Statue of Liberty

Liberty Enlightening the World

The Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World was a gift of friendship from the people of France to the people of the United States and is a universal symbol of freedom and democracy. The Statue of Liberty was dedicated on October 28, 1886, designated as a National Monument in 1924 and restored for her centennial on July 4, 1986.

The New Colossus by  Emma Lazarus

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
“Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”



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  1. WH

    Thursday Oct. 28, 2010

    All Times Eastern

    7:00 AM
    8:00 AM
    9:00 AM
    9:30 AM

    Pres Obama receives the presidential daily briefing.
    10:00 AM

    Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest, Senior Director for Asian Affairs Jeff Bader and Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communication Ben Rhodes gaggle on Obama’s upcoming trip to Asia.
    11:00 AM
    12:00 PM
    12:15 PM

    R Gibbs briefs the press.
    1:00 PM
    2:00 PM
    2:40 PM

    Pres Obama meets with some of the Americans involved in the Chilean mine rescue effort.
    2:50 PM

    Pres Obama delivers remarks to the press.
    3:00 PM
    3:15 PM

    Pres Obama receives the economic daily briefing.
    4:00 PM
    5:00 PM

  2. Statue of Liberty

    The Statue of Liberty is more than a monument. She is a beloved friend, a living symbol of freedom to millions around the world. These exhibits are a tribute to the people who created her, to those who built and paid for her, to the ideals she represents, and to the hopes she inspires.


    Statue of Liberty Exhibit
    The Statue of Liberty exhibit, which opened in July 1986 and is located on the second floor in the pedestal of the Statue, traces the history and symbolism of the Statue of Liberty through museum objects, photographs, prints, videos and oral histories. In addition to historical artifacts and descriptive text, full scale replicas of the Statue’s face and foot are also on display. The main historical sections include: From Idea to Image, Fabricating the Statue, Stretching Technology, Fundraising in France, The Pedestal, Fundraising in America, and Complete at Last. The next area focuses on the symbolism of Liberty with sections titled Mother of Exiles, Becoming the Statue of America, Century of Souvenirs, The Image Exploited and The Statue in Popular Culture.

    The Torch Exhibit
    The Torch Exhibit includes the original 1886 torch and much altered flame in the lobby. On the second floor balcony overlooking this torch is a display on the history of the torch and flame, explaining the various alterations through diagrams, photographs, drawings and cartoons.

    The “New Colossus”
    The famous sonnet written by Emma Lazarus in 1883. A bronze plaque, dedicated in memory of Emma Lazarus’ contribution to the completion of the Statue’s pedestal, has been affixed to the inner walls of the pedestal since the early 1900’s. This plaque, currently located in the Statue of Liberty exhibit, has come to symbolize the statue’s universal message of hope and freedom for immigrants coming to America and people seeking freedom around the world.

    Text courtesy of the National Park Service

    • History of The Statue of Liberty

      Statue of Liberty The Statue of Liberty National Monument officially celebrated her 100th birthday on October 28, 1986. The people of France gave the Statue to the people of the United States over one hundred years ago in recognition of the friendship established during the American Revolution. Over the years, the Statue of Liberty’s symbolism has grown to include freedom and democracy as well as this international friendship.

      Sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi was commissioned to design a sculpture with the year 1876 in mind for completion, to commemorate the centennial of the American Declaration of Independence. The Statue was a joint effort between America and France and it was agreed upon that the American people were to build the pedestal, and the French people were responsible for the Statue and its assembly here in the United States. However, lack of funds was a problem on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. In France, public fees, various forms of entertainment, and a lottery were among the methods used to raise funds. In the United States, benefit theatrical events, art exhibitions, auctions and prize fights assisted in providing needed funds.

      Meanwhile in France, Bartholdi required the assistance of an engineer to address structural issues associated with designing such a colossal copper sculpture. Alexandre Gustave Eiffel (designer of the Eiffel Tower) was commissioned to design the massive iron pylon and secondary skeletal framework which allows the Statue’s copper skin to move independently yet stand upright. Back in America, fund raising for the pedestal was going particularly slowly, so Joseph Pulitzer (noted for the Pulitzer Prize) opened up the editorial pages of his newspaper, “The World” to support the fund raising effort. Pulitzer used his newspaper to criticize both the rich who had failed to finance the pedestal construction and the middle class who were content to rely upon the wealthy to provide the funds. Pulitzer’s campaign of harsh criticism was successful in motivating the people of America to donate.

      Financing for the pedestal was completed in August 1885, and pedestal construction was finished in April of 1886. The Statue was completed in France in July, 1884 and arrived in New York Harbor in June of 1885 on board the French frigate “Isere” which transported the Statue of Liberty from France to the United States. In transit, the Statue was reduced to 350 individual pieces and packed in 214 crates. The Statue was re-assembled on her new pedestal in four months time. On October 28th 1886, the dedication of the Statue of Liberty took place in front of thousands of spectators. She was a centennial gift ten years late.

      The story of the Statue of Liberty and her island has been one of change. The Statue was placed upon a granite pedestal inside the courtyard of the star-shaped walls of Fort Wood (which had been completed for the War of 1812.) The United States Lighthouse Board had responsibility for the operation of the Statue of Liberty until 1901. After 1901, the care and operation of the Statue was placed under the War Department. A Presidential Proclamation declared Fort Wood (and the Statue of Liberty within it) a National Monument on October 15th, 1924 and the monument’s boundary was set at the outer edge of Fort Wood. In 1933, the care and administration of the National Monument was transferred to the National Park Service. On September 7, 1937, jurisdiction was enlarged to encompass all of Bedloe’s Island and in 1956, the island’s name was changed to Liberty Island. On May 11, 1965, Ellis Island was also transferred to the National Park Service and became part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument. In May of 1982, President Ronald Reagan appointed Lee Iacocca to head up a private sector effort to restore the Statue of Liberty. Fundraising began for the $87 million restoration under a public/private partnership between the National Park Service and The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc., to date the most successful public-private partnership in American history. In 1984, at the start of the Statue’s restoration, the United Nations designated the Statue of Liberty as a World Heritage Site. On July 5, 1986 the newly restored Statue re-opened to the public during Liberty Weekend, which celebrated her centennial.

    • Fun Facts About The Statue of Liberty

      Statue of Liberty Fun Facts Statue of Liberty Fun Facts If you have ever visited the Statue of Liberty in person, you already know she’s an imposing figure, but consider the following fun facts:

      * Official dedication ceremonies held on Thursday, October 28, 1886
      * Total overall height from the base of the pedestal foundation to the tip of the torch is 305 feet, 6 inches
      * Height of the Statue from her heel to the top of her head is 111 feet, 6 inches
      * The face on the Statue of Liberty measures more than 8 feet tall
      * There are 154 steps from the pedestal to the head of the Statue of Liberty
      * A tablet held in her left hand measures 23′ 7″ tall and 13′ 7″ wide inscribed with the date JULY IV MDCCLXXVI (July 4, 1776)
      * The Statue has a 35-foot waistline
      * There are seven rays on her crown, one for each of the seven continents, each measuring up to 9 feet in length and weighing as much as 150 pounds
      * Total weight of the Statue of Liberty is 225 tons (or 450,000 pounds)
      * At the feet of the Statue lie broken shackles of oppression and tyranny
      * During the restoration completed in 1986, the new torch was carefully covered with thin sheets of 24k gold
      * The exterior copper covering of the Statue of Liberty is 3/32 of an inch thick (less than the thickness of two pennies) and the light green color (called a patina) is the result of natural weathering of the copper

      • I was lucky enough to have seen the Statue of Liberty – the Lady in the Harbor – when I lived in the northeast. Absolutely magnificent. As was visiting Ellis Island, where I cried and cried.

        Thanks for this post, CR – great one! Enjoy the rest of your evening – I’ll check back in tomorrow.

        P.S. PBO was magnificent on The Daily Show. Didn’t take any guff, made all of his points, and even remembered to remind folks to VOTE! So proud of him I could burst! But, then again, what else is new.

  3. Statue of Liberty Deconstructed

    The skin of the statue of liberty is only about as thick as 2 pennies stacked together.

  4. 7 Obscure Facts About The Statue Of Liberty

    5/8/09 by Linton Weeks – NPR

    Beginning July 4, the public will once again be able to clamber up into the crown of the Statue of Liberty. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar made the announcement on the Today show Friday while standing in the crown with host Matt Lauer.

    The statue was closed for security reasons after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The base and other areas have since reopened. Salazar said about 30 people an hour will be able to visit the crown at first. New security measures and improvements eventually will enable about 200,000 people a year to get inside Lady Liberty’s head.

    “There is nothing that symbolizes what America is” more than the statue, Salazar said. Standing at the top “is awe-inspiring,” he said. “It sends goosebumps down my shoulder blades, down to my spine.”

    The statue had no comment on how it made her feel.

    Presented to America by the people of France in 1886, the statue sits on 12-acre Liberty Island in New York Harbor. It is just over 305 feet tall from the ground to the top of the torch flame. The crown has 25 windows and seven spikes.

    Speaking of seven, here are …

    7 Obscure Facts About The Statue Of Liberty

    Spike That Fact! The seven spikes represent the seven seas and seven continents of the world, according to the Web sites of the National Park Service and the Statue of Liberty Club. “That’s not true,” says Barry Moreno, author of The Statue of Liberty Encyclopedia and the park’s official librarian. The spikes are sun rays, he says, and the circle is “simply a halo or what in art is called a nimbus, showing she is divine.” He adds that the Web site needs to be changed.

    Weight, Weight, Don’t Tell Me! The statue is fashioned from copper atop an undergirding of steel. The copper in the statue weighs 31 tons, the steel weighs 125 tons and the concrete foundation is 27,000 tons.

