APEC 2011 Hawai’i

APEC leaders pose for the official photo during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit Sunday, Nov. 13, 2011, in Kapolei, Hawaii. Mānana Island “Rabbit Island” is in the background.

“We have reached one of those rare inflection points in history where we have the opportunity to take a different path – to pursue a new strategy for jobs and growth…And I believe the economies of this region have a leading role to play in getting us there.”

President Barack Obama

“Few forums are watched more closely by those in the business community then APEC, testimony to the extraordinary opportunity it represents to both sides of the Pacific Rim. APEC accounts for 55% of the global GDP and is growing faster then the global average, significantly faster. It represents 2.7 billion consumers and purchases 58% of US exports.”….”Unlocking the growth potential that exists within APEC is a huge opportunity for job creation here in the United States and for our economic partners.”

11/12/11  Mr. W. James McNerney Jr Chairman, President and CEO of Boeing Company


The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum is the premier economic organization in the Asia-Pacific region. Established in 1989 by 12 economies, including the United States, APEC fosters growth and prosperity by facilitating economic cooperation and expanding trade and investment throughout the region.APEC’s 21 member economies today account for 55 percent of global GDP, purchase 58 percent of U.S. goods exports, and comprise a market of 2.7 billion consumers. Seven of America’s top 15 trade partners are in APEC. President Obama chose his birthplace of Honolulu as the site for the APEC 2011 Leaders’ Meeting to highlight America’s position as a Pacific nation.

November 8 – 9, 2011 Hawai’i Convention Center, Honolulu, Hawai’i
• Concluding Senior Officials Meeting
• Senior Finance Officials Meeting (SFOM)
• Finance Deputies Meeting

November 10, 2011 Hawai’i Convention Center, Honolulu, Hawai’i
• Finance Ministers Meeting

November 11, 2011 Hawai’i Convention Center, Honolulu, Hawai’i
• APEC Ministerial Meeting

November 12, 2011 Hale Koa Hotel in Waikiki, Hawai’i
• Leaders’ Reception and Dinner

November 13, 2011 JW Marriott Ihilani, Honolulu, Hawai’i
• APEC Economic Leaders Meeting

APEC 2011 website: http://www.apec2011hawaii.com/


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  1. WH

    Saturday, November 12, 2011

    All Times Eastern

    3:30 AM
    President Obama arrives in Honolulu, Hawai’i.

    4:00 AM
    5:00 AM
    6:00 AM
    7:00 AM
    8:00 AM
    9:00 AM
    10:00 AM
    11:00 AM
    11:40 AM
    First Lady Michelle Obama visits MA’O Organic Farms, Waianae, Hawai’i. Per the First Lady’s request, Chef Kenney will prepare the luncheon meal for APEC Leaders’ spouses on Sunday using local ingredients from MA’O.

    12:00 PM
    1:00 PM
    1:40 PM
    President Obama meets with Trans-Pacific Partnership leaders in Honolulu, Hawai’i.

    2:00 PM
    2:55 PM
    President Obama participates in an APEC CEO business summit.

    3:00 PM
    4:00 PM
    5:00 PM
    President Obama hosts a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Noda of Japan.

    6:00 PM
    Arrival Ceremony, the President and Mrs. Obama will formally greet the Leaders and spouses of the 20 Asia-Pacific economies attending the summit as they arrive for the dinner, including China’s President Hu Jintao, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, and Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda

    6:45 PM
    President Obama holds a bilateral meeting with President Medvedev of Russia.

    7:00 PM
    8:00 PM
    8:15 PM
    President Obama holds a bilateral meeting with President Hu of China.

    9:00 PM
    10:00 PM
    11:20 PM
    President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama hosts a reception and cultural performances at the Hale Koa Hotel for the APEC Leaders and their spouses, and other guests.

  2. APEC 2011 Hawai'i thumbnail

    18th APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting

    November 11, 12 and 13, 2011
    APEC Leaders’ Week Event
    Ihilani JW Marriott Hawaii Hotel, Honolulu, Hawai’i

    Aloha from Peter Ho, Chairman of APEC 2011 Hawaii Host Committee

    From: APEC2011Hawaii | Nov 7, 2011

    • “Where East Meets West”

      From: APEC2011Hawaii | Nov 3, 2011

      A map of the world tells you–this is the crossroads of the Pacific. This is the ultimate location for business meetings. Hawaii’s a natural bridge for facilitating international business meetings and conventions.

    • Saturday, November 12, 2011
      President Obama’s Schedule

      * President Obama begins by hosting a meeting of 9 Pacific Rim countries
      * President Obama will attend the APEC CEO Business Summit at the Sheraton Hotel in Honolulu, where he will address business leaders from the Pacific Rim and engage in discussions of commerce
      * President Obama meets with Trans-Pacific Partnership leaders in Honolulu, Hawai’i.
      * President Obama participates in an APEC CEO business summit.
      * President Obama holdsa bilateral meeting with Japan, Prime Minister Nodo of Japan
      * President Obama holds a bilateral meeting with Russia, President Medvedev of Russia
      * President Obama holds a bilateral meeting with Hu Jintao of China
      * President Obama hosts a APEC Leaders dinner where he delivers remarks

      Saturday, November 12, 2011
      First Lady Michelle Obama’s Schedule

      * First Lady Michelle Obama visits MA’O Organic Farms, Waianae, Hawai’i. The farm is primarily run by area youth who participate in the Youth Leadership Training (YLT) internship which requires interns to work for three years and in exchange receive a full tuition waiver at a local community college plus a monthly stipend. At the First Lady’s request, Chef Kenney will prepare the luncheon meal for APEC Leaders’ spouses on Sunday using local ingredients from MA’O.

      Sunday, November 13, 2011
      President Obama’s Schedule

      * President Obama makes opening remarks at the APEC Opening Sessions
      * APEC Business Advisory Council meets
      * APEC Family Photo
      * APEC Closing Plenary Session
      * President Obama holds a press conference

      Sunday, November 13, 2011
      First Lady Michelle Obama’s Schedule

      * First Lady Michelle Obama hosts an event for the APEC Leaders’ spouses at Kualoa Ranch, Kaʻaʻawa, Hawai’i

      Monday, November 14, 2011
      President Obama’s Schedule

      * President Obama will attend a campaign fundraiser at the Disney Aulani Resort & Spa at Ko Olina, Kapolei, Hawai’i

      Monday, November 14, 2011
      First Lady Michelle Obama’s Schedule

      * First Lady Michelle Obama meet military families and speak at a hiring fair sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for service men and women, veterans and military families on Hickam Air Force Base, Honolulu, Hawai’i.

      Tuesday, November 15, 2011
      President Obama’s Schedule

      * President Obama departs for Canberra, Australia

    • Addressing Trade Barriers in the Asia-Pacific Region and Supporting American Jobs Through Exports

      Posted by Ron Kirk on November 09, 2011

      This week, the United States is hosting the annual Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Ministers and Economic Leaders’ Meetings in Honolulu, Hawaii. As President Obama’s lead negotiator and spokesperson on trade, I will host a meeting for my fellow APEC Trade Ministers in preparation for President Obama’s meeting with APEC Leaders later this week and to build on the success of the APEC Trade Ministers’ meeting held in Big Sky, Montana last May.

      At Big Sky, the United States and its APEC trade partners identified ways to improve regulation and transparency, made advances on reducing trade barriers impacting environmental goods and services, and determined specific next-generation issues on ensuring how trade rules can reflect the realities of the region today. Tomorrow in Honolulu, my fellow Ministers and I will address key hindrances to trade for businesses across the Asia-Pacific in order to achieve these important goals. By making it easier for all our exporters to enter markets in APEC economies, we are helping businesses grow exponentially. This dynamic growth leads to further job creation across the region, including in the U.S. – an important component to President Obama’s economic policy.

      One priority goal the United States has pursued this year is making the Asia-Pacific a seamless regional economy. In support of that goal, this week, we will ask our APEC trade partners to reduce barriers to trade for environmental goods and services, promote innovation policies that encourage competition and open markets, and improve their regulatory systems. Value-added improvements in these areas will make it easier for American businesses to export to the Asia-Pacific region, supporting the creation of much-needed American jobs.

      While in Honolulu, we are also seeking solid progress with the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, which is a 21st-century agreement that tackles pressing trade concerns in new ways, addresses cross-cutting issues previously unaddressed in trade agreements, and benefits from an unprecedented level of stakeholder input. While APEC is a voluntary, cooperative forum where we can collectively tackle critical trade and investment topics in the Asia-Pacific, TPP parties are negotiating binding commitments and obligations which reflect our highest ambitions.

      In considering trade in the 21st-century, TPP parties are discussing comprehensive issues like building regional production, promoting development, and facilitating the participation of small- and medium-sized businesses in global trade. By eliminating traditional barriers that prevent smaller businesses from entering the world marketplace, we are opening pathways for these enterprises to expand and grow through trade. If even just a few more businesses out of every hundred in America export, we will see a dramatic increase in jobs here in the United States.

      This weekend, President Obama, in hosting meetings with his fellow APEC Leaders, will attempt to achieve these trade goals and grow American jobs through increasing export opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region.

      During the meetings, USTR.gov will be updated in real time to keep you fully abreast of our work.

      APEC 2011 website: http://www.ustr.gov/apec2011
      Follow on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ustraderep

    • For Obama, an Asian agenda with an eye on home

      11/11/11 By BEN FELLER – AP White House Correspondent | AP – 3 hrs ago

      WASHINGTON (AP) — Determined to deepen relations with Asia,President Barack Obama is pouring nine days of valued time into a diplomatic mission away from Washington while Congress struggles toward a crucial budget deadline and a doubtful outcome.

      Obama departs Friday for far-reaching summits in Hawaii andIndonesia, with a visit to Australia in between.

      The travels will take the president more than 10,000 miles and across many time zones from home at a moment when domestic concerns matter most to the electorate.

      His challenge will be to explain to voters how the U.S. role in the Asia-Pacific region is essential to American jobs and security — and then emerge with results to show for his travels.

      For a leader who was born in Hawaii, spent boyhood years in Indonesia and hails himself as America’s first Pacific president, Obama’s worldview is shaped deeply by Asia. His administration is showering attention on the Asia-Pacific region as a driver of global politics, prized buyer of American products and central player in protecting world peace.

      “If you want America to be a world leader in this century, that leadership is going to have to include the Asia-Pacific,” said Ben Rhodes, a deputy national security adviser for Obama.

      For the entire article: http://news.yahoo.com/obama-asian-agenda-eye-home-090925782.html

    • Who’ll rule Asia-Pacific trade?
      The United States? China? Or regional trade partnerships led by each?

      10/16/11 Peter A Petri – HST

      In November, the leaders of 21 Asia-Pacific economies will meet in Honolulu for the annual Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit. Leading up to the meeting, the Star-Advertiser presents a monthly column of analysis on major issues in the region from experts at the East-West Center.

      In the last half century, world trade has grown twice as fast as output and helped to lift the majority of the world’s people from poverty — a feat unimaginable a generation ago. When APEC leaders meet in Honolulu next month, they will represent countries that account for half of world trade. Can APEC help to keep the engine humming for another half century?

      The trade engine is more important than ever, but the rules that govern trade are less certain. Efforts to strengthen global rules — the World Trade Organization’s Doha negotiations — have collapsed. Beset by domestic concerns, the United States and Europe have retreated from leadership on trade. And the new Asian giants have yet to step up.

      This vacuum undermines investment and growth worldwide. For better or worse, it is now up to the United States and China, along with partners in the Asia-Pacific, to write the next chapter in the history of the world trading system — starting in Honolulu in November.

      APEC itself may announce agreements that make it easier to trade “green goods,” such as wind turbines, and ease regulatory barriers. But APEC is not a negotiating body — it can only suggest voluntary guidelines.

      On the sidelines of APEC, however, two efforts are under way to write binding rules. One is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a possible trade agreement among eight small Pacific Rim countries and the United States. The members hope to announce a preliminary agreement in Honolulu next month.

      Another negotiation is under way in Asia. It builds on trade agreements among 10 Southeast Asian countries and other Asian partners. It is still missing an agreement among China, Japan and Korea, but a “CJK” accord is now in discussion.

      For the entire article: http://www.staradvertiser.com/news/apec2011/apecoped/20111016_Wholl_rule_Asia_Pacific_trade.html?id=131910118

    • First Lady’s Schedule For APEC Summit In Hawaii; Visits Organic Farm, Hosts Farm-to-Table Luncheon At Cattle Ranch

      NOVEMBER 01, 2011 obamafoodorama.blogspot

      Later this month, First Lady Michelle Obama will join President Obama in hosting this year’s Asia-Pacific Economic Leaders Meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii, the East Wing announced today.

      During her three-day stay on the island of Oahu, beginning on Nov. 12, Mrs. Obama will bring both her Let’s Move! and Joining Forces campaigns to the international community, hosting APEC Leaders’ spouses for two events designed to “introduce” her signature initiatives, according to the East Wing. Mrs. Obama will also host a farm-to-table luncheon for the spouses at the historic Kualoa Ranch, a massive grass-fed cattle operation that doubles as an agritourism venue. The luncheon has savvy political and economic overtones.

      Mrs. Obama’s first Let’s Move! event on Nov. 12 spotlights farm-to-table sourcing and youth agricultural education, and is at the 24.5-acre certified organic MA’O Organic Farms. The next day, the First Lady’s luncheon will take place at the lush, mountaintop Kualoa Ranch, which overlooks the sea. The 4,000-acre working cattle ranch was established in 1850, and is on protected land. Produce from MA’O Organic Farms will be used for the luncheon, and Mrs. Obama has invited chef Ed Kenney of Town restaurant in Honolulu to join her for both events, and mastermind the menu. Kenny is an award-winning chef who is also cooking for other APEC events, including for the Senior Officials Reception.

