Commissioning of United States Coast Guard Cutter STRATTON (USCGC STRATTON)

First Lady welcomes newest cutter

3/31/12 Posted by: LT Connie Braesch –
Coast Guard Cutter Stratton was honored to have First Lady Michelle Obama, the ship’s sponsor, welcome it into service. With her name carved into the keel, Obama participated in the commissioning ceremony – placing the cutter into active service and ceremonially giving the order to bring the ship to life. All the more fitting way to end a month spent celebrating the accomplishments and contributions of women to our nation.

“No matter what this country asks of you, you always step up to answer the call,” said Obama to the Coast Guard men and women attending the commissioning ceremony. “Always. So it is fitting that all of you are here today, because it is that ethic of service that defined the life of this cutter’s namesake, Capt. Dorothy Stratton.”

As Capt. Stratton did 70 years ago for women, Cutter Stratton will do for the Coast Guard’s operational future.

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  1. WH

    Friday, March 30 , 2012

    All Times Eastern

    Vice President Biden will be in Wilmington, Delaware, with no public events scheduled.

    7:00 AM
    8:00 AM
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    President Obama departs the White House en route Joint Base Andrews.
    South Lawn
    Open Press

    10:00 AM
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    President Obama departs Joint Base Andrews en route Burlington, Vt.
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    11:00 AM
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    President Obama arrives Burlington, Vt.
    Burlington Air National Guard Base
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    12:00 PM
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    The President delivers remarks at a campaign event
    Burlington, Sheraton Burlington Hotel, Vermont
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    President Obama delivers remarks at a campaign.
    Burlington, University of Vermont, Vermont
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    President Obama departs Burlington, Vt. en route Portland, Maine.
    Burlington Air National Guard Base
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    President Obama arrives Portland, Maine.
    Portland International Jetport
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    President Obama delivers remarks at a campaign event.
    Maine, Portland, Southern Maine Community College
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    6:00 PM
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    First Lady Michelle Obama attends an event
    featuring the launch of “Families for Obama!”
    California Academy of Sciences
    San Francisco, CA

    7:20 PM
    President Obama delivers remarks at a campaign event.
    Maine, Portland, Portland Museum of Art
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    President Obama departs Portland, Maine, en route Joint Base Andrews.
    Portland International Jetport
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    PresidentObama arrives at Joint Base Andrews.
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    10:20 PM
    PresidentObama arrives at the White House.
    South Lawn
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  2. United States Coast Guard Cutter STRATTON


    On March 31, 2012 at ten o’clock, ceremonies for the commissioning of United States Coast Guard Cutter STRATTON (USCGC STRATTON) will begin. The commissioning ceremony marks not only a significant event in the ship’s life but, also marks the culmination of months of arduous labor for the crew. STRATTON’s crew is excited to see the fruits of their hard work celebrated and to officially place STRATTON in service to the United States.

    Commissioning a Coast Guard vessel is the act of placing a warship in active service. Today we prepare modern ships for service in a much different manner than the ships under sail of yesterday. However, we honor the traditions of the past through the commissioning ceremony. On Saturday, March 31st, in front of spectators from around the country, Captain Charles L. Cashin III will muster the crew on deck, read his orders, hoist the National Ensign and Commissioning Pennant with the permission of the Commandant of the Coast Guard, and set the first watch, officially placing USCGC STRATTON in commission.

    USCGC STRATTON is the first major cutter to bear the name of a female officer. Captain Dorothy C. Stratton was the first director of the Coast Guard’s Women’s Reserve, the SPARS. Captain Stratton is credited with naming the unit, SPARS. It is a contraction of the Coast Guard motto: Semper Paratus and its English translation, Always Ready. Much like the Navy WAVES or the Women’s Army Corps, during World War II, the SPARS engaged in support roles to allow more men to go to war. Today the United States Coast Guard is the only military branch to support women in every career field. STRATTON’s crew is 25% female and includes women serving in a variety of positions and ranks.

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  3. 2012 Arizona Congressional District Caucuses

    Saturday 31 March 2012: 70 of 79 delegates to the Democratic National Convention are pledged to presidential contenders based on the results of the voting in today’s Arizona Presidential Caucuses. A mandatory 15 percent threshold is required in order for a presidential contender to be allocated National Convention delegates at either the congressional district or statewide level.

  4. Obama event will be SRO – literally – when he hits the stage at UVM Friday

    Mar. 29, 2012 Sam Hemingway – birlingtonfreepress

    President Barack Obama will be greeted by a standing-room-only crowd — literally — when he speaks to several thousand supporters Friday afternoon at the University of Vermont’s multi-purpose facility.

    According to an emails sent to ticket holders for the event and obtained by the Burlington Free Press, the only chairs that will be available for attendees will be for elderly and disabled persons.

    “This is a standing reception,” the email said. “There will be very limited seating reserved only for elderly and disabled guests who need accommodations.”

    Tickets for the event are “completely sold out and there will be no tickets sold at the doors,” the email also said. Doors will open at 11:30 a.m. and people going to the event should be at the facility no later than 1 p.m. Doors to the building will be closed at 1:30 p.m.

    The Obama campaign has not disclosed how many tickets it sold to the UVM event. The facility has a maximum capacity of 5,500 but some space will taken up by a stage for the speech by Obama and for those who will be accompanying the president. Another area will reserved for reporters and TV cameras.

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  5. Maine prepares for presidential visit

    March 29, 2012

    SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine—Preparations are under way for a visit by President Barack Obama to Maine.

    The president on Friday will attend a pair of fundraisers, the first at Southern Maine Community College in South Portland, where it was moved to accommodate more supporters. Later, a private event with tickets starting at $5,000 will be held at the Portland Museum of Art. Both are sold out.

    The president last came to Maine for a family vacation to Acadia National Park in 2010, but first lady Michelle Obama visited the Portland waterfront last fall for a fundraiser.

  6. obama_new_balance_both_american_made

    New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. (NBAS)

    New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. (NBAS) , best known as simply New Balance, is an American footwear manufacturer based in Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America. It was founded in 1906 as the New Balance Arch Support Company. Eschewing expensive advertising campaigns, it has, nevertheless, grown to be one of the largest makers of sports footwear in the world.

    New Balance is notable in that it has continued to maintain a manufacturing presence in the United States

    • Last US sneaker manufacturer wants to maintain balance in new trade pact

      3/10/12 By Vicki Needham – TheHill

      The last U.S. manufacturer of athletic shoes is working with a coalition of lawmakers to convince trade officials to preserve footwear duties in an Asia-Pacific agreement that they say will allow them to continue operating on American soil.

      New Balance, which still produces about 25 percent or 7 million pairs of shoes here, and a group of New England lawmakers are insistent that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) maintain about 20 duties they argue will protect five U.S. factories from closing and moving overseas — three in Maine and two in Massachusetts.