    Do Not Torch The statue’s torch has been closed to the public since the “Black Tom” explosions in 1916. German agents sabotaged a munitions depot on a nearby island on July 30, 1916, and shrapnel damaged the statue’s torch and skirt. Today, members of the National Park Service must scale a 40-foot ladder to tend to the floodlights in the torch.

    Winds of Change When the wind blows 50 miles an hour, the statue sways three inches and the torch shifts five inches.

    Give Me Liberty and Give Me Death Though the statue symbolizes hope and optimism to millions, it has been the setting for at least three suicides over the years, says Moreno. He believes the first may have been in 1929, when a young fellow, turned down by his girlfriend, threw himself from the crown. In 1997, the New York Daily News reported that a 30-year-old man from Senegal plunged 100 feet to his death. “All indications are that it was a suicide,” said Manny Strumpf, the National Park Service spokesman at the time. There have been no murders that Moreno is aware of, but there was a 2006 novel titled Murder at the Statue of Liberty — by Manny Strumpf.

    Liberty Goes Hollywood The Statue of Liberty has starred in films since cinema’s early days. Charlie Chaplin featured it in his 1917 film The Immigrant. And Alfred Hitchcock used the statue as a backdrop for his 1942 feature film The Saboteur.

    The Statue’s Trident Vandalism is a perennial problem, park service officials say. When the crown was open, people put chewing gum all over the place and wrote their names with lipstick.

  5. Emma Lazarus, Poet of the Huddled Masses

    10/21/06 by Jacki Lyden – NPR

    In her poem The New Colossus, Emma Lazarus created what stood for years as an American credo. You know the words: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…”

    The words of the poem were engraved on a bronze plaque hung in the Statue of Liberty museum 20 years after her death. To many, the verse expressed the governing U.S. attitude toward immigrants: welcome. But today, a new debate over immigration is dominating the political debate.

    So it’s a good time to take a new look at the writer. Esther Schor, poet and professor of English at Princeton University, offers that chance with a new biography: Emma Lazarus.

    Lazarus was a Sephardic Jew, a descendant of people expelled from Spain centuries before. She often wrote about the “Jewish plight” in her poetry. She was an early Jewish nationalist — advocating for a Jewish state in Palestine as early as the 1880s.

    Near the end of her life she became an advocate for disenfranchised immigrants, who were arriving by the thousands in the late 1800s.

    She wrote The New Colossus at age 34. Less than five years later she was dead of cancer, never knowing the impact her poem had on the nation.

    To hear the audio interview:

  6. Lady Liberty’s Crown Opens on 4th of July

    7/3/09 Posted by Katelyn Sabochik –

    Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar will officially reopen the crown of the Statue of Liberty to the public on July 4, 2009. About 20 lucky visitors will be among the first to climb the 354 steps to the crown on Saturday morning, but thanks to the power of technology, everyone can join in the celebration. The public can view photos of the day’s events on Flickr and follow Lady Liberty on Twitter.
    July 4th marks the first time visitors can tour the crown since it was closed following the 9/11 attacks. About 240 visitors per day will be able to tour the crown, but you can visit the Statue of Liberty anytime from home by taking the new Statue of Liberty National Monument virtual tour

  7. From Lady Liberty to renewable energy

    January 17, 2009 Posted by Dave Rochelson –

    Just a few days before his inauguration as the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama stopped in Bedford Heights, Ohio, to visit the Cardinal Fastener factory there.

    In his remarks, President-elect Obama pointed out that the company’s roots in the country go deep—its bolts appear in both the Statue of Liberty and the Golden Gate Bridge—but it now earns half its profits from the manufacture of parts for wind turbines.

    “In some ways you can’t think of a more iconic company than Cardinal Fastener,” President-elect Obama said. “The story of this copmany…is that renewable energy isn’t something pie in the sky. It’s not part of a far off future. It’s happening all acorss America right now.”

    Watch the video of the President-elect’s tour of the factory and his remarks below:

    President-elect Obama visits and speaks at Cardinal Fastener

    • Standing Up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

      Posted by Elizabeth Warren on October 28, 2010

      A few weeks ago, President Obama asked me to get to work starting the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He was clear about his goal: Level the playing field for American families and fix the broken consumer credit market—and do it as quickly and effectively as possible.

      Today, I’m in California to continue conversations with families, financial industry leaders, consumer advocates, and others about the challenges and opportunities of setting up the new agency. Over the past month, I have listened more than I have talked, and I have learned a great deal about the need for change and the places where change should come first.

      While I am in California, a new layer in the conversations will begin. This morning, I will meet in Silicon Valley with technology industry leaders to solicit advice about building a state-of-the-art, 21st century agency that harnesses some new tools that exist in our hyper-connected and digital world. Tonight, I will deliver a speech at the University of California, Berkeley exploring key ways that information technology might be used to propel the consumer agency forward.

      I think the tools that can be at the new agency’s disposal will have at least three kinds of implications. First, information technology can help ensure that the new agency remains a steady and reliable voice for American families. The kinds of monitoring and transparency that technology make possible can help this agency ward off industry capture.

      Second, technology can be used to make help the agency become an effective, high-performance institution that is able to update information, spot trends, and deliver government services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. If we set it up right from the beginning, the agency can collect and analyze data faster and get on top of problems as they occur, not years later. Think about how much sooner attention could have turned to foreclosure documentation (robo-signers and fake notaries) if, back in 2007 and 2008, the consumer agency had been in place to gather information and to act before the problem became a national scandal.

      And third, technology can be used to expand publicly available data so that more people can analyze information, spot problems, and craft solutions. When these data are made available – while also, of course, protecting consumer privacy, shielding personal information and protecting proprietary business information – a shared opportunity arises between the agency and people outside government to have a hand in shaping the consumer credit world.

      I never forget the central mission of the new consumer agency: to level the playing field for American families in the marketplace for consumer financial products and services. The agency will have rule making authority and supervision powers, and it plans to use them. But I want to explore every tool that might repair the broken consumer credit market, and technology can play a key role in creating a more resilient agency and empowering consumers to engage in their own enforcement of market norms.

      As with anything truly new, we will have to take some risks. But building this new agency gives us a chance to create a voice for families in Washington and to change the way Americans interact with government and their expectations of what government can do for them.

      I look forward to more conversations.

    • It was a weird interview, though. I felt like Stewart just asked questions based on the top 3 professional left criticisms, and President Obama addressed them. However the criticisms are such that nothing President Obama could’ve said would’ve truly answered those questions to anyone’s satisfaction since the criticisms are of the “water under the bridge” variety.

      I mean, why did you appoint Summers? Insurance reform is timid because it doesn’t really kick in until 2014 and insurance companies can still raise rates. These aren’t issues that he can answer that would make those people happy.

      Nevertheless, he did kick butt and he held his own. Glad he did it.

      • I agree. Can you even imagine how George Bush or John McCain would handle these questions. Our President is awesome. I am so tired of the way he is treated. You achieve 90% of everything you ask for and it is not good enough, but conversely, the Republicans do zero and they get a pass.

      • Yea, JS came with the professional left talking points, and PBO shred them to pieces, one by one. This is not going to convince the professional left, but maybe it’ll get some of he viewers.

        Also, PBO was very sharp, which is probably a compliment to JS. And he was cute as a button. And disgustingly smart. His answer regarding how Social Security looks when FDR passed it was a knock out.

        • I agree, he is just so handsome. He looked so good in HD, which isn’t a forgiving format for tv folks these days.

          • I really enjoyed the interviewed. PBO is so comfortable and he was so relaxed. I agree with Vero. It was way to short. I think John Stewart was just a little bit intimidated by PBO. He certainly had fans in the audience. That reception was over the moon. 🙂

  8. Too short!!!! The interview was TOO SHORT. I never watch the Daily Show. I didn’t realize how cynical Jon Stewart is. The questions were good, but something about him came off as though he wasn’t open for the answer.

  9. There’s just no topic that he can’t deal with. Nothing. This guy is a genius.

  10. Fugumble | October 27, 2010 –

    Smerconish Interviews President Obama, Part 1 of 2

    Radio talk show host Michael Smerconish interviewed President Obama a week before the midterm elections 2010.

  11. CHARLOTTERULES2009 | October 27, 2010 –

    The First Lady encourages Californians to VOTE!

  12. KennySnod | October 26, 2010 –

    President Obama on teleconference call: Why we need to vote

  13., Oct. 27, 2010:

    Obama: Union Members the ‘Backbone’ of Final Election Push

    by Mike Hall

    This election, President Obama told thousands of union activists and leaders on a teleconference call last night, “is as important as anything we did two years ago.” Obama praised the efforts of Labor 2010 activists across the country and said:

    The labor program you guys have put into place is the backbone of the ground program.

    AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, who hosted the call, said union volunteers, from rank-and-file members to union presidents, “will make the difference when everything is counted up” and that our actions are a huge counterweight to the record-breaking spending by phony front groups fueled by secret corporate campaign contributions.

    For every dollar spent by corporate CEOs, you’ve knocked on one door, dialed one number, handed out one leaflet. One voter at a time, you’ve been erasing those millions of dollars to let our opponents know that democracy isn’t for sale. We’re not for sale.

    ….Obama made a “special shout out to Working America that is reaching people door to door.” He also said it’s the face-to face, co-worker to co-worker contact “that makes the difference.”….

    Trumka noted that “we’re not scrawling out six-figure checks. We’re putting boots on the ground.”

    So let’s remember what these elections are about. It’s not about political parties. This isn’t about glory for Democrats or spite against Republicans. We’re in this for our future. This is about creating jobs, about rebuilding our middle class, about building a strong future for our children…and I can tell you this: we’re going to keep fighting after the election…just as hard as we’re fighting right up to it.