      For the entire article: http://obamafoodorama.blogspot.com/2011/11/first-lady-will-join-president-for-apec.html

    • President Obama To Host Saturday Night Reception & Dinner During APEC Meeting

      NOVEMBER 09, 2011 obamafoodorama.blogspot

      President Obama and First Lady Obama depart on Friday for Honolulu, Hawaii to attend the 2011 APEC Leaders Meeting, after marking Veterans Day in Washington, DC. Full details of the trip will be released by the White House later today, but a source gave Obama Foodorama the above invitation to a reception the President and Mrs. Obama will host on Saturday evening. The 7:00 PM reception will be in the Luau Garden at the Hale Koa Hotel, which describes itself as a “72-acre tropical oasis fronting the finest stretch of beach in Waikiki.” The website notes fine food offerings, locally sourced. The reception comes immediately before the President hosts the APEC Leaders’ Dinner, also at the hotel. The dinner program includes remarks by Mr. Obama and “cultural performances.”

      In addition to the leaders of the 21 Asia-Pacific economies who are members of APEC, CEOs from major corporations are also attending the Leaders Meeting, and all have been invited to the President and First Lady’s reception. Also invited are Honolulu Mayor Peter Carlisle and City Council members, as well as local luminaries, according to Obama Foodorama’s source. Guests were asked to RSVP by e-mail for the reception through the Office of the Chief of Protocol in the State Department, giving personal details for background checks.Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, and US Trade Representative Ron Kirkare also attending APEC.

      For the entire article; http://obamafoodorama.blogspot.com/2011/11/president-obama-first-lady-will-host.html

  3. November 12, 2011

    Statement by the President on the Arab League’s Actions Regarding Syria

    I applaud the important decisions taken by the Arab League today, including the suspension of Syria’s membership, consideration of economic sanctions, and downgrading of diplomatic relations. After the Assad regime flagrantly failed to keep its commitments, the Arab League has demonstrated leadership in its effort to end the crisis and hold the Syrian government accountable. These significant steps expose the increasing diplomatic isolation of a regime that has systematically violated human rights and repressed peaceful protests. The United States joins with the Arab League in its support for the Syrian people, who continue to demand their universal rights in the face of the regime’s callous violence. We will continue to work with our friends and allies to pressure the Assad regime and support the Syrian people as they pursue the dignity and transition to democracy that they deserve.

  4. I agree COS…. Good work CR!!!
    Never have seen a map of Hawaiian Islands before, like your APEC entry above… Gives a good sense of how those islands relate to one another, & a feel for dimensions…:)

  5. Remarks of President Barack Obama
    As Prepared for Delivery
    San Diego, California
    Saturday, November 12, 2011

    I’m speaking to you from the bridge of the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson in San Diego. This is one of the biggest ships in the Navy, and on Friday it was home to one of the most unique college basketball games I’ve ever seen. It also gave members of our military and our veterans a chance to unwind a little bit, and on this Veterans Day, I want to take this opportunity to thank all our men and women in uniform for their service and their sacrifice.

    But this day isn’t just about thanking our veterans. It’s about rededicating ourselves to serving our veterans as well as they’ve served us. And right now, that’s more important than ever.

    Last month, I announced that, as promised, we will end the war in Iraq by the end of the year. Many of our military families will be welcoming loved ones home for the holidays. At the same time, we’ve begun to wind down the war in Afghanistan. And in the next five years, over a million servicemembers will transition back into civilian life – joining the 3 million who have already done so over the last decade.

    These are men and women who have served with distinction in some of the most dangerous places on the planet. But for many of them, the challenges don’t end when they take off the uniform. Today, more than 850,000 veterans remain unemployed. And too many are struggling to find a job worthy of their talents and experience.

    That’s not right. We ask these men and women to leave their families and their jobs and risk their lives to fight for our country. The last thing they should have to do is fight for a job when they get home.

    To give our veterans the opportunities they’ve earned, I’ve directed the federal government to lead by example – and already, we’ve hired 120,000 veterans. We’ve also challenged private companies to hire or train 100,000 post-9/11 veterans or their spouses by the end of 2013. So far, many patriotic companies have answered the call, hiring more than 16,000 Americans. And yesterday, thanks to the hard work of Michelle and Dr. Jill Biden, companies announced their commitment to train or hire 125,000 more over the next two years.

    For the entire article: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2011/11/12/weekly-address-honoring-our-veterans-their-service-and-sacrifice

  6. Obama on Carl Vinson for Carrier Classic

    11/11/11 By BERNIE WILSON, AP Sports Writer

    CORONADO, Calif. (AP)—The USS Carl Vinson’s mission on Friday night was to host college hoops as a Veterans Day salute to the military, and the nation’s basketball-fan-in-chief dropped by to cheer on No. 1 North Carolina and Michigan State.

    President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, were sitting courtside for tipoff of the Carrier Classic on the flight deck of the Carl Vinson, which six months earlier buried Osama bin Laden at sea.

    The Obamas walked onto the court as a Navy band played “Hail to the Chief,” then stood for the national anthem.

    Two fighter jets screamed right above the carrier just as the singer of the national anthem reached his final notes.

    The president told the crowd that the Carl Vinson `’has been a messenger of diplomacy and a protector of our security for a long time.”

    The Carl Vinson conducted bin Laden’s burial at sea after he was killed by Navy SEALs in a raid ordered by Obama.

    `’This ship supports what’s happening in Afghanistan. I think some of you may know, because it’s been reported, the men and women of the Carl Vinson were part of that critical mission to bring Osama bin Laden to justice,” the president said to applause from the crowd of about 7,000, most of them military.

    Capt. Bruce H. Lindsey, the commanding officer of the flat top, said neither he nor any of his sailors can talk about that mission.

    For this night, though, the focus was on the first college hoops game on an active carrier. The court was set up between the carrier’s island and the forward catapults.

    The Tar Heels and Spartans players had U.S.A. on the back of their jerseys rather than their names. At dusk, the game was paused for the lowering of the American flag.

    And say this about the men and women of the military: they know their basketball players.

    For the entire article: http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/basketball/news?slug=ap-carrierclassic-scene

    • USS Carl Vinson: Navy Warship hosts basketball game

      Published on Nov 11, 2011 by CBS

      The Michigan State University Spartans and North Carolina Tar Heels basketball teams will find themselves on a new court this Veteran’s day – on the US Navy Warship, the USS Carl Vinson – the ship that took Osama bin Laden’s body to sea for burial. CBS News correspondent Bill Whitaker reports.

    • Remarks by the President Aboard the USS Carl Vinson

      USS Carl Vinson
      San Diego, California

      4:10 P.M. PST

      THE PRESIDENT: Hello, everybody! How you feeling tonight? (Applause.) We are so fortunate to be able to witness two of the greatest basketball programs in history — (applause) — Michigan State Spartans, North Carolina Tar Heels. (Applause.) Two of the best coaches of all time — Coach Izzo, Coach Williams. (Applause.) So we are proud to be here and see a great sporting event.

      But the main reason we’re here is, on Veterans Day, we have an opportunity to say thank you. One of the greatest privileges of this job, and one of the greatest responsibilities of this job, is to serve as your Commander-in-Chief. And I can tell you that every day when I interact with our military, every day when I interact with the men and women in uniform, I could not be prouder to be an American. (Applause.)

      And that gratitude that we have for our men and women of the Armed Forces does not stop when they take off the uniform. When they come home, part of the long line of those who defended our freedom, we have a sacred trust to make sure that they understand how much we appreciate what they do. And that’s not just on Veterans Day. That is every day of every year where we salute them and we say thank you for making the sacrifices, and for their families’ sacrifices, on our behalf. (Applause.)

      This week, throughout the week, we’ve been celebrating our veterans, but we have to turn our words into action. And so what we’ve done is make sure that Congress passed legislation that makes it a little bit easier for businesses to hire our veterans. (Applause.) We’ve put in place a series of reforms to help veterans, make sure they get the counseling and the job placement that they need.

      The First Lady along with Dr. Jill Biden have put together something called Joining Forces that has now gotten commitments — 100,000 jobs for veterans and military spouses all across the country. And we are grateful for them for that effort. (Applause.)

      For the entire article: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2011/11/11/remarks-president-aboard-uss-carl-vinson

    • Barack Obama At USS Carl Vinson

      Uploaded by pastimers on Nov 12, 2011

      The USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) is the third United States Navy Nimitz class supercarrier and is named after Carl Vinson, a Congressman from Georgia. Carl Vinson’s callsign is “Gold Eagle”. It played host to the first NCAA basketball game on an aircraft carrier on 11/11/11 between the University of North Carolina and Michigan State University. It was the last place Osama Bin Laden’s body was before he was buried at sea.

  7. 10:05 AM EST
    President Obama will attend the APEC CEO Business Summit at the Sheraton Hotel in Honolulu, where he will address business leaders from the Pacific Rim and engage in discussions of commerce

  8. 11:40 AM EDT
    First Lady Michelle Obama visits MA’O Organic Farms, Waianae, Hawai’i.

    First Lady’s request, Chef Kenney will prepare the luncheon meal for APEC Leaders’ spouses on Sunday using local ingredients from MA’O.

    • November 13, 2011

      Remarks by The First Lady in Roundtable with Members of Ma’o Organic Farms

      Waianae, Hawaii

      November 12, 2011
      11:55 A.M. HAST

      MR. ENOS: So, aloha, and welcome to Ma’o Organic Farms. I’ll be your moderator.

      MRS. OBAMA: Excellent. (Laughter.)

      MR. ENOS: And on behalf of our organization and our community, we’re really, really grateful. And we welcome you for what you do, not just because of your Office of the First Lady — which is — so fun.

      MRS. OBAMA: It’s all right. (Laughter.)

      MR. ENOS: You’ve really done a lot of work to lift up the things we do and we’re practicing here, so we’re so honored to have a fellow comrade in arms, if you will, to visit us. And we’d like to start today’s event with just an introduction.

      MRS. OBAMA: Okay.

      MR. ENOS: We’ll just go around, and our team is going to just give a little bit more about themselves, and share some things. And we’ll pick up a conversation after that.

      MRS. OBAMA: Great.

      MS. ABBOTT: So, aloha again. My name is Maisha Abbott. I am 20 years old, started working at Ma’o about three years ago. And the reason why I came to this program was because I heard of its college opportunities and I always had a passion to further my education. So that’s why I joined. And just by being here, I just realized that it’s bigger than just going to school — it’s about changing our community. And afterwards, I plan on getting a bachelor’s in fashion design and getting my master’s in environmental studies — and eco-friendly design.

      MRS. OBAMA: Awesome. (Applause.) Yes.

      MR. KENNEY: Aloha. Welcome to heaven on Earth.

      MRS. OBAMA: It is, yes. (Laughter.)

      MR. KENNEY: My name is Ed Kenney. I am 43. (Laughter.) I am the chef/owner of Town and Downtown Restaurants. And we’ve been co-producers with Ma’o for 10-plus years. A year ago, I was asked to sit on the board of directors, and without hesitation, wholeheartedly, said yes. As a chef and a director, I am given the task to, I think, tell the story of Ma’o to 600 hungry people a day. And when you tell the story with food, and with this food, it’s incredibly easy. When you taste this food, it’s — you’re not just tasting a carrot, you’re tasting this youthful enthusiasm, you’re tasting youth leadership and mentorship — you’re tasting food security and sustainability. And you will get a chance to taste the food tomorrow.

      For the entire article: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2011/11/13/remarks-first-lady-roundtable-members-mao-organic-farms

    • Farm tour cultivates diet drive

      MA’O Organic Farms’ mission dovetails with Michele Obama’s push against obesity

      Nov 13, 2011 By Susan Essoyan – staradvertiser

      College interns who help run one of the island’s largest organic farms guided first lady Michelle Obama through fields of salad greens and papayas Saturday, then sat down to swap stories with her about their efforts to improve the health of their communities.

      Wearing a sleeveless navy dress, Obama immediately put everyone at MA’O Organic Farms at ease, sharing hugs and laughs with the students, who were sporting T-shirts with a “No Panic, Go Organic” slogan.

      “She was so outgoing, just the easiest person to talk to,” said Ku’uleilani Samson, 21, a co-manager at the farm who graduated from its internship program. “She made you feel totally comfortable. She had this vibe I felt, to just calm down and be yourself.”

      The nonprofit farm, on 24 acres of Lualualei Valley in Waianae, is devoted to raising healthful crops for local consumption while also growing a new generation of leaders in touch with the land and their heritage.

      Students in its Youth Leadership Training program put in 20 hours a week on the farm while attending college full time. They earn full tuition waivers as well as a monthly stipend that is often a major source of income for their families. Funds come from revenue generated by the farm as well as from grants.

      “I’ve heard about all that’s going on here for years and years,” Obama told the students. “I jumped at the opportunity to come and not just see for myself but also allow the world to see what you all are doing.

      “As you know, I planted a little garden in my back yard,” she added, referring to the White House Kitchen Garden. “One of the primary reasons we planted the garden was as a form of education. Our goal is to eliminate childhood obesity in a generation.”