      The push comes amid opposition within the footwear industry, which operates largely outside the United States, and wants to see the tariffs on shoes either eliminated or phased-out within the trade agreement.

      “We’re not asking for special treatment,” Matt LeBretton, who heads up the government affairs team at New Balance, told The Hill.

      “We want a carve-out of the tariffs for the products we’re making here, we aren’t asking for special subsidies or tax incentives,” LeBretton said.

      Eliminating or phasing-out the tariffs would “decimate” what is left of the industry, he said.

      LeBretton said the tariffs allow the firm to compete against much cheaper imported shoes, especially from Vietnam, in an already highly competitive industry.

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  7. StartUp America

    3 Day Startup

    The idea of 3 Day Startup is simple: start a technology company over the course of three days. We rent work space for an entire weekend, recruit 40 students with a wide range of backgrounds, cater food and drinks, invite top-notch entrepreneurs and investors, pick the best idea for a software startup during the Friday brainstorming session, and release a minimal prototype by Sunday night. The goal is to build enough momentum among a network of motivated people to sustain the company beyond the weekend. Sponsored by StartUp America

    Participants: Passionate students with an entrepreneurial drive, including Computer Science (PhD, MS, undergraduate), MBAs, law students, graphic designers, PR, business undergraduates, etc.

    Friday, March 30 at 2pm until Sunday, April 1 at 10pm

    Austin Technology Incubator
    3925 West Braker Lane
    Austin, Texas 78759

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  8. Congress approves 90-day highway bill, sends to Obama

    3/29/12 By Pete Kasperowicz and Keith Laing – TheHill

    The House on Thursday morning approved a 90-day extension of federal highway programs over the objections of angry Democrats. The Senate on Thursday afternoon also passed the extension. The bill will now go to President Obama. The White House has indicated the president wil sign the bill.

    The House approved its bill, H.R. 4281, in a 266-158 vote that saw 37 Democrats join all but 10 Republicans in passing it — a fair amount of bipartisanship given the bitter debate heard in the House throughout much of the week.

    Because the House plans to leave for recess at the end of Thursday, the Republican bill was daring Senate Democrats to reject the bill just days before federal authorization expires.The Senate however passed the measure, accepting a short-term solution leaders in the upper chamber vehemently opposed.

    The measure, H.R 4281, now goes to President Obama. It extends the current funding for road and transit projects until June 30, the ninth-such continuance of the last multi-year highway authorization that was approved by Congress, which expired in 2009.

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  9. March 29, 2012

    Statement by the Press Secretary on Senate Action on the Buffett Rule

    The President proposed the Buffett Rule to ensure a very basic principle of fairness: millionaires shouldn’t pay less in taxes as a share of their income than middle class families pay. The President believes our system must ask the wealthiest to pay their fair share, while protecting 98 percent of Americans from seeing their taxes go up at all. And we can’t accept the Ryan Republican approach that hands out massive tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans at the expense of investing in the things we need to grow our economy, create jobs and help the middle class. In the next few weeks, Members of Congress will get a chance to vote on the Buffett Rule, and show the American people whether they are willing to make sure the middle class gets a fair shake. We urge Members to vote for this common sense approach.

  10. Wisconsin set to launch first governor recall in a decade

    3/29/12 By Brendan O’Brien | Reuters – 7 mins ago

    MILWAUKEE (Reuters) – Wisconsin is set on Friday to launch a special election that could oust Republican Governor Scott Walker from office because of his support for a law stripping labor unions of power, the first recall election of a U.S. governor since California nearly a decade ago.

    Almost a million of Wisconsin’s 4.4 million voting-age population signed a petition to recall the controversial governor, nearly twice the number needed to force an election.

    Staff of the Wisconsin agency which manages elections said on Thursday that there were enough valid signatures to trigger the election, which is expected in May or June. The agency, the Government Accountability Board, will meet on Friday to formally certify the signatures and set the date.

    Not since California Democrat Gray Davis was booted from office in 2003 has the governor of a state faced such a revolt. In the case of California, voters cast ballots on whether to retain or oust Davis. Separately, the cast ballots on a new governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected.

    Wisconsin’s law is unusual because the vote will not be on whether to boot Walker, but between Walker and a Democratic opponent. Democrats must choose an opponent for Walker in a primary.

    The race could well be a rematch of the 2010 election, when Walker narrowly defeated Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. Barrett has not yet said if he will run.

    Shortly after taking office in 2011, Walker set off a firestorm when he championed a law to strip public sector unions of most of their powers.

    The law, passed last spring by the Republican-led legislature, forced public sector workers to pay part of the cost of health insurance and pension, and took away union power to negotiate wage increases beyond the level of inflation. But what most infuriated unions was a provision that required them to be recertified by a vote of membership every year, which threatened their existence.

    The law sparked weeks of pro-union protests at the capital in Madison and Senate Democrats fled the state in a futile attempt to stop the measure from becoming law.

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    • Our strategy to defeat Scott Walker


      Scott Walker’s strategy is simple: fly all over the country to undisclosed, ritzy locations, make a bunch of promises to powerful special interests in smoke filled rooms, and bag as much sleazy corporate cash as possible for television ads that try to cover up his disastrous agenda.

      His secretive plans have led to a corporate cash bonanza that has outspent us 12 to 1.

      Our strategy is different. We don’t have wealthy billionaires like Charles and David Koch donating unlimited sums of money to our campaign. We have something more powerful. We have you.

      That’s why I’m excited to invite you to ournationwide day of unity to defeat Scott Walker. Join us by clicking here. to host a United to Defeat Walker House Party on April 4th at 6:00 PM CDT and invite five of your friends.

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    • 3,000 Pounds of Petitions to Recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

      January 17, 2012 BY SEIU COMMUNICATIONS

      When organizers with United Wisconsin turned in 1 million signatures to the Government Accountability Board (GAB) to recall anti-worker crusader Governor Walker, the package weighed more than 3,000 pounds. The signatures represent the largest recall effort in the history of the U.S. and 185% of the signatures needed to trigger a recall of Walker.

      After the signatures are turned in, the GAB will have 60 days to verify the signatures, though they have requested additional time. After it is verified that United Wisconsin did submit the 540,208 necessary names, parties will have six weeks to hold a primary, followed by an additional four weeks until a general election would take place.

      Organizers will also turn in enough signatures targeting the Wisconsin Senate majority leader and three other GOP senators who rammed through the infamous anti-worker legislation last year.

  11. West Wing Week: 3/30/2012 or “I’ve Got Seoul” 42”

    Uploaded by whitehouse on Mar 29, 2012

    Welcome to the West Wing Week, your guide to everything that’s happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. This week, the President traveled to the Republic of Korea to attend a nuclear security summit where he also visited the DMZ, held a series of bilateral (and one trilateral) meetings, and gave a major address to students at Hankuk University. Back at home, the kitchen garden got underway with this year’s first planting.

