great job describing the tea party. Randi Rhodes discussed it on her show one day. The issue is definitely worth buying.

      • He really does a number on the crazy ‘baggers. “Them vs. us” is eactly right. A great issue.

        • “exactly right”

          Maybe I’m getting too old to type accurately. I read on a website that I am now 10 in dog years.

  39. Arab-Americans Favor Democrats in New Poll

    Survey finds voters prefer Democrats in all areas, including the economy, fighting terrorism and civil liberties

    10/8/10 VOANews

    Just one month before the 2010 midterm elections, a new public opinion poll shows that Arab-American voters favor Democrats over Republicans by a wide margin. The survey also finds that discrimination against Arab Americans appears to be on the rise.

    Favoring Democrats

    James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute, points to foreign policy and civil rights as major reasons for the community’s support of the Democratic party.

    “It is not the party that made the war in Iraq. It is not the party that supported the devastation of Lebanon. It is not the party that supported and wrote the PATRIOT act and supported the abuse of civil liberties,” says Zogby

    The survey shows that Arab-Americans support Democrats two-to-one over Republicans on national security, fighting terrorism and the economy. On the issue of civil liberties, the margin is three-to-one in favor of the Democrats.

    The survey was conducted during the last week of September, following weeks of controversy over plans by a Muslim group to build an Islamic cultural center and mosque – called Park 51 – near the site of the World Trade Center.

    Many opponents of the project were conservative Republicans, who said building a mosque there would be insensitive to the families of those killed in the September 11, 2001 attacks. Zogby says that reinforced Arab-Americans’ tendency to lean toward the Democrats.

    For the entire article:—104576279.html

      • Me too. It should hold true with AAs and Hispanics too. I don’t understand the popularity of the Republicans at all. I hope all Arab Americans are registered to vote and will show up.

    • Personally, I can’t understand why the repug’s numbers are as high as they are. The have denograted all minority ethnc groups.

      • Their racism is practically hoisted on a big flag and spelled out in neon lights.

        • Kat since PBO was elected, every person who had racist tendencies came out of the woodworks and from under the leaves. I could not live with that kind of hatred in my heart against anyone, no mater who they are.

          • Well, you’re a normal healthy good person. I can’t fathom the mind that has no empathy or denies our shared humanity. You’re right, the hate-filled people crawled out of their holes and went berserk.

  40. Hi everybody! We just got in this very minute and I am going to start scrolling backward.

        • Except for last year’s, when PBO won the Nobel Peace Prize, and the year before that, when I was so excited about voting for him for President.

          Speaking of elections, our Washington State voter’s guide came in the mail today. Nobody in Washington has an excuse not to vote. Information and ballots are mailed to us and we can mail the ballots in or bring them to the designated drop box. So easy.

  41. Thank you, AZgrammy, this sounds delicious and I am going to bake it! 🙂

  42. This is probably the easiest cake anyone can make, but it is to die for.

    My simple birthday cake to you Kat. 🙂


    1 (20 oz.) can crushed pineapple with juice
    1 can cherry pie filling
    1 box yellow cake mix
    1-2 sticks butter
    (I add 1 cup of coconut to mine)

    Dump pineapple and juice into ungreased 9″x13″ cake pan. Spread cherries over pineapple. Sprinkle dry cake mix over cherries. Do not mix. Cover top with slivers of butter. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 to 40 minutes or until browned on top.

  43. I am watching my recording of “The Good Wife” from this past week and lo and behold I look up and see Lou Dobbs and Joe Trippi playing themselves on the show. Go figure. 🙂

  44. Donna Brazile sent out an email today saying that Russ Feingold has jumped multiple points and is in a dead head 49-48. I have said this before, and I’ll say it again. Once this election is over, I will be hounding every single Senator and House member to get out there and talk up their accomplishments as democrats, because we are in this fight now because they sat on their butts and did nothing. I am also holding my nose to vote for some of them. If it wouldn’t hurt the President I would help some of them lose.

