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US Chamber of Commerce is the website created by Military Advantage to be a portal for U.S. military members. In early 2004, Military Advantage was purchased by Monster Worldwide. The company’s main revenue streams are advertising, military-themed products and lead generation for military recruiters. The website was founded by Christopher Michel in 1999 and went live in 2000.

Military Advantage’s advisory board includes two former members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as well as other academic and business leaders. President of, Admiral Terry “T” McCreary served as the Chief of Naval Information (CHINFO) on the Joint Chiefs of Staff., which claims more than 10 million members, also owns,,, and

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  1. WH

    Friday, March 9 , 2012

    All Times Eastern

    7:00 AM
    8:00 AM
    9:00 AM
    10:00 AM
    President Obama receives the presidential daily briefing.
    Oval Office
    Closed Press

    10:40 AM
    President Obama departs the White House en route Joint Base Andrews.
    South Lawn
    Open Press

    10:55 AM
    President Obama departs Joint Base Andrews en route Prince George, Va.
    Travel Pool Coverage

    11:00 AM
    11:35 AM
    President Obama arrives Richmond, Virginia.
    Richmond International Airport
    Open Press

    12:00 PM
    12:15 PM
    President Obama tours Rolls-Royce Crosspointe.
    Prince George, Rolls-Royce Crosspointe, Virginia
    Travel Pool Coverage

    12:30 PM
    President Obama delivers remarks about the economy at the Rolls-Royce Crosspointe North America aircraft engine plant in Prince George, Virginia
    Prince George, Rolls-Royce Crosspointe, Virginia
    Open Press

    1:00 PM
    2:00 PM
    2:40 PM
    President Obama departs Richmond, Virginia en route Houston, Texas.
    Richmond International Airport
    Open Press

    2:45 PM
    First Lady Michelle Obama is joined by New Hampshire First Lady Dr. Susan Lynch for a Let’s Move event at Penacook Community Center
    Concord, New Hampshire

    3:00 PM
    3:40 PM
    President President Obama arrives Houston, Texas.
    Local Event Time: 4:40PM CST
    Ellington Airport
    Open Press

    4:00 PM
    First Lady Michelle Obama speaks at campaign reception at The Institute of Contemporary Art
    Boston, Massachusetts

    5:00 PM
    6:00 PM
    First Lady Michelle Obama speaks at campaign dinner at The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, Massachusetts

    6:50 PM
    President Obama delivers remarks at a campaign event “A Reception with President Barack Obama”
    Local Event Time: 5:50PM CST
    Minute Maid Park, Houston, TX
    Pooled TV, Open to Correspondents

    7:00 PM
    8:00 PM
    8:50 PM
    President Obama delivers remarks at a campaign event “A Dinner with President Barack Obama”
    Local Event Time: 7:50PM CST
    Private Residence
    Houston, TX
    Print Pool

    10:10 PM
    President Obama departs Houston, Texas.

    9:00 PM
    10:00 PM

  2. Military.com_logo Career Expo
    US Chamber of Commerce is the website created by Military Advantage to be a portal for U.S. military members. In early 2004, Military Advantage was purchased by Monster Worldwide.[2] The company’s main revenue streams are advertising, military-themed products and lead generation for military recruiters.

    The website was founded by Christopher Michel in 1999 and went live in 2000.

    Military Advantage’s advisory board includes two former members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as well as other academic and business leaders. President of, Admiral Terry “T” McCreary served as the Chief of Naval Information (CHINFO) on the Joint Chiefs of Staff., which claims more than 10 million members, also owns,,, and

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    • Hiring Veterans: Good for a Company’s Bottom Line

      Posted by Brad Cooper on March 07, 2012 at 10:10 AM EST
      This week, Syracuse University’s Institute for Veteran and Military Families (IVMF) — a national leader in veteran and military family research — released an extraordinary study entitled The Business Case for Hiring a Veteran: Beyond the Cliches .”

      Among others things, the study confirmed what many of us already knew – hiring America’s veterans makes great sense and is a terrific investment for any company in America. I encourage wide dissemination of this report to corporate leaders throughout the nation.

      Significant findings include:

      Veterans are entrepreneurial: It’s true – there are more than 66,000 veteran-owned small businesses in franchising alone. America is also stepping up in big ways to support the veteran entrepreneurial spirit — several new programs aim to entice veterans to the world of franchising. The International Franchise Association runs one called VetFran, which requires that parent companies give veteran franchisees their “best deal” possible — often resulting in thousands of dollars off the initial franchising fee. There are more than 450 companies participating, and at least 2,100 veterans have opened franchises through the program so far. Some companies go even further — the UPS Store recently announced it was giving away free franchises to 10 veterans who qualify (five have already been given out.) In February, CiCi’s Pizza announced it will waive the franchise fee and offer a 50 percent cut on royalty fees to all qualified veterans who open CiCi’s franchises and hire a veteran manager.

      Veterans have – and leverage – advanced technical training: Beyond just having the technical training, veterans are already graduates of the world’s best training program – the Unites States military!

      Veterans exhibit advanced team-building skills: When I was in command of a Guided Missile Destroyer, I use to tell my crew, “When the team wins, you win…” It’s true – when companies do well; employees benefit (and vice versa). Veterans understand the meaning of “the team comes first” and they bring that same mentality to any company.

      Veterans exhibit strong organizational commitment: Loyalty goes a long way in the military – and that same organizational commitment stays with Veterans when they join corporate America. It’s an intangible that can’t be taught.

      Veterans have experience mastering diverse work settings: Veterans have had to perform in the toughest of circumstances. The mountains of eastern Afghanistan; villages in Kandahar; Baghdad; Mosul; Ramadi and so many more… the acquired skills and experience that American veterans have gained in the last 10 years of war can’t be taught or replicated in the classroom.

      Ideally, this report will serve as an opportunity for all of us to re-double our efforts to HIRE AMERICA’s VETERANS! It’s a win-win – companies acquire talented employees and American veterans land jobs throughout the nation!

      • 60,000 Veterans and Military Spouses Have Been Hired Through Joining Forces Employment Initiatives

        Brad Cooper April 13, 2012 03:34 PM EDT

        It was a great day in Shreveport, Louisiana, yesterday. First Lady Michelle Obama joined the leadership of the Kansas City Southern (KCS) Railway Company in announcing Michael Abitago, Junior as the 50,000 veteran or military spouse to have been hired by a company through the Joining Forces employment efforts this past year! Abitago literally left active duty in the Army last Saturday after 4 years of service (including 2 tours in Iraq) and starts work on Monday as a Conductor-trainee. He was hired by KCS in mid-March at a Joining Forces hiring event in Ft Hood, Texas.

        And there’s even more great news. A couple of months ago when we first wanted to highlight this event, we had planned on announcing our 50,000 hire. But as we approached our visit to Shreveport we had already hit that mark. By April another 8,000 veterans and military spouses were hired. And yesterday, Mrs. Obama revealed the news that the surge in hiring pushed the number of veterans and military spouses hired through Joining Forces to 60,000!

        Through Joining Forces, American businesses have not only hired more than 60,000 veterans and military spouses to date, they have also pledged to hire at least 160,000 more in the years ahead.

        For the entire article:

    • Getting vets working again

      February 13, 2012 by Joel Patterson – Marketplace Index

      The pulse is down today on news that veterans are having an even tougher time than the rest of us finding work. Unemployment among America’s vets is hovering at a stifling 13 percent. Worse yet, nearly a third of vets under 24 find themselves without a job, according to the Indianapolis Star.

      That’s led big U.S. firms to include veterans in their expansion plans. A fifth of the 17,000 employees JPMorgan hired last year were ex-military, and that wasn’t by accident. “We want to do our part to help America grow again,” JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon told Fox in a recent interview.

      General Electric is also making an intentional push to employ U.S. veterans. GE’s announced it plans on adding 5,000 vets to its payroll in the next five years as part of its “Hiring Our Heroes” initiative. Other companies with similar mandates include SeatonCorp, U.S. Infrastructure Corp. of Carmel, Burger King and Fifth Third Bank.