    • President’s Management Advisory Board Meeting Part 1

      Uploaded by whitehouse on Mar 30, 2012

      The President’s Management Advisory Board is meeting with key government officials to review implementation of the Board’s 2011 recommendations on improving government performance and productivity; the Board will also consider which issues to focus on in 2012.

    • President’s Management Advisory Board Meeting Part 2

      Uploaded by whitehouse on Mar 30, 2012

      The President’s Management Advisory Board is meeting with key government officials to review implementation of the Board’s 2011 recommendations on improving government performance and productivity; the Board will also consider which issues to focus on in 2012.

    • President’s Management Advisory Board Meeting Part 3

      Uploaded by whitehouse on Mar 30, 2012

      The President’s Management Advisory Board is meeting with key government officials to review implementation of the Board’s 2011 recommendations on improving government performance and productivity; the Board will also consider which issues to focus on in 2012.

  12. February personal spending posts largest gain in 7 months

    3/30/12 Reuters – 1 hr 39 mins ago

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Consumer spending in February increased by the most in seven months even as income rose modestly, which could prompt analysts to scale back expectations of a sharp pull back in economic growth this quarter.

    The Commerce Department said on Friday consumer spending rose 0.8 percent, as households probably stepped up purchases of motor vehicles, despite a spike in gasoline prices.

    January’s spending was revised up to 0.4 percent from a previously reported 0.2 percent gain. Economists polled by Reuters had expected spending, which accounts for two-thirds of U.S. economic activity, to rise 0.6 percent last month.

    When adjusted for inflation, spending rose 0.5 percent, the largest gain since September, after gaining 0.2 percent in January. That could cause analysts to raise their forecasts for 2 percent first-quarter growth.

    The economy expanded at an annual rate of 3 percent in the final three months of 2011 as it got a boost from restocking by businesses, a stimulus that is expected to be lost this quarter.

    Consumer spending rose at a 2.1 percent rate in the fourth quarter and last month’s increase suggested consumers were taking surging gasoline prices in stride, and saving less to supplement their low income.

    Spending on goods meant to last more than three years rose 1.6 percent in February after advancing 1.4 percent the prior month. Spending on services rose 0.4 percent.

    Unseasonably warm weather had curbed demand for utilities in the prior months.

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  13. Consumer sentiment highest in over a year

    3/30/12 12 mins ago – Richard Leong – Reuters

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – Consumer confidence rebounded to its highest level in more than a year in March as optimism about jobs and income overcame higher prices at the gasoline pump, said a survey released on Friday.

    The Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan’s final March reading for the overall consumer sentiment index rose to 76.2, the highest since February 2011, from 75.3 in February.

    The final March figure rose from a preliminary reading of 74.3 and was above economists’ median forecasts of 74.7.

    “Consumer confidence edged upward as more favorable income and job trends offset rising gas prices,” survey director Richard Curtin said in a statement.

    The barometer of current economic conditions ended at 86.0 in March, also the highest level since February 2011. This improved on the preliminary reading of 84.2 and February’s 83.0. Analysts had predicted a reading of 84.5.

    The gauge of consumer expectations was 69.8 at the end of March, above the preliminary reading of 68.0 but below February’s 70.3. Analysts had expected no change for the index from the preliminary figure.

    The survey’s one-year inflation expectation dipped to 3.9 percent from 4.0 percent in early March. It still ended the month at its highest level since last May and up from 3.3 percent in February.

    The survey’s five-to-10-year inflation outlook held steady at 3.0 percent versus early March. It was up from 2.9 percent in February.

  14. Wonkbook: U.S. economy may be better off than thought

    3/30/12 Posted by Karl Singer – washingtonpost

    1) The economy may have grown more than previously thought. “The US grew at an annualised rate of 4.4 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2011, according to an alternative measure of output, suggesting the world’s largest economy may be healthier than previously thought. The rapid rise in gross domestic income compares with lower estimates for growth in gross domestic product. The Bureau of Economic Analysis left its estimate of fourth-quarter GDP growth unchanged at 3 per cent. The strength of the GDI number may explain a gap between the recent strength of the labour market and an apparent sluggishness of output and demand that has puzzled the US Federal Reserve. GDI measures all the wages and profits in the economy whereas GDP measures all of the spending. In theory, the two should be the same because every dollar of spending should be matched by a dollar of wages, profits or other income. Measurement errors mean that GDI and GDP often differ from quarter to quarter but over time they tend to converge.” Robin Harding in The Financial Times.

    @davidmwessel: Gross Domestic INCOME up 4.4% in Q4 vs. 2.6% in Q3 vs GDP increases of 3.0% & 1.8%

    @justinwolfers: The BEA v BLS puzzle is largely solved: GDI growth was fast enough to explain rapid jobs growth. Historically, GDP revises toward GDI.

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  15. ‘Today I’m leaving the Republican Party’

    Mar 29, 2012 By Kent Jones – maddowblog

    How sexy is the Republican Party right now? How’s this for an answer: a rising political star and decorated Iraq War veteran says he’s leaving the party because he’s sick of the “games.”

    California Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, a candidate for mayor in San Diego who served for a decade in the Marine Corps, has developed the exasperating habit of actually working across the aisle with Democrats to achieve results. You can guess how popular that makes him in of today’s GOP, where compromise is another word for treason. So today, Fletcher posted this video on his blog saying he’s had enough and is running as an independent. Among the highlights?

    “It’s become evident to me that actually focusing on a solution, of actually trying to get things done, isn’t the preferred method of political party insiders.”

    “I believe it is more important to solve a problem than to preserve that problem to use in a campaign.”

    “I don’t believe we have to treat people we disagree with as an enemy . . . I’ve fought in a war and I’ve seen the enemy. We don’t have enemies in our political environment here.”

    “In today’s political environment, you’re expected to play the game. . . I’ve been told by many in the Republican Party I’m not very good at this, and there’s a reason: I could care less about playing games.”

    “I fought in a war, I put it all on the line for my country. I didn’t go through all that to come back home and run for office, to play games.”

    Come on out, moderate, goal-oriented Republicans. We know you’re out there.

    • Wow. That’s quite a statement.

      How times change. I was reading recently that Mitt Romney’s father said in 1964 that he accepted but would not endorse Barry Goldwater’s nomination for President because of Goldwater’s opposition to the Civil Rights Act. A higher percentage of Congressional Republicans than Democrats voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Prescott Bush, father and grandfather of Bush Presidents, directed fundraising for Planned Parenthood and chaired the Connecticut chapter of the United Negro College Fund. Also in Connecticut, bills between 1941 and 1959 to repeal the ban on birth control always passed the Republican state House but failed in the Democratic Senate.