  45. WH

    Sunday Oct. 10, 2010

    All Times Eastern

    9:00 AM
    10:00 AM
    11:00 AM
    12:00 PM
    1:00 PM
    2:00 PM
    3:00 PM
    3:05 PM

    Pres. Obama departs the White House.
    3:20 PM

    Pres. Obama departs Andrews Air Force Base en route Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
    4:00 PM
    4:05 PM

    Pres. Obama arrives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
    5:00 PM
    5:30 PM

    Pres. Obama delivers remarks at a DNC rally; VP Biden also attends.
    6:00 PM
    7:00 PM
    7:15 PM

    Pres. Obama departs Philadelphia, Pennsylvania en route Andrews Air Force Base.
    7:55 PM

    Pres. Obama arrives at Andrews Air Force Base.
    8:00 PM
    8:10 PM

    Pres. Obama arrives at the White House.
    9:00 PM

  46. Obama, The Roots to appear at Philadelphia rally


    PHILADELPHIA — President Barack Obama will be joined BP Joe Biden and by musical guest The Roots at a Philadelphia rally on Sunday.

    The “Moving America Forward” rally will be held in Germantown at the park at Robert Fulton Elementary School, located at 60 E. Haines Street in Philadelphia.

    Doors will open at 3 p.m., and the program will begin at 4 p.m.

    The rally is open to the public.

    Attendees are encouraged to RSVP at

    • Biden to join Obama at Philly rally

      10/08/10 By MATT NEGRIN – POLITICO

      Vice President Biden will join President Obama at a rally in Philadelphia on Sunday, the Democratic National Committee announced.

      The gathering, the next “Moving America Forward” event, will be next to an elementary school in the Germantown neighborhood. Other officials from Pennsylvania are expected to attend, the DNC said.

      “With critical midterm elections less than a month away, the President will lay out the stakes for the country and the choice for voters this November: whether to support Democratic leaders and continue to make progress for American families and small businesses — or to return to the failed, Bush-era policies that nearly drove the nation into a second Great Depression,” the DNC said in the announcement.

      Biden and Obama spent hours this week campaigning for Democrats across the country but didn’t appear together.

  47. Oct 10 Live Feed


    10 AM EDT

    Women’s Advocacy Group Launches Campaign 2010 Voter Programs

    5:30 PM EDT
    Campaign 2010: Senate debates and President Rallies Youth

    In an attempt to regain the voter enthusiasm of the 2008 election, President Obama and Vice President Biden will speak at a “Moving America Forward” rally today in Philadelphia. This series of rallies is designed to motivate youths and the Democratic base ahead of the November 2nd elections.

    6 PM EDT
    Women’s Advocacy Group Launches Campaign 2010 Voter Programs

  48. What’s So Special About the Date 10/10/10?


    On 07/07/07, couples ran to wedding chapels, and 08/08/08 was considered especially auspicious by the Chinese. Then Sept. 9, 2009 was heralded for its mathematical symmetry.

    Those dates signaled the end of repeating, single-digit dates, at least for another 90 years. Which begs the question: Is there anything special about 10/10/10?

    This repeating date isn’t getting the short shrift, as it turns out, with numerous North American and British news outlets reporting that churches and city halls are booked solid for nuptials on Oct. 10, 2010.

    Most happy couples will tie the knot on 10/10/10 for the novelty factor, and for the ease of remembering their anniversary, presumably, though there are other motivations for celebration.

    Once again, the date in question is considered lucky in Chinese culture, because the number 10 represents perfection or completion, according to the “I Ching,” an ancient Chinese text.

    More modern or technologically-inclined brides and grooms may appreciate the “binary” nature of the date, which contains the ones-and-zeros pattern present in binary code, or the mathematical language “spoken” by computers to create all things digital. Converting the date 10/10/10 to binary code gives us 101010. And in the binary counting system, that number translates to 42, which means…absolutely nothing.

    It isn’t just weddings taking place on the 10th, however.

    Getting married – with the large carbon footprint weddings produce – will likely be the very last item on the to-do lists of environmentalists on Oct. 10. More than 7,000 events are expected to take place in 188 countries as part of the 10/10/10 Global Work Party, “the single largest day of carbon-cutting action in the planet’s history,” according to the event’s organizer, environmental advocacy group, which is attempting to raise awareness about global warming issues.