      MA’O’s mission dovetails with Obama’s nationwide Let’s Move campaign, which aims to raise a healthier generation of children through better nutrition and exercise. Discovering that she and one of the interns shared a taste for arugula, Obama talked about the importance of exposing young palates to a wide range of tastes and improving access to fresh food.

      “If we teach young people early about how to eat and we give them a connection to the food they eat … that opens up a broader conversation about health and movement, but also deeper issues like access and affordability,” Obama said. “In our under-served communities, people are growing up without vegetables because people don’t have grocery stores. You are growing up eating vegetables and liking them.”

      For the entire article: http://www.staradvertiser.com/news/apec2011/apecstories/20111113_Farm_tour_cultivates_diet_drive.html?id=133765403

    • Michelle Obama tours Ma’o Farms

      Uploaded by mrbruce1 on Nov 13, 2011

      Mao farms is located on 24 acres In Waianae on the island of Oahu and is the largest organic farm in the state. It’s also home to Kauhale the youth leadership training program which is made of interns who make a two-year commitment part-time in exchange for college tuition waivers and a $500 a month stipend. But maybe more importantly learn leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

      The program caught the eye of Michelle Obama who’s been following the progress of the farm over the years and what it should draw attention to the success of the program. She met with its directors and interns and learn firsthand how the operation works. She then sat down for a roundtable discussion where she acknowledged the achievements of the interns and led a talk about youth leadership.

      She also took time to draw parallels between what’s happening at Mao and the obesity campaign she is passionate about. Teaching children early about making healthy eating choices part of their everyday life is at cornerstone of her fight obesity initiatives in schools. She said that what’s happening at Mao Farms is what she is trying to work to accomplish across the country. She said that she’s reaching out to chefs in communities and asking them to adopt a school by providing healthy menu choices in the public schools.

  9. 1:15 PM EST
    President Obama meets with Trans-Pacific Partnership leaders in Honolulu, Hawai’i.

    • November 12, 2011

      Remarks by the President in the Meeting with Trans-Pacific Partnership

      Hale Koa Hotel
      Honolulu, Hawaii

      9:20 A.M. HAST

      THE PRESIDENT: I want to welcome, once again, all the leaders gathered around this table and their trade ministers to Hawaii. Here in Hawaii, the United States wants to send a clear message: We are a Pacific nation and we are deeply committee to shaping the future security and prosperity of the Trans-Pacific region, the fastest-growing region in the world.

      I’m very pleased to be here with my partners with whom we’re pursing a very ambitious new trade agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership. I want to thank my fellow leaders from Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Vietnam, Chile and Peru.

      We just had an excellent meeting, and I’m very pleased to announce that our nine nations have reached the broad outlines of an agreement. There are still plenty of details to work out, but we are confident that we can do so. So we’ve directed our teams to finalize this agreement in the coming year. It is an ambitious goal, but we are optimistic that we can get it done.

      The TPP will boost our economies, lowering barriers to trade and investment, increasing exports, and creating more jobs for our people, which is my number-one priority. Along with our trade agreements with South Korea, Panama and Colombia, the TPP will also help achieve my goal of doubling U.S. exports, which support millions of American jobs.

      Taken together, these eight economies would be America’s fifth-largest trading partner. We already do more than $200 billion in trade with them every single year, and with nearly 500 million consumers between us, there’s so much more that we can do together.

      In a larger sense, the TPP has the potential to be a model not only for the Asia Pacific but for future trade agreements. It addresses a whole range of issues not covered by past agreements, including market regulations and how we can make them more compatible, creating opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses in the growing global marketplace. It will include high standards to protect workers’ rights and the environment.

      And I want to thank my U.S. Trade Representative, Ambassador Kirk, and all our teams for doing tireless work to achieve the progress that we’ve made so far. I want to thank all my fellow leaders for their partnership and their commitment to making the TPP a reality, which will be a win for all our countries.

      So, again, I am confident that we can get this done. Together we can boost exports, create more goods available for our consumers, create good jobs, and compete and win in the markets of the future.

      Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for your outstanding work. Thank you.

      9:23 A.M. HAST

    • SelectUSA


      “SelectUSA organizes all the government agencies to work with state and local governments where they’re seeking assistance from us, to go out there and make it easier for foreign investors to build a plant in the United States and put outstanding U.S. workers back to work in the United States of America.”

      11/13/11 President Barack Obama


      Business investment in the America creates and supports millions of jobs, while generating economic growth and opportunities in communities throughout the United States.

      Today at the Business Round Table in Washington, D.C., we announced a new initiative – SelectUSA – the first-ever government-wide program to aggressively pursue and win new business investment in the United States by both domestic and foreign companies.


      Consumer Goods
      Creative & Media
      Environmental Technology
      Financial Services
      Healthcare & Medical Technology
      Logistics & Transportation
      Machinery & Equipment
      Professional Services
      Retail Trade
      Software & Information Technology Services
      Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

    • November 12, 2011

      Remarks by President Obama at APEC CEO Business Summit Q&A

      Sheraton Hotel
      Honolulu, Hawaii

      10:12 A.M. HAST

      MR. McNERNEY: Mr. President, few forums are watched more closely by those of us in the business community than APEC — testimony to the extraordinary opportunity it represents for both sides of the Pacific Rim.

      As you know, APEC accounts for 55 percent of global GDP and is growing faster than the global average — significantly faster. It represents 2.7 billion consumers, and purchases 58 percent of U.S. exports. So I’m honored, very honored, to represent many of the wide-ranging interests of the business community on stage with you today.

      Unlocking the growth potential that exists within APEC is a huge opportunity for job creation here in the United States and for our economic partners. Secretary Clinton spoke about that yesterday within the context of greater engagement of women and small business, for example. (Applause.)

      Given that you represent — and I’m working my way up to a question here. Given that you represent the largest economy in the group, your views on subjects pertinent to that growth potential are vital, and that’s what I’d like to explore with you here this morning.

      Just to start at 50,000 feet, you just participated in the G20 meeting last week, where global growth was a — and threats thereof was a central topic of discussion. With the benefit of the viewpoints exchanged at the G20 session, what now is your outlook for the global economy, and maybe with just an eye toward its impact on the APEC economies?

      PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, first of all, Jim, thank you for having me here. Thanks to all the business leaders who are participating. I understand that there have been some terrific conversations over the last couple of days.

      I want to thank our Hawaiian hosts for the great hospitality. (Applause.) As many of you know, this is my birthplace. I know that was contested for a while — (laughter and applause) — but I can actually show you the hospital if you want to go down there. (Laughter.) And I also have to make mention, first of all, that in all my years of living in Hawaii and visiting Hawaii, this is the first time that I’ve ever worn a suit. (Laughter.) So it feels a little odd.

      Obviously we have just gone through the worst financial crisis and the worst economic crisis since the 1930s. And one of the differences between now and the ‘30s is that the global economy is more integrated than ever, and so what happens in Asia has an impact here in the United States; what happens in Europe has an impact on Asia and the United States.

      At the G20 meeting, our most immediate task was looking at what’s happening in the eurozone. And if you trace what’s happened over the last two to three years, we were able to stabilize the world economy after the crisis with Lehman’s and get the world financial system working again. We were able to get the economy growing again. But it has not been growing as robustly as it needs to in order to put people back to work. And my number-one priority has been to not only grow the economy but also make sure that that translates into opportunities for ordinary people. And I think leaders from around the world are thinking the same way.

      For the entire article: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2011/11/12/remarks-president-obama-apec-ceo-business-summit-qa

  10. Secretary Clinton on America’s Pacific Century at the East/West C enter

    Office of the Spokesperson
    November 10, 2011

    On America’s Pacific Century
    East-West Center – Honolulu, Hawaii

    DR. MORRISON: Aloha.

    AUDIENCE: Aloha.

    DR. MORRISON: How do you introduce the Secretary of State? And I think the first thing I think of as a public servant, we sometimes hear the word public servant spoken in a kind of derogatory tone. But the public servants that I’ve known, the members of our state and local government, members of our Congress, members of the international community, with a lot of volunteers and within a certain (inaudible) of the Department of State, are people who are incredibly dedicated and work tirelessly.

    But there’s no one, I think, who is more tireless than the Secretary of State, and our own little vignette on this is that there was 25 years that the East-West Center saw no Secretary of State come to our campus. And in the last two years, we’ve seen this Secretary of State three times. (Applause.) Now I have learned one other thing about her this time. She is a risk-taker. We told her that the weather was going to be raining, the program should be on the inside, and she told us that the weather was going to be fine – (laughter) – that the program was going to be on the outside. And you can see who won the argument – (laughter) – but I think calculated and intelligent risk and something we also need in public service.

    So I’m very pleased to present our Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. (Applause.)

    SECRETARY CLINTON: Thank you. Thank you all. Aloha.

    AUDIENCE: Aloha.

    SECRETARY CLINTON: And it is such a great pleasure for me to be here, back in Hawaii and at the East-West Center. This is America’s gateway to Asia, and one of the loveliest places in the world. I cannot speak for the 25 years of gap between secretaries of state coming here, but I am pleased that I have found my way here now for the third time. And the United States is so proud to host this year’s APEC Leaders’ Meeting in Honolulu, not only because we are committed to our partners in APEC, but also because it gives us the chance to share with them Hawaii’s beauty and culture, and I know that President Obama is eager to welcome everyone to his hometown when he arrives here tomorrow.

    Now, there are so many people in this audience that I would like to acknowledge. First, we are joined by leaders and representatives from a dozen Pacific Island nations. This region is known as the Asia Pacific, but sometimes the second word gets less attention than the first. And the Obama Administration has taken many steps to right that balance. We have reopened our USAID office, reinvigorated our commitment to the Pacific Island Forum, and have worked more closely with all our Pacific partners to address urgent challenges from climate change to pandemic health threats to environmental degradation. So I want to thank the Pacific Island leaders for joining us today, and for their continuing partnership with the United States. And if I could, I would like all the leaders to stand so that we can properly recognize them. (Applause.)

    For the entire article: http://fpc.state.gov/176998.htm

    • Secretary Clinton Comments on the Asia-Pacific Region at the East-West Center

      Uploaded by statevideo on Nov 11, 2011

      Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton comments on the Asia-Pacific region during remarks at the East-West Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, November 10, 2011.

    • Remarks With Nina Easton of Fortune Magazine at the CEO Summit on Women and the Economy

      Hillary Rodham Clinton
      Secretary of State
      Sheraton Waikiki
      Honolulu, Hawaii

      November 11, 2011

      SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, good afternoon, everyone. First, let me apologize for being late. It has been quite a packed day, and there’s a great deal of excitement and energy and hard work going on. I want to thank Nina and tell her how much I appreciate what she does and what she’s doing today to help highlight a part of the work of the APEC Summit, and something we hope and trust is also of importance to the CEO Summit.

      I want to thank Monica Whaley and the National Center for APEC, Craig Mundie from Microsoft, Mike Ducker from FedEx, who couldn’t be here today, and everyone who helped make this event possible.

      I’m delighted to be with you because I think that we really are making what I call a pivot. As the war in Iraq ends and we transition in Afghanistan, U.S. foreign policy is moving toward the Asia Pacific. We need to be smart and systematic about where we invest time and energy to put ourselves in the best position to sustain our leadership, secure our interests, and advance our values. And one of the most important tasks of American statecraft over the next decade will be to lock in a substantially increased investment – diplomatic, economic, strategic, and otherwise – in the Asia Pacific region.

      This meeting reflects the Obama Administration commitment to extending our diplomacy beyond traditional channels and engaging directly with non-state actors – the private sector, the civil society, the real confusion of interests that are out there that make a real difference in how a society thinks and acts. And we have a lot of partnerships that we have been working on.

      And finally, I want to address an issue that we really made a highlight of our year of chairing the APEC Summit, and that is women and girls. In September, we had an APEC Summit on Women and the Economy in San Francisco. And the member economies of the region signed a declaration affirming our commitment to improving women’s access to capital and markets, to building women’s capacities and skills, and supporting the rise of women leaders in both the public and private sector. We agreed to pursue a fundamental transformation, a paradigm shift in how governments make and enforce laws and policies, how businesses invest and operate, how people make choices in the marketplace.

      As business leaders from across the Asia Pacific region, you know firsthand that when women enjoy greater access to jobs and opportunities, there is a ripple effect across entire economies. Businesses have more consumers, families spend and save more, farmers produce more food, education improves, and so does political stability. A new report from the World Bank confirms that this is simply smart economics. If women participate more fully in the economy, the bank found, productivity is likely to rise, development outcomes for the next generation will improve, and institutions will be more representative.

      For the entire article: http://www.state.gov/secretary/rm/2011/11/177032.htm

  11. November 12, 2011

    Trans-Pacific Partnership Leaders Statement

    We, the Leaders of Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, United States, and Vietnam, are pleased to announce today the broad outlines of a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement among our nine countries. We are delighted to have achieved this milestone in our common vision to establish a comprehensive, next-generation regional agreement that liberalizes trade and investment and addresses new and traditional trade issues and 21st-century challenges. We are confident that this agreement will be a model for ambition for other free trade agreements in the future, forging close linkages among our economies, enhancing our competitiveness, benefitting our consumers and supporting the creation and retention of jobs, higher living standards, and the reduction of poverty in our countries.

    Building on this achievement and on the successful work done so far, we have committed here in Honolulu to dedicate the resources necessary to conclude this landmark agreement as rapidly as possible. At the same time, we recognize that there are sensitive issues that vary for each country yet to be negotiated, and have agreed that together, we must find appropriate ways to address those issues in the context of a comprehensive and balanced package, taking into account the diversity of our levels of development. Therefore, we have instructed our negotiating teams to meet in early December of this year to continue their work and furthermore to schedule additional negotiating rounds for 2012.