  16. March 30, 2012

    Presidential Memorandum — Establishing a Working Group on the Intersection of HIV/AIDS, Violence Against Women and Girls, and Gender-related Health Disparities


    SUBJECT: Establishing a Working Group on the Intersection of HIV/AIDS, Violence Against Women and Girls, and Gender-related Health Disparities

    Throughout our country, the spread of HIV/AIDS has had a devastating impact on many communities. In the United States, there are approximately 1.2 million people living with HIV/AIDS, including more than 290,000 women. Women and girls now account for 24 percent of all diagnoses of HIV infection among United States adults and adolescents. The domestic epidemic disproportionately affects women of color, with African Americans and Latinas constituting over 70 percent of new HIV cases in women. The spread of HIV/AIDS is, in and of itself, a primary concern to my Administration. However, gender based violence and gender related health disparities cannot be ignored when addressing the domestic public health threat of HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS programs often ignore the biological differences and the social, economic, and cultural inequities that make women and girls more vulnerable to HIV/AIDS. In our country, women and girls are all too frequently victimized by domestic violence and sexual assault, which can lead to greater risk for acquiring this disease. Teenage girls and young women ages 16 24 face the highest rates of dating violence and sexual assault. In addition, challenges in accessing proper health care can present obstacles to addressing HIV/AIDS. Gender based violence continues to be an underreported, common problem that, if ignored, increases risks for HIV and may prevent women and girls from seeking prevention, treatment, and health services.

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  17. First Question with Jay Carney – March 29th 2012

    Uploaded by whitehouse on Mar 29, 2012

    In his second “First Question” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney takes questions from the White House social networks Iran, foreign policy and oil subsidies.

  18. 1:15 PM EDT
    The President delivers remarks at a campaign event
    Burlington, Sheraton Burlington Hotel, Vermont

    • March 30, 2012

      Remarks by the President at a Campaign Event

      Sheraton Burlington Hotel
      Burlington, Vermont

      1:04 P.M. EDT

      THE PRESIDENT: Thank you, everybody. (Applause.) Oh, it is good to be in Vermont. I had to come here because Michelle got such a reception here — (applause) — and everybody was saying how popular she was and how much money she had raised and how everybody loved her and — (laughter) — I was starting to feel a little — a little left out. (Laughter.) So I said I’ve got to go there, too.

      But part of the reason I had to come is because people like Jane and Bill and Charlie and Marie and others have just been such great friends for such a long time, and the enthusiasm that we received when I was still running when I came here was just extraordinary. And you’ve got a couple of outstanding senators, a great member of Congress, just a terrific delegation that has been on the right side of issues for a very long time. And so I just wanted to come up here and say thank you to the people of Vermont for having such good sense. (Laughter and applause.)

      Also, coming from Chicago, I thought it would be nice to enjoy just even a little taste of winter because I don’t think it got below 50 degrees in Washington this entire year.
      What I’m going to do is be very brief at the top so that I can spend most of my time answering questions.

      Since Jane and I first met, and Charlie and I first met, and others, obviously this country has gone through an extraordinary journey — the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, the worst economic crisis since the 1930s, millions of people losing their jobs, a housing market collapsing, changes internationally that very few of us could have imagined three or four or five years earlier. And so it’s been a challenging time for America.

      And yet one of the things that always gave me confidence was, as I traveled around the country, both first as a candidate and then as President, what I continually saw was the incredible resilience and strength and imagination of the American people. And so even during the darkest days of this recession, I always had confidence that America would bounce back. It was not a matter of if, it was a matter of when. And the question was would we be able to pull the country together and move not only to get us back to where we were before the financial crisis, but to solve these ongoing problems that we’d been putting off for decades.

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    • March 30, 2012

      Remarks by the President at a Campaign Event

      University of Vermont
      Burlington, Vermont

      2:25 P.M. EDT

      THE PRESIDENT: Hello, Vermont! (Applause.) Thank you! (Applause.) Oh, this is a good crowd here in Vermont! (Applause.) It is good to be at UVM — go Catamounts! (Applause.) It is good to be in Vermont. (Applause.)

      Now, out of all 50 states, Vermont has gone the longest without a presidential visit. (Applause.) The last time a President stopped by was President Clinton in 1995. So we decided that today we are going to reset the clock. (Applause.)

      A couple of acknowledgements I want to make — first of all, give Jeanne a big round of applause for her introduction. You’ve got one of the best governors in the country. (Applause.) And when flooding came and disaster struck, he was here every single day working on your behalf. And we couldn’t be prouder of him — Peter Shumlin. (Applause.) You’ve got two outstanding senators, Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders. (Applause.) You’ve got an outstanding mayor-elect — Miro Weinberger. (Applause.)

      Give it up for Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. (Applause.) I also want to thank Carolyn Dwyer and the entire host committee for helping to organize this unbelievable event. (Applause.)

      And one last thing I want to do — I want to express my condolences to everybody who knew and loved Melissa Jenkins, because I know that some of the elected officials are going on to that funeral. This is a woman, by all accounts, who devoted her life to her community and helping to shape young minds. And I know that Vermont is heartbroken, so all we can do is live our lives in a way that pays tribute to hers — by looking out for her students and her son. And Michelle and I want to express our thoughts and prayers to everyone who knew her. So I know that’s a tough situation. (Applause.)

      Now, I’m here — (applause) — maybe I should just quit while I’m ahead here. (Laughter.) I am going to take off my jacket, though. It’s a little warm. (Applause.) I’m here not just because I need your help. I’m here because the country needs your help.

      There were a lot of reasons that so many of you worked your hearts out for our campaign in 2008. It wasn’t because it was going to be easy. It wasn’t because it was a sure thing. When you decided to support a candidate named Barack Hussein Obama, that’s not a guarantee of success. (Laughter.) You didn’t need a poll to know that might be some heavy sledding there. (Laughter.)

      The point is you didn’t join the campaign because of me. You joined it because we had a shared vision for America. It wasn’t a vision where everybody is left to fend for themselves. It wasn’t a vision where the rules are made just for the powerful. It was a vision of an America where everybody who works hard has a chance to get ahead — everybody. (Applause.)

      That’s the vision that we shared. That’s the change that we believed in. And we knew it wasn’t going to come easy; we knew it wouldn’t come quickly. But we had confidence, we had faith in each other. We believed that when Americans make commitments to each other about a bold, generous vision for the country, that we can achieve it. There’s no challenge we can’t overcome.

      And here’s what I want to report — that in three years, because of what so many of you did in 2008, we’ve begun to see what change looks like. (Applause.) We’ve begun to see what change looks like.

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  19. March 30, 2012

    Statement by the Press Secretary on H.R. 4281

    On Friday, March 30, 2012, the President signed into law:

    H.R. 4281, the “Surface Transportation Extension Act of 2012,” which provides funding for programs funded from the Highway Trust Fund (HTF) for the period April 1, 2012, through June 30, 2012; and extends the authority to make expenditures from the HTF for HTF-financed programs through June 30, 2012.