      Interesting note: GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt heads up President Obama’s jobs council alongside AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka, AOL co-founder Steve Case and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. Let’s hope the good gesture inspires his fellow corporate leaders.


      Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health problem that can occur after someone goes through a traumatic event like war, assault, or disaster.

      To learn more:

    • Welcoming Home Our Veterans

      Published on Jul 23, 2012 by BarackObamadotcom
      Learn more: http://OFA.BO/ooJZtN

      Since day one, President Obama has made it a priority to keep the sacred trust we hold with those who wear the uniform of the United States and their families.

      In advance of the President’s remarks at the VFW Convention in Reno, Obama for America released this video that discusses the President’s commitment to keeping our nation’s sacred promise to our veterans. This video highlights a St. Louis parade organized to welcome our servicemembers home from Iraq.

      Learn how President Obama continues to better serve those who have served this nation and how you can get involved with Veterans and Military Familes for Obama: http://OFA.BO/ooJZtN

    • Transitioning Our Service Members

      Rosye Cloud July 25, 2012 09:37 AM EDT

      In August 2011, President Obama visited the Washington Navy Yard to discuss his plans to ensure that all of America’s veterans have the support they need and deserve when they leave the military, look for a job, go to school, and enter the civilian workforce. Our service members receive training of the highest quality to ensure they have the skills necessary to protect our country, yet service members who are preparing to leave the military lack access to expansive, personalized training and counseling necessary for success in the civilian sector. That is why, as part of his August address, the President directed the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs to lead a task force to develop a career-ready military and design a “reverse boot camp” for separating service members.

      On July 23, 2012, President Obama addressed the VFW in Reno, Nevada and announced the first major re-design of the military’s Transition Assistance Program (TAP) since the program’s inception over 20 years ago. Previously, TAP was a voluntary, one-size fits all program. Many service members complained of that the workshops were “death by PowerPoint” and did not provide the interactive education and training required to be prepared to join civilian life. Under the President’s new transition program, Transition GPS, our military will no longer feel as if they are in a one-size-fits-all program.

      Transition GPS will expand the length of the transition program from three days to five to seven days and will integrate career and education counseling and training across the military life cycle. At the beginning of the program, each service members will complete individual pre-separation counseling and develop a personalized Individual Transition Plan which will provide him or her with a roadmap for a successful transition. They will then attend a five day core curriculum that will provide counseling in budget planning, veterans benefits, and military skills translation. Service members will also have the option to participate in individually-tailored two-day training programs to equip them with the set of tools they need to successfully pursue their post-military goals such as attending college, earning a professional license, or starting a small business. Once the service member’s transition training and counseling is complete, they will attend a CAPSTONE event which will verify their completion of the program’s Career Readiness Standards such as a civilian resume, a family budget, and a completed school application and provide a “warm hand off” to local, state, and federal agencies that can help them achieve career goals once they become veterans.

      For more:

      • Panetta: Program Will Help Transitioning Troops Get Jobs

        July 24, 2012 By Lisa Daniel – American Forces Press Service

        WASHINGTON – A redesigned program for service members separating from the military will help veterans better apply the experience they’ve gained in uniform, Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta said.

        President Barack Obama announced the revamped program, called “Transition GPS,” in a speech yesterday at the Veterans of Foreign Wars national convention in Reno, Nev.

        “I applaud the leadership of President Obama to bring together government agencies around the goal of enhancing career opportunities for service members,” Panetta said in a statement. “Our personnel have developed extraordinary technical expertise and world-class leadership skills that are in high demand. Transition GPS will help military members apply their experience to additional training, formal education, and develop successful civilian careers.”

        Transition GPS is the first major overhaul of the military’s Transition Assistance Program in nearly 20 years, White House officials said. TAP was developed by an interagency team from the departments of Defense, Veterans Affairs, Labor, Education and Homeland Security, as along with the Office of Personnel and Management and the Small Business Administration.

        Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric K. Shinseki said the redesign will better ensure that veterans today and in the future will receive the care and benefits they have earned.

        “One of our fundamental responsibilities as a government is to properly prepare and support those serving in our military so they are career ready as they transition back into civilian life,” he said. “This collaborative effort will have an impact well beyond this current generation of individuals returning from combat.”

        The redesign is being developed by the Veterans Employment Initiative Task Force created in August to help separating service members successfully transition to the civilian workforce, start a business, or pursue higher education.

        TAP consisted of pre-separation counseling and a voluntary, three-day workshop from the departments of Labor, Defense and Veterans Affairs that was presented at selected military installations and attended by nearly half of the service members who separated from the services each year, White House officials said. Transition GPS is designed to strengthen, standardize and expand counseling and guidance for service members before leaving the military, and transform the military’s approach to education, training, and credentialing, they added.

        Transition GPS is to be implemented throughout the military by the end of 2013. It will:
        — Extend the current three-day transition program to five to seven days;
        — Offer individual assessment and counseling, including an individual transition plan;
        — Include a five-day curriculum of financial planning, available veterans’ benefits and services
        and a redesigned employment workshop;
        — Include a “Military Occupational Code Crosswalk” to translate military skills, training and experiences into civilian occupations and credentialing;
        — Include optional training specific to pursuing higher education, technical skills and training, or starting a business;
        — Include a “capstone” event to verify that the participant is career-ready;
        — Give a “warm handover” to appropriate government agencies and organizations for continued benefits, services and support of veterans; and
        — Create a “Military Life Cycle Transition Model” to incorporate career readiness and transition preparation early into a service member’s career.

  3. Obama to speak at Rolls-Royce plant in Prince George


    PRINCE GEORGE – President Barack Obama will be coming to the Rolls-Royce aircraft engine plant in Prince George next week to talk about the economy.

    The trip, announced on Prince George County’s Twitter feed, is scheduled for Friday – three days after the Republican presidential primary in Virginia.

    In 2008, Obama won Virginia with 53 percent of the vote, the first Democrat to win a presidential election in the Old Dominion since 1964. This year will likely be another tough election and the economy will be the key issue.

    In January, Obama said he would propose tax incentives for companies to bring home manufacturing jobs they had moved overseas, and curtail tax breaks for those that keep relocating jobs abroad. Flanked by executives from the aerospace, chemical and furniture industries – all of whom are building or expanding factories in the United States – Obama declared that the nation was beginning to see the reversal of a long-term trend toward outsourcing.

    One of the executives at the meeting, James M. Guyette of Rolls-Royce North America, said his company was making investments in Indiana, where it builds aircraft engines, and in Prince George, where it opened an advanced manufacturing and research campus that will eventually employ 500 people. Guyette said Rolls-Royce was not moving operations back to the United States. But he said it was pouring money into U.S. operations, such as a factory in Indianapolis that once had the company’s highest labor costs and lowest productivity. Negotiations with the United Auto Workers union had cut those costs, he said, and made the factory competitive again. “Everyone could see where this road was going to end, if we didn’t do it differently,” he said.

    The parts manufacturing center in Prince George wrapped up construction of its first phase in late 2010.

    For the entire article:

  4. First Lady Michelle Obama to speak at two Boston events on Friday

    3/7/12 By Tracy Jan , Globe Staff

    WASHINGTON — First Lady Michelle Obama will headline two Democratic National Committee events in Boston on Friday evening, the White House has announced.

    She will attend two events at the Institute of Contemporary Art. The first, a reception, has tickets costing $500 and up. The second, a dinner, has tickets beginning at $5,000 apiece.

    Both events will benefit the Obama Victory Fund, a joint fund-raising committee supporting the president’s reelection committee, Obama for America, and the Democratic National Committee.

    The first lady last visited Boston on June 30, when she attended a fund-raiser in Chestnut Hill. She was back in Massachusetts over the summer, when she, President Obama, and the couple’s daughters, Malia and Sasha, vacationed on Martha’s Vineyard.