    We are gratified by the progress that we are now able to announce toward our ultimate goal of forging a pathway that will lead to free trade across the Pacific. We share a strong interest in expanding our current partnership of nine geographically and developmentally diverse countries to others across the region. As we move toward conclusion of an agreement, we have directed our negotiating teams to continue talks with other trans-Pacific partners that have expressed interest in joining the TPP in order to facilitate their future participation.

    • November 12, 2011

      FACT SHEET: The United States in the Trans-Pacific Partnership


      President Obama announced in November 2009 the United States’ intention to participate in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations to conclude an ambitious, next-generation, Asia-Pacific trade agreement that reflects U.S. priorities and values. Through this agreement, we are seeking to boost U.S. economic growth and support the creation and retention of high-quality jobs at home by increasing American exports to a region that includes some of the world’s most robust economies and that represents more than 40 percent of global trade. The Obama Administration has been working in partnership with Congress and consulting closely with stakeholders around the country to ensure TPP addresses the issues that American businesses and workers are facing today, and may confront in the future.

      * The Trans-Pacific Partnership Framework
      * Leading Asia-Pacific Regional Integration Initiative
      * American Competitiveness in the Asia-Pacific

      For the entire article: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2011/11/12/fact-sheet-united-states-trans-pacific-partnership

    • APEC: Fact Sheet on 19th Annual Leaders Meeting Outcomes Creating Jobs, Growth, and Economic Opportunity with AELM Declaration & Annexes

      Under the chairmanship of President Obama, leaders of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum agreed today in Honolulu on a comprehensive set of measures to increase economic growth and job creation by expanding trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific region.  Leaders agreed to adopt market-driven innovation policies, reduce tariffs and eliminate other barriers to trade in environmental goods and services, and improve regulatory environments to reduce unnecessary burdens on businesses.  These steps will help U.S. growth and jobs by expanding export opportunities in the world’s fastest growing region.
      Since its first meeting at Blake Island near Seattle in 1993, APEC has served as the premier forum for U.S. engagement with the Asia-Pacific region.  APEC’s 21 member economies comprise a market of 2.7 billion consumers, account for 44 percent of world trade, and represent 55 percent of global economic output (more than $35 trillion in 2010).  Six of America’s 10 largest trading partners are in APEC. 
      The APEC Agenda: Creating Jobs and Growth
      1. Increasing Trade and Strengthening Regional Economic Integration
      2. Supporting Green Growth and Green Jobs
      3. Promoting Regulatory Practices that Facilitate Trade and Investment
      For the entire article: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2011/11/13/apec-fact-sheet-19th-annual-leaders-meeting-outcomes-creating-jobs-growt

  12. For Immediate Release November 12, 2011
    Statement by the Press Secretary on S. 1487

    On Saturday, November 12, 2011, the President signed into law:

    S. 1487, the “Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Business Travel Cards Act of 2011,” which authorizes the Department of Homeland Security to issue Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Business Travel Cards to eligible business leaders and U.S. Government officials actively engaged in Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation business.

    • November 12, 2011

      FACT SHEET: APEC on Travel Facilitation

      President Obama and the 21 leaders of the Asia-Pacific Economic cooperation (APEC) forum will launch this weekend a new “APEC Travel Facilitation Initiative” to make travel across the Asia-Pacific region easier, faster, and more secure. In a first step, President Obama today in Honolulu signed legislation to allow issuance of the APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) to eligible U.S. travelers. The President also announced that the United States is making important progress on bilateral Trusted Traveler cooperation arrangements with the Republic of Korea and Singapore. These programs will provide time-saving benefits for Americans traveling to APEC economies and highlight the Administration’s commitment to deepening engagement with the Asia-Pacific region.

      APEC Business Travel Card

      Today in Honolulu, President Obama signed the APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) Act, a bill that will expedite travel in the Asia-Pacific region for qualified American travelers. Under the bill, U.S. Customs and Border Protection is authorized to issue the ABTC to U.S. citizens as part of its Global Entry program. Card holders will receive expedited scheduling of visa interviews and access to fast-track immigration lanes at airports in APEC’s 21 economies.

      Trusted Traveler Partnerships

      The United States will soon implement a Trusted Traveler arrangement with the Republic of Korea and is working to establish a similar partnership with Singapore in the near future. These arrangements will allow eligible, pre-screened citizens to clear immigration and customs expeditiously using automated kiosks when traveling between the United States and these countries. One of the long-term goals of the APEC Travel Facilitation Initiative is to create a regional network of trusted traveler programs.

      The United States and the Republic of Korea will implement a bilateral trusted traveler arrangement, with a target date of January 2012. This arrangement, agreed between the two countries’ immigration authorities last summer, would link the U.S. Global Entry Program and Korea’s Smart Entry System, allowing eligible, pre-screened U.S. and Korean citizens to clear immigration and customs expeditiously using automated border gates when traveling between the two countries.
      The United States and Singapore are committed to work towards a similar bilateral trusted traveler arrangement. President Obama and Prime Minister Lee have instructed their respective officials to work closely and expeditiously to achieve this goal.
      APEC Travel Facilitation Initiative

      The APEC Travel Facilitation Initiative is a multi-year action plan for expediting the flow of increasing numbers of passengers in the APEC region. The Initiative focuses on promoting improvements in passenger security screening on departure, as well as immigration and customs processing on arrival; fostering regional adoption of best practices; and pursuing “next generation” approaches to make the travel process faster, easier, and more secure for travelers.

      With traveler volume numbers expected to increase in the coming decades, these efforts by APEC and the United States reflect the economic importance of travel to and within the Asia Pacific region, the world’s biggest air passenger market. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), airlines carried 647 million travelers across the region in 2009, with this number expected to increase to one billion by 2014. The number of air travelers globally is also projected to grow from 2.4 billion in 2010 to 16 billion by 2050, with much of this growth expected to occur in the Asia-Pacific region.

  13. Obama announces outline of deal on trade zone

    11/12/11 By BEN FELLER – AP White House Correspondent | AP – 1 hr 55 mins ago

    HONOLULU (AP) — President Barack Obama has announced the broad outlines of an agreement to create a trans-Pacific trade zone. He says details must still be worked out, but expresses confidence the new free trade zone encompassing the United States and eight nations would get done.

    The president, in Hawaii for the Asia-Pacific economic summit, on Saturday called the agreement a model for the Asia-Pacific region and for other trade pacts. Seated with the leaders of the eight other nations, Obama said the trade zone would increase U.S. exports and help create jobs, a top priority.

    Obama called the region the fastest growing in the world.

    • November 12, 2011

      Remarks by President Obama and Prime Minister Noda of Japan

      Hale Koa Hotel
      Honolulu, Hawaii

      12:18 P.M. HAST

      PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, I just want to welcome Prime Minister Noda to Hawaii, to the United States, for this APEC meeting. I had the opportunity to have my first extensive discussions with the Prime Minister recently, and I have been extremely impressed already with the boldness of his vision. And we confirmed, once again, the importance for both of our countries — the alliance between the United States and Japan is the cornerstone of our relationship but also for security in the Asia-Pacific region for a very long time. And I’m confident that working together we can continue to build on that relationship in the areas of commerce, the areas of security, in not only the Asia-Pacific region but around the world.

      And Prime Minister Noda, welcome to Honolulu, where I’m sure that we’ll have another round of productive discussions. And I want to thank you and the people of Japan for your friendship. We continue also, by the way, to be concerned about the rebuilding process in the wake of the terrible earthquake and tsunami. And I want to assure you that the American people continue to stand beside you and ready to help in any way they can.

      PRIME MINISTER NODA: (As translated.) Well, this is my first visit to Honolulu after 34 years, and this very morning I went to the Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific and laid a wreath there, and I got to see the panoramic view of Honolulu, and I renewed my recognition of how beautiful and great this city is. And I would like to express my deep appreciation for hosting us in — here in Honolulu as the chair of APEC.

      I’m very much encouraged by the fact that America is increasing its presence in the Asia-Pacific region, and I do believe that Japan and the United States must work closely together to establish economic goals and also establish security order in this region. And I hope that in this meeting today I can discuss with you these issues.

      PRESIDENT OBAMA: Thank you, everybody.

      12:24 P.M. HAST

  14. 6:00 PM EST
    Arrival Ceremony, the President and Mrs. Obama will formally greet the Leaders and spouses of the 20 Asia-Pacific economies attending the summit as they arrive for the dinner, including China’s President Hu Jintao, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, and Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda.

    • Statement made at the APEC 2011 by Mr. W. James McNerney Jr – Chairman, President and CEO of Boeing Company:

      “Few forums are watched more closely by those in the business community then APEC, testimony to the extraordinary opportunity it represents to both sides of the Pacific Rim. APEC accounts for 55% of the global GDP and is growing faster then the global average, significantly faster. It represents 2.7 billion consumers and purchases 58% of US exports.”….”Unlocking the growth potential that exists within APEC is a huge opportunity for job creation here in the United States and for our economic partners.”


      Statement made at the APEC 2011 by Mr. Bill Weldon – CEO of Johnson & Johnson:

      “The Asia Pacific regions is important to Johnson & Johnson and to many U.S. businesses because it represents a large and growing part of the global economy. If you think about it, the 21-member economies comprise 2.7 billion consumers, account for 44 percent of the world trade, represent 55 percent of global economic output, includes six of America’s 10 largest trading partners, and represent the fastest-growing region in the world.

      The people of the APEC region have important non-met medical needs that our products and services can help meet. These economies are aging and the incidents of most chronic diseases rises with age. APEC countries are also experiencing a growing middle class and lifestyle changes that are linked to rising rates of non-communicable disease.

      APEC is the premier forum for U.S. engagement in the Asia-Pacific region. APEC is helping remove barriers to trade and investment for U.S. businesses. Since APEC was created, average tariffs in the region have fallen, and trade between the U.S. and the region has grown significantly. APEC is working toward domestic economic structures in APEC economies that are market-driven, non-discriminatory, not government directed to protectionist, and that support competition and open markets.

      J & J supports APEC’s work this year for a myriad of reasons. The first is to reduce the economic burden of rising rates of chronic, non-communicable disease by taking steps to track health risks and outcomes; drive regulatory convergence across the APEC region for medical products regulation by 2012, which would lower market barriers to entry for medical products; develop new biopharm and medical device codes of ethics, which will enhance a level playing field for businesses; implement regulation that supports the life sciences; increase transparency and greater inclusivity of stakeholders, which will enhance predictability of government decisions and opportunities for engagement.

      And health care as the largest sector of the global economy, and as such, represents an important opportunity for U.S. exports. America is a world leader in the development of new medicines and medical devices that meet patients’ needs. And particularly at a time of economic uncertainty, it’s important to focus on growth opportunities. We support efforts to deepen America’s trading ties with Asia, thereby expanding U.S. export opportunities.

      Thank you.”


      Statement made at the APEC 2011 by Mr. Rich Lavin- CEO of Caterpillar:

      “Trade is, for Caterpillar — and really for the continued benefit of the global economy — absolutely essential. And in that context, the work that’s being done in association with APEC is absolutely critical. From our very beginning, Caterpillar has been an exporter and has relied on a global business model for our success. This week, we made a couple of announcements that are part of our overall strategy to grow our operations in the United States, Asia, and in Europe.

      These growth plans are driven by our commitment to serve our customers in every part of the world. A couple of examples: We announced a new mining facility in Batam, Indonesia, in an expansion of our existing facility outside of Jakarta. We’ll invest about $150 million in the new facility, which is expected to be operational in 2012 for truck bodies, and in 2013 for chassis.

      Our growth strategy also includes a series of investments and capacity expansion plans for operations across Asia, including a quadrupling of our excavating manufacturing capacity at Caterpillar Xuzhou in Xuzhou, China, where we now have 16 manufacturing facilities and nine more that are in construction.

      Free open trade helps drive our ability to compete and make these investments, which I think leads me to a very important topic, and that is U.S. jobs. With two announcements, we expect to create an additional 1,400 jobs in North America. One of the announcements has to do with our building construction products division in North Carolina. And the other has to do with two of our largest mining equipment manufacturing facilities located in Illinois. We’ll invest over $600 million in the two Illinois-based manufacturing facilities. And between 80 and 90 percent of their total production goes outside of the state of Illinois.

      Those job additions are on top of the more than 30,000 additions to our workforce that we’ve made since 2009. Twelve thousand of those jobs have been added in the United States, and 18,000 of those jobs have been added outside of the U.S. in other markets.

      As I mentioned, the work of APEC is absolutely critical to drive a continuing opening of markets. It’s essential to our growth and expansion not only in Asia but also in the United States.

      Thank you.”


      Statement made at the APEC 2011 by Mr. Eric Schmidt – CEO of Google

      “America has a jobs problem. Jobs are created in America by two sectors — one is fast-growing small businesses; the other half is from large multinationals, who have export businesses. The fastest way to create more jobs in America then is to increase our exports to the fastest-growing parts of the world, which happen to be in Asia, where slow growth is considered to be 4 percent, and the highest growth I found so far is 25 percent per year, Q.E.D.”


      For the entire transcript: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2011/11/12/press-briefing-principal-deputy-press-secretary-josh-earnest-bill-weldon

  15. End of an era: Italy’s Berlusconi resigns

    11/12/11 By NICOLE WINFIELD – Associated Press | AP – 10 mins ago

    ROME (AP) — A chorus of Handel’s “Alleluia” rang out Saturday as Silvio Berlusconi resigned as Italian premier, ending a tumultuous 17-year political era and setting in motion a transition aimed at bringing the country back from the brink of economic crisis.