  49. Good morning, OTeam.

    Can I just say that I dearly love Pete Souza? New photos just released:


    Beautiful moments for all of us to share. Does this man ever rest?

        • It was great. There was a better turnout than I expected. The population of this area is about 7900. In the booming copper mining days someone told me we had about 35,000. The surprising thing to me was that my brother had the best time. He is rather reclusive and it took some arm twisting to get him to go. I graduated in ’67 and he graduated in ’70. The reunion covered 13 years from 1960-1973. As I watched him talk with a group of guys he used to hang around with, he was beaming. That made my night!

  50. Here is some good news:

    Pakistan reopens Afghan border crossing NATO uses

    PESHAWAR, Pakistan – Pakistan reopened a key border crossing to NATO supply convoys heading into Afghanistan on Sunday, ending an 11-day blockade imposed after a U.S. helicopter strike killed two Pakistani soldiers.

    The closing of the Torkham crossing to NATO vehicles stranded many fuel tankers at parking lots and on highways where they were vulnerable to militant attacks. Some 150 trucks were destroyed and some drivers and police were wounded in the near-daily attacks.

    The reopening of the northwest crossing came four days after the U.S. apologized for the Sept. 30 helicopter attack, saying the pilots mistook the soldiers for insurgents being pursuing across the border from Afghanistan.

    May I also add that under George Bush, I doubt that an apology would have been forthcoming so quickly, if at all.

  51. I hear The Roots is going to be in Philly today. I sure hope John Legend joins them and does this new version of an all time oldie by goodie. Its quite appropriate for today. Wake Up Everybody!!!

    • John Legend – Wake Up Everybody lyrics

      Wake up everybody
      no more sleeping in bed
      No more backward thinking,
      time for thinking ahead

      The world has changed
      So very much
      From what is used to be
      There is so much hatred
      War and Poverty

      Wake up all the teachers
      Time to teach a new way
      Maybe then they’ll listen
      To what you have to say

      ‘Cause they’re the ones who’s coming now
      When the world is in their hands
      When you teach the children
      Teach the very best you can

      The world won’t get no better
      If we just let it be
      The world won’t get no better
      We gotta change it, yeah
      Just you and me

      Wake up all the doctors,
      Make the old people well
      They’re the ones who suffer
      And who catch all the hell

      But they don’t have so very long
      Before the Judgement Day
      So won’t you make them happy
      Before they pass away

      Wake up all the builders
      Time to build a new land
      I know we can do it
      If we all lend a hand

      The only thing we have to do
      Is put it in our minds
      Surely things will work out
      ‘Cause they do everytime


      It’s the God hour
      The morning I wake up
      Just for the breath of life I thank my maker
      My mom say I come from hustlers and shakers
      My mom built it on skyscrapers and acres
      He said take us back to where we belong
      I try to write a song
      As sweet as these arms the one the type to bare arms
      And wear my heart on my sleeve
      Even when I fell in God I believe
      Read the days that weave through the maze
      The seasons so amazing
      Feed them and raised them
      Seasons are aging
      Earthquakes, wars, and rumors
      I want us to get by but
      We’re more than consumers
      We more than shooters, more than looters
      Created in His image so God live through us
      And even in this generation, living through computers
      Only love love love can reboot us

      Ohh Wake up, everybody
      No more sleeping in bed
      Ohh Wake up, everybody
      I said I need a little help, y’all
      Ohh need a little help, y’all

      Come on, come on, come on, come on

      Need a little help y’all
      Ohh Need a little help, y’all
      Wake up everybody
      Wake up everybody
      Wake up everybody

      • Isn’t it awesome Meta. I already did the same. I’ll be jammin on my treadmill to this one for sure.

        I so hope they perform this today.

  52. Axelrod continues assault on GOP spending

    10/10/10 Mike Allen – POLITICO

    The White House continued its assault on Republican campaign spending Sunday, as senior adviser David Axelrod accused Karl Rove and the Chamber of Commerce of allowing foreign money to fund American campaigns.

    But when asked by Bob Schieffer, host of CBS’s “Face the Nation,” for proof that the foreign funds were “anything other than peanuts,” Axerod said: “Do you have any evidence that it’s NOT, Bob? The fact is that the Chamber [of Commerce] has asserted that, but they won’t release any information about where their campaign money is coming from.”