    Earlier Friday she will be in Concord, N.H., as part of her “Let’s Move!” initiative to foster healthy eating and active living. She will visit the Penacook Community Center to highlight an example of a collaborative community effort to promote health and wellness, good nutrition, and physical activity.

    For the entire article:

  5. Armed Forces Chairman Levin wants Limbaugh dropped from military radio

    3/08/12 By Alicia M. Cohn – TheHill

    The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee said Wednesday that he would “love” to see controversial conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh dropped from the Armed Forces Network.

    Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) called Limbaugh’s show “offensive” and told CNN he has been “delighted” to see advertisers drop the program in the wake of outrage over Limbaugh calling a Georgetown University law student a “slut” and a “prostitute.” Sandra Fluke, the student, had testified for House Democrats in favor of the White House’s contraception coverage mandate.

    Several Democrats, along with many liberal groups, have called for Limbaugh’s sponsors to leave him and for Clear Channel Communications to drop his show.
    “I would hope the people that run it see just how offensive this is and drop it on their own volition,” Levin told CNN. “I think that is probably an issue that should be left to the folks that run that network. … In other words, I’d love to see them drop it, but I don’t think I’d legislate it.”

    Limbaugh apologized for going too far in his remarks over the weekend, and on Wednesday denied that he has lost money from advertisers leaving his show. Many of the advertisers who have dropped his show have been on local affiliates and do not directly support his show, according to Limbaugh.

    • The Democratic Party is a strong advocate for:

      Being good a stewart of the air, water, land and wildlife
      Protecting women’s rights
      Protecing worker’s rights
      Protecting LGBT rights
      Protecting minorities rights
      Protecting the defenseless poor and disabled
      Protecting children’s welfare
      Protecting pet’s welfare

      If any of the above are important to you then

      VOTE DEMOCRATS 2012!


      Missouri GOP: “Supporting the troops” doesn’t including letting them vote

      April 18, 2012 By Nathan Thomas – dlcc

      Military personnel could become collateral damage in the latest GOP attack on voting rights – a Republican-sponsored bill in Missouri that could effectively end many military voters’ ability to vote by mail.

      The St. Louis Post-Dispatch condemned the bill, sponsored by GOP state Rep. Shane Schoeller, in a sharply-worded editorial last week:

      Schoeller not only wants to ask voters to weaken the state constitution and then disenfranchise any state voters who lack a specific form of government-issued photo identification, now he also wants to take away the right of absentee voters — including members of the armed services — to mail in their ballots.

      House Bill 2109 is horrendous for a variety of reasons. (…) The bill, for instance, gives local election boards the right to determine if your birth certificate is adequate. (Note to Hawaiians: Cancel that move to Missouri). Similarly, if you have a drivers license from a state that your local election authority doesn’t think protects citizenship enough, you might not be able to register to vote.

      The worst provision in Mr. Schoeller’s bill would take away the long-held right of Missourians who request absentee ballots to vote by mail. These folks already are registered to vote. Some of them are disabled and can’t get to the polls. Others are members of the military, stationed far from home, perhaps even overseas protecting the very right to vote that Mr. Schoeller seeks to diminish.

      For the entire article:

  6. West Wing Week: 3/9/12 or “Speak Softly; Carry a Big Stick”

    Uploaded by whitehouse on Mar 8, 2012

    Welcome to the West Wing Week, your guide to everything that’s happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. This week, the President addressed both the Conservation and AIPAC conferences, sat down with Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel, Prime Minister Al-Keeb of Libya, and President Mills of Ghana, hosted a White House news conference, announced steps the administration is taking to support homeowners, and traveled to the Daimler Mount Holly Truck Plant in North Carolina. That’s March 2nd to March 8th or, “Speak Softly; Carry a Big Stick.”

  7. Interesting that all of Gingrich’s Kansas events for Friday and Saturday are now showing as being canceled.

    • Is he going to take a power nap or is he just dropping out?

      It was an ominous introduction for Republican Newt Gingrich, whose future as a presidential candidate rests in Mississippi and Alabama.

      “I can tell you right now, he’s tired. He needs your prayers,” former state Sen. Lee Yancey told a half-full Jackson hotel ballroom before the former House speaker took the stage….

  8. has international appeal!

    WordPress has a new statistic for my blog that shows the total views to date countries:

    All Time
    Country Views

    United States 5,517

    United Kingdom 59

    Philippines 56

    Canada 41

    India 19

    Germany 14

    France 10

    Malaysia, China, Australia 8 per country

    Brazil 7

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    Italy, Puerto Rico, Norway 5 per country

    Venezuela, Indonesia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Greece 4 per country

    Chile, Belgium, Taiwan, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Russian Federation, Japan,
    & Dominican Republic 3 per country

    Serbia, Pakistan, South Africa, Czech Republic, Haiti, Sweden, Georgia, Nigera, New Zealand, Senegal, Spain, Thailand, Kuwait, Columbia, Denmark, Israel,
    & United Arab Emirates, Iceland 2 per country

    Singapore, Guam, Algeria, Albania, Netherlands, Viet Nam, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Republica of Korea, Hungary, Croatia, Belize, Ghana, Egypt, Ethiopia, Hong Kong, Azerbaijan, Trinidad and Tobago, Guatemala, 1 per country

  9. Moneygall Residents To Celebrate St.Patrick’s Day In USA

    Offaly will be well represented at the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the United States this year when well-known Moneygall ‘celebs’ Henry Healy and Ollie Hayes visit both New York and Washington to mark the occasion….

    Both men have became household names on both sides of the Atlantic since last summer and Ollie is well known as the owner of Ireland’s most famous pub where President Obama and First Lady Michelle enjoyed some Guinness in the President’s ‘ancestral local.’…. (They will) be among a very special Irish delegation to mark St. Patrick’s Day in the White House, alongside Taoiseach Enda Kenny and his wife.

    The celebrations in Washington, where traditionally a bowl of shamrock from Ireland is presented to the US President, will this year take place on March 20th and not on St Patrick’s Day on the 17th. The reason for the change in date is because the Irish national holiday falls on a Saturday, when the US Houses of Congress do not sit and therefore make it impossible for the Taoiseach to address the House and have lunch with the Irish Ambassador and members of Congress….

  10. It’s going to be a big week!

    From ObamaFoodorama:

    When British Prime Minister David Cameron pays an Official Visit to President Obama on March 13th and 14th at the White House, First Lady Michelle Obama will be hosting her own event for Mrs. Samantha Cameron, spotlighting the Let’s Move! campaign and the United Kingdom’s upcoming role as host of the Summer Olympics. The Official Visit includes a State Dinner on the 14th, and Mrs. Obama will also host a special event for young women that will do double duty as a preview of the evening….

    • You should hear me trying to pronounce this! Hawaiian always sounds so musical to me.

  11. White House LGBT Conference on Housing & Homelessness

    Hosted by the White House and the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development in partnership with the Ruth Ellis Center.

    Friday, March 9, 2012
    8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
    Wayne State University
    Detroit, MI

    Secretary Shaun Donovan
    U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development

    The White House LGBT Conference on Housing & Homelessness, co-sponsored by the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development in partnership with the Ruth Ellis Center, will provide advocates, community leaders, and members of the public an opportunity to engage with the Obama Administration on housing and homelessness issues that impact lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Americans. Participants will receive updates from Obama Administration officials, connect with Federal government resources and opportunities through workshop sessions, and provide valuable feedback through the “Open Space” process.

  12. Payrolls up solidly, jobless rate at 8.3 percent

    3/9/12 Lucia Mutikani – Reuters – 9 minutes ago

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Employment grew solidly for a third straight month in February, a sign the economic recovery was broadening and in less need of further monetary stimulus from the Federal Reserve.

    Employers added 227,000 jobs to their payrolls last month, the Labor Department said on Friday, while the unemployment rate held at a three-year low of 8.3 percent.