    Berlusconi stepped down amid jeers, cheers and heckles of “Buffoon” from thousands of people who packed downtown Rome to witness his government’s downfall after a stunning week of market turmoil that upended his defiant hold on power and threatened to tear apart the eurozone.

    Respected former European commissioner Mario Monti remained the top choice to try to steer the country out of its debt woes as the head of a transitional government. But the job is Herculean, given the enormity of reforms required and Italy’s often-paralyzed parliament.

    President Giorgio Napolitano will hold consultations Sunday morning with each of Italy’s main political forces before proceeding with the expected request that Monti try to form a new government.

    For the entire article: http://news.yahoo.com/end-era-italys-berlusconi-resigns-210043160.html

    • November 12, 2011

      Remarks by President Obama and President Medvedev of Russia After Bilateral Meeting

      Hale Koa Hotel
      Honolulu, Hawaii

      3:16 P.M. HAST

      PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, I want to welcome my friend, Dmitry Medvedev, to my birthplace, Honolulu, Hawaii. My understanding is that he’s been spotted in a Hawaiian shirt walking and enjoying the good weather. And so I don’t know if anybody got pictures of this, but I’m glad that he’s enjoying himself so far.

      President Medvedev and I have I think successfully established the reset of U.S.-Russia relationships — the U.S.-Russian relationship over the last several years. And it has borne concrete fruit in the form of the New START Treaty, the 123 Agreement, the work that we did together imposing sanctions on Iran, and most recently, the efforts that we’ve made on Russia’s WTO accession.

      Today, we had a wide-ranging discussion. It focused on a number of security issues where the U.S. and Russia have a significant interest. We discussed Afghanistan and our plan to transition, and the importance all the regional parties assisting the Afghan government in stabilizing the country for the benefit of the Afghan people.

      We discussed Iran, and reaffirmed our intention to work to shape a common response so that we can move Iran to follow its international obligations when it comes to its nuclear program.

      We discussed a number of world trouble spots, including Syria. And we discussed the importance of APEC and our common interest in assuring global growth and increased opportunity, business investment, commercial ties, and most importantly, job creation in both our countries.

      Although it’s not official yet, the invitation has been extended to Russia to join the WTO, as a testament to the hard work of President Medvedev and his team. We believe this is going to be good for the United States, for the world, as well as for Russia, because it will provide increased opportunities for markets in which we can sell goods and products and services, as well as purchase good, products and services without some of the traditional barriers.

      And so we very much appreciate the cooperation and partnership that we forged around this issue. We think it’s an example of the importance that both countries place on economic reform and economic growth.

      For the entire article: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2011/11/12/remarks-president-obama-and-president-medvedev-russia-after-bilateral-me

    • November 12, 2011

      Remarks by President Obama and President Hu of China

      Hale Koa Hotel
      Honolulu, Hawaii

      3:55 P.M. HAST

      PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, I want to extend a warm welcome to President Hu as he attends this APEC Summit, and we are glad to host him and the other world leaders who are attending.

      This will be the first extensive discussions that we’ve had since our very successful state visit by President Hu to Washington.

      As we emphasized at that state visit, as two of the world’s largest countries and largest economies, cooperation between the United States and China is vital not only to the security and prosperity of our own people but is also vital to the world.

      Such cooperation is particularly important to the Asia Pacific region, where both China and the United States are extraordinarily active. We are both Pacific powers. And I think many countries in the region look to a constructive relationship between the United States and China as a basis for continued growth and prosperity.

      As we did at the G20 in Cannes, President Hu and I I’m sure will be discussing issues related to economic growth, how we can continue to rebalance growth around the world, emphasize the importance of putting people back to work, and making sure that the trade relationships and commercial relationships between our two countries end up being a win-win situation.

      And I look forward to the opportunity to also discuss a range of both regional and global security issues, including nonproliferation and denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, ways that we can work together on issues like climate change, and our efforts to jointly assure that countries like Iran are abiding by international rules and norms.

      And although there are areas where we continue to have differences, I am confident that the U.S.-China relationship can continue to grow in a constructive way based on mutual respect and mutual interests. And I want to extend my appreciation to President Hu for the continuous engagement not only of him but also of the entire Chinese government in addressing a wide range of these issues.

      So, welcome, President Hu, and I look forward to not only a good discussion here but also an outstanding APEC Summit.

      PRESIDENT HU: (As interpreted.) I wish to thank you, Mr. President, for your warm invitation and welcome. I’m delighted to have this opportunity to come to the beautiful state of Hawaii to attend the APEC economic leaders meeting and to meet with you, Mr. President.

      This is the ninth meeting between you and I, Mr. President, since you took office, and I look forward to a extensive and in-depth discussion on China-U.S. relations, as well as major regional and international issues of shared interest.

      For the entire article: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2011/11/12/remarks-president-obama-and-president-hu-china

    • November 13, 2011

      Readout by the Press Secretary on the President’s meeting with Prime Minister Harper of Canada

      During the course of this week’s APEC meetings, President Obama had the opportunity to continue his regular dialogue with Prime Minister Harper of Canada regarding the enduring partnership and friendship between our two countries at home and around the world.

      The President underscored the importance of working together to enhance economic competitiveness, create sustainable economic growth and jobs. He noted the important progress being made on the Beyond the Border and Regulatory Cooperation initiatives.

      The President also welcomed Prime Minister Harper’s expression of Canada’s interest in seeking to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership talks and initiating consultations toward that goal. The Leaders discussed the importance of meeting the TPP’s high standard for trade liberalization and addressing outstanding trade and investment issues in that process.

      Together with Japan’s and Mexico’s similar announcements, Canada’s desire to consult with TPP partners demonstrates the broadening momentum and dynamism of this ambitious effort toward economic integration across the Pacific.

      President Obama thanked the Prime Minister for Canada’s participation in the successful operations in Libya, including the leadership of Canadian General Charles Bouchard. The President also expressed his appreciation for the role the Canadian Forces have played, and continue to play in Afghanistan. The Leaders discussed the recent announcement regarding the Presidential Permit process for the Keystone XL pipeline application. The President underscored his support for the State Department’s announcement regarding the need to seek additional information about the Keystone XL Pipeline proposal to ensure that all questions are properly addressed and all the potential impacts are properly understood.

      Both leaders expressed their condolences to President Calderon, the family, and the Mexican people on the death of Mexican Interior Minister Francisco Blake Mora and seven colleagues. They look forward to a rescheduled North American Leaders’ Summit with President Calderon.

      The President also invited the Prime Minister to Washington in early December.

  16. 11:20 PM EST
    President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama hosts a reception and cultural performances at the Hale Koa Hotel for the APEC Leaders and their spouses, and other guests.

    • President Obama Hosts a Cultural Performance at APEC Summit

      From: whitehouse | Nov 13, 2011

      President Obama welcomes APEC leaders to a traditional Hawaiian luau. November 12, 2011.

  17. WH

    Sunday, November 13, 2011

    All Times Eastern

    First Lady Michelle Obama hosts an event for the APEC Leaders’ spouses at Kualoa Ranch, Kaʻaʻawa, Hawai’i

    12:10 AM EST
    President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama hosts an APEC leaders dinner at the Hale Koa Hotel

    1:00 AM
    2:00 AM
    3:00 AM
    4:00 AM
    5:00 AM
    6:00 AM
    7:00 AM
    8:00 AM
    9:00 AM
    10:00 AM
    11:00 AM
    11:30 AM
    APEC Leaders meets with the APEC Business Advisory Council

    12:00 PM
    12:45 PM
    APEC Leaders have a working lunch

    1:00 PM
    1:45 PM
    President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama host an APEC reception and performance

    2:00 PM
    2:45 PM
    President Obama Speaks at APEC Session 1 – Growth & Jobs
    Honolulu, Hawaii

    3:00 PM
    4:00 PM
    Vice President Biden attends an event for Sen. Debbie Stabenow in Detroit, Mich.

    5:00 PM
    6:00 PM
    6:30 PM
    Vice President Biden delivers remarks at the annual Yeshiva Beth Yehudah Dinner at the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center.

    7:00 PM
    8:00 PM
    9:00 PM
    9:45 PM
    President Obama holds a Press Conference
    Honolulu, Hawaii conference

    10:00 PM

    • POTUS podium

      November 13, 2011

      WhiteHouse.gov http://www.whitehouse.gov/live

      2:45 PM EST
      President Obama Speaks at APEC Session 1 – Growth & Jobs
      Honolulu, Hawaii (Audio Only)

      6:30 PM EST
      Vice President Biden Speaks at the annual Yeshiva Beth Yehudah Dinner
      Detroit, Michigan (Audio Only)

      9:45 PM EST
      President Obama holds a Press Conference
      Honolulu, Hawaii conference


      CNN http://live.cnn.com

      9:45 PM EST
      President Obama holds a Press Conference
      Honolulu, Hawaii conference


      CSPAN http://www.cspan.org/

      President Obama Opens APEC Summit

      9:45 PM EST
      President Obama holds a Press Conference
      Honolulu, Hawaii conference

    • 12:10 AM EST
      President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama hosts an APEC leaders dinner at the Hale Koa Hotel

      • Obamas greet APEC leaders

        Uploaded by ReutersVideo on Nov 13, 2011

        U.S. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle greet leaders as they arrive for the opening dinner of the APEC summit in Honolulu, Hawaii. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

      • The White House

        Office of the Press Secretary

        For Immediate Release November 13, 2011

        Remarks by the President in a Toast at APEC Leaders Dinner

        Hale Koa Hotel
        Honolulu, Hawaii

        November 12, 2011
        7:43 P.M. HAST

        THE PRESIDENT: Well, good evening, everyone. Please have a seat.

        Aloha. On behalf of Michelle and myself, welcome to Hawaii. And on behalf of the American people, welcome to the United States.

        We have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow, and we have a luau tonight, including hula dancing. So I want to be brief.

        We are 21 leaders from across the Asia Pacific. We represent close to 3 billion people, from different continents and cultures; North, South, East and West; men and women of every faith, color and creed.

        Yet whatever our differences, our citizens have sent us here with a common task: to bring our economies closer together, to cooperate, to create jobs and prosperity that our people deserve so that they can provide for their families, so that they can give their children a better future.

        And so it was America’s turn to host APEC, and I could not imagine a more fitting place than my home state of Hawaii. Here, we are literally in the center of the Pacific. Here, we’re reminded of the progress that’s possible when people of different backgrounds and beliefs come together. This is the most diverse state in our nation, home to so many races and immigrants and Americans who trace their roots back to many of your countries.

        Hawaii is not perfect, but I think Hawaii comes about as close as you’ll come to a true melting pot of cultures, where people live and work together in mutual trust and mutual respect.

        Here, we’re a single ‘ohana — one family. We remember that beneath the surface, behind all the different languages and some very long names, we all share the same hopes, the same struggles and the same aspirations. And we’ve learned that we’re more likely to realize our aspirations when we pursue them together.

        That’s the spirit of Hawaii. It’s what made me who I am. It’s what shapes my interactions with all of you. And it’s the spirit that I hope guides us in our work this weekend.

        And so I’d like to propose a toast with the words of a traditional Hawaiian proverb: A’ohe hana nui ke alu ‘ia. And that means, no task is too big when done together by all.

        Cheers. Salud. Everybody enjoy the evening.

        7:47 P.M. HAST

      • November 13, 2011

        Remarks by the President at Host Performance and Cultural Program

        Hale Koa Hotel
        Honolulu, Hawaii

        November 12, 2011
        9:30 P.M. HAST

        THE PRESIDENT: Good evening, everybody. To all the leaders who are representing their countries here at APEC, I hope you’ve had a wonderful stay so far, and hope you had a wonderful dinner. To members of the delegation, welcome.

        Two years ago, when I was in Singapore and it was announced that we would be hosting the APEC Summit here in Honolulu, I promised that you would all have to wear aloha shirts or grass skirts. (Laughter.) But I was persuaded by our team to perhaps break tradition, and so we have not required you to wear your aloha shirts, although I understand that a few of you have tried them on for size, and we may yet see you in them in the next several days.

        But one tradition that we did not want to break is the tradition of the luau. Here in Hawaii, there is a traditional gathering that we call luau, and it’s basically an excuse for a good party, and it’s used for every occasion. We have birthday luaus and graduation luaus. And now we have APEC luaus. (Applause.) And there is — somebody is ready to party already. (Laughter.)

        We have music. We have song. We have celebration. And we have hula dancing. And Michelle does not think I’m a very good dancer, so I will not be performing this evening. (Laughter.) But I think we will have some wonderful examples of traditional Polynesian dance and music and song. And it will capture, I think, the extraordinary spirit of these islands, but also capture, I think, the spirit in which I hope we proceed in our important work during the course of this APEC Summit.

        We are bound together by an ocean. We are bound together by a common belief and a common concern for our people — their aspirations, their hopes, their dreams. And so I hope that all of you feel the extraordinary spirit of Hawaii and very much look forward to a wonderful set of meetings tomorrow.

        So, with that, please enjoy. (Applause.)

        9:32 P.M. HAST

  18. VP Biden to visit Detroit on Sunday

    11/9/11 David Shepardson/ Detroit News Washington Bureau

    Washington— Vice President Joe Biden will visit Detroit on Sunday to attend the annual Yeshiva Beth Yehudah Dinner and speak at a fundraiser for Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Lansing.