    • For Obama, election politics no laughing matter

      10/28/10 By DARLENE SUPERVILLE, AP

      WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama apparently thinks politics is no laughing matter, even when he’s staring down a comedian.

      Obama barely cracked any jokes during an appearance Wednesday on “The Daily Show” despite host Jon Stewart’s attempts to draw out the president’s humorous side with a few of his own snarky wisecracks.

      Less than a week before the critical Nov. 2 congressional elections, Obama said he hopes Democratic lawmakers who made tough votes will be rewarded with another term in office. He promised more accomplishments in the two years left on his own term in the Oval Office and urged people to vote — early if they can.

      Stewart asked how the political environment got to the point that Democrats “seem to be running on ‘Please, baby, one more chance’” just two years after Obama ran a successful presidential campaign built around “very high rhetoric, hope and change.”

      “Are you disappointed in how it’s gone?” asked the Comedy Central satirist.

      Obama seemed to suggest that he wasn’t disappointed. He said his advisers had told him during the euphoria of his 2008 election to “enjoy this now because two years from now folks are going to be frustrated. That is, in fact, what’s happening.”

      He listed as reasons a 9.6 percent unemployment rate, sinking housing values and an economy that is growing but not fast enough. But Obama said his administration has also stabilized the economy, noting it has grown for nine months in a row. He also signed major health care and financial legislation. Obama suggested that his administration did so much that “we have done things that some folks don’t even know about.”

      The comment seemed to catch Stewart by surprise.

      “What have you done that we don’t know about?” he asked. “Are you planning a surprise party for us, filled with jobs and health care?”

      Obama cited legislation extending health care to more children and broadening a national service program as examples.

      “Over and over again, we have moved forward an agenda that is making a difference in people’s lives each and every day,” Obama replied. “Is it enough? No. And so I expect, and I think most Democrats out there expect, that people want to see more progress.”

      For the entire article:


  14. Good Morning O’Team!!!

    I just watched the President on the Daily Show and he was FANTASTIC!!!

    Today begins the final march to victory weekend for our team. I’m praying for upsets all over the nation on Tuesday.

    OFA started a 7 in 7 event where we were to make 7 million calls in 7 days starting last Saturday. Well we have made over 6 million calls in 4 days. I think we’ll blow through that goal today.

    I’ll be phonebanking tonight, tomorrow and Saturday I will be hosting family and friends as they make calls to get voters out to the polls. Sunday I will be leaf-letting at a Northern VA metro stop.

    All hands on deck!

    Our Candle link:

    • Good morning and thank you for all you do Donna!

      I will light a candle for POTUS, another for Democratic votes on Nov 2 and to stop SB1070 racial profiling clause.

    • Thanks, Donna. Hope you had a restful break. I’m trying to decide if we should canvass at the World Series tonight or if that would be too crazy.

      I think they may up the goal to 10 million!

      Don’t want to jinx anything but the data in CA is looking GOOD. OK, enough said.

  15. Convicts’ requests are denied


    After advocates spent months pleading with him to take action, President Obama has finally considered hundreds of requests for sentence commutations and dozens of criminal pardons but has denied them all — continuing a pace that would make him the nation’s third-slowest president to officially forgive a federal convict.

    White House and Justice Department officials confirmed that Obama has yet to grant any pardons or commutations since taking office. This month, officials said, Obama formally denied 605 commutation petitions and 71 pardon requests, a record that criminal justice reform advocates find troubling.

    “We’d like to see him being a lot more generous and actively granting clemency, but it doesn’t seem to be a high priority of this administration at all,” said Molly Gill of Families Against Mandatory Minimums, an organization advocating the elimination of harsh federal punishment for certain low-level crimes. “Obviously, there are a lot of political decisions that go into clemency decisions, particularly in an election year.”

    According to Pardon Power, a blog that tracks clemency issues, Obama is currently the fourth-slowest president to commute or void a prisoner’s sentence. Only Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and George Washington have taken longer, according to P.S. Ruckman of Rock Valley College in Illinois.

    However, Obama’s “about 30 days from passing Clinton” to become third slowest, Ruckman said, though he added that details on Washington’s grants of clemency are murky.

    Neither the White House nor the Justice Department would release the list of those denied clemency by Obama this month.

  16. Oct 28 Live Feed Schedule

    2:50 PM EDT
    President Obama, joined by Americans and companies involved in the Chilean mine rescue effort, makes a statement about mining at the White House Rose Garden.

    7:00 PM EDT
    Open For Questions: Pete Souza
    Chief White House Photographer Pete Souza takes your questions.
    The White House



    12:15 PM EDT
    White House briefing with reporters.

    02:50 PM EDT
    President Obama, joined by Americans and companies involved in the Chilean mine rescue effort, makes a statement about mining at the White House Rose Garden.

    04:00 PM EDT
    Former president Bill Clinton campaigns for Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate Rep. Joe Sestak on the campus of Bryn Mawr College.

    08:00 PM EDT
    Former president Bill Clinton participates in a rally for Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate Rep. Joe Sestak on the campus of Temple University.

  17. Fourth day on the trail for Biden

    10/28/10 By MATT NEGRIN – POLITICO

    Vice President Biden hits the campaign trail for the fourth day in a row this week, heading to nearby Bethesda, Md., to help out Rep. Frank Kratovil.

    The campaign event is at 5 p.m., the White House says.

  18. Biden leads Iraq meeting


    Vice President Biden’s latest Iraq meeting is on Thursday, the White House says.

    He’s scheduled to lead the session with “senior officials to assess progress in Iraq,” nearly two months after President Obama announced the end to the American “combat mission” there.

  19. First Lady Michelle Obama to Be Interviewed Exclusively in-Studio on Univision Radio’s “Piolin por la Mañana”

    October 25, 2010 Univision Communications Inc.

    Historic Interview with the First Lady to Air across the U.S. on Thursday, Oct. 28, 2010

    LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)– On the heels of Eddie “Piolin” Sotelo’s recent interview with President Barack Obama, the three-time winner of the Marconi Radio Award will interview First Lady Michelle Obama in-studio, to air on Thursday, October 28 at 9 a.m. PT on Univision Radio’s “Piolin por la Mañana.” Listeners will be able to tune in to this historic interview on Univision Radio stations across the country and on

    “It is an honor to once again welcome and interview the First Lady on ‘Piolin por la Mañana,’” said Eddie “Píolin” Sotelo. “This historic second visit to our studios will provide Hispanics, yet again this week, with access to the First Family addressing the issues of importance to our community.”

    This marks Michelle Obama’s first interview, in-studio with “Piolin por la Mañana” since she became the First Lady of the United States. Before that she was interviewed in studio while campaigning with Barack Obama for the 2008 presidential elections. Mrs. Obama will discuss important issues including immigration and child obesity.

    The interview will air on several stations across the U.S., including the following Univision Radio stations:

    * KSCA’s La Nueva 101.9 FM, Los Angeles, CA;
    * KSOL 98.9 & 99.1 FM, San Francisco, CA;
    * KSQL’s SOL 99.1 FM, Monterey-S.J. CA;
    * KHOT’s La Nueva 105.9 FM, Phoenix, AZ;
    * KLNO’s Que Buena 94.1 FM, Dallas, TX;
    * KISF’s La Nueva 103.5 FM, Las Vegas, NV;
    * KLTN’s Estereo Latino 102.9 FM, Houston, TX;
    * KOND’s Que Onda 92.1 FM, Fresno, CA;
    * WOJO’s La Que Buena 105.1 FM, Chicago, IL;
    * WQBU’s La Que Buena 92.7 FM, New York, NY;
    * KBNA 97.5 FM Que Buena, El Paso, TX;
    * KGBT 98.5, McAllen, TX;
    * KLNV’s La Nueva 106.5 FM, San Diego, CA;
    * KROM’s Estereo Latino 92.9, San Antonio, TX;
    * KLQB’s La Que Buena 104.3 FM, Austin, TX; and
    * KJFA’s La Jefa 105.1 FM, Albuquerque, NM.

    For more information, please visit

    • Michelle Obama visita a Piolín por la Mañana

      Fecha: 26/10/2010 Univision Radio

      LOS ANGELES, California – El reconocido locutor Eddie “Piolín” Sotelo no se conformó con entrevistar en exclusiva esta semana al presidente Barack Obama. Los estudios de su programa Piolín por la Mañana se visten nuevamente de etiqueta con la visita especial de la primera dama de Estados Unidos, Michelle Obama, quien se encuentra de visita en el sur de California.

      Escucha el Show de Piolín para que no te pierdas la entrevista

      “Es un honor darle la bienvenida otra vez a la Primera Dama y entrevistarla en ‘Piolín por la Mañana’ “, expresó Piolín, al destacar que es la segunda vez que Michelle Obama visita los estudios de su programa.

      No obstante, lo más importante para Piolín es que por segunda ocasión en una semana, sus oyentes en todo el país tienen acceso directo a la primera familia de Estados Unidos.

      Este lunes se transmitió una entrevista que el reconocido locutor le hizo al presidente Obama, en la que le preguntó qué hace falta para lograr la aprobación de una reforma migratoria amplia que legalice a
      los más de 12 millones de indocumentados que viven en Estados Unidos.

      “Esta segunda visita histórica a nuestros estudios les dará a los hispanos, una vez más esta semana, acceso a la primera familia discutiendo asuntos de importancia para nuestra comunidad”, destacó el conductor radial.