    It marked the first time since early 2011 that payrolls have grown by more than 200,000 for three months in a row – bolstering President Barack Obama’s chances for re-election.

    The economy created 61,000 more jobs in December and January than previously thought, and the jobless rate held steady even as more people returned to the labor force.

    Although the job market is gaining some muscle, the pace of improvement remains too slow to do much to absorb the 23.5 million Americans who are either out of work or underemployed.

    Fed Chairman Bernanke last week described the labor market as “far from normal” and said continued improvement would require stronger demand for U.S. goods and services.

    Still, he suggested the outlook would have to deteriorate for the U.S. central bank to launch another round of bond buying to drive interest rates lower. Officials said in January they expected growth this year to be no higher than 2.7 percent.

    The jobs report, which sets the tone for financial markets worldwide, added to the list of data highlighting the U.S. economy’s underlying strength.

    It also provided a hopeful sign for the global recovery at a time that growth is slowing in China and the euro zone appears to be sliding into recession. The jobless rate in the 17-nation euro zone area rose to 10.7 percent in January, the highest since the euro started circulating in 2000.

    For the entire article:

    • The Employment Situation in February

      Alan Krueger March 09, 2012 09:37 AM EST

      Today’s employment report provides further evidence that the economy is continuing to heal from the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. It is critical that we continue the economic policies that are helping us dig our way out of the deep hole that was caused by the recession that began at the end of 2007, including measures to help the sectors that were most severely harmed by the bubble economy that misdirected investment and created too few durable jobs.

      After losing millions of good manufacturing jobs in the years before and during the recession, the economy has added 429,000 manufacturing jobs in the past two years. For the first time since the 1990s, the manufacturing sector is adding jobs. To support a revival in manufacturing jobs and output, the President has proposed tax incentives for manufacturers, enhanced training for the workforce, and measures to create manufacturing hubs.

      Private sector payrolls increased by 233,000 jobs and overall payroll employment rose by 227,000 jobs in February. The unemployment rate was unchanged at 8.3%. The unemployment rate has fallen by 0.8 percentage point over the last 6 months.

      There was an increase in the size of the labor force last month of 476,000. Importantly, the increase in the labor force last month was due in large part to a reduction in the number of workers who exited the labor force between January and February.

      Despite adverse shocks that have created headwinds for economic growth, the economy has added private sector jobs for 24 straight months, for a total of more than 3.9 million payroll jobs over that period. In the last 12 months, 2.2 million private sector jobs were added on net. In the last 6 months, 1.3 million private sector jobs were added, the most of any 6 month period in nearly 6 years.

      Sectors with net job increases included health care and social assistance (+61,100), temporary help services (+45,200), leisure and hospitality (+44,000), and manufacturing (+31,000). Construction lost 13,000 jobs, reflecting a loss of 15,400 specialty trade contractor jobs. Employment in the Federal government fell by 7,000 jobs.

      The monthly employment and unemployment numbers can be volatile, and employment estimates can be subject to substantial revision. Therefore, as the Administration always stresses, it is important not to read too much into any one monthly report; nevertheless, the trend in job market indicators over recent months is an encouraging sign.

      Feb 2012 jobs numbers

    • Jobs Report: Trend of Meaningful Growth Emerges

      3/9/12 By Daniel Gross | Contrary Indicator – 1 hour 27 minutes ago

      When something happens once, it’s a phenomenon. When something happens twice, it’s a coincidence. When something happens three times, it’s a trend. That’s an old journalistic rule of thumb. And by that rule, February’s employment report confirmed that we have a trend of decent employment growth.

      The headline number showed that the economy created a net 227,000 jobs in February. When the economy began to create jobs in significant numbers, analysts frequently pointed out that a job creation rate of 150,000 per month was barely enough to keep up with population growth, and wasn’t enough to make a dent in unemployment. Now we’re finally getting that growth. February marked the third straight month in which payroll jobs rose by more than 200,000. Gains could be seen in a range of industries: professional and business services, manufacturing, and health care. The construction and retail trade sectors shed positions.

      The job market is starting to look better now, and it’s also starting to look better in hindsight. Every month, when the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the jobs figures, it takes another look at the numbers it reported in the previous two months. Looking back, BLS has determined that more jobs were created in December 2011 and January 2012 than originally thought. The December jobs gain, originally reported as a 200,000 gain in January, was revised up to 203,000 last month, and has been revised up again to 223,000. January’s job total, originally reported as a gain of 243,000, was revised upwards to 284,000. In other words, BLS discovered an extra 61,000 jobs. Compared with February 2011, 2.021 million more Americans have payroll jobs. In the past two years, the private sector has created 3,938,000 jobs.

  13. Wholesale Trade Up 1 Percent in December

    Thursday, 9 Feb 2012 | 11:17 AM ET By: Reuters with AP

    Inventories at U.S. wholesalers grew 1.0 percent in December, suggesting the economy received a bigger boost than expected in the fourth quarter from companies restocking their shelves.

    The reading, reported on Thursday by the Commerce Department, beat analysts’ expectations of a 0.4 percent gain.

    The rise came as sales rose 1.3 percent, the best showing in nine months and more than double the 0.5 percent November sales gain. The gain pushed stockpiles to $473.9 billion, 22.5 percent above their 2009 lows.

    Strong inventory growth was a major factor boosting growth in the final three months of the year, but this trend is expected to slow in the early part of this year. That is a major reason economists are looking for slower overall economic growth in the current January-March period.

    Companies tend to build their inventories when they expect stronger sales. Economists believe businesses will keep building inventories in 2012. But they expect the pace to slow from the fourth quarter growth.

    Consumer spending was flat in December and the savings rate increased. Wages failed to keep pace with inflation in 2011. If that trend continues, consumers could pull back even further.

    For the entire article:

    • March 09, 2012

      Remarks by the President on Manufacturing and the Economy

      Rolls-Royce Crosspointe
      Petersburg, Virginia

      12:57 P.M. EST

      THE PRESIDENT: Hello, Virginia! (Applause.) Thank you so much. Thank you, everybody. Wow, what a unbelievable crowd. Everybody, please have a seat — if you have one. (Laughter.)

      Well, thank you, James, for that rousing introduction and letting me hang out a little bit with your workers. We’ve got a few other folks I want to acknowledge: The Governor of the great Commonwealth of Virginia, Bob McDonnell, is here. (Applause.) Outstanding Congressman Bobby Scott is in the house. (Applause.) We’ve got your Mayor, Brian Moore. (Applause.) And I want to very much say thank you to our outstanding Secretary of Commerce, Secretary Bryson, who was here and he is doing great work trying to create jobs and investment and opportunity all across the country. (Applause.)

      It is great to be back in Petersburg. (Applause.) Last time I was here was during the campaign. I had my bus pull over so I could get a cheeseburger — (laughter) — at Longstreet’s Deli. (Applause.) You guys have eaten there. (Laughter.) Some of you may think this violates Michelle’s Let’s Move program — (laughter) — but she gives me a pass when it comes to a good burger — (laughter) — and fries.

      Now, back then, in 2008, we were talking about how working Americans were already having a tough go of it. Folks were working harder and longer for less. It was getting tougher to afford health care or to send your kids to college. The economy was already shedding jobs, and in less than a decade, nearly one in three manufacturing jobs had vanished. Then the bottom fell out of the economy, and things got that much tougher. We were losing 700,000 to 800,000 jobs a month. The economy was hemorrhaging.

      And three and a half years later, we’re still recovering from the worst economic crisis in our lifetimes. And we’ve got a lot of work to do before everybody who wants a good job can find one, before middle-class folks regain that sense of security that had been slipping away even before the recession hit, and before towns like Petersburg get fully back on their feet.

      For the entire article:

      But here’s the good news: Over the past two years, our businesses have added nearly 4 million new jobs. (Applause.) We just found out that last month in February we added 233,000 private sector jobs. (Applause.) More companies are bringing jobs back and investing in America. And manufacturing is adding jobs for the first time since the 1990s. (Applause.) We just had another good month last month in terms of adding manufacturing jobs. And this facility is part of the evidence of what’s going on all across the country. This company is about to hire more than 200 new workers — 140 of them right here in Petersburg, Virginia. (Applause.)