    Biden will speak about foreign policy and U.S. support for Israel at the dinner for the Southfield school, his office said.
    He will also address a fundraiser for Stabenow’s re-election campaign. Both events will be at the Detroit Marriott Hotel, which is at the Renaissance Center — the building that is also home to General Motors Co.’s world headquarters.

    Stabenow’s campaign didn’t immediately say how many people it expected or how much money it plans to raise.
    Biden has visited Michigan and Detroit more than a half-dozen times since taking office. Last month, he was in Grand Rapids and Flint.

    In a Detroit News interview aboard Air Force II in January on his way to tour a battery factory in Indiana, Biden expressed optimism about the domestic auto industry — and strongly defended the government’s decision to rescue GM and Chrysler.

    “Detroit wouldn’t have had any auto shows anymore without them,” Biden told The News. “We decided we weren’t just going to let the auto industry collapse. We weren’t going to walk away and let it crumble. We said we will give you help if you fundamentally alter the way you do business.”

  19. As usual, an incredible schedule of work for our President. Impossible to think of any of the GOP contenders being able to handle such challenegs!

  20. Sunday talk show tip sheet

    11/21/11 Zack Hale – POLITICO44

    (Democrat excerpts only)

    Members of the powerful deficit-slashing supercommittee highlight this Sunday’s television talk shows as the 12-member, bipartisan panel struggles to find $1.2 trillion in savings by Thanksgiving.

    The committee’s Republican co-chair, Texas Rep. Jeb Hensarling, is on CNN’s “State of the Union,” along with two members of the Senate’s deficit-minded Gang of Six – Sens. Mark Warner (D-Va.) and Tom Coburn (R-Okla.). Additionally, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus talks presidential politics, while Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, a Democrat, assesses the economy from his municipal perch.

    “Fox News Sunday” has two more supercommittee members – Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) and Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.).

    Meanwhile, NBC’s “Meet the Press” hosts Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, who’s seeking the Republican presidential nomination, and Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee.

    And a day after the CBS News/National Journal Republican presidential debate in South Carolina, “Face the Nation” interviews candidate Jon Huntsman and assesses the race with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.); Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, a Republican; and Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, chairman of the Democratic Governors Association.

    ABC’s “This Week” has a political roundtable with Democratic strategist Donna Brazile; Dana Loesch, editor-in-chief of BigJournalism.com; and ABC’s Jonathan Karl and George Will.

    Bloomberg TV’s “Political Capital” hosts Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin (D-Mich.).

    And TV One’s “Washington Watch” also has Clyburn, along with Lee Saunders, secretary-treasurer of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1111/68184.html

  21. DNC Chair Slams GOP Field, Including Mitt Romney, for Pledging to Zero Out Foreign Aid, Including for Israel

    November 13, 2011 Posted by DNC Press – democrats.org

    DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz sharply challenged the Republican field this evening, including Mitt Romney, for pledging to zero out the foreign aid budget, including resources the U.S. provides to Israel to aid in its security.

    “I’m aghast that the leading Republican contenders for President tonight, including Mitt Romney, pledged to zero out the foreign aid budget including the traditional and vital support the U.S. has provided the Jewish state of Israel for its security. I cannot think of a more irresponsible, risky or deplorable position towards our most important friend and ally. That Mitt Romney and these candidates would sacrifice the security of the state of Israel for an applause line at a debate and to appeal to the far right wing Tea Party faction of the Republican base, shows that not a single one of them has what it takes to be commander-in-chief.

    “It is a moral and security imperative for the U.S. to aid in the security of the state of Israel and to defend it from those who would do it harm. Barack Obama understands that and has made Israel’s security a priority; proposing and securing $3 billion in foreign aid to Israel; proposing and securing $205 million in funding for the Iron Dome missile defense system for Israel and authorizing the sale of bunker buster bombs previously denied by former President George W. Bush. Mitt Romney and the rest of the Republican field clearly do not understand the vital need for the U.S. to consistently stand by our friend and ally, Israel and not only when it’s politically popular.”

    • November 13, 2011

      Opening Remarks by President Obama at APEC Session One

      J.W. Marriott Resort Hotel
      Honolulu, Hawaii

      9:58 A.M. HAST

      PRESIDENT OBAMA: Good morning, everybody. It is my great pleasure to welcome all of you, officially, to the APEC Leaders Meeting. This is the first time in nearly 20 years that the United States has hosted this forum, and it comes at a time when America is very focused on how we can work together in a cooperative, effective way in the Trans-Pacific region.

      And obviously I’m particularly pleased that we’re meeting in my home state of Hawaii, which reflects the deep connections between the peoples of our region. And I hope everybody had a wonderful evening last night. I’ve heard that some of you wanted to join in the hula dancing — (laughter) — I’m sorry we did not give you that opportunity.

      Now it’s time to get down to work, and we have much to do. Our 21 economies — our nearly 3 billion citizens — are looking to us to bring our economies closer, to increase exports, to expand trade and opportunity that creates jobs and economic growth. That’s why we’re here.

      I’m confident that we can make significant progress. We’ve done it before. Since APEC started, we’ve slashed tariffs and barriers to trade and investment. Commerce in the region has soared — creating new jobs, new markets and raising living standards across the region.

      And I want to emphasize that the Asia Pacific region is absolutely critical to America’s economic growth. We consider it a top priority. And we consider it a top priority because we’re not going to be able to put our folks back to work and grow our economy and expand opportunity unless the Asia Pacific region is also successful.

      This region includes many of our top trading partners. This is where we do most of our trade and where we sell most of our exports. It’s also the fastest growing region in the world. And as a consequence, the Asia Pacific region is key to achieving my goal of doubling U.S. exports and creating new jobs.

      Today, we’ve got an opportunity to make progress towards our ultimate goal, which is a seamless regional economy. We’re going to be focusing on three specific areas: increasing trade and investment, promoting green jobs, and streamlining and coordinating regulations so that we encourage trade and job creation. And more broadly, we’ll be discussing how we can work together to spur on quicker economic growth and more sturdy and sustainable economic growth. The economies of this region have a critical role to play in addressing the imbalances and making sure that growth is balanced and sustainable in the future.

      For the entire article: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2011/11/13/opening-remarks-president-obama-apec-session-one

  22. First Lady Michelle Obama hosts an event for the APEC Leaders’ spouses at Kualoa Ranch, Kaʻaʻawa, Hawai’i

    • November 13, 2011

      Remarks by the First Lady at APEC Spouses Luncheon

      Ka’a’awa, Hawaii

      11:49 A.M. HAST

      MRS. OBAMA: Well, first of all I just want to say welcome and good afternoon. It is such a pleasure to see each of you again today. I hope you enjoyed last night. I hope that you got some rest. And if you still feel a bit tired, then our hope is that this spectacular view will wake you up, as well as this wonderful lunch. I am thrilled to be with all of you today, as I am every time we have an opportunity to meet.

      I know traveling for our spouses can be difficult, but for me, one of the things that makes it worthwhile is getting to know each one of you. Over the last several years, I’ve had an opportunity to talk and share stories, and learn more about your lives and your children and your family. And I can say that this is one of the greatest benefits of being a First Lady, is sharing this experience with each and every one of you. So from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for your friendship, and I look forward to spending more time with each of you in the years to come.

      I am also thrilled to have a chance to welcome you all here to Hawaii at this year’s APEC Summit. And I have to tell you that this state, as you know, has a very special place in my heart. As many of you know, my husband was born and raised here. Our sister, Maya, is joining us here today, and she still lives here with our two nieces. She’s working with the University of Hawaii, doing some great outreach education, training of teachers, and just being an overall great professional and wonderful mother. And I’m glad that she could be here today.

      And our family has the privilege of coming here — the burden of coming back here every year. (Laughter.) And that’s really one of the reasons I married Barack. (Laughter.) When I realized that this is where we’d be spending the holidays, I said, “Yes — I love you!” (Laughter.) So Barack and I, we have a tradition: Over the last 20, maybe — more than 20 years, because we started coming back even before we were engaged; every year we come here for two weeks and spend time getting to know this wonderful island and spending time with our families. So it is a unique privilege to be able to share this special place with all of you. And ever since I first met Barack, he’s always talked about how growing up here, in this place, has shaped his character and his perspective — and it’s true. He is a very calm, focused individual, and much of that comes from his upbringing here, and the connection to the community here as well.

      For the entire article: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2011/11/13/remarks-first-lady-apec-spouses-luncheon

    • Michelle Obama to Tour ‘Hollywood’s Back Lot’ With Summit Spouses

      Nov 1, 2011 Ann Compton- abcnews

      While President Obama hosts a global economic summit for the first time this month, the first lady will take spouses of the world’s leaders to the valley where ABC-TV’s “Lost” and the classic ”Jurassic Park” were filmed.

      When the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit opens in Hawaii Nov.12, Michelle Obama will take as many as two dozen spouses to Kualoa Ranch, where the lush vistas and remote access lured the producers of Hawaii Five-0, Magnum, Fantasy Island, the film Pearl Harbor and Karate Kid, among many others.

      This is the first time President Obama has played host to such a big summit — APEC is the conference of economies that ring the Pacific Basin. He chose his homestate of Hawaii for two days of meetings, centered in Honolulu.

    • First Lady Shows Off Hawaii’s Organic Foods At 2011 APEC Spouses Luncheon

      NOVEMBER 13, 2011 obamafoodorama.blogspot

      In Hawaii on Sunday, First Lady Michelle Obama treated the spouses of leaders attending the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit to an organic farm-to-table luncheon at Kualoa Ranch, an historic agritourism venue on the windward side of Oahu. Held beneath a white pavilion overlooking Kaneohe Bay, the event was intended to “introduce” the guests to Mrs. Obama’s signature Let’s Move! initiative, according to the East Wing. Thus Honolulu chef Ed Kenney’s menu was anchored by fruit and vegetables harvested on Saturday when Mrs. Obama visited MA’O Organic Farms for a tour and discussion with student farmers. President Obama’s sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, was included on the luncheon guest list, which numbered just eleven. She also accompanied Mrs. Obama on Saturday.

      For the entire article: http://obamafoodorama.blogspot.com/2011/11/first-lady-shows-off-hawaiis-organic.html

    • APEC leaders pose for the official photo during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit Sunday, Nov. 13, 2011, in Kapolei, Hawaii. Mānana Island “Rabbit Island” is in the background.

  23. Obama right on money on Asia-Pacific

    November 12, 2011 Star Advertiser

    President Barack Obama begins a nine-day mission today as a step toward furthering America’s role in including this region of the world as an essential element in U.S. jobs and security. His hosting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation of leaders in Hawaii could not be more appropriate, as no U.S. leader has been as equipped in understanding America’s role in applying and solidifying expansion of trade, security alliances and cultural connections.

    During his trip to Asia and participation in the APEC summit in Singapore two years ago, Obama promised to strengthen and sustain U.S. leadership in the region.

    “And there must be no doubt,” he said. “As America’s first Pacific president, I promise you that this Pacific nation will strengthen and sustain our leadership in this vitally important part of the world.”

    Indeed, Obama reached toward Asia early in his administration, welcoming the Japanese prime minister to the White House for the first time in nearly a half century, and setting the first destination abroad for his secretary of state to be Asia. As she did then, top diplomat Hillary Clinton is playing an important role in this week’s APEC. Clearly, as Obama described, the peoples of America and Asia are interwoven.

    “My own life is part of that story,” he remarked in Tokyo during his 2009 trip. “I am an American president who was born in Hawaii and lived in Indonesia as a boy. My sister, Maya, was born in Jakarta, and later married a Chinese-Canadian. My mother spent nearly a decade working in the villages of Southeast Asia, helping women buy a sewing machine or an education that might give them a foothold in the world economy. So the Pacific rim has helped shape my view of the world.”

    Much has changed, of course, since those childhood years of Obama. Some members of Congress may sneer today about the president devoting nine days in Hawaii, Indonesia and Australia as the Nov. 23 deadline nears for finding more than $1 trillion in cuts for budget agreement. Critics, though, should grasp the realities that the financial troubles are worldwide, growth in the Asia-Pacific area is burgeoning, and U.S. efforts to counterbalance China in the regional global economy are essential.

    Obama cannot turn around his most extensive travel of the year at this point without seeming to give Asia a stiff arm, especially by postponing the Australian leg for the third time. At particular stake is establishment of a Pacific-wide free trade zone necessary to balance China’s gigantic trade advantage.

    “This isn’t a trip to the far-flung corners of Asia,” explains Daniel Russel, the president’s senior director for Asian affairs. “This is a trip to the Asia-Pacific. The U.S. is very much an Asia-Pacific nation. We’re a resident power.”

    And Barack Obama is the ideal person to be at the helm. No previous president has been more sensitive to the mutual interests and respect of the United States and Asia, and the capability of achieving a lasting and beneficial alliance. He now needs to put his knowledge and sensitivities to the best use. It’s time to bring the Asia-Pacific promise he embodies to fruition, for the economic vitality of the nation.

  24. Obama evokes island spirit as model

    Nov 13, 2011 By Dan Nakaso and B.J. Reyes – Star Advertiser

    President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama welcomed the leaders and representatives from 20 other Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation nations with a luau, hula and a Hawaiian proverb at the Hale Koa Hotel behind tight security that disrupted Saturday night traffic through Waikiki.

    “Aloha,” Obama said to his guests, who were gathered around four tables set under a tent. Obama went on to evoke Hawaiian themes of ohana and the islands’ reputation as a melting pot as inspirations for the work of the APEC leaders this weekend.