      Por mas:

    • 10/28/2010 English transcript of the Piolín interview with Michelle Obama

      EPS: Eddie “Piolín” Sotelo
      FLOTUS: First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama

      FLOTUS: Thank you. Your introductions are always just so emotional. They’re just so very generous. So thank you.

      EPS: Mrs. Obama, it’s great to have you here again, because we learn a lot from you and Mr. President Obama.
      You guys are real, the real ones.

      Mrs. Obama: Oh, thank you.

      EPS: We see that.

      FLOTUS: Well, I am honored to be back. I had a great time the first time I was here.
      It was the highlight — one of the many highlights of my time campaigning. So it’s great to be back as First Lady. So thank you for having me.

      EPS: [Speaks Spanish] When you came, Sasha was with you and Malia was with you.

      FLOTUS: Mm-hmm.

      EPS: And they had so much fun over here with us. I remember that day.

      FLOTUS: [laughs] And they have grown. They are now — they were little itty-bitty girls, and now they’re young ladies. And they are thriving. And I’ve spent a lot of my time over the past year and a half making sure that they’re settling in to a very interesting life, just trying to keep them as normal and grounded as we can. And I just want to thank all your listeners, because people send their prayers.I don’t care where I am, folks stop me, they ask about the girls.

      They tell us that they’re praying for us, and that means so much to us. This is a tough job, and it’s good to know that people are sending good wishes.

      EPS: [Speaks Spanish] Thank you for being with us. And which is your favorite morning radio show in Washington D.C.?

      FLOTUS: Oh, gosh.

      For the entire transcript:

  20. WOW, I just watched the Jon Stewart show and PBO was MAGNIFICENT. He looked young and vigorous and made clear and compelling sense of the situation we are in this very day. I couldn’t be prouder of him and his vision. WOW and BRAVO!!!!

  21. Obama Conducts First Sit-Down With Progressive Bloggers

    10-27-10 Sam Stein – Huffington Post

    WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama has gone on a veritable media blitz as the election has approached, speaking to reporters in off-record settings, doing sit-down interviews with traditional (National Journal) and alternative (Rolling Stone) publications, and appearing on radio programs with varying audiences (Al Sharpton and Michael Smerconish’s shows just this week).

    The reach extends deep into the entrails of the new media world as well. On Wednesday, the president conducted what appears to be the first ever in-person sit-down with political bloggers, hosting a group of five in the White House.

    The invitees fall more under the rubric of ideological or issue-oriented activists as opposed to online reporters, though the names are familiar to most political junkies. An administration official confirmed that Joe Sudbay of AMERICABlog; Duncan Black (“Atrios”), who runs the site Eschaton; Barbara Morrill, who writes for the DailyKos; Jon Amato, who is the founder of Crooks and Liars; and Oliver Willis, who runs an eponymous site, spoke with the president on Wednesday.

    What was discussed will, undoubtedly, find its way to their respective sites — all of which are worth a read. But the meta-news is noteworthy too. Obama has tried his hand at outreach to liberal pundits before. He’s also had discussions with bloggers (Andrew Sullivan was invited to a pundit briefing and, just recently, the president stopped by an African American Online Summit at the White House.) But a sit-down with a group of them hasn’t happened, despite the repeated howls that the administration has ignored if not marginalized its progressive base.

    Obama’s outreach on Wednesday could be about ginning up enthusiasm in the closing days of the election. But it also seems likely to be an effort at pre-scripting the online narrative about the election’s fallout.

    • Obama gets closer on gay marriage

      10/28/10 By JOSH GERSTEIN – POLITICO

      President Obama told a group of liberal bloggers on Wednesday that his views on gay marriage, which he has previously opposed, are evolving and that society is moving toward letting gays marry.

      “I have been to this point unwilling to sign on to same-sex marriage primarily because of my understandings of the traditional definitions of marriage. But I also think you’re right that attitudes evolve, including mine,” Obama said in response to a question from Joe Subday of Americablog.

      “I think that it is an issue that I wrestle with and think about because I have a whole host of friends who are in gay partnerships. I have staff members who are in committed, monogamous relationships, who are raising children, who are wonderful parents. And I care about them deeply,” Obama continued. “And so while I’m not prepared to reverse myself here, sitting in the Roosevelt Room at 3:30 in the afternoon, I think it’s fair to say that it’s something that I think a lot about. That’s probably the best you’ll do out of me today.”

      Later, Obama seemed to suggest that legalization of gay marriage is inevitable. “The one thing I will say today is I think it’s pretty clear where the trend lines are going,” he added.

      Read more here:

  22. Email from straight-talker Jerry Brown:

    Yesterday something big happened. My opponent and I were asked to pledge not to run any more negative ads.

    I said yes. Let’s do it. I have a positive ad on the air now and so does she. Let’s just run those positive ads and end this campaign on a high note.

    Meg Whitman said no. She wouldn’t stop running her negative ads.

    Today, I’m renew my call to Mrs. Whitman – I’m pledging to pull all negative ads off the air and run only a positive ad until Election Day if my opponent will do the same. And, I’m launching a new ad based on the exchange.

    Please watch the ad here and contribute to help us get this on the air.

    Meg Whitman has now had a full day to consult with her image-makers and political handlers and it’s time do what is right for California and end this campaign on a high note.

    Let’s get California working again.


  23. John F. Kennedy speechwriter and early PBO supporter Ted Sorensen has suffered a stroke. Please keep him in your highest thoughts for healing.

  24. Jobless claims drop to 3-month low
    Reuters US Online Report Business News

    Oct 28, 2010 08:34 EDT

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – New claims for unemployment benefits unexpectedly fell last week, touching their lowest level in three months, a government report showed on Thursday.

    Initial claims for state unemployment benefits dropped 21,000 to a seasonally adjusted 434,000, the lowest since the week ended July 10, the Labor Department said, and the second straight drop.

      • Good morning Meta. It is definitely flying by. In a way, I am so glad that this circus is almost over. I am an emotional wreck. I do not know how our President can stay so calm, focused, and productive. I have none of those three at this juncture.

        • Yeah, I have to say I’m feeling pretty exhausted by it. The chance that so many right-wing extremists and ignorant racist fools may soon hold some of the most important and consequential public offices in the country just makes me very, very angry and upset.

  25. Dang, this makes no sense.

    The Alaska Supremes overturned the lower court’s ruling late last night: polling places can supply the list of write-in candidates again.

  26. Obama to push trade, currency issues in India visit

    Oct 28, 2009 By Matthias Williams and Doug Palmer Matthias

    NEW DELHI/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama faces a range of trade hurdles when he travels to India in early November to unlock a huge untapped commercial potential that would help ballast the rise of Asian giant China.

    Despite India’s growing global weight, it is only the United States’ 14th biggest trading partner and obstacles, from outsourcing controversies to the Doha world trade round, have put the brakes on faster integration.

    The stakes on trade are high as the United States and India need each other to meet ambitious export targets amid a sluggish U.S. economic recovery, yawning trade deficits with China and fears of global imbalances sparking a standoff.

    On the issue of global economic imbalances that have raised fears of currency wars, India and the United States often differ.

    Obama may ask Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for help in Washington’s push to prevent countries unilaterally devaluing currency to make exports more competitive in the run-up to the G20 heads of state meeting in Seoul next month.

    But at the G20 finance ministers’ meet in South Korea, India and China shot a U.S. proposal to cap current accounts of countries with quantitative targets linked to their GDP.

    For the entire article:

  27. Just finish watching the Jon Stewart Show- I agree with you ladies this was very good.
    I love POTUS – Dear God please continue to guide our President to continue doing what is right for our country.

  28. More Than 5,000 SBA Jobs Act Loans Approved in First Month

    Posted by SBA Administrator Karen Mills

    Just one month after the President signed the Small Business Jobs Act, SBA has supported nearly $3 billion in loans to more than 5,000 small businesses across the country. That’s more than 5,000 small business owners who’ve felt first-hand, within one month, the impact this new law is having on our economy: from Peabody Engineering, a tank and fiberglass manufacturer in Southern California that is using a Jobs Act loan to hire 10 more workers, to Caudill Web Design here in our nation’s capital, who will use their Jobs Act loan to hire more programmers to meet increased demand.

    So, how did we do it? With the Recovery Act, we learned that raising the guarantee and waiving the fees in SBA’s top two loan programs was a formula for success. With the Recovery Act funding and extensions of funding from Congress, we turned just $680 million in taxpayer dollars into nearly $30 billion in lending support through our lending partners.

    That’s a big bang for the taxpayer buck. The Jobs Act builds on that success by extending those same loan enhancements.

    This is a critical investment in America’s biggest job creators and in the strongest engine of economic recovery: entrepreneurs and small business owners. By unlocking loans for these small businesses, we are providing them with the tools they need to grow their business and create new jobs in their local communities.

    In all, we estimate the $505 million provided in the Jobs Act for these loan enhancements will support about $14 billion in small business loans. That’s a $14-billion boost for America’s small businesses and just one of the reasons that the passage of this new law was a top priority for President Obama. The Jobs Act also includes $12 billion in tax credits targeted specifically to small businesses and a $30-billion lending fund that will help small, community banks increase their lending to local small business owners and entrepreneurs.

    As the President has said, government can’t guarantee the success of a small business, but it can knock down some of the barriers that stand in the way and help create the conditions where small businesses can grow and hire. The Small Business Jobs Act is a critical tool to help us do just that, and we are already seeing its impact with the loans SBA approves every day.

    Learn more facts about how small businesses are benefiting from the Small Business Jobs Act at

    Karen Mills is Administrator of the Small Business Administration

  29. Here’s a link if anybody wants to ask Pete Souza a question for the Open for Questions forum he’s holding later today:

    Open for Questions with Pete Souza

    4:00PM Pacific
    7:00PM Eastern

  30. Calling Voters is a BFD

    October 27, 2010

    Calling the voters who’ll make a difference this year is big—or as a certain vice president might say, a BFD.