      So the economy is getting stronger. And when I come to places like this, and I see the work that’s being done, it gives me confidence there are better days ahead. I know it because I would bet on American workers and American know-how any day of the week. (Applause.)

      For the entire article:

    • March 09, 2012

      President Obama to Announce New Efforts to Support Manufacturing Innovation, Encourage Insourcing

      Administration Proposes New National Network to Support Manufacturing, Takes Immediate Action to Create a Pilot Manufacturing Institute

      On Friday, President Obama will continue to highlight the successful trend of insourcing – companies from around the world bringing jobs back and making new investments here in the United States – at the Rolls-Royce Crosspointe jet engine disc manufacturing facility in Prince George County, Virginia. The President’s Blueprint for An Economy Built to Last lays out a number of ways we can encourage insourcing, support investment in our manufacturing sector, and create good jobs here in the United States, and today’s announcements build on those efforts.

      The President will announce a new proposal for a National Network for Manufacturing Innovation, to build a network of up to fifteen Institutes for Manufacturing Innovation around the country, serving as regional hubs of manufacturing excellence that will help to make our manufacturers more competitive and encourage investment in the United States. The President’s Budget proposes a $1 billion investment to create this new National Network for Manufacturing Innovation.

      The President will also announce that the Administration will take immediate steps to launch a pilot institute for manufacturing innovation as part of its We Can’t Wait efforts. The pilot institute will be funded from $45 million of existing resources from the Departments of Defense, Energy, and Commerce and the National Science Foundation, and will be selected from a competitive application process.

      For the entire article:

  14. Bonuses eliminated for Fannie, Freddie bosses

    3/09/12 By Vicki Needham – TheHill

    A federal housing regulator for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will eliminate bonuses and cap pay for top executives at the mortgage giants in response to pressure from lawmakers to reduce compensation.

    The Federal Housing Finance Agency said the plan nixes performance-based packages and limits salaries to $500,000 for 70 top employees, including two new chief executives being recruited to take over the government-controlled firms, which is well below previous levels.

    For the entire article:

  15. Apple to build $304 million campus in Texas, add 3,600 jobs

    3/9/12 Poornima Gupta – Reuters – 50 mins ago

    (Reuters) – Apple Inc is expanding its presence in Texas with a $304 million investment to build a new campus in Austin, which will add 3,600 jobs over the next decade, more than doubling its workforce in the city.

    The Cupertino, California, consumer device giant already employs thousands in Austin, whose tasks include handling customer complaints and support.

    “Our operations in Austin has grown dramatically over the past decade from less than 1,000 in 2004 to more than 3,500 today,” Apple spokesman Steve Dowling said.

    Apple plans to add jobs in customer support, sales and accounting.

    The company is receiving an investment of $21 million over 10 years from a state fund and also possible incentives from Austin and Travis County, according to Texas Governor Rick Perry, who announced the news on Friday.

  16. Calif jobless rate dips to lowest level since 2009

    3/9/12 By DON THOMPSON | Associated Press – 6 mins ago

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California’s unemployment rate fell below 11 percent in January for the first time in nearly three years, signaling a continued gradual improvement in the state’s economy, officials said Friday.

    The jobless rate of 10.9 percent is three-tenths of a percentage point drop from December’s adjusted rate of 11.2 percent, according to the state Employment Development Department.

    California’s unemployment rate has not been below 11 percent since April 2009, when it also was 10.9 percent.

    January was the fifth consecutive month in which the employment rate has dropped. It fell a full percentage point during that period.

    “It looks like we’re going in the right direction,” department spokesman Kevin Callori said. “It just looks like, overall, things are looking better.”

    Nonfarm payroll jobs decreased by 5,200 in January from adjusted December figures. December job growth was revised upward, from 10,700 to a revised 38,500 based on better data from that period.

    Overall, the state has gained jobs for seven straight months, despite the downward adjustment in January based on revised December numbers, Callori said. January marks the state’s highest employment level since February of 2009.

    “It’s a slow drop in the jobless rate, but any drop is certainly good. What we’ve been seeing is an increase in employment nationwide, and that includes California,” said Jerry Nickelsburg, a senior economist at the University of California, Los Angeles.

    For the entire article:

  17. 2:45 PM EST
    First Lady Michelle Obama is joined by New Hampshire First Lady Dr. Susan Lynch for a ‘Let’s Move’ event
    Penacook Community Center, Concord, New Hampshire

    • March 09, 2012

      Remarks by the First Lady at Let’s Move! Event

      Penacook Community College
      Penacook, New Hampshire

      3:45 P.M. EST

      MRS. OBAMA: Thank you, everyone. (Applause.) Thanks so much. Rest yourselves, because you’ve been working hard to make this community healthy. You deserve a little sitting down. Even as we talk about Let’s Move you can rest. (Laughter.)

      It is so wonderful to be here. And I want to start by thanking Dr. Lynch, not just for that kind introduction, but for all of the wonderful work, the leadership, the expertise that she is bringing to this state. Just listening to her talk backstage, it is such an advantage to have someone so knowledgeable and aware of these issues at the front lines.

      You have a First Lady that understands that health, good health, is the kind of prevention that can change lives, that can change the whole status of communities. And one of the reasons why we’re here is that New Hampshire is a model — the entire state — for what we want to see happening all across this country. So please, let’s give another round of applause to your First Lady. (Applause.) Great work. And she could not do what she does without leadership on the ground.

      Mayor Jim Bouley, thank you so much for being here, for the work that you’re doing. It’s tremendous. And I also have to thank Deb Cuddahy, as well. We had some fun times together. I got blue yogurt on my pants. (Laughter.) A little dirt on my knees. But the kids are amazing. Thank you and your entire staff for hosting us here today.

      I have to point out that all of these decorations were done by the kids from the center. Correct? Amazing. They are just incredible. We had apples and White House honey and yogurt. (Laughter.) We answered a couple of questions. Someone wanted to know if the President was still alive. (Laughter.) I assured him — (laughter) — I assured the young man that he was in fact alive and well. (Laughter.) I love kids. I mean, we could have talked — Susan and I, we could have spent the entire afternoon with them. They are adorable and they are enthusiastic. They are embracing these concepts. We were working on developing MyPlates and they were picking out their proteins and their vegetables — and they were eating them. (Laughter.) I know, parents, they were eating them — (laughter) — the White House honey, yogurt, apples, bananas. It was just wonderful. So, Deb, thank you. Thank you to the whole team here.

      And of course, I want to thank everybody who has taken the time to be here. You all are here for a very important reason. Everything that you just heard from Mayor Bouley, everything that Dr. Lynch is working on, and everything that I’ve seen here at Penacook Community Center all are perfect examples of what we’re trying to accomplish with Let’s Move. We want to show what can happen when communities come together and take action on behalf of our children’s health — because, really, that’s the bottom line. We all care about our kids — every one of us. Regardless of where you live or what you do, we care about our kids, and we want them to be the healthiest that they can possibly be.

      For the entire article:

  18. 4:00 PM EST
    First Lady Michelle Obama speaks at campaign reception at The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, Massachusetts

  19. 6:00 PM EST
    First Lady Michelle Obama speaks at campaign dinner at The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, Massachusetts

    • March 09, 2012

      Remarks by the First Lady at a Campaign Event

      Boston, Massachusetts

      6:05 P.M. EST

      MRS. OBAMA: Thank you all so much. (Applause.) Oh, my goodness. All right, you guys are fired up, right? My work here is done tonight. No, just kidding. (Laughter.) You all, please, rest yourselves. Thank you so much. It is truly a pleasure and an honor to be here with all of you.