    With America’s turn to host the annual APEC conference, Obama said he “could not imagine a more fitting place than my home state of Hawaii. Here we are literally in the center of the Pacific. Here we’re reminded of the progress that’s possible when people of different background and beliefs come together. This is the most diverse state in our nation, home to so many races and immigrants and Americans who trace their roots back to many of your countries. Hawaii’s not perfect but I think Hawaii comes about as close as you’ll come to a true melting pot of cultures. Here we’re a single ‘ohana,’ one family.”

    A tight security zone around the hotel included concrete barriers and steel fences cloaked to prevent anyone from looking in. Traffic will be disrupted again today when the APEC Leaders’ Meeting moves across Oahu to the JW Marriott Hotel at Ko Olina.

    After Saturday night’s luau — and before kumu hula Manu Boyd and his hula halau entertained a larger, post-luau gathering — Obama implied that APEC leaders will not wear Hawaiian attire for what has become known as APEC’s “silly shirt photo” that usually poses world leaders in attire representing the host country.

    Two years ago in Singapore, when it was announced that Honolulu would host the 2011 APEC summit, Obama warned APEC leaders to prepare to wear aloha shirts and grass skirts. “I was persuaded to break tradition,” Obama said Saturday night. “The one tradition we did not want to break was the tradition of the luau. … It’s basically an excuse for a good party. … We have birthday luaus, graduation luaus and now we have APEC luaus.”

    For the entire article: http://www.staradvertiser.com/news/apec2011/apecstories/20111113_Obama_evokes_island_spirit_as_model.html?id=133765233

  25. 1:45 PM EDT
    President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama host an APEC reception and performance

  26. Good and HOPEful Sunday CR and all friends!


    I loved PBO's welcome to the APEC leaders and his description of being one family.

    And truly we have the most beautiful First Lady in history. I am speaking for Mr. K4O too!

  27. 4:00 PM EDT
    Vice President Biden attends an event for Sen. Debbie Stabenow in Detroit, Mich.

  28. National Guard proponents say votes secured to add general to Joint Chiefs

    11/13/11 By John T. Bennett

 – TheHill

    National Guard proponents on and off Capitol Hill are increasingly confident the nation’s top citizen-soldier might soon have a seat on the powerful Joint Chiefs of Staff.

    Guard advocates who are busily counting votes tell The Hill there now appears to be ample support in the Senate that could clear the way for the Guard chief’s elevation.

    The Pentagon on Thursday sent the six sitting Joint Staff members to Capitol Hill to tell the Senate Armed Services Committee why lawmakers should kill legislation that would elevate the Guard chief to the elite body.

    The Joint Staff’s chairman and vice chairman and its other members — the four military service chiefs — argued the move would create legal, operational and budgetary problems. The Guard boss already sits in on Joint Staff meetings, they said.
    Essentially, the Pentagon does not think there is a problem that needs correcting, as Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey told the committee.

    National Guard Chief Gen. Craig McKinley broke with his four-star general brethren, lobbying in favor of the plan.

    The Guard needs an official member of the Joint Chiefs to look out for its “best interests,” he said.

    McKinley now sits in on all Joint Staff meetings at the chairman’s invitation.

    For the entire article: http://thehill.com/news-by-subject/defense-homeland-security/193241-national-guard-advocates-votes-secured-to-add-guard-chief-to-joint-chiefs

  29. Hi, CR! You must really be enjoying “our” trip to Hawaii!

    As am I.

    Enjoy your evening!

    • The White House

      Office of the Press Secretary

      November 14, 2011
      News Conference by President Obama

      JW Marriott Ihilani Resort & Spa
      Kapolei, Hawaii

      PRESIDENT OBAMA: Good afternoon, everybody. Aloha. I want to begin by thanking the people of Hawaii for their extraordinary hospitality. Usually when Michelle and I and our daughters come back to visit, it’s just one President, and this time we brought 21. So thank you so much for the incredible graciousness of the people of Hawaii — and their patience, because I know that traffic got tied up a little bit.

      Now, the single greatest challenge for the United States right now, and my highest priority as President, is creating jobs and putting Americans back to work. And one of the best ways to do that is to increase our trade and exports with other nations. Ninety-five percent of the world’s consumers are beyond our borders. I want them to be buying goods with three words stamped on them: Made in America. So I’ve been doing everything I can to make sure that the United States is competing aggressively for the jobs and the markets of the future.

      No region will do more to shape our long-term economic future than the Asia Pacific region. As I’ve said, the United States is, and always will be, a Pacific nation. Many of our top trading partners are in this region. This is where we sell most of our exports, supporting some 5 million American jobs. And since this is the world’s fastest growing region, the Asia Pacific is key to achieving my goal of doubling U.S. exports — a goal, by the way, which we are on track right now to meet.

      And that’s why I’ve been proud to host APEC this year. It’s been a chance to help lead the way towards a more seamless regional economy with more trade, more exports, and more jobs for our people. And I’m pleased that we’ve made progress in three very important areas.

      First, we agreed to a series of steps that will increase trade and bring our economies even closer. We agreed to a new set of principles on innovation to encourage the entrepreneurship that creates new businesses and new industries. With simplified customs and exemptions from certain tariffs we’ll encourage more businesses to engage in more trade. And that includes our small businesses, which account for the vast majority of the companies in our economies.

      We agreed to a new initiative that will make it easier and faster for people to travel and conduct business across the region. And yesterday, I was pleased to sign legislation, a new travel card that will help our American businessmen and women travel more easily and get deals done in this region.

      For the entire article: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2011/11/14/news-conference-president-obama

  30. WH
    Monday, November 14 , 2011
    All Times Eastern

    First Lady Michelle Obama meet military families and speak at a hiring fair sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for service men and women, veterans and military families on Hickam Air Force Base, Honolulu, Hawai’i.

    7:00 AM
    8:00 AM   
    9:00 AM   
    10:00 AM   
    11:00 AM   
    12:00 PM   
    1:00 PM   
    3:00 PM   
    3:30 PM
    The Vice President swears in John Bryson as the Secretary of Commerce
    Eisenhower Executive Office Building
    Pooled Press

    4:00 PM  
    4:15 PM
    The President delivers remarks at a campaign event
    Local Event Time: 11:15AM HAST
    Aulani Disney Resort, HI, Kapolei
    Travel Pool Coverage

    5:00 PM   
    6:00 PM
    7:00 PM
    8:00 PM
    9:00 PM
    10:00 PM

  31. 2011 Hiring Our Heroes Veterans Event
    Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii
    November 14, 2011
    9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Hawaii Chamber of Commerce are hosting the “Hiring Our Heroes Hawaii” job fair, scheduled for November 14th from 9 a.m.– 12:30 p.m. at Joint Base Pearl Harbor – Hickam, in the Hickam Officer’s Club. This is a one of a kind free hiring fair for employers and job seekers. If you would like to register as an employer or veteran/military spouse job seeker please register online at hoh.greatjob.net today. Registration closes November 3, 2011.

    We are pleased to be partnering on this event with ServiceNation: Mission Serve, American Heart Association Teaching Gardens, Military Spouse Employment Partnership, Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve, Joining Forces and Department of Labor Veterans’ Employment and Training Services.

    • Hawaii Veterans Job Fair Opens

      Event Part Of National Effort To Help 10,000 Veterans

      11/14/11 kitv

      HONOLULU — While the national unemployment rate hovers around 9 percent, the rate for former military servicemen and women is much higher at 12 percent.

      To get them back to work, a job fair program called “Hiring Our Heroes” is taking place across the country. On Monday, a job fair was held in Hawaii.

      Lauren Patterson spent the past eight years in the Navy but is now looking for work. While she learned a lot during her years of service, not all of it will help her land her next job as a civilian.
      “Probably the leadership and management aspects will help but not the ship driving or operation of nuclear reactors,” said Patterson.

      In this challenging job market, many veterans haven’t been able to keep up outside of the military.

      “I don’t have direct skills that translate into the civilian world,” added Patterson.

      Thousands of other vets are also struggling in their job search. So the U.S. Chamber of Commerce began a nationwide effort, 100 job fairs in a year, with the goal of getting 10,000 veterans and military spouses jobs.

      The “Hiring Our Heroes” program connects companies with jobs seekers personally, so employers can see just how military experience can add to a resume.

      Read more: http://www.kitv.com/r/29768664/detail.html

    • ‘Hawaii Five-0’ cast to aid veterans project

      11/13/11 AP

      HONOLULU (AP) — The stars of the CBS TV show “Hawaii Five-0” will be lending a hand off-screen to military school kids at Pearl Harbor.

      Actors Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim and Masi Oka will be among the volunteers Monday helping to plant a garden at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam.

      Husband and wife athletes Laird Hamilton and Gabrielle Reece will also be volunteering.

      The American Heart Association Teaching Garden will serve as a hands-on way to educate children about the importance of healthy habits.

      The project is part of an initiative to support U.S. veterans through community service.

      First Lady Michelle Obama, who launched her Joining Forces initiative in April with the vice-president’s wife, Jill Biden, will be speaking at the base Monday during a hiring fair for veterans.

    • Office of the Press Secretary

      For Immediate Release November 14, 2011
      Remarks by the First Lady at Jobs Fair

      Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii

      2:52 A.M. HAST

      MRS. OBAMA: Well, aloha!

      AUDIENCE: Aloha!

      MRS. OBAMA: Let me just say that we’re just ending a couple of days of being here for the APEC Summit.

      AUDIENCE MEMBER: All right!

      MRS. OBAMA: Yeah — you’re just happy about everything. (Laughter.) And I have to say that Honolulu really did a phenomenal job hosting these world leaders over the last couple of days. And I can say, personally, just from talking to them, that they were so incredibly impressed with the people, with the food, with the culture, with the hospitality, as well as all of the world leaders’ spouses.

      So you all should be very proud. This has been a successful visit. My husband is going to be leaving to go on to Australia and Indonesia, and I am leaving to go back home to Malia and Sasha — (laughter) — the other half. You know how it is, mothers: Dad can be gone for I don’t know how long, but short time for mom. So I’m heading back, but before I hop on the plane I wanted to stop by and get a look for myself to see how these job fairs are faring. And I’m just happy that I’ve had an opportunity to come by and to hear from you and to see all the great things that are happening.

      So I want to start by thanking Kevin not just for that wonderful introduction but for all of his leadership at the Chamber, in pulling together these job fairs all over the country. He is a phenomenal leader, and we are grateful to him, and we have to give him a round of applause. (Applause.)

      I also want to thank Captain James and his family for his outstanding leadership, and for hosting us here today.

      And I also learned today that we are welcoming back the sailors from the USS Hopper, who I understand have just returned home earlier today from deployment. So that’s good news! (Applause.) That’s wonderful news. And hopefully, by year’s end, there’ll be a lot more of that kind of good news going on all over the country. So we are so proud of their service, and we’re thrilled that they’re home, and we’re proud of all of you.

      And finally, and most important, I want to thank all of you — our extraordinary men and women in uniform, our veterans, and of course your extraordinary families. Thank you so much.

      As Kevin said, over the past few years I’ve had the privilege of meeting thousands of folks all across this country just like you, on bases and in communities all over the place. And I always come back from these visits not just with a sense of pride and gratitude, but with a sense of awe. And I say this time and time again, but it is simply true: I am awed by the sacrifices you’ve made to defend our country — signing up to serve at a time of war, enduring deployment after deployment, being away from the people you love most for months — and sometimes years — on end.

      For the entire article: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2011/11/14/remarks-first-lady-jobs-fair

    • Obama’s: Enjoying Their Last Day in Hawaii

      Published on Nov 15, 2011 by kitvtv

      The president wrapped-up a round of golf at Hickam on Monday before heading back to Ko Olina for one more night on the islands.

  32. Arizona recall vote offers hope of a Democratic pickup in 2012

    11/13/11 washingtonpost

    PHOENIX — Last week’s recall election defeat of the Republican legislator who wrote Arizona’s tough anti-immigration law and the seating of Democratic mayors in Phoenix and Tucson have given Democrats renewed hope for picking up the state in next year’s Senate and presidential elections.

    Combined, the outcomes underscored the diversity of voters in what many view as a conservative state even though voters here are split nearly in thirds among Republicans, independents and Democrats.

    The Democratic Party argued that Tuesday’s recall of state Senate President Russell Pearce was evidence of a broader shift to the left that will reverberate in 2012.

    “For the first time in 20 years, we will have Democratic mayors of Tucson and Phoenix,” state Democratic Party Chairman Andrei Cherny wrote in an email to supporters. “And for the first time in American history, a state legislative leader – the most powerful politician in Arizona – was recalled from office. These are victories for all Arizonans – ones that six months ago would have seemed all but impossible.”

    “A year from now, when we are looking back on Election Day 2012, we will point to last night as where things turned around for our party and state,” he added.

    For the entire article: http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/arizona-recall-vote-offers-hope-of-a-democratic-pickup-in-2012/2011/11/13/gIQAjCRoHN_story.html?wprss=rss_national


      Cain, Bachmann want to reinstate waterboarding

      Nov 12, 2011 – AP

      SPARTANBURG, S.C. (AP) — Republican presidential hopefuls Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann both say they would reinstate waterboarding during interrogations of suspected terrorists, while rivals Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman both say they see the procedure as torture.

      The GOP contenders split Saturday night over whether waterboarding would be an effective tool.

      Cain says he doesn’t support torture, but he says he would trust military leaders to determine what that means. He says he would return to waterboarding because he doesn’t see it as torture.