    Joe Biden visited Organizing for America’s New York office last night to thank volunteers for their work. But the Vice President didn’t leave without sitting down to call a few voters in a Congressional district where one of New York’s closest races is underway.

    “The Vice President spoke for a few minutes about how many, many Americans are suffering. He talked how millions have been hit hard by the economic downturn, and are feeling frustrated, angry and frightened.

    Then he said that many people are only making their choice in this election right now, and so our calls are critical. We’re reminding them not only to vote, but that the Democratic candidates are the ones who are working to bring relief to everyone who’s struggling.

    Next VP Biden thanked us for the work we’re doing. He told us that we could take comfort in knowing there are groups of OFA volunteers just like us all around the country working just as hard as we are.”

    The Vice President is making calls—will you too?

  31. First lady headlines push for early voting

    10/26/10 By Michael O’Brien –

    First lady Michelle Obama delivered a message to Democrats on Tuesday encouraging them to vote as soon as possible.

    “You don’t have to wait, you can vote early,” Obama said in a new video recorded shortly after she cast her ballot on Oct. 14 during a stop in her native Chicago.

    The video is party of an effort by Democrats to leverage online engagement tools to push early voting during the final week of the campaign. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) will have an “Early Day of Action” on Tuesday that will encourage supporters who voted early to adopt a new Twitter avatar and will promote a new website dedicated to promoting early voting.

    Democrats believe that encouraging early voting works in favor of their candidates come Election Day. Party officials from President Obama on down have concentrated their efforts on driving turnout, reasoning that large voter rolls will benefit Democratic candidates, and, ultimately, help the party keep its House and Senate majorities.

    “Get out there, get it done early. Don’t wait until Election Day. Make it happen,” the first lady says in the video. “We can do this, and we need your help. So vote early — go to”

  32. Obama joins gay rights groups to discuss ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’

    10/26/10 By Ed O’Keefe- Washington Post

    President Obama met briefly on Tuesday with gay rights groups pushing to repeal the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, according to people familiar with the meeting.

    The groups were at the White House to discuss a repeal of the law with senior administration officials. The president stopped by “to directly convey to the participants his personal commitment on this issue,” a senior official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

    Obama opposes the ban on gay men and lesbians serving openly in the military, and he wants Congress to repeal it.

    Those invited to the White House included representatives of the Center for American Progress, the Human Rights Campaign, Servicemembers United, the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, the University of California at Santa Barbara’s Palm Center, the Stonewall Democrats and the Log Cabin Republicans, participants said.

    They met with White House Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina, senior adviser Valerie Jarrett and other officials. Participants declined to discuss details of the exchange.

    For the entire article:

  33. Closing the Donut Hole

    October 27th, 2010 by Karina – Speakers blog

    One of the immediate benefits of the Affordable Care Act is assistance to seniors with high drug costs. Seniors who fall into the Medicare prescription drug “donut hole” coverage gap this year will receive a tax-free $250 rebate check and next year there is a 50% discount on brand-name prescription drugs in the donut hole (and the hole is completely closed by 2019).

    These checks are being mailed out every couple of weeks and as of last week, more than 1.8 million seniors have received the $250 rebate check. It is estimated that by the end of the year about 4 million seniors will have received the check nationwide.

    The Energy & Commerce Committee has released district-by-district data on how many seniors have received their rebate checks. In Speaker Pelosi’s district, 2,950 seniors have already received $737,500 to help pay their high drug costs.

    Congressional Republicans created the donut hole—leaving thousands of seniors to choose between buying the prescriptions they need and putting food on the table—and now they are trying to repeal the reforms that close it. Under the Republican repeal plan, 3,250 seniors in Leader Boehner’s district who have received $812,500 to help pay their high drug costs would get nothing.

    See how many seniors in your area have received benefits»

    • What a GREAT interview. Piolin was so gracious with Mrs. O and they had a very sweet and productive interview. He also presented her a gift with an inscription that sounded absolutely beautiful. He ended by saying that Latinos will pray for the First Family and will turn out to vote to make a difference for success. BRAVO!

        • They talked about the girls, Let’s Move, how to encourage children to succeed and why it’s important to vote. There is a lot of love for Mrs. O and PBO on that show, which is supposed to be the most popular in the nation for Spanish speakers.

  34. DOT Awards $2.4 Billion to Continue Developing 21st Century High-speed Passenger Rail Corridors
    Posted by Secretary Ray LaHood on October 28, 2010 at 11:05 AM EDT

    Cross posted from the Department of Transportation’s blog.

    Today, the Obama Administration and the Department of Transportation are awarding $2.4 billion for planning and construction of intercity passenger rail service. With these 54 projects in 23 states, we’re moving full-speed ahead toward a nationwide high-speed rail system.

    President Obama signed the Recovery Act to build bridges between the Americans who needed jobs and the infrastructure jobs that needed doing. One of those jobs was creating a 21st century rail system in the United States.

    The $8 billion in the Recovery Act for high-speed rail was step one, a down payment on a national network that, within 25 years, will give 80% of Americans the choice of traveling from downtown to downtown by high speed passenger train.

    With today’s awards, we take a second step toward that future. A future that envisions riding from downtown Los Angeles to downtown San Francisco in two hours and forty minutes. Or Chicago to St. Louis in two hours. Or Tampa to Orlando in 55 minutes.

    For the entire article:

    Hi Speed Rail

  35. President Obama’s Asia Schedule

    10/28/10 Kendra Marr – POLITICO

    The White House has released the full jam-packed schedule of President Obama’s trip to Asia after the midterm elections.

    In just nine days, Obama will swing through four countries and have six bilateral meetings with foreign leaders. Plus, he’ll make side trips to visit southeast Asia’s largest mosque in Indonesia and the Great Buddha statue in Japan.

    “It’s not a coincidence, necessarily, that we’re going to four Asian democracies on this trip – India, Indonesia, Korea and Japan,” Ben Rhodes, a deputy national security adviser, told reporters. “As the president discussed at the U.N., we want to underscore the success of democracy in Asia and around the world, and we’re going to speak specifically to human rights and democracy-related issues in India and at every stop, essentially, of this trip.”

    The schedule:

    Friday, Nov. 5: Obama leaves for India.

    Saturday, Nov. 6: Obama arrives in India. He’ll make a statement at the Taj Hotel, where he’s staying, to commemorate the Mumbai terrorist attacks. Then he’ll visit the Gandhi Museum.

    In the afternoon, he’ll move on to a business summit hosted by the U.S.-India Business Council. Obama will participate in two roundtable discussions with entrepreneurs and America CEOs. The centerpiece of the day will be a speech focusing on the U.S.-India economic relationship.

    Sunday, Nov. 7: Obama visits a school in Mumbai and participates in Diwali celebrations.

    Then he’ll go to a town hall with university students, where he’ll have the opportunity to talk about the future of the two countries’ partnership. There will be a couple of roundtables on the sidelines of the event, focusing on democracy and agriculture and food security.

    Obama’s entourage will then move to New Delhi. He’ll visit Hymayan’s tomb. At night, he’ll have a private dinner with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his wife.

    Monday, Nov. 8: Obama will start the day with a wreath-laying at Gandhi’s grave. He’ll have a bilateral meeting with the prime minister, followed by a press conference. Throughout the day, the White House expects Obama to meet with other Indian officials.

    In the afternoon, he’ll address Indian parliament. And at night there is a state dinner.

    Tuesday, Nov. 9: Obama will kick off the Indonesia portion of his trip by meeting Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in Jakarta, then attending an official dinner that night.

    Wednesday, Nov. 10: The president will celebrate “Hero’s Day,” an Indonesian holiday commemorating the Battle of Surabaya, in which Indonesian soldiers fought British and Dutch troops for independence in 1945.

    Obama will lay a wreath at the Heroes Cemetery in Jakarta and then visit the Istiqlal Mosque, the largest mosque in southeast Asia.

    After that, he’ll go to another site to be determined to make a speech in which he’ll discuss the close ties of the two countries, outreach to the Muslim world and Indonesia’s success as a democracy.

    Then Obama leaves for Seoul in South Korea.

    Thursday, Nov. 11: Obama begins his day by commemorating Veterans Day, speaking to American troops at Yongsan Garrison in Seoul. It’s also the 60th anniversary of the Korean War, so he’ll pay tribute to all of those who served, as well as progress that Korea has made since the beginning of the war.

    Next, he’ll go into a bilateral meeting with President Lee Myung-bak at Blue House. Lee will host a working lunch, followed by a press conference.

    Then Obama will meet with President Hu Jintao of China, their seventh bilateral.

    The G-20 working dinner will be that night in Seoul at the National Museum.

    Friday, Nov. 12: The official G-20 program starts with a morning plenary session, a family photo, a working lunch and an afternoon plenary session.

    At the close of the G-20, Obama will hold a press conference.

    Obama then leaves for Japan.

    Saturday, Nov. 13: In Yokohama, Obama will begin his day giving remarks to the CEO Business Summit as part of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meetings.

    Next he’ll have a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Naoto Kan of Japan.

    After that, he’ll have a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Julia Gillard of Australia.

    The APEC program will start with a working lunch and then a leaders’ retreat. At night, there’s an official APEC dinner.

    Sunday, Nov. 14: Obama will have a bilateral meeting with President Dmitry Medvedev of Russia.

    The APEC program will finish with a leaders’ retreat and a working lunch.

    Obama will visit the Great Buddha statue in nearby Yokohama, a place he visited as a child.