      I’ve got so many — so much of my history here. We’ve got — I’ve got former mentees, I’ve got former staff. We got former White House staff, classmates. This has just been just a wonderful reunion in so many ways. But I want to start by thanking Barbara for that very kind introduction and for the outstanding work that she is doing every day to empower women all across this country. Let’s give her a round of applause. (Applause.) She’s amazing.

      And I am thrilled to be in this magnificent museum. I am so glad that we’re doing this here. Contemporary art is something that we care passionately about, so it’s wonderful to be able to be in this magnificent space, although I will only see the kitchen — (laughter) — and the service entrance. But I’ve heard it’s a really pretty building. (Laughter.)

      I also want to recognize the extraordinary women that you all heard from earlier today — Nancy, Stephanie, Jessica, Paula, Liz — you guys, thank you so much for being with us this evening. (Applause.) I hear they had a lot of good things to say. (Laughter.) It’s good stuff.

      And of course, I want to give a big shout out to Marianne Karmel and all of our host committee for their wonderful work in making this evening such a terrific success. (Applause.) And finally, I want to thank all of you, truly — thank you for your support. Thank you for being here with us this evening. It means so much.

      And I know that there is a reason why you are all here — and it’s not just to see me. (Laughter.) You can see me on Ellen. (Laughter.) But you’re here because you know that we stand at a fundamental crossroads for our country. You’re here because you know that in less than a year from now — and the clock is ticking — we are going to make a choice that will impact our lives for decades to come.

      And I know that you are here because you know that choice will not just affect all of us, but it’s going to affect our children, our grandchildren, for some of us, our great grandchildren, and the world we leave for them long after we’re gone.

      And that is truly why I am here today. And I’m going to be out there all over the country as much as I can. I’m in this for our children, for our future.

      For the entire article:

  20. 6:50 PM EST
    President Obama attends a fundraiser
    “A Reception with President Barack Obama”
    Houston, TX; Undisclosed location

    • March 09, 2012

      Remarks by the President at a Campaign Event

      Minute Maid Park
      Houston, Texas

      6:58 P.M. CST

      THE PRESIDENT: Hello, Texas! (Applause.) Oh, it is good to be back in Houston. (Applause.) The weather wasn’t quite cooperating. (Laughter.) But we got here. And so did you.

      We’ve got some wonderful folks here, but first of all, can everybody please give Debra Jones a big round of applause for the wonderful introduction. (Applause.)

      We have in the house your outstanding Mayor, Annise Parker. (Applause.) We’ve got Congressman Gene Green. (Applause.) We’ve got Congressman Al Green. He’s the one who taught me how to sing. (Laughter.) We’ve got Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. (Applause.) And we have all of you. (Applause.)

      It is good to be in this facility. As a White Sox fan, I have fond memories of this facility.

      AUDIENCE: Booo — (laughter.)

      THE PRESIDENT: I want to thank Jim Crane for helping to make it available. And I want to thank all of you for being part of this thing here today.

      AUDIENCE MEMBER: I love you!

      THE PRESIDENT: I love you back. (Applause.)

      So I’m here today not just because I need your help. I’m here because the country needs your help. There was a reason why so many of you worked your hearts out back in 2008. It wasn’t because you thought it was going to be easy. After all, you decided to support a candidate named Barack Obama. (Applause.) You knew that wasn’t going to be a sure thing. (Laughter.)

      You didn’t join the campaign just because of me. You joined it because of your commitment to each other. You joined it because you had a common vision for America. Not a vision where everybody is left to fend for themselves; it was a vision where everyone who works hard has a chance to get ahead — not just those at the very top, but everybody.

      That’s the vision that we shared. That’s the change that we believed in. And we knew it wouldn’t come easy. We knew it wouldn’t come quickly. We knew problems had been building up for decades. But, I tell you what, in just three years, because of what you did, we’ve begun to see what change looks like. (Applause.)

      Change is the first bill I signed into law that says women deserve an equal day’s pay for an equal day’s work. (Applause.) Our daughters should be treated just the same and have the same opportunities as our sons.

      Change is the decision that we made that Debra alluded to, to rescue the American auto industry, save it from collapse, even when some politicians were saying let’s let Detroit go bankrupt. With 1 million jobs on the line, I wasn’t going to let that happen. And today, GM is back as the number automaker in the world, reporting the highest profits in its history. (Applause.) And with 200,000 new jobs created in the last two and a half years, the American auto industry is back. (Applause.) That’s what change is. That happened because of you. (Applause.)

      Change is the decision that we made to stop waiting for Congress to do something about our oil addiction and finally raise our fuel-efficiency standards. And by the next decade, we will be driving American-made cars that are getting 55 miles a gallon, and that saves American families about $8,000 at the pump. (Applause.) That’s what change is. That happened because of you.

      Change is the fight we won to stop handing over $60 billion in taxpayer subsidies to banks in the student loan program, give that money directly to students, and as a consequence millions of young people all across the country are getting help that they didn’t have before. (Applause.)

      For the entire article:

  21. 8:50 PM EST
    President Obama attends a fundraiser
    “A Dinner with President Barack Obama”
    Houston, TX; Private residence

    • March 10, 2012

      Remarks by the President at a Campaign Event

      Private Residence
      Houston, Texas
      March 9, 2012

      8:52 P.M. CST

      THE PRESIDENT: Well, it is wonderful to see all of you here today. I just want to, first of all, obviously thank Tony and Dina. They have been great friends for a very long time. In fact, the first time I met Tony, I was still in law school and Tony was an alum, and he came back to law school and he was a big cheese, and important, and — but he was willing to shake my hand and — (laughter) — couldn’t really pronounce my name — (laughter.) But he was very nice to me, and I will never forget that. And we’ve been great friends ever since. So I’m so grateful to him.

      I want to acknowledge somebody who has also been a good friend for a long time and did a lot of work for this — Rodney Ellis, outstanding state senator. (Applause.) State Representative Garnet Coleman is in the house. (Applause.)

      And so many of you — as we were looking around the room, folks here, there are folks who, first Houston event, second Houston event — (laughter) — I mean, I’ve just got — they’re dispersed throughout the crowd. But we just have a lot of good friends here.

      And I also want to acknowledge, by the way, Mayor White is here, and the — (applause) — just want to thank him for the great work that he has done.

      I want to spend most of my time just interacting and answering questions. So I’m going to keep my remarks at the top relatively brief.

      We’ve obviously gone through three of the toughest years that any of us can recall — worst financial crisis, worst economic crisis in our lifetimes. And yet, three years later, we can look then and look now and say to ourselves that we have made progress. When I took office, we were losing 800,000 jobs a month. We found out last month that we created another 233,000 jobs, which gets us close to 4 million jobs created over the last two years — (applause) — the strongest manufacturing growth since the 1990s.

      We’re obviously still in the midst of a lot of struggles for a lot of people, but the trend lines are good. And the reason is because so many of you believed in the same vision that I believe in: an America where if you work hard, if you take responsibility, if you’re willing to apply yourself, you can make it if you try here, no matter what you look like, no matter where you come from, no matter what your name. And that was the premise of our campaign back in 2008. Part of what I think allowed us to be successful against some very long odds was, at its core, our campaign reaffirmed our basic faith and confidence and optimism in America.

      And it’s that optimism that has carried me through these difficult three years, because everywhere I go I meet people who, despite hardship, despite losing a job, despite a plant closing in town, people are resilient and they come back and they’re not willing to quit or say no. And that’s what’s really carried me through. And because of that enormous decency at the core of the American people, I’m confident that we’re going to be able to keep moving over the next year, the next five years, the next 10 years, the next 20 years.

      But our ability to bounce back and then thrive is also going to depend on some choices that we make right now. And as important as 2008 was, I think this election is even more important. Because very rarely are you going to see such a stark choice about how one party sees the country and where we need to go and how the other party sees the country and where we need to go.

      For the entire article:

  22. WH

    Saturday, March 10 , 2012

    All Times Eastern

    12:45 AM
    President Obama arrives Joint Base Andrews.

    1:00 AM
    President Obama arrives the White House.