  20. March 30, 2012

    Statement by the Press Secretary on the Presidential Determination Pursuant to Section 1245(d)(4)(B) and (C) of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012

    Today the President made the determination required under Section 1245(d)(4)(B) and (C) of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 regarding the supply of petroleum and petroleum products from countries other than Iran.

    The analysis contained in the Energy Information Administration’s report of February 29, 2012, indicates that the oil market became increasingly tight over the first two months of 2012. That tightness remains today. A series of production disruptions in South Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Nigeria, and the North Sea have removed oil from the market. In addition, international concerns over Iran’s nuclear activities and recent steps taken to reduce the amount of Iranian crude oil and petroleum product imports are contributing to an increased demand for non-Iranian crude oil.

    Nonetheless, there currently appears to be sufficient supply of non-Iranian oil to permit foreign countries to significantly reduce their import of Iranian oil, taking into account current estimates of demand, increased production by some countries, private inventories of crude oil and petroleum products, and available strategic petroleum reserves and in fact, many purchasers of Iranian crude oil have already reduced their purchases or announced they are in productive discussions with alternative suppliers.

    For the entire article:

    • March 30, 2012

      Remarks by the President at a Campaign Event — Southern Maine Community College – South Portland, ME

      Southern Maine Community College
      South Portland, Maine

      5:08 P.M. EDT

      THE PRESIDENT: Hello, Maine! (Applause.) Thank you! (Applause.) Thank you very much. (Applause.)

      AUDIENCE: Four more years! Four more years!

      THE PRESIDENT: Well, it is good to be in South Portland, Maine! (Applause.)

      AUDIENCE MEMBER: I love you?

      THE PRESIDENT: I love you! (Applause.) Thank you. It is wonderful to be here.

      First of all, can everybody please give Richard a big round of applause for that great introduction. (Applause.) A couple other people I want to acknowledge — first of all, your outstanding Congresswoman, Chellie Pingree, is here. (Applause.) One of the great statesmen of our time, Senator George Mitchell, in the house. (Applause.) From nearby Portland, Mayor Michael Brennan is here. (Applause.) And the Maine Finance Committee and everybody who helped put this together — what a wonderful event. And whoever arranged for the great weather, good job. (Laughter.) You know, the last time I was in Maine it was snowing — (laughter) — not surprisingly, and I love snow but this is good, too.

      Now, let me say this, Maine. I am here today not just because I need your help. I’m here because the country needs your help. (Applause.) A lot of you worked really hard in 2008 in our campaign. And the reason you worked so hard wasn’t because you thought it was going to be a cakewalk. When you decide to support a presidential candidate named Barack Hussein Obama — (laughter) — then you know that this is not a sure thing. (Laughter.)

      The reason you guys worked so hard wasn’t just because of me. It was because you shared a vision about what America is all about. You shared a vision about who we are as a people. (Applause.) And that vision — that vision said that we don’t just leave people to fend for themselves. We don’t just let the powerful play by their own rules. It was a vision of America where we’re all in it together. Where everybody who works hard has the chance to get ahead — no matter what they look like, no matter where they come from, not just those at the very top, but everybody — that that was the recipe for American success.

      That was the vision that we shared. That was the change we believed in. We knew it wouldn’t come easy. We knew it wouldn’t be quick. But when you think back over the last three years, I want you to know that because of what you did in 2008, we’ve begun to see what change looks like. We’ve begun to see it. (Applause.) We’ve begun to see it.

      Change is the first bill I signed into law — a law that says a woman deserves an equal day’s pay for an equal day’s work. (Applause.) That’s the kind of change we believed in.

      Change is the decision that we made to rescue the American auto industry. There were a million jobs at stake. There were those who said let Detroit go bankrupt. We didn’t do it, and today GM is back on top as the world’s number-one automaker. (Applause.) And Detroit has never made better cars than it does today. (Applause.) With more than 200,000 new jobs over the last two and a half years, the American auto industry is back. And they’re making better cars, and more fuel-efficient cars than ever before. (Applause.) That’s what change is.

      For the entire article:

  21. 7:20 PM EDT
    President Obama delivers remarks at a campaign event.
    Maine, Portland, Portland Museum of Art

    • March 30, 2012

      Remarks by the President at a Campaign Event — Portland Museum of Art, Portland, ME

      Portland Museum of Art
      Portland, Maine

      7:04 P.M. EDT

      THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. (Applause.) Thank you. Thank you. Everybody, please have a seat. Have a seat.

      Well, first of all, you want Karen and Bonnie having your back because you can tell that they’re not going to take no for an answer. (Laughter.) It is just a thrill to be here. I want to thank both of them. I also want to thank Bobby and Rob, because, like me, they don’t shine quite as brightly as their spouses. (Laughter.) But nevertheless, we are extremely fortunate to be improving our gene pool because of who we married.

      A couple of other people I just want to acknowledge. First of all, your outstanding members of Congress — Chellie Pingree is here. (Applause.) Somebody who always is fighting for working people — Mike Michaud is here. (Applause.) One of the true statesmen in the history of American politics –- George Mitchell is here. (Applause.) Your former Governor — John Baldacci is here. (Applause.) And one of the best SBA Administrators of all time — Karen Mills is in the house. (Applause.)

      Now, I will confess that part of the reason I came here was Michelle just had too good a time. (Laughter.) She came up here, and she came back, and she was all, “Oh, we had so much fun, and everybody was so nice, and they all thought I was so much better than you, and” –- (laughter) — and I said, “Hold on, time out, time out.” (Laughter.) I said, “I got to get up there, too.”

      I should point out, by the way, that during Michelle’s birthday, I did the same thing — I brought a birthday cake and a check. (Laughter.) So that’s where they got the idea. (Laughter.)

      I could not be more grateful to all of you for just the extraordinary reception and hospitality. There are a lot of you who were involved in 2008, and a lot of you who have signed up for a second tour of duty here. And it’s truly moving to me, and every time I’ve come to Maine, we have had this extraordinary reception. And people I think have not just been supportive financially, but more importantly, through organizing and knocking on doors and making phone calls, which has obviously been the hallmark of all our effort and dates back to my own history in politics.

      I’m going to speak very briefly at the top, because I want to save a lot of time for questions and answers and comments and advice. (Laughter.)

      We’ve gone through a tough three years, this country — as tough as any in our lifetime. The worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. The economic aftermath that left millions without work. A collapsed housing market. It’s hard to remember sometimes how perilous things were when I was sworn in. The month I was sworn into office, we lost 800,000 jobs in that month alone. We had lost almost 4 million in the months before I took office. And then we would just keep on shedding jobs for the first few months that I was sworn in. The banks were locked up, so even blue-chip companies couldn’t get credit. People, I think, genuinely thought that you might see a world financial meltdown. And nobody exactly knew where the bottom was. The stock market, by the way, was about half of what it is today.