    In the afternoon, Obama comes back to the United States.

  36. New regulations for career colleges

    10/28/10 By KENDRA MARR – POLITICO

    The Obama administration will unveil a package of regulations Thursday targeting the misleading practices of career colleges and training programs.

    “These new rules will help ensure that students are getting from schools what they pay for: solid preparation for a good job,” Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said.

    Concerned about the rapid growth of student enrollment in for-profit programs such as University of Phoenix and Kaplan, coupled with increased student loan default rates, the administration has spent the last 18 months negotiating with the higher education community on how to fix the system.

    The result is regulations, which will go into effect July 1, focused on holding these programs accountable for preparing students for the workforce. Schools would be required to provide prospective students with their graduation and job placement rates, as well as report graduates’ loan repayment history and incomes to the department.

    And to prevent abuse — circumventing regulations by creating a large number of new programs that are unable to measure student debt to income ratios — institutions must alert the department when introducing new programs.

    The department seeks to curb aggressive recruiting at for-profit colleges. The regulations strengthen the department’s ability to take action against deceptive advertising, marketing and sales practices. And the rules eliminate a loophole that allows school to compensate recruiters for securing student enrollment.

    It also clarifies eligibility for student can receive federal funds, as well as courses that are qualified and the amount of aid that is “appropriate.”

    For the entire article:

    • Excellent! They are covering all bases. Arne Duncan was the right person for Secretary of Education.

  37. The press at today’s briefing with Gibbs are on a jag about whether the President was dissed by Jon Stewart and is he sorry he did the show and doesn’t he regret demeaning his office in this way and why did he do it. On and on and on. They won’t let it go. GAH. Did they guys watch the same show I did?????

  38. StartLoving3 | October 28, 2010 –

    The National – Get Out and Vote Democrat

  39. StartLoving3 | October 28, 2010 –

    President Obama to Jon Stewart: “Yes we can, but it is not gonna happen overnight.”

  40. StartLoving3 | October 28, 2010 –

    Valerie Jarrett at WH Domestic Violence Awareness event

  41. StartLoving3 | October 27, 2010 –

    Joe Torre at WH Domestic Violence Awareness event

  42. StartLoving3 | October 28, 2010 –

    Joe Torre and Mariska Hargitay at WH Domestic Violence Awareness event

    • whitehouse | October 27, 2010 –

      Domestic Violence Awareness Month

      President Obama and Vice President Biden speak about the unprecedented efforts across the Federal Government to protect victims of domestic and sexual violence in an event marking Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

  43. Who’s driving the anti-immigration hatemongering – besides the bigots and racists? Steve Benen says:

    NPR has a remarkable report this week about Arizona’s SB1070, which requires those who can’t prove their citizenship to be locked up after law enforcement thinks they might appear to have entered the country illegally. But it’s worth remembering that it wasn’t anti-immigrant, Republican, or Tea Party groups that came up with the idea.

    “NPR spent the past several months analyzing hundreds of pages of campaign finance reports, lobbying documents and corporate records. What they show is a quiet, behind-the-scenes effort to help draft and pass Arizona Senate Bill 1070 by an industry that stands to benefit from it: the private prison industry….

    …. As the report explained, “According to Corrections Corporation of America reports reviewed by NPR, executives believe immigrant detention is their next big market.”….

    • Read all about it here:, Oct. 28, 2010:

      Prison Economics Help Drive Ariz. Immigration Law

      by Laura Sullivan

      …. It was last December at the Grand Hyatt in Washington, D.C. Inside, there was a meeting of a secretive group called the American Legislative Exchange Council. Insiders call it ALEC.

      It’s a membership organization of state legislators and powerful corporations and associations, such as the tobacco company Reynolds American Inc., ExxonMobil and the National Rifle Association. Another member is the billion-dollar Corrections Corporation of America — the largest private prison company in the country…..

      In the conference room, the group decided they would turn the immigration idea into a model bill. They discussed and debated language. Then, they voted on it.

      “There were no ‘no’ votes,” Pearce said. “I never had one person speak up in objection to this model legislation.”

      Four months later, that model legislation became, almost word for word, Arizona’s immigration law….

      • I said this back when all this started — that it was all about creating a market for the private prisons. Over a year ago, I saw a similar storyline on TV one night about a Judge that sentenced young adults to a private juvenile facility and he received a kickback for doing so. The private prison made millions. It is all about money.

  44. My commitment to God and myself is that WHEN we are so victorious in these mid-term elections that they send a clear message to Tea Party Republicans and right-wing Republicans that this country is for We, the People, I will continue to work tirelessly to reach people with the truth and the facts about the President’s agenda for the middle-class and the support of our President every single day. No more complacency about fighting back against the corporate media. The push back has to be done every day.

  45. Hey guys!

    So, in a weird way, I regret that the president went on Stewart’s show last night. Don’t get me wrong – I think he did fantastic. However, as I said last night, I saw Stewart as being quite cynical in the way he asked questions and in his overall demeanor. And now that I have had time to think about the whole “dude” thing, I feel like that moment summed up what I found off-putting about the way Stewart conducted the interview.

    The questions were fine…standard professional left complaints. But I felt like his delivery was too condescending and snarky for an interview of the president. However, I guess that’s Jon Stewart’s “thing” so I can’t get too mad about it.

    In the end, no major news was broken, the president didn’t put his foot in his mouth or hurt the campaign, so it’s no biggie.

    But I did want to share my thoughts on the interview, the day after watching it.

    Hope y’all are doing well!

    • I understand how you feel. I look at it from the perspective of it being an excellent venue to reach that many more people to GOTV.
      The applause came from PBO’s responses rather than Jon’s feeble attempts to ask gotcha questions.

    • vero – Agree with your thoughts. It was interesting that there wasn’t much eye contact between the two of them, about halfway through the so-called interview.

      PBO didn’t let any foolish questions or comments slide, so he served up a masterful interview – as usual. He seemed slightly annoyed, which was good to see – since it might give Jon Stewart pause later.

      I am reminding myself today that Jon Stewart is a comedian. Although in this country, we look on comedians and charlatans as heroes, he’s still a comedian. And PBO is the President of the United States. Take that, dude.

      • P.S. Forgot to add that Jon Stewart was pretty much the same when he interviewed the King of Jordan. The King obviously understands the show and its comedic nature, and was a good sport.

        Of course, last night’s audience spoke for itself with the wild cheers and applause for President Obama – which were palpable and I’m sure much appreciated by PBO.

        • Thanks, Jackie O’B. I didn’t know Stewart interviewed the King of Jordan too. I felt the annoyance from POTUS too, and could understand. At some point, it must have dawned on the president that he’s being grilled by and his intentions/judgment is being questioned by a comedian. That must’ve been annoying to realize.

          • I think PBO knew what he could be in for, since he seemed loaded for bear. Perhaps he wanted to go there to take on the far left yet another time, in his genteel way. Kind of like when he gathered together the Republican leaders and made mincemeat of them, he knows just how to control any situation and (love the guy) how to control how he responds – so he comes across in a measured way, without popping the interviewer in the eye. I’m just going to think of that part of the interview, because Jon Stewart was looking for ratings (and I think deep down inside, probably admires President Obama more than we’ll ever know).

            Here’s part one of Jon’s interview with that “dude” King Abdullah II:


    • I do not trust Jon Stewart much, but the co-creator is a huge Obama supporter, so I choose to believe they had the best of intentions. The President not only did very well, but the audience absolutely loved him. In my mind, it was a great success no matter how the media wants to spin it.

  46. College Board Report Shows Decrease in Net Tuition Due to Student Lending Reforms

    Posted by Secretary Arne Duncan on October 28, 2010

    Promoting college success and completion is critical to the future of our economy. Recent studies have shown that we are lagging behind nations such as Korea, Canada and Japan in college completion rates – and college costs are part of the reason why. President Obama believes educational success is key to our future economic success. That’s why he has set a goal of once again having the highest proportion of college graduates in the world by the year 2020.

    We understand the financial barriers that students face today, so our Administration has worked to expand college access and opportunity by making college more affordable. And already we’re seeing results.

    Today, the College Board released a report that shows that the net price of tuition — the cost after grant aid and tax benefits — is lower than it was five years ago, thanks largely to our investments in Pell and the GI Bill. The new American Opportunity Tax Credit — formerly known as the Hope Credit — has lowered college costs even further. By cutting out the middle man and shifting towards a direct lending system, we’ve been able to pass on billions of dollars of savings to students. And we have overhauled the student aid application to help more students get the help they need.

    However, we know more work needs to be done, and colleges need to do their part by focusing on their mission of providing a quality education at an affordable cost. The same report shows that tuition has increased by 7.9% at state public four-year colleges and 4.5% at private four-year colleges. At the University of Austin,TX , President Obama touched on the rising costs of college tuition and the need for an all-hands-on-deck approach to lowering tuition:

    Part of the responsibility for controlling these costs falls on our colleges and universities. Some of them are stepping up. Public institutions like the University of Maryland, University of North Carolina, some private institutions like Cornell, they’re all finding ways to combat rising tuition without compromising on quality. And I know that your president is looking at some of these same approaches to make sure that the actual costs of college are going down. I want to challenge every university and college president to get a handle on spiraling costs.

    So university administrators need to do more to make college more affordable. But we, as a nation, have to do more, as well. So that’s why we fought so hard to win a battle that had been going on in Washington for years, and it had to do with the federal student loan program.

    See, under the old system, we’d pay banks and financial companies billions of dollars in subsidies to act as middlemen. See, these loans were guaranteed by the federal government. But we’d still pass them through banks, and they’d take out billions of dollars in profits. So it was a good deal for them, but it wasn’t a very good deal for you. And because these special interests were so powerful, this boondoggle survived year after year, Congress after Congress.