    2:00 AM
    3:00 AM
    4:00 AM
    5:00 AM
    6:00 AM

    President Obama receives the presidential daily briefing

    7:00 AM
    8:00 AM
    9:00 AM
    10:00 AM
    11:00 AM
    12:00 PM
    1:00 PM
    2:00 PM
    3:00 PM
    4:00 PM
    5:00 PM
    6:00 PM
    7:00 PM
    8:00 PM
    9:00 PM
    10:00 PM

  23. Big Labor plots 2012 revenge


    Labor unions wounded by a GOP-led war on collective bargaining rights are plotting their revenge.

    Top labor leaders say they expect to spend more than ever before on both state and federal contests this year. And if recent elections are any indicator, unions could drop more than $450 million, which they reportedly doled out in the 2008 election.

    Even in an age of billionaire-backed super PACs, that’s the kind of money that could have a major impact on a fight, particularly at the state and local-level, where unions plan to focus their attention.

    The union playbook: safeguard Democratic governors’ seats, flip state legislatures and hamstring anti-union ballot initiatives.

    “I think that the labor movement as a whole will be stepping up, and that will mean in this post-Citizens United world, having to spend more resources in this cycle,” said AFL-CIO political director Michael Podhorzer. But more cash going to state and local elections won’t come at the expense of federal races, he added.

    “This is a period of crisis for workers and the labor movement has to step up and be present at all levels of government to protect workers.”

    Top labor operatives say they’re still mapping out their strategies for 2012 with state and local affiliates, but here’s an early look at states and races where some of the biggest unions are planning to strike:

    * Enemy No. 1: Scott Walker
    * Helping Dem Govs. hold on
    * Flip state legislatures
    * State ballot fights
    * Local ballot fights

    For the entire article:

  24. March 10, 2012

    WEEKLY ADDRESS: Investing in a Clean Energy Future

    Remarks of President Barack Obama
    Petersburg, Virginia’

    Hi, everybody. I’m speaking to you this week from a factory in Petersburg, Virginia, where they’re bringing on more than 100 new workers to build parts for the next generation of jet engines.

    It’s a story that’s happening more frequently across the country. Our businesses just added 233,000 jobs last month – for a total of nearly four million new jobs over the last two years. More companies are choosing to bring jobs back and invest in America. Manufacturing is adding jobs for the first time since the 1990s, and we’re building more things to sell to the rest of the world stamped with three proud words: Made in America.

    And it’s not just that we’re building stuff. We’re building better stuff. The engine parts manufactured here in Petersburg will go into next-generation planes that are lighter, faster, and more fuel-efficient.

    That last part is important. Because whether you’re paying for a plane ticket, or filling up your gas tank, technology that helps us get more miles to the gallon is one of the easiest ways to save money and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

    The recent spike in gas prices has been another painful reminder of why we have to invest in this technology. As usual, politicians have been rolling out their three-point plans for two-dollar gas: drill, drill, and drill some more. Well, my response is, we have been drilling. Under my Administration, oil production in America is at an eight-year high. We’ve quadrupled the number of operating oil rigs, and opened up millions of acres for drilling.

    But you and I both know that with only 2% of the world’s oil reserves, we can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices – not when consume 20 percent of the world’s oil. We need an all-of-the-above strategy that relies less on foreign oil and more on American-made energy – solar, wind, natural gas, biofuels, and more.

    That’s the strategy we’re pursuing. It’s why I went to a plant in North Carolina earlier this week, where they’re making trucks that run on natural gas, and hybrid trucks that go further on a single tank.

    For the entire article:

  25. Starting from Golden Gate, Dream Act students make election statement in cross-country walk

    3/9/12 By Matt O’Brien – bayareanewsgroup

    As they step onto the Golden Gate Bridge on Saturday to begin an eight-month walk across the country, undocumented student activists hope to inject the Dream Act into the heart of the 2012 presidential race.

    Empowered by a long-fought campaign for citizenship and disappointed by its crashing 2010 defeat, young illegal immigrants around the country are using a variety of tactics to keep their mission in the election limelight.

    Some are stalking Republican front-runner Mitt Romney on the campaign trail, where they were escorted out of a Boston hotel ballroom after shouting “Veto Romney! Not the Dream Act!” during his Super Tuesday speech. Another group is launching a less-confrontational strategy from the Bay Area this weekend.

    The team of four — three of them illegal immigrants — will cross by foot through 13 states. They hope to reach the National Mall just days before the November election.

    “We’re going through these rural communities in America. We really want to change minds, change hearts,” said Lucas da Silva, 23, whose parents brought him to the United States from Brazil when he was a year old.

    The Florida resident’s story is a familiar one in the decadelong campaign for the Dream Act, a bill that would allow the youths to become legal residents if they graduate from college or join the military.

    And with the debate over America’s estimated 11 million illegal immigrants likely to play a role in the election, da Silva hopes some will hear his side as he walks 10 hours a day, from town to town, talking to anyone who will listen.

    Rude awakening
    When he was a teenager, da Silva woke up one morning, rushed into his parents’ bedroom and eagerly told them he was ready to get his driver’s permit. They looked at each other before breaking the news.

    “I had grown up thinking I was completely American, and then all of a sudden my parents told me I wasn’t,” he said.

    Romney has pledged to veto the Dream Act if it falls on his desk, while President Barack Obama has endorsed it but was unable to persuade a Democrat-led Congress to pass it just before Republicans took control. The House of Representatives passed the legislation in December 2010 but it fell short of the 60 votes it needed in the Senate.

    “Obviously, Mitt Romney is taking more of a tough stance on immigration than some of his opponents have taken. It’s going to be difficult for certain Latinos to cast that vote” for him, said Hector Barajas, a Sacramento political consultant whom Romney tapped for his national Hispanic Steering Committee. Polls show about 90 percent of the Latino electorate, a critical voting bloc, supports the Dream Act.

    For the entire article:

  26. President Obama watching hoops

    3/10/12 3:17 PM EST POLITICO44

    President Obama watched his daughter Sasha play basketball in Chevy Chase, Md., Saturday afternoon. The presidential motorcade left the White House just before 2.30 p.m., according to pool reports.

  27. I have been reading some funny stuff in The Onion, but reality is even funnier:

    Deaniac reports:

    The GOP has a new enemy in their fight to stop jobs from being created: the weather! After news that the economy is escaping GOP’s death grip with momentum on the side of jobs thanks to the leadership of President Obama, the RNC held a conference call for reporters. They spun the good news every which way possible to make it look like bad news, but this has to take the cake:

    “In a conference call with reporters hosted by the RNC, economist Douglas Holtz Eakin …. expressed concern that the jobs numbers were being inflated by an unusually warm winter, which allows more construction work and encourages more shopping….”

    • Now that we know THE WEATHER leans Democratic, we know how to interpret news like this:

      February was another month in the wilderness for Republicans, and another great month for the economic recovery. February’s strong jobs numbers – 233,000 jobs created in the private sector and 227,000 net – continue the strong jobs recovery as a result of President Obama’s policies. And finally, after 24 full months of continuous private sector job creation – with 4 million jobs created in that time – economists say that the pace of the job creation represents the economy starting to roar, coming out of the ditch Republicans put us in. It’s reaching, they say, escape velocity….

      Don’t they understand that pleasant sunny days created those 4,000,000 jobs, not Democrats in office, Americans willing to invest in our country’s recovery, and the leadership of an extraordinary President?

  28. WH

    Sunday, March 11, 2012

    All Times Eastern

    President Obama receives the presidential daily briefing

    7:00 AM
    8:00 AM
    9:00 AM
    10:00 AM
    11:00 AM
    12:00 PM
    1:00 PM
    2:00 PM
    3:00 PM
    4:00 PM
    5:00 PM
    6:00 PM
    7:00 PM
    8:00 PM
    9:00 PM
    10:00 PM

  29. day_light_savings_time

    Time Change

    If you live in the U.S.—except Hawaii or most of Arizona—set your clocks forward one hour on March 11.