    “Is that the best you can do?” Schieffer asked in response.

    The exchange was the latest volley over Republican campaign spending in a time of unrestricted limits. Two groups that Rove and Ed Gillespie have assisted – American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS – have been the focus of the Democratic line of attack.

    “Ed Gillespie and Karl Rove run one of them – tens of millions of dollars from undisclosed donors, under benign names like the American Crossroads fund,” Axelrod said. “Why not simply disclose where this money is coming from? And then all of these questions’ll be answered. …These interest groups … are now the major force in some of these campaigns …This issue of this special-interest spending is VERY important. It’s never happened before, that organizations are spending this kind of money.”

    Neither Rove nor Gillespie is on the board or staff of American Crossroads or Crossroads GPS. The two helped conceive the groups and have encouraged donations. Rove and Gillespie are not compensated by the groups, and are not on the incorporating documents.

  53. October 01, 2010

    Presidential Proclamation–National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    While considerable progress has been made in the fight against breast cancer, it remains the most frequently diagnosed type of non skin cancer and the second leading cause of cancer deaths among women in our country. This year alone, over 200,000 Americans will be diagnosed and nearly 40,000 lives will be claimed. During National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we reaffirm our commitment to supporting breast cancer research, and to educating all Americans about its risk factors, detection, and treatment. As we display pink ribbons on our lapels, offices, and storefronts, we also support those courageously fighting breast cancer and honor the lives lost to this devastating disease.

    Thanks to earlier detection and better treatments, mortality rates for breast cancer have steadily decreased in the last decade. To advance the life saving research that has breathed promise into countless lives, the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Department of Defense are investing hundreds of millions of dollars annually in breast cancer research and related programs. Through funding from the Recovery Act, the National Cancer Institute is also conducting and supporting research and training projects, as well as distributing health information, to help Americans with breast cancer and health care providers face this disease.

    Knowing what may contribute to breast cancer is an important part of its prevention. Risk factors for breast cancer include family and personal history, radiation therapy to the chest for previous cancers, obesity, and certain genetic changes. Being cognizant of these possible risk factors, as well as maintaining a healthy body weight and balanced diet, exercising regularly, and getting regular screenings, may help lower the chances of developing breast cancer. I encourage all women and men to talk with their health care provider about their risks and what they can do to mitigate them, and to visit to learn about the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of breast and other cancers.

    Screenings and early detection are also essential components in the fight against breast cancer. For women ages 40 and over, regular mammograms and clinical breast exams by health care providers every one to two years are the most effective ways to find breast cancer early, when it may be easier to treat. Women at higher risk of breast cancer should discuss with their health care providers whether they need mammograms before age 40, as well as how often to have them. Regular mammograms, followed by timely treatment when breast cancer is diagnosed, can help improve the chances of surviving this disease.

    In order to detect breast cancer early, we must ensure all women can access these important screenings. The Affordable Care Act, which I was proud to sign into law earlier this year, requires all new health insurance policies to cover recommended preventive services without any additional cost, including annual mammography screenings for women over age 40. The Affordable Care Act will also ensure that people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer cannot be excluded from coverage for a pre-existing condition or charged higher premiums.

    For the entire article:

    breast cancer

    • October 23, 2009

      Remarks by the First Lady in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness
      Jacqueline Kennedy Garden

      12:38 P.M. EDT

      MRS. OBAMA: Thank you. Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome. I am so thrilled you could join us today as we mark National Breast Cancer Awareness Month right here at the White House.

      And I want to thank Jill so much for that kind introduction, as well as her phenomenal work that she’s done to educate young women about this disease.

      I think Jill is one of those examples of how one passionate advocate can really make a difference, and we are grateful to you for your leadership and the successes that you’ve had in your work. And most of all, I am grateful to you for your friendship, as always.

      I also want to thank Tina Tchen, who many of you already know for her outstanding work as Director of the Office of Public Engagement. Tina, thank you so much. And I want to take a moment — yes, let’s give Tina — (applause.) I don’t want to step on your applause, Tina.