      And that meant we had to move fast to save the auto industry, to get the banks lending again, to make sure that state governments and local governments didn’t have to lay off even more teachers and first responders and others that were providing vital services but, frankly, the states and local governments were having trouble being able to afford.

      And we moved so fast that in some ways, people didn’t fully appreciate the scope and magnitude of what got done in those first six months, that first year. Here’s the good news — as you look back, from where we were to where we are now, over the last two years we’ve created almost 4 million jobs. We have the strongest manufacturing job growth since the 1990s. The auto industry is back, stronger than it was before. GM is once again the number-one auto company in the world, making profits that are higher than at any time in its 100-year history. We have seen the unemployment rate start ticking down. We’re seeing companies hiring again, companies investing again. There’s a sense that things have stabilized, and that we can start getting back to where we were before this terrible storm.

      But here’s the thing. I ran for office not just to get back to the status quo; I ran for office — I ran for this office because we had not tended to a set of challenges that had been building up for decades. And that’s why even as we were trying to right the ship and yank ourselves out of a potential depression, we did not take our eye off the commitments that I had made to you when I ran for office.

      For the entire article:

    • March 30, 2012

      Remarks by the First Lady at a Campaign Event — San Francisco, CA

      California Academy of Sciences
      San Francisco, California

      6:36 P.M. PDT

      MRS. OBAMA: Well, this is so nice. (Applause.) Did you all have fun?

      AUDIENCE: Yes! (Applause.)

      MRS. OBAMA: How about the kids, you guys having fun?

      AUDIENCE: Yes! (Applause.)

      MRS. OBAMA: Yay! It is a pleasure to be here with all of you. It really is.

      And I want to start by thanking your outstanding Attorney General, Kamala Harris — (applause) — not just for that kind introduction, but she has been a true friend and a supporter, and just an amazing voice here in this state, and an example around the country. So we are just thrilled that she’s on our team, and you all are blessed to have her on yours. So let’s give her a round of applause. (Applause.)

      And I also got a chance to meet POPLYFE — the POPLYFE people! (Applause.) Good young people. We want to thank them for their terrific performance. I understand they’re coming to the White House, is that true? (Applause.) See, I’m not always up on everything that happens in my house. (Laughter.) But that will be exciting.

      And I also want to thank the California Academy of Sciences. I mean, this is an amazing facility, and we are just so lucky to be here today. So we want to give them a round of applause and thank them for hosting us today. (Applause.)

      And of course we have to give a big shoutout to everyone on the host committee who helped make this event such a success. All of you all, you did an outstanding job. Way to go. Yes. Yay! (Applause.)

      But most of all, I want to thank all of you for taking time to join us today. And I particularly want to recognize all of the young people who are with us today. These events mean so much to me; the fact that we are doing an event that includes families. Because the truth is, you all — these young people — are the reason that we’re here.

      For the entire article:

  22. WH

    Saturday, March 31 , 2012

    All Times Eastern

    President Obama receives the presidential briefing

    7:00 AM
    8:00 AM
    9:00 AM
    10:00 AM
    11:00 AM
    12:00 PM
    1:00 PM
    First Lady Michelle Obama formally commissions the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Stratton (WMSL 752), a ship she sponsored as part of her Joining Forces initiative
    Alameda, CA

    2:00 PM
    3:00 PM
    4:00 PM
    5:00 PM
    6:00 PM
    7:00 PM
    8:00 PM
    9:00 PM
    10:00 PM

  23. First lady to visit S.F., Alameda this weekend

    3/28/2012 By Josh Richman- bayareanewsgroup

    First lady Michelle Obama will visit the Bay Area this weekend to raise funds in San Francisco for her husband’s re-election campaign and to take part in a new Coast Guard vessel’s commissioning in Alameda.

    On Friday, she’ll raise funds at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco in an event marking the launch of a “Families for Obama” initiative. PopLyfe, an Oakland-based teen band featured last fall on the television show “America’s Got Talent,” will perform.

    For the entire article:

    • Here is the March 31st forecast for Alameda, CA:

      Saturday: Showers, with thunderstorms also possible after 11am. High near 58. Breezy, with a southwest wind between 14 and 22 mph, with gusts as high as 29 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%.

      Pray for the weather to improve on Saturday in Alameda, CA .

  24. First Lady Michelle Obama to Appear at Nickelodeon’s 25th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards to Present Taylor Swift With The Big Help Award

    Grammy® Award-Winning Swift to be Honored for Her Work with Tornado and Flood Survivors at 2012 Kids’ Choice Awards to be telecast live from Los Angeles, Saturday, March 31

    3/27/12 Nickelodeon

    LOS ANGELES, March 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — First Lady Michelle Obama will make her first-ever appearance at Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards to present Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Taylor Swift with this year’s The Big Help Award in recognition of her extensive philanthropic endeavors, including her work with tornado and flood survivors in the United States. This year’s Kids’ Choice Awards, to be hosted by Will Smith, will be telecast live on Nickelodeon Saturday, March 31, at 8 pm (ET/Tape delayed for West Coast) from USC’s Galen Center in Los Angeles, Ca. The Big Help Award recognizes individuals who take actions to better the world and whose significant impact on their community has inspired kids to do the same.

    “Taylor’s dedication to helping others has encouraged her fan base to do the same, and this is the very core of what The Big Help is, inspiring others through action,” said Marva Smalls, Executive Vice President, Public Affairs and Chief of Staff, Nickelodeon Group. “We are honored that First Lady Michelle Obama, a past recipient of The Big Help Award will be presenting this formidable and inspiring artist with this much deserved honor.”

    For the entire article:

  25. March 31, 2012

    WEEKLY ADDRESS: Passing the Buffett Rule so that Everyone Pays Their Fair Share

    WASHINGTON, DC— In this week’s address, President Obama calls on Congress to pass the Buffett Rule, a principle of fairness that ensures that millionaires and billionaires do not pay less in taxes as a share of their income than middle class families pay. The President believes our system must ask the wealthiest to pay their fair share, while protecting 98 percent of Americans from seeing their taxes go up at all. That is why the President proposed the Buffett Rule, which will help make our system reflect our values so that all Americans get a fair shot, play by the same rules, and pay their fair share.

    Remarks of President Barack Obama
    Weekly Address
    The White House
    March 31, 2012


    Over the last few months, I’ve been talking about a choice we face as a country. We can either settle for an economy where a few people do really well and everyone else struggles to get by, or we can build an economy where hard work pays off again – where everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same rules. That’s up to us.

    Today, I want to talk to you about the idea that everyone in this country should do their fair share.

    Now, if this were a perfect world, we’d have unlimited resources. No one would ever have to pay any taxes, and we could spend as much as we wanted. But we live in the real world. We don’t have unlimited resources. We have a deficit that needs to be paid down. And we also have to pay for investments that will help our economy grow and keep our country safe: education, research and technology, a strong military, and retirement programs like Medicare and Social Security.