  30. Sunday talk show tip sheet

    3/8/12 By ZACK HALE – POLITICO44

    (Democratic excerpts only)

    NBC hosts a debate on politics and the economy between Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, and Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, chairman of the Republican Governors Association. And Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) joins the regular Sunday political roundtable discussion.

    CBS also has former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, now a senior adviser to President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign, and Fox also has Arizona Sen. John McCain, the 2008 GOP presidential nominee.

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) sits down on CNN’s “State of the Union” to discuss the Democratic congressional agenda. And former House Majority Leader Dick Gephardt (D-Mo.) and Forbes Media Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Steve Forbes – both former presidential candidates – assess this race for the White House.

    ABC’s “This Week” also talks presidential and congressional politics with Sens. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.).

    And Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin (D-Mich.) is interviewed on C-SPAN’s “Newsmakers” by USA Today’s Jim Michaels and Reuters’s Jim Wolf.

    Finally, TV One’s “Washington Watch” chats with Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.). And Univision’s Al Punto interviews Vice President Joe Biden.

    For the entire article:

  31. March 09, 2012

    Statement by the President on the One Year Anniversary of 3/11 in Japan

    As we mark one year since the catastrophic earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disasters in Japan, Michelle and I join all Americans in honoring the memory of the 19,000 victims lost or missing. We continue to be inspired by the Japanese people, who faced unimaginable loss with extraordinary fortitude. Their resilience and determination to rebuild stronger than before is an example for us all.

    Since the first moments of the disaster, the United States mobilized to help our friends in Japan. At the peak of Operation Tomodachi—our single, largest bilateral military operation with Japan ever—the Department of Defense had 24,000 personnel, 190 aircraft, and 24 Navy ships supporting humanitarian assistance and disaster relief efforts. One year later, we remain committed to assist the people of Japan to rebuild. This effort, led by the Japanese government, has benefitted from the compassion of the American people, who in difficult economic times have given generously to help. Today, U.S. experts continue to support Japan’s ongoing efforts to deal with the challenges associated with Fukushima, and the TOMODACHI public-private partnership is investing in the next generation to strengthen cultural and economic ties. We are grateful for the contributions of Americans, civilian and military, who have joined with people from around the world to support Japan’s recovery.

    For the entire article:

    • March 09, 2012

      Statement by the Vice President on the One Year Anniversary of 3/11 in Japan

      On Sunday we will mark the first anniversary of the terrible disaster that shook an island, surged an ocean and cracked a reactor in the Tohoku region of Japan. As we remember the nearly 16,000 lives that were lost and the 3,000 still missing, we also honor the Japanese people, who over the past year have reminded the world that the human spirit is as formidable as the forces of nature, particularly when we join together in trying times.

      I had the privilege of visiting Japan five months after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. The survivors I met in Natori and Sendai made clear to me that the disaster met its match in the resilience and fortitude of the Japanese people. While struck by the scale of the devastation, I also witnessed remarkable and inspiring progress in rebuilding homes, schools, and workplaces.

      The American people were proud and honored to assist Japan, just as Japan has done for countless others around the world, in their times of need. Within hours of the disaster, we launched an unprecedented civilian and military relief effort – Operation Tomodachi. In Sendai, I visited an airport that had been flooded and later became a home to more than 1,000 weary survivors with nowhere else to go. A week after the tsunami, Japanese and American forces reopened a runway, allowing the arrival of hundreds of relief workers and more than two million tons of humanitarian supplies.

      We are proud to have continued our support over the past year. As Japan rebuilds, America will stand with them as long as it takes. We join the Japanese people today in honoring the memories of those lost as they continue to work for a better future.

    • Dempsey Reaffirms U.S.-Japan Alliance at Earthquake Anniversary Event

      March 6, 2012 By Lisa Daniel – American Forces Press Service

      WASHINGTON,– As the first anniversary of the earthquake that devastated Japan’s northeast region approaches, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff yesterday reaffirmed the U.S.-Japan partnership, saying it grew stronger in the face of adversity.

      “We have a saying: adversity doesn’t build character, it reveals it,” Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey said at a reception at the Japanese Embassy here last night. The event was held to thank Americans for their support following the March 11, 2011, earthquake and to highlight reconstruction efforts.

      “The character that has been revealed in the Japanese people and the Japanese defense forces — it’s probably the best thing that could come out of that kind of disaster,” Dempsey said. The chairman noted that, “while we recognize the goodness that comes out of these shared trials, there also is the sadness of all the people lost.”

      Dempsey thanked Japanese Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki and the Japanese people for their enduring partnership and friendship, following a flutist playing the Star Spangled Banner and the showing of a video of the earthquake and reconstruction efforts.

      “I have the real privilege of representing all the American armed forces and their family members who, really on this day, just want to tell the Japanese people — our long-term partners and friends — that we are so proud of you, after going through that kind of disaster,” Dempsey said. “It’s hard to imagine, really, the strength and resilience you have shown.”

      The chairman said he spoke earlier this week with his Japanese counterpart to express his condolences for the earthquake and reaffirm the bilateral partnership.

      “It’s to all of you who have been involved in the Pacific … that I will tell you, ‘thanks,’” he said. “And, to our Japanese brothers and sisters, we simply say the word that best defines us in this moment, and that is, tomodachi.”

      Tomodachi, or friend, is the name of a nonprofit organization the U.S. and Japanese governments created following “Operation Tomodachi,” the U.S.-Japanese military relief efforts following the earthquake and subsequent tsunami.

      The disaster killed more than 15,400 people and destroyed coastal villages, towns and cities in the Tohoku region. The U.S. military sent 20 ships, including the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, almost 20,000 personnel, and huge amounts of supplies and heavy equipment.

  32. Last US sneaker manufacturer wants to maintain balance in new trade pact

    3/10/12 By Vicki Needham – TheHill

    The last U.S. manufacturer of athletic shoes is working with a coalition of lawmakers to convince trade officials to preserve footwear duties in an Asia-Pacific agreement that they say will allow them to continue operating on American soil.

    New Balance, which still produces about 25 percent or 7 million pairs of shoes here, and a group of New England lawmakers are insistent that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) maintain about 20 duties they argue will protect five U.S. factories from closing and moving overseas — three in Maine and two in Massachusetts.

    The push comes amid opposition within the footwear industry, which operates largely outside the United States, and wants to see the tariffs on shoes either eliminated or phased-out within the trade agreement.

    “We’re not asking for special treatment,” Matt LeBretton, who heads up the government affairs team at New Balance, told The Hill.

    “We want a carve-out of the tariffs for the products we’re making here, we aren’t asking for special subsidies or tax incentives,” LeBretton said.

    Eliminating or phasing-out the tariffs would “decimate” what is left of the industry, he said.

    LeBretton said the tariffs allow the firm to compete against much cheaper imported shoes, especially from Vietnam, in an already highly competitive industry.

    For the entire article:

  33. Afghanistan statement

    3/11/12 2:05 PM POLITICO44

    President Obama made this statement Sunday on the slaying of 16 Afghan civilians by a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan:

    “I am deeply saddened by the reported killing and wounding of Afghan civilians. I offer my condolences to the families and loved ones of those who lost their lives, and to the people of Afghanistan, who have endured too much violence and suffering. This incident is tragic and shocking, and does not represent the exceptional character of our military and the respect that the United States has for the people of Afghanistan. I fully support Secretary Panetta’s and General Allen’s commitment to get the facts as quickly as possible and to hold accountable anyone responsible.”


    Talking to Karzai

    3/11/12 3:11 PM EDT POLITICO44

    The White House issued this statement: “President Obama called President Karzai to express his shock and sadness at the reported killing and wounding of Afghan civilians. President Obama extended his condolences to the people of Afghanistan, and made clear his Administration’s commitment to establish the facts as quickly as possible and to hold fully accountable anyone responsible. The President reaffirmed our deep respect for the Afghan people and the bonds between our two countries.”

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