      And I also want to take a moment to recognize all of the survivors and the advocates who are here today who have worked so hard and for so long to raise money and raise awareness to fight this disease, particularly Vernal, Joni, and Venus, for having the courage to share their stories with us today. I mean, it’s hard getting up and speaking about good news, right, let alone to talk about something that is so personal to a crowd of strangers and a whole lot of cameras. (Laughter.)

      So — but it’s important for them and for us to remind them that it’s sharing these stories that really makes a difference. It takes the veil off of this disease, because it wasn’t that long ago that people thought that breast cancer was something to be ashamed of and to keep it a secret; something that you didn’t discuss in polite company. Some people even wondered, if you can believe it or not, whether breast cancer was contagious. And at the first fundraising lunch hosted by the Komen Foundation, the description of the event was written in one paper as a “women’s cancer event,” because the word “breast” was considered too risqué to print.

      For the entire article:

  54. Happy Sunday and 10.10.10. CR, Donna, Meta and Jackie and all friends!


  55. Looking for live coverage of POTUS & VPOTUS in Philly later today. says “Pres. Obama Live on C-SPAN at 5:30pm ET.”

    • Democrats Abroad South Africa, Celebrating 45th Anniversary of Democrats Abroad

      This video highlights the Democrats Abroad South Africa (DASA) efforts and highlights celebrations in 2009 including the 45th Anniversary of Democrats Abroad

  56. Good Afternoon everyone! Great power of 10 day for a rally. 🙂 I hope to catch it, I have to visit Mom. If not I’ll catch it online later.

      • I almost missed it. My sister called me. I can’t see how many people are there. You can hardly hear the crowd.

        • Thanks COS for posting your comment announcing that it had already started!

          At least it was on CSPAN so I can watch the rebroadcast to see the begining of the rally.

  57. People are just so thrilled to see him and shake his hand. So cute when he grabbed that little baby. What a wonderful man and what a wonderful President.

  58. “They can ride with us, but they have to stay in the back seat!”

    I love our President.

    C-SPAN announced the wrong time!

  59., Oct. 10, 2010:

    Gov. Rendell at rally: ‘Vote like your life depends on it … because it just might’

    By Sean J. Miller

    Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell (D) characterized the midterm elections as a life-and-death struggle in a speech Sunday afternoon. “The choice is clear, you’ve got to go to the polls,” Rendell said during a warm-up address at a large rally in Philadelphia ahead of appearances by President Obama and Vice President Biden.

    “What the best way to prevent [Republicans] from tearing down the president? It’s a four-letter word,” the governor said. “Vote like your life depends on it — because, you know, it just might.”

    Thousands of people gathered in a school yard in the working-class neighborhood of Germantown to hear from Obama and Biden, who are in town to support Pennsylvania Senate candidate Joe Sestak (D).

  60. StartLoving3 | October 10, 2010 –

    The President in Philadelphia, Part 1

          • Beautiful! “Your love is liftin’ me higher and higher,” President Obama and Vice President Biden!

            I’ll be singing that song in my head all night!

            Go, Democrats! Thanks, Kathleen!

    • BWD, I was just thinking about you today. Thanks for checking in and I’m sorry to hear things have been complicated for you lately. Know that you have a lot of people who love you and are grateful to you for your great efforts for justice.

      Off to read your diary……

      • Not sure what’s going on these days, but totally choking up over all those photos. Thank you, BWD. You have been missed.

    • BWD – That was excellent! excellent!

      I’m thinking we’re going to win!

    • Oh BWD, these “18,500” photos run the gamut from exhilaration to so moving it brings tears to the eyes!

  61. Just popped in to say – wow, what a rally in Philadelphia. I’m feeling especially good about the mid-terms, O’fam.
    Nice diary BWD.

    Oh and my mom says: Hi back to your pals on the website.
    (website is what my mom calls everything on the internet) She is so cute 🙂

  62. Good evening O’Family. What a rally. Just want to mention a couple of things:

    1) I got my copy of RollingStone Magazine today (yippee); and
    2) tomorrow is Jackie O’B’s birthday. J O’B Haerzliche Glueckwuensche zum Geburtstag! (German) for happy birthday.

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