    That means we have to make choices. When it comes to paying down the deficit and investing in our future, should we ask middle-class Americans to pay even more at a time when their budgets are already stretched to the breaking point? Or should we ask some of the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share?

    For the entire article:

  26. 1:00 PM EDT
    First Lady Michelle Obama formally commissions the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Stratton (WMSL 752), a ship she sponsored as part of her Joining Forces initiative .
    Alameda, CA

    • March 31, 2012

      Remarks by the First Lady at Coast Guard Cutter Ceremony

      Alameda Coast Guard Station
      Alameda, California

      10:26 A.M. PST

      MRS. OBAMA: Hooray! (Applause.) Rest. Goodness. This is very exciting.

      Good morning, everyone.

      AUDIENCE: Good morning!

      MRS. OBAMA: Oh, you all are troopers. (Laughter.) Way to go. I’m proud of you all for making it through this day. This is very exciting.

      I want to thank Captain Cashin for that introduction and for his leadership of this crew. I also want to thank Admiral Papp and his wonderful wife Linda, Mayor Gilmore, Mayor Quan, Representative Lee, and all of the military officials, elected leaders, and distinguished guests here with us today.

      We also have many members of the Stratton family here today, some of whom I had a chance to meet at the christening in Pascagoula. That was fun, it’s good to see you all again. We were a little dryer then, but it’s okay. You still look great. (Laughter.)

      And of course, I want to thank all of the members of the Coast Guard, and all of their military — all the military families who are here with us today. Please know that you all inspire me every single day with your strength, with your courage, with the sacrifices you make on behalf of our nation. No matter what this country asks of you, you always step up to answer the call — always.

      For the entire article;

    • coast_guard_cutter_stratton_first_lady

      First lady Michelle Obama greets the crew of the Coast Guard cutter Stratton on March 31 before the ship’s commissioning ceremony at Coast Guard Island in Alameda in Alameda, Calif

      First Lady welcomes newest cutter

      3/31/12 Posted by: LT Connie Braesch –


      Coast Guard Cutter Stratton was honored to have First Lady Michelle Obama, the ship’s sponsor, welcome it into service. With her name carved into the keel, Obama participated in the commissioning ceremony – placing the cutter into active service and ceremonially giving the order to bring the ship to life. All the more fitting way to end a month spent celebrating the accomplishments and contributions of women to our nation.

      “No matter what this country asks of you, you always step up to answer the call,” said Obama to the Coast Guard men and women attending the commissioning ceremony. “Always. So it is fitting that all of you are here today, because it is that ethic of service that defined the life of this cutter’s namesake, Capt. Dorothy Stratton.”

      As Capt. Stratton did 70 years ago for women, Cutter Stratton will do for the Coast Guard’s operational future.

      For the entire article:


  27. 100 Year Old Lady Has Date With First Lady
    Michelle Obama Honors 100 Year Old Former Coast Guard Member

    Mar 31, 2012 nbcbayarea

    First lady Michelle Obama will be in the Bay Area on Saturday to participate in a U.S. Coast Guard ceremony in Alameda.

    In 2010, Obama helped christen the Cutter Stratton in Mississippi, and on Saturday she will travel to Coast Guard Island to participate in the ship’s commissioning ceremony, according to the White House.

    The ceremony will place the ship in active service for homeland security and national defense duties, and will signify the Cutter Stratton’s formal introduction to the Coast Guard fleet.

    According to the White House, the first lady, as a sponsor of the ship, will ceremonially give the order to bring the vessel to life.

    The Cutter Stratton is named for Capt. Dorothy Stratton, director of the Coast Guard Women’s Reserve during World War II. Stratton oversaw 10,000 enlisted women and 1,000 commissioned officers, White House officials said.

    Obama is expected to meet with several Coast Guard women veterans who served with Stratton, including Elfie Larkin.

    The eyes belonging to the 100 year old Larkin have seen a lot in the past century.

    Cheryl Hurd asked her if she thought she’d ever be honored in this way and she said never, never.

    Larkin will be honored on Saturday for her years of service to the U.S. Coast Guard. Many people are not surprised, including close friends like Adam Boskovic.

    “Elfie is being recognized yet again because she is so special. She is the American dream. She is as good as it gets,” Boskovic said.

    Larkin is the oldest living member of that first group of women who joined the Coast Guard back in 1943. Her eyes light up when she talks about her work in the coast guard.

    For the entire article:

    • I guess the other 35% also don’t like music, puppies, babies, flowers or world peace.

    • Michelle Obama celebrates Taylor Swift

      4/1/12 11:38 AM EDT By CAITLIN MCDEVITT – POLITICO44

      First lady Michelle Obama spent her Saturday night with a bunch of screaming teeny-boppers at the annual Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

      Wearing a shimmery top and black pants, Obama took the stage to present singer-songwriter Taylor Swift with an award for charity work. After listing the various ways that Swift has given back, Obama said she “has shattered every expectation of what a 22-year-old can accomplish.”

      Accepting the award, Swift thanked the first lady and then told the crowd, “I am freaking out.”

      Obama took first daughters Sasha and Malia to the Los Angeles show, which featured performances by singer Katy Perry and the boy band One Direction. (Obama was spotted clapping along as the group sang its hit “What Makes You Beautiful.”)

      As is tradition, many famous guests got “slimed” throughout the night, and the first lady wasn’t totally left out. When pop star Justin Bieber was showered with a large helping of the green goo, Obama and her daughters — who were sitting close to the stage — had to duck for cover.

  28. WWF – Earth Hour 2012 – March 31, 2012 8:30pm

    Uploaded by wwfus on Jan 3, 2012

    We only have one planet. You can help protect it. Participate this year in the world’s largest single campaign for the planet: Earth Hour. It starts with a simple flick of the lights at 8:30 pm on March 31, 2012 in a collective display of commitment to a better future for the planet. Think what can be achieved when we all come together for a common cause.

  29. First Air Force female four-star general confirmed

    Posted 3/28/2012

    3/28/2012 – WASHINGTON (AFNS) — The Senate confirmed Air Force Lt. Gen. Janet Wolfenbarger for promotion March 26, making her the first female four-star general in Air Force history.

    Wolfenbarger currently serves as the military deputy in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition here and she is one of four female lieutenant generals in the Air Force.

    “This is an historic occasion for the Air Force,” said Secretary of the Air Force Michael B. Donley. “General Wolfenbarger’s 32 years of service, highlighted by extraordinary leadership and devotion to duty, make her exceptionally qualified for this senior position and to serve as the next commander of Air Force Materiel Command.”

    “I am honored to have been confirmed by the Senate for promotion to the rank of General and to serve as commander of Air Force Materiel Command. Until I take command of AFMC, I will continue to focus on the important Air Force acquisition work here at the Pentagon,” said Wolfenbarger.