      Bachmann says she supports it, while Paul says it is illegal.

      Huntsman says waterboarding diminishes U.S. standing in the world and undercuts the nation’s values.

      GOP contender Mitt Romney wasn’t directly asked about the issue but adds he would use whatever means necessary to protect America.

      • What I want to know is do any of these characters think torture actually works. Of course it does not and we know it. Waterboard me and I’ll sing like a canary. I’ll make stuff up. Not very useful!

  33. Obama Says GOP Candidates Are Wrong, Waterboarding is ‘Torture’

    11/13/11 Mary Bruce – abc

    ABC News’ Mary Bruce and Jon Garcia Report:
    President Obama said today that Republican presidential candidates are “wrong” to defend the practice of waterboarding, which he said is torture.

    “Waterboarding is torture. It’s contrary to America’s traditions, it’s contrary to our ideals, it’s not who we are, it’s not how we operate,” Obama told reporters at a press conference of the interrogation technique.

    Republican Presidential candidates Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain said in a debate Saturday night that they would support the renewed use of waterboarding.

    “They’re wrong,” Obama said today. “We did the right thing by ending that practice.”

    The enhanced interrogation technique simulates the sensation of drowning and was used by U.S. personnel in an effort to force cooperation of detainees.

    “We don’t need it in order to prosecute the war on terrorism,” Obama explained. “If we want to lead around the world part of our leadership is setting a good example. And anybody who has actually read about and understands the practice of waterboarding would say that that is torture and that’s not something we do. Period.”

    Although he was willing to respond to Bachmann and Cain, Obama declined to comment on front-runner Mitt Romney’s attack on the president’s foreign policy in Iran.

    “I am going to make a practice of not commenting on whatever is said in Republican debates until they’ve got an actual nominee,” he said.

    • On Capitol Hill, Rand’s ‘Atlas’ Can’t Be Shrugged Off

      11/14/11 by ANDREA SEABROOK – NPR

      These days it can feel like the country is unsteady — politically, economically. In a search for the way forward, scholars and politicians often turn to their fundamental beliefs. NPR is taking a look at some of the most influential philosophers whose ideas molded the present and could shape the future. You might not know all their names, but you’re certainly familiar with their ideas. They are woven into the fabric of our society.

      Ayn Rand is best known for her novels The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. The ideas behind them — her philosophy — have sunk so deeply into our political thought, most people don’t even recognize them as her ideas anymore.

      But Rand does have important admirers, like House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan. Recently, House Speaker John Boehner channeled Rand when he said, “Job creators in America basically are on strike.”

      Underpinning that statement is a philosophy Rand introduced through her best-selling novel Atlas Shrugged.

      However, when it was released in the late 1950s, the book wasn’t exactly embraced.

      Rand’s ‘Objectivism,’ Explained
      CBS News journalist Mike Wallace interviewed Rand years before he first appeared on the program 60 Minutes.

      “Throughout the United States, small pockets of intellectuals have become involved in a new and unusual philosophy, which would seem to strike at the very roots of our society,” he says, introducing the 1959 segment.

      Wallace is in a chair, on a stark set, holding his notes and a cigarette. Across from him sits Rand, a native Russian, small and sharp and a little nervous. Wallace asks her to outline the idea she calls “objectivism.”

      It is, she says, a system of morality “not based on faith” or emotion, “but on reason.”

      Rand wholly rejected religion. She called it a weakness, even a parasite — one that convinces people their purpose is to work for the betterment of others. In fact, she says, for man, the truth is just the opposite.

      “His highest moral purpose is the achievement of his own happiness,” she says.

      Wallace asks Rand how her philosophy applies to politics and government. And his question reveals a journalist’s assumptions about the America of that time — with Eisenhower in the White House and Leave It to Beaver on TV:

      “One of the principal achievements of this country in the past 20 years, particularly — I think most people agree — is the gradual growth of social, protective legislation, based on the principle that we are our brothers’ keepers.”

      Like welfare. Social Security. Fair labor standards. Public health programs.

      For the entire article and audio interview: http://www.npr.org/2011/11/14/142245517/on-capitol-hill-rands-atlas-cant-be-shrugged-off

    • “Government research helped to create this plane” President Obama 2/17/12 Boeing Production Facility, Everett, WA

      Yes many things that we now have are the results from government research.

      Those naive people who want a Libertarian society mean they want a society that has:

      No laws to protect you or your family, your home, your workplace, your school or your job.
      No taxes paid by the RICH
      No research
      No advancement in science and technology
      No one to fix crumbling roads
      No food and drug regulations
      No 911 when you or your pet gets poisoned from inferior food, drugs and unsafe water
      No Police, No Firefighters
      No military to answer when America gets threatened
      No other countries to help America when we need it



  34. Supreme Court will hear health care case this term

    11/14/11 By JESSE J. HOLLAND – Associated Press | AP – 10 mins ago

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court says it will hear arguments over President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul, setting up an election-year showdown over the White House’s main domestic policy achievement.

    The justices on Monday revealed they would take the case. That means arguments could come in March, allowing plenty of time for a decision in late June, just over four months before Election Day.

    The health care case could be the high court’s most significant and political undertaking since the 5-4 decision in Bush v. Gore nearly 11 years ago. That ruling effectively sealed George W. Bush’s 2000 presidential election victory.

    Republicans have called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act unconstitutional since before Obama signed it into law in March 2010. But federal appeals courts have been split on their assessment.

    • November 14, 2011

      Statement by White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer on the Supreme Court and the Affordable Care Act

      Earlier this year, the Obama Administration asked the Supreme Court to consider legal challenges to the health reform law and we are pleased the Court has agreed to hear this case. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, one million more young Americans have health insurance, women are getting mammograms and preventive services without paying an extra penny out of their own pocket and insurance companies have to spend more of your premiums on health care instead of advertising and bonuses. We know the Affordable Care Act is constitutional and are confident the Supreme Court will agree.

  35. Retail Sales Rose, Manufacturing Climbed: U.S. Economy Preview

    November 14, 2011 By Shobhana Chandra – businessweek

    Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) — Retail sales probably rose in October and U.S. manufacturing accelerated, helping give the world’s biggest economy a boost entering the final months of 2011, economists said before reports this week.

    The 0.3 percent rise in purchases would follow a 1.1 percent gain that was the most in seven months, according to the median forecast in a Bloomberg News survey ahead of Commerce Department figures on Nov. 15. Industrial production climbed 0.4 percent, twice as much as in September, according to the survey median. The cost of living was little changed and home construction cooled, other data may show.

    Unemployment at 9 percent and limited wage growth help explain why retailers like Macy’s Inc. and Kohl’s Corp. plan to use more discounts to lure consumers this holiday shopping season. At the same time, equipment purchases and record exports are propelling manufacturing and sustaining a recovery that’s yet to extend to the housing market.

    “There’s positive momentum in demand, which suggests retailers should see a decent Christmas,” said Scott Brown, chief economist at Raymond James & Associates Inc. in St. Petersburg, Florida. “The economy is continuing to expand though it’s not firing on all cylinders.”

    Retail sales may reflect improved demand for cars as Americans returned to showrooms. Auto purchases ran at a 13.2 million annual rate in October, the highest since February and up from a 13.04 million pace in September, according to data from Ward’s Information Products.

    New-Vehicle Demand

    “Consumers are just saying it’s time to get a new vehicle,” Ken Czubay, Ford Motor Co.’s U.S. sales chief, said on a Nov. 1 conference call. “We’re seeing that more and more everyday from our dealers.”

    Sales excluding automobiles climbed 0.2 percent in October after a 0.6 percent jump, according to the median forecast in the Bloomberg survey.

    For the entire article: http://www.businessweek.com/news/2011-11-14/retail-sales-rose-manufacturing-climbed-u-s-economy-preview.html

$774 Billion US Exports sold thru APEC 2010

    By the Numbers: $774 Billion

    Posted by Megan Slack on November 14, 2011

    Over the weekend, the United States hosted the 19th annual leaders meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, or APEC in Honolulu. APEC promotes trade and economic cooperation among 21 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. In 2010, APEC economies purchased $774 billion worth of U.S. exports, accounting for 61 percent of total U.S. exports.

    Trade with these APEC nations supports 5 million American jobs, and strengthening our relationship with other economies in the Pacific region—and their 2.7 billion consumers—will help create new business opportunities, jobs, and buying power for Americans.

    Leaders at this year’s summit agreed to adopt innovative market policies, reduce tariffs and barriers to trade in environmental goods and services, and improve regulations that create burdens on businesses.

    President Obama knows that we can’t wait to create jobs like the ones fostered by cooperation in the Asia Pacific region. In addition to working hard with world leaders to create economic opportunity and jobs through trade, he introduced the American Jobs act to put our millions of unemployed workers back on the job while helping businesses invest and grow. And, he’s signed a series of Executive Actions to ensure our workers don’t have to wait for Congress to act. These orders range from challenges to establish innovative and job-creating health and education programs, to initiatives that connect unemployed veterans with jobs, to steps that help developers bring their projects to market more quickly.

    Read more:

    APEC Outcome Fact Sheet: Creating Jobs, Growth and Economic Opportunity
    President Obama and the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation

4:15 PM EST
The President delivers remarks at a campaign event
Aulani Disney Resort, HI, Kapolei

    Local Event Time: 11:15AM HAST
    Travel Pool Coverage

    • November 14, 2011

      Remarks by the President at a Campaign Event

      Aulani Disney Resort, Ko Olina, Hawaii

      11:12 A.M. HAST

      THE PRESIDENT: Thank you! (Applause.) Thank you so much. Aloha. Thank you very much. Thank you. (Applause.) Thank you. Please, everybody have a seat. It is good to be home. (Applause.) It is wonderful to see somebody who actually knew my parents when they first met at the University of Hawaii — the Governor of the great state of Hawaii, Neil Abercrombie, and his wonderful wife Nancie Caraway. Give them a big round of applause. (Applause.)

      Lieutenant Governor Brian Schatz is here. (Applause.) Congresswoman Mazie Hirono. (Applause.) Please give a big round of applause to outstanding singer John Cruz. (Applause.) I want to thank Jeff Stone and all of our host committee, for helping to pull this together. (Applause.)

      It is wonderful to be here, not just because the weather is perfect, but this has been a little trip down memory lane. I’ve got classmates who are here. I actually have Mr. Tory (sp), my — (laughter) — was it seventh grade or eighth grade teacher? (Laughter.) He looks great. Tenth grade. (Applause.) Tenth grade. He looks exactly the same. (Laughter.) I’m trying to figure out what he’s eating. (Laughter.)

      Now, somebody said — they we’re passing on greetings from a guy who went to Kamehameha who said he blocked my shot into the bleachers. (Laughter.) I didn’t appreciate that. (Laughter.) And then somebody else said, this guy who says he went to kindergarten with you says hi. (Laughter.) And I got to admit I don’t remember my kindergarten class. (Laughter.) But tell him I said hello as well.

      It is great to be home, great to feel that aloha spirit. And Michelle and the girls will be back shortly for Christmas vacation, as we do every year. (Applause.) We’ll see if Washington gets its business done, so I can get here as well. (Applause.) But that’s always a challenge.

      But I’m here today not just because I need your help, it’s also because the country needs your help. There was a reason why so many of you worked so hard, poured your hearts into our campaign in 2008. And obviously there was a little bias here in Honolulu and here in Hawaii about the hometown kid. But it certainly wasn’t because you thought it was going to be easy to elect me President. As Neil said, there was some skepticism about the prospects of my candidacy. I don’t think that you would have, if you were looking for an easy campaign, you would have decided to support Barack Hussein Obama for President. (Laughter.) The polls did not tell you that I was a sure thing.

      And besides, the campaign wasn’t about me — it was about a vision that we share for America. It wasn’t a narrow, cramped vision of an America where everybody is left to fend for themselves. It was a vision of a big, generous, bold America, where we look out for one another. (Applause.) An America where everybody has a shot — where everybody, if they work hard, if they take care of their responsibilities, if they look after their families, that they can get their piece of the American Dream.

      For the entire article: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2011/11/14/remarks-president-campaign-event

  38. Alan Wong Dishes On Cooking For The Obamas

    NOVEMBER 29, 2011 obamafoodorama.blogspot

    By Marian Burros

    When President Obama entertained leaders of Asia Pacific nations at the 2011 APEC conference earlier this month with a dinner at the Hale Koa Hotel in Honolulu, he chose his favorite local chef for the honor of literally serving his country. Alan Wong’s eponymous restaurant, located close to the apartment complex where the President lived as a boy, gets a 28 out of a possible 30 in the Zagat guide.

    Wong, who prepared a luau on the South Lawn for the first Congressional Picnic the President and First Lady Michelle Obama hosted in 2009, has served the First Couple and a group of their friends each Christmas since Mr. Obama was elected. Wong expects them back this year.

    “The Obamas,” Wong said, “are adventurous eaters.”

    Those adventurous eaters tend to dine at restaurants owned by chefs who are committed to local and organic sourcing, and Wong is no exception. He worked for Andre Soltner at New York’s famed Lutece in New York for three years, and uses French techniques with primarily organic ingredients gleaned from local farmers, and the catch of local fisher folk, to produce Hawaiian regional cooking. Like the Obamas, the first White House residents to install a beehive, Wong is a major beekeeping enthusiast. He used his own honey for the APEC menu, and has also started an “Adopt-a-Beehive” project in Honolulu.

    For the entire article: http://obamafoodorama.blogspot.com/2011/11/alan-wong-dishes-on-cooking-for-obamas.html

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