    This year, we said, enough is enough. We said we could not afford to continue subsidizing special interests to the tunes of billions of dollars a year at the expense of taxpayers and of students. So we went to battle against the lobbyists and a minority party that was united in their support of this outrageous status quo. And, Texas, I am here to report that we won. We won.

    So as a result, instead of handing over $60 billion in subsidies to big banks and financial institutions over the next decade, we’re redirecting that money to you, to make college more affordable for nearly 8 million students and families across this country. Eight million students will get more help from financial aid because of these changes.

  47. Tea Party-backed Republicans spur party switches

    10/28/10 By Ellen Wulfhorst – Reuters

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – For lifelong Republican Joe Errigo, deciding to cross party lines and support a liberal Democrat for New York governor wasn’t nearly as difficult as one might expect.

    Republican candidate Carl Paladino — backed by the conservative Tea Party movement — raised such political hackles he spawned a “Republicans for Cuomo” movement supporting Democrat Andrew Cuomo.

    Similar groups can be found in heated races elsewhere nationwide, often those featuring Tea Party-endorsed candidates, attacked by Democrats and some moderate Republicans as extreme.

    “When I saw his website, I said nobody could be that dumb,” said Errigo, an upstate New York Assemblyman, of Paladino, a Buffalo developer and political newcomer.

    “He has alienated every group that I could think of,” said Errigo. “He should write a book on how to lose an election.”

    In Delaware, where Christine O’Donnell has Tea Party support, Republicans backing Democrat Chris Coons include a former state judge and former U.S. Congressman. A “Republicans for Coons” Facebook site reads: “Because we just can’t support Christine O’Donnell.”

    In Arizona, “Republicans for Giffords” are backing Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords over conservative Iraq War veteran Jesse Kelly.

    In Nevada, incumbent Democrat Sen. Harry Reid, who faces Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle, counts among his Republican supporters an array of influential gaming and casino executives.

    “Mainstream Republicans are refusing to support the latest crop of insurgent candidates in the Republican Party because of their extremist beliefs,” said Deirdre Murphy, spokeswoman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in Washington.

    For the entire article:

    • Now that is why I never talk bad about “Republicans” on this blog! I was co-captains with one of the “Republicans for Obama” in our group.

      I prefer to call the enemy the “GOP/TeaBagger” crazies

      • I appreciate voters of whatever party affiliation who just care about our country and reject extremism on both ends of the spectrum.

    • Now that is truthiness personified! Thank you, Republicans and fellow Americans!

    • Nice!

      “It’s up to people like you and me, the burden we share, that we deliver on the promise and return the investment to the American taxpayers,” [CEO Dan] Akerson told workers at a plant that builds Cadillac cars.

  48. First lady as peacemaker on ‘Ellen’

    10/28/10 By MJ LEE -POLITICO

    A day after President Obama went on “The Daily Show,” an interview with his wife will be shown on another talk show as the first lady seeks to play White House peacemaker.

    “I don’t question somebody who disagrees with me politically,” Michelle Obama said on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in an interview to be shown Thursday. “I don’t assume that they mean our country harm, and I think we have to give each other the benefit of the doubt.”

    Asked by DeGeneres how she and her daughters handle political attacks aimed at her husband, Obama explained that she views two worlds in politics: “There’s the stuff you hear on TV, and then there’s what you feel when you go out into the country.”

    “People are kind. … I think [they] know that my husband’s intent is good and that we’re making good progress,” she said.

    Jill Biden also taped an interview for the show to discuss efforts to combat the culture of bullying.

  49. whitehouse | October 28, 2010 –

    First Question with Robert Gibbs – October 28, 2010

    White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs takes a first question before today’s press briefing, from the online audience.

    The first question concerns the President’s upcoming trip to India; the second involves the President’s Secrtet Service code name.

  50. My venture into Jon Stewart land and I think the President and I came to the same conclusion so he HAD to do Jon’s show before the election.

    I watched with amazement how after 4 days of the announcement that he would be holding this rally on the 30th that over 100,000 people had signed up on Facebook saying that they would attend this rally in DC. These people were coming not just from the east coast but from everywhere. Even Australia, London and Canada. The numbers keep growing and growing (over 300,000 at last check). So I decided to start engaging them to get a feel for where they really stood politically.

    Most were obviously left leaning and had voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 election but I soon saw a pattern that seemed to resonate throughout when engaging them. They mostly seemed to have the “both parties suck” attitude. I spent much time pointing out the stark differences between the two parties. This is where Jon Stewart’s cynicism has hurt the President with our youth. You see he has spent the last year making fun of the legislative process (the sausage making) and the Presidents delivery (governing style vs. campaigning style) vs. the actual accomplishments and results of both the Democratic Congress and the President.

    Jon could have done a comedy skit pointing out what the previous Republican Do Nothing Congress accomplished vs. this Congress over the same period of time but he never did that. Instead he made fun of the President and individuals in Congress and gave his audience the impression that none of them are any good.

    The President knew this as well and was eager to dispel this stuff last night. You could see it when he leaned forward into the desk to drive the point about “timid health care reform” and Jon had no choice but to let him speak. It was important that the President reach this audience with facts and the truth. I think he accomplished that. If it meant letting go of some of the Presidential decorum in my opinion so be it. PBO is a very popular man with our Youth but they are very cynical after 20 months because everyone that “they” listen to tells them they should be cynical.

    The President got to tell his side of the story without the filter last night. I think it was a master stroke to appear on this show. I read OFA’s blog this morning and it was interesting to see “faces” that haven’t been there in a long time show up over night and say things like “ I am completely back in the fold…He’s the head of state and calmly leading us through very rough waters….At least that’s the way I saw it tonight.”

    So let’s hope that the President’s Voice Did Change That Room last night and these youth make it a priority to vote again in 2010.

    On a lighter note, I thought the “dude” comment and the Presidents reaction showed his humanity. In that moment he felt like “one of the guys” very human and approachable and I thought Jon’s timing on it as a comedian was perfect.

    • I know it’s not going to happen, but I would love to see President Obama come to the stage at the Sanity/Fear rally, as a little surprise. I think the cheers would be so loud I’d hear ’em in Florida. It would sure show the country it’s “okay” to respect our President.

    • Donna, as you usual, you make a lot of sense. I understood the political logic behind the president’s appearance, I just was rubbed the wrong way by Stewart’s cynical delivery. In the end, I do think it was more helpful than harmful. I just get so annoyed at these folks Monday morning QB’ing him and acting like they can do a better job.

    • Donna, I agree 1000% with everything you said so beautifully. PBO knew exactly what he was walking into and he worked the room and the host to get his message out in his own way and in his own time. Just like he did with that Question Time event with the Republicans. He took every question and he diced and sliced and served it on a baguette. People think they can cage him or back into a corner but THEY CANNOT. I keep thinking about that time he swatted that fly with his bare hands, as if to say – oh yeah? Well, CHECK THIS OUT. Didn’t make a big deal out of it, just slapped it down and brushed it aside. Biz as usual for a smart, informed President well-versed on popular culture and the crazy political vampires out there in the landscape. He is never going to take any guff and the reception he got from the audience said it ALL.

  51. First lady, Jarrett to bishop’s funeral

    10/28/10 Kendrea Marr – POLITICO

    Michelle Obama and senior adviser Valerie Jarrett will go to Bishop Arthur M. Brazier’s funeral in Chicago on Friday, a White House official confirmed.

    The White House is directing further questions to the church where the service will be, the Apostolic Church of God.

    “Through his service as a pastor and his work on behalf of our communities, Bishop Brazier touched the lives of countless Americans,” President Obama said in a statement on Friday.

  52. Republicans who backed Obama say they may vote for him again

    10/28/10 Hannah Brenton and Hayleigh Colombo-

    Republicans who supported Barack Obama in the 2008 election say they have few regrets.

    The Hill contacted 17 prominent Republicans and members of “Republicans for Obama” groups that launched across the country two years ago. Most of them defended the president and indicated they might vote for him again in two years.

    Their statements are somewhat surprising, because polls show that Republicans and independents have turned against the president. Political analysts say the fired-up GOP base, coupled with dissatisfaction from independents, could help the GOP win control of Congress on Nov. 2.

    Some so-called “Obamacans” did not want to discuss their views on Obama. More than two-dozen Republicans who attracted media attention in 2008 for their support of Obama declined to comment on the issue.

    One of them was former Sen. Lincoln Chafee (R.I.), who served in the upper chamber as a Republican and is now running for governor as an Independent.

    Obama attracted criticism this week from Frank Caprio, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Rhode Island, after the White House acknowledged that the president was not going to get involved in the race.

    White House spokesman Bill Burton said Obama’s decision was made “out of respect for his friend Lincoln Chafee.”

    In 2008, Obama secured the support of a broad coalition of independent and Republican voters, propelling him to the presidency. Nine percent of registered Republicans voted for him, a 3 percent improvement from Sen. John Kerry’s (D-Mass.) campaign four years earlier.

    Despite Obama’s push to pass partisan bills through Congress, such as the stimulus package and healthcare reform, GOP officials are sticking by their choice.

    For the entire article:

  53. If I have to see another Eric Can’tor commercial where he’s talking about “Washington” not getting it, and that “we need jobs” as if he hasn’t been in Washington for well over the past 2 years, I’m going to scream.

    This guy is a world-class con artist.

    • Vero, I might have to trade you Meg Whitman ads. The obvious lies. The arrogance. The entitlement. Fingernails on chalkboard. Drip, drip, drip water torture. Please make it stop.

      • Want to see a Democrat fighting back? I give you Charlie Melancon of Louisiana;

        • Wow. What does it say that a “Christian values” Republican can frequent prostitutes and still be in the lead in this race? What has he done for LA?????? DOES NOT COMPUTE.

      • I think you’re getting way more Meg ads, so I can’t get with that trade…sorry. LOL. But I totally feel your pain. I’m actually surprised Can’tor is even on the air. His opponent isn’t really gaining any traction and isn’t known by many. The Richmond OFA office has been having folks call/canvass to Periello’s district for months now. We’ve spent no time focusing on Can’tor.

  54. Halliburton used flawed cement on BP well: panel

    10/28/10 Chris Baltimore Chris Baltimore –Reuters

    HOUSTON (Reuters) – Halliburton Co. used flawed cement in BP Plc’s doomed Gulf of Mexico well, which could have contributed to the blowout that sparked the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history, a White House panel said on Thursday.

    Halliburton’s shares tumbled as much as 16 percent after the National Oil Spill Commission released a letter detailing the panel’s findings, before recovering to close down nearly 8 percent at $31.68 per share on the New York Stock Exchange. BP’s U.S.-listed shares closed up 1.3 percent at $40.60 per share.

    While not absolving BP of responsibility, the report heaped criticism on Halliburton’s cement job, raising investor concerns it could be forced to bear some of the clean-up costs. BP has taken a $32.2 billion earnings charge to cover the cleanup.

    The cost to insure Halliburton’s debt jumped on the news.

    Halliburton had run a series of tests that showed the material was unstable in the weeks before the April 20 explosion on the Deepwater Horizon rig, which killed 11 workers and spurred a temporary ban on deepwater U.S. drilling.

    In an emailed statement, Halliburton said it is reviewing the report and will publish a response later on Thursday. A BP spokesman declined to comment.

    Both Halliburton and BP were aware of flaws in the cement slurry, similar to the one used to seal the mile-deep Macondo well, as early as March 8, over a month before the spill, “but neither acted upon that data,” according to National Oil Spill Commission chief counsel Fred Bartlit.

    “The fact that BP and Halliburton knew this cement job could fail only solidifies their liability and responsibility for this disaster,” said Rep. Edward Markey, a Democratic lawmaker who has criticized BP and its well partners.

    The industry has developed tests to identify faulty cement jobs in offshore wells, but “BP and/or Transocean personnel misinterpreted or chose not to conduct such tests at the Macondo well,” Bartlit wrote.

    Tests conducted by industry cement experts show “the foam cement used at Macondo was unstable,” Bartlit wrote in a letter to co-chairs Bob Graham and Bill Reilly. “Halliburton (and perhaps BP) should have considered redesigning the foam slurry before pumping it at the Macondo well.”

    For the entire article:

    • Dick Cheney’s Halliburton is such a sham criminal enterprise. I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  55. Damn! Meek is being thrown and driven under the bus – left and right – as we type.

    Crist is on Keith’s show and although Meek is denying the story that he agreed, twice, to drop out and support Crist, Crist confirmed the Clinton team’s account of the situation, which is that Clinton convinced Meek to drop out and Meek agreed twice, but changed his mind.

    So sad for Meek.

    • Oh please, that is so egregious. What in the world is going on?

      WHY is the Clinton team doing or saying this? Is this real or a part of Crist’s desperate attempt to break this open?


      • Clinton’s alleged side of the story is that they approached Meek when Meek made some sort of gesture suggesting he was open to possibly dropping out. So, the story is that Clinton only got involved like that when Meek seemed open to it. Whatev.

        Obama’s folks are saying they had NOTHING to do with all of this, although they were given the heads up when the negotiations seemed like a done deal.

        • I’m just wondering why this leaking is happening now and why Clinton is so deeply involved. This smacks of some really ugly backroom stuff.

          I have some friends in FLA who say that Meek just never had a visible campaign to speak of. Since FLA is so crucial in presidential politics, why wasn’t the DNC right there at the outset to make sure he ran a solid campaign?? I just don’t get it. There is some strange blood behind this one.

          • I think the powers that be in the Democratic Party always had their eye on wooing Crist. That’s my hunch.

            • I think the DNC thought/thinks that if Crist is elected, he’ll caucus with the Democrats.

              But let’s not forget that PBO came to Florida to campaign for Meek. If he and the DNC were solidly behind the Crist idea, I don’t think he’d do that – the lesson learned when he wouldn’t endorse the Democratic candidate over Chaffee recently before the “shove it” comment from that loser.

              Just a thought.

    • The Meek rumor – with the Clinton connection – is also hard to believe because I think Meek campaigned for Hillary Clinton over PBO during the general, since Meek’s mother – a former congresswoman – was close to Bill Clinton.

      So why Clinton’s camp would try to throw Meek under the bus is beyond me … I just don’t think I believe it. Of course, I have no bleeping idea what the real truth is. 🙂

  56. Honestly, this woman is despicable. From the LAT:

    Whitman says her former housekeeper should be deported
    October 28, 2010 | 2:34 pm
    As Republican gubernatorial nominee Meg Whitman tours parts of California that have traditionally been receptive to GOP candidates, she’s also appealing directly to conservative TV audiences, hoping to fire up her party’s base.

    On Wednesday, she appeared on Fox News and took a harder line on Nicky Diaz Santillan, the illegal immigrant who Whitman employed as a housekeeper for nine years. Since the controversy erupted in September, Whitman has said both she and a hiring agency relied on documents that turned out to be false and that she fired Diaz Santillan when the woman disclosed her immigration status last year.

    Until now she has declined to comment on whether the former housekeeper should be deported. But Wednesday, in an interview with Greta Van Susteren, Whitman answered the question head on. “Well, the answer is it breaks my heart, but she should be deported because she forged documents and she lied about her immigration status,” Whitman said. “And it breaks my heart. Gloria Allred pulled off a political stunt. And you know what? On Nov. 3, no one’s going to care about Nicky Diaz. But the law is the law and we live in the rule of law. It’s important.”

    Her willful desperation disgusts me.

    • “No one’s going to care about Nicky Diaz”???

      Way to lose, Meg. Way to lose.

      • Least of all, her. The hypocrisy, it burns. She is like a case study on how NOT to run a campaign. UGH.

  57. Lesson from Coakley campaign.

    I just wanted to mention that Coakley was really in trouble, and OFA stepped in BIG TIME the weekend before her election, and I think we made a 2-3% difference for her. We did that in ONE WEEKEND.

    This time around OFA has been engaged in many races much earlier and just as intensely as we were in Coakley’s campaign. I feel like this involvement is going to be a 3-5% difference in many races, and this involvement can’t be seen until the election takes place.

    I have faith we can hang on to the House. We got this.

  58. My only concern at this point is that if a lot of these races are close – and they are bound to be – then we will have Al Franken all over again. Seats held up in legal challenges until the cows come home. The obstructionists’ dream.

  59. Apologies to all the Floridians out there, but Florida just seems like Ground Zero for political mess. What is the deal?

    • I’m not a betting woman, but how much do you want to bet that HuffPo blames PBO for poor turnout and any Democratic loss – the night of the election. They won’t even wait until the next morning.

      They just don’t get it. Or maybe they do, and we’re the crazy ones. No, I’ll stick with my original premise.

      • JO’B, did I understand you to say that you are moving to Chicago soon? I hope you are not away for too long and can rejoin us here ASAP. Love seeing you here!

        • meta – Thanks for that sweet comment! Love being here with you and the gang.

          I’m moving to Peoria next week – about two hours away from Chicago. Hope to be on the blog through Sunday, but won’t be able to re-join y’all until after the election.

          I’m a glass-half-full type, so I’m expecting a big Democratic victory in my “absence”!

          • Well, very safe travels to you and a good settling in at your new place. May you be blessed with a wonderful new community. We look forward to your return right here!

          • Well, you darn well better be getting yourself back here on this blog as soon as you get there. Don’t wait for ? months like this time. You will be missed.

    • meta,

      I am proud to say I haven’t gone to HuffPuff for months now. I have forgotten all about that website. That website is ridiculous.

  60. Well, that was interesting. Just saw Charlie Crist in a new TV ad here in Florida say that he’s the antidote to “repeal of Roe v. Wade and blah blah blah,” which is “what Sarah Palin and the Tea Party want” to do.

    Since he’s running as an Independent, having been ditched by the Republicans (mostly for welcoming PBO to Florida one time not to mention sticking up for teachers) he obviously feels the Independents and Democrats are the only ones he needs to grab this close to the election. The Republican extremists in this state would never say anything negative about Sarah or the teafolk. I’m sure this new tactic isn’t lost on Congressman Meek.

  61. More Florida embarassment:

    Rep. Kendrick Meek is responding to what he calls the “rumor on Politico” that he was asked by former Pres. Bill Clinton to drop out of the Senate race and throw his support to newly Independent Gov. Charlie Crist. Meek says the rumor is “false AT BEST” (with his inflection on the last two words, implying it’s a big fat lie).

    Marco Rubio – the Republican candidate for Senate – is saying Charlie Crist started the rumor because “he’ll do anything to get elected.”

  62. politic365video | October 22, 2010 –

    Politic365 Exclusive: Kendrick Meek

  63. Hello everyone. Wow, I just got home and have not caught up on the happenings of today. what is this that I am hearing about women are leaning toward voting for the repugs? I can’t believe this. Who did this poll? Apparently, these are all republican women.

    • Isn’t the cnn poll, the flawed poll that discounts or does not count young voters and cell phones? I can’t believe that Angle is leading Harry Reid by 4 points, with everything she stands for and how she has alienated Hispanics. This is why I don’t usually look at polls. Like someone says, the best poll is voting.

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