    Wolfenbarger, a native of Beavercreek, Ohio, was commissioned as a second lieutenant in 1980 after graduating in the first class with female cadets at the Air Force Academy.

    For the entire article:

  30. WH

    Sunday, April 1, 2012

    All Times Eastern

    President Obama receives the presidential briefing

    7:00 AM
    8:00 AM
    9:00 AM
    10:00 AM
    11:00 AM
    12:00 PM
    1:00 PM
    2:00 PM
    3:00 PM
    4:00 PM
    5:00 PM
    6:00 PM
    7:00 PM
    8:00 PM
    9:00 PM
    10:00 PM

  31. Sunday talk show tip sheet


    (Democratic excerpts only)

    Vice President Joe Biden headlines this Sunday’s television talk shows, appearing on CBS’s “Face the Nation” as it shifts to an hour-long program for the first time in its 57-year history…

    Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) is also on NBC. And former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, a Republican, and former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, a Democrat, are also on Fox…

    Additionally, Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and its ranking Democrat, Maryland Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger, also stop by…

    And, finally, Bloomberg TV’s “Political Capital” has Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was the national security adviser in the Carter White House.

    Read more:

  32. Clinton: Time running out for diplomacy with Iran

    3/31/12 By BRADLEY KLAPPER | Associated Press – 3 hrs ago

    RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton made clear Saturday that time is running out for diplomacy over Iran’s nuclear program and said talks aimed at preventing Tehran from acquiring a nuclear weapon would resume in mid-April.

    With speculation over a possible U.S. or Israel military attack adding urgency to the next round of discussions in Istanbul set for April 13, Clinton said Iran’s “window of opportunity” for a peaceful resolution “will not remain open forever.”

    She also expressed doubt about whether Iran has any intention of negotiating a solution that satisfies the U.S., Israel and other countries that believe Iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons. Tehran contends the program is solely for peaceful energy and research purposes.

    “We’re going in with one intention: to resolve the international community’s concerns about Iran’s nuclear program,” Clinton told reporters after attending a security conference in Saudi Arabia.

    “Our policy is one of prevention, not containment. We are determined to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon,” America’s top diplomat said.

    “We enter into these talks with a sober perspective about Iran’s intentions. It is incumbent upon Iran to demonstrate by its actions that it is a willing partner and to participate in these negotiations with an effort to obtain concrete results.”

    For the entire article:

    • U.S., Japan draw 1-1 at Kirin Cup

      4/1/12 espn

      SENDAI, Japan — Alex Morgan scored in the 72nd minute to give the United States a 1-1 draw in the Kirin Cup with Japan, the team that beat them in the final of the Women’s World Cup last year.

      Yukari Kinga beat goalkeeper Hope Solo from close in to give Japan a 1-0 lead in the 32nd.

      The United States created opportunities on the right wing, but Japan’s superior speed was dangerous on the counterattack.

      The exhibition tournament features three of the top four teams in the world. The U.S. is ranked No. 1 just ahead of Germany, while Japan is No. 3. The other team competing for the title, Brazil, is No. 4.

      For the entire article:

  33. After grad job slump, big hiring is back at U.S. colleges

    4/1/12 By Jilian Mincer and Jennifer Merritt | Reuters – 1 hr 30 mins ago

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – Sean Chua expected the hunt for his first job after college to be tough. After all, he watched his brother struggle to find a position when he graduated back in 2008. But his fears were unwarranted. The 21-year-old justice major at American University sent out only seven resumes before getting an offer earlier this month from IBM for an IT consulting job, making him a beneficiary of a turnaround in the labor market for U.S. graduates. “My mom’s first position was with IBM so she is particularly proud,” says Chua. Hiring is back in a big way on many college campuses, one of several signs a recovery in the U.S. jobs market is gaining traction. After four years during which many students graduated to find no job and had only their loans to show for their studies, most college campuses are teeming with companies eager to hire. A survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) found 2012 hiring is expected to climb 10.2 percent, above a previous estimate of 9.5 percent.

    Companies such as General Electric, Amazon, Apple and Barclays Global are looking for new staff, even if some firms remain below the pre-recession levels of new hiring. In another sign of the recovery, some first-time job seekers are receiving multiple offers.

    At University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, the career service office has seen up to now a 7.4 percent increase in the number of interviews of students by potential employers from last year and the number of companies seeking to recruit for full-time jobs is up 9.2 percent. Undergraduate business majors reporting full-time job offers is up about 10 percent.

    Career experts at a dozen of U.S. schools said they have seen an increase of 15 to 30 percent in the number of companies attending campus career fairs. At University of Florida, the fall career fair garnered 15 percent more companies in attendance than in 2010. And 150 companies asked to conduct interviews versus about 100 in recent years, said Ja’Net Glover, associate director of employer relations at the school. The increase in demand was so significant that it was the first time in years the school had to use both the first and second floors of the school’s basketball facility for interviews.

    “It’s kind of like a no-brainer,” says Kathy Sims. Director of Career Services at UCLA. “The economy is better and the college recruitment market is improving.”

    For the entire article:

  34. First Lady Commissions Coast Guard Cutter In Alameda

    3/31/12 san francisco.cbslocal

    ALAMEDA (CBS SF/AP) — First lady Michelle Obama was in Alameda Saturday morning as she took part in the commissioning ceremony of the Coast Guard cutter Stratton.

    Standing under a tarp that sheltered her from the heavy rain that started falling just before the ceremony, Mrs. Obama spoke for about five minutes to a mostly soaked crowd of a few hundred people as she placed the cutter in active service.

    The ceremony marks the formal introduction of the vessel to the Coast Guard’s active fleet.

    Mrs. Obama, a sponsor of the cutter, helped christen the ship in Pascagoula, Mississippi in 2010 by breaking a champagne bottle over the bow.

    The first lady’s appearance in Alameda comes after she spoke at a presidential campaign reception at San Francisco’s California Academy of Sciences Friday night.

    • March 31, 2012

      Remarks by the First Lady at the Kids Choice Awards

      Galen Center
      Los Angeles, California

      5:50 P.M. PST

      MRS. OBAMA: Hello everyone! (Applause.) I am so thrilled to be here with all of you tonight.

      I’m here because I have always felt an obligation to give back; to lift up others the way that my parents, my teachers and mentors lifted me. And that’s something that our next honoree believes too. And it’s not just something she talks about, it’s how she lives her life.

      Taylor Swift may be in the news — (applause) — for the award-winning songs and multiplatinum records, but every step of the way she has always made it a point to give back. (Applause.) She’s supported children’s charities, she’s worked to combat bullying, and given over tens of thousands of books to schools and libraries all around the country. (Applause.)

      She’s given so much of her own money to victims of floods and natural disasters here in the U.S. and around the world. And last year, after deadly tornadoes hit the south, Taylor knew she had to do something about it. (Applause.) So she opened up her last dress rehearsal before she went on tour and gave all the proceeds to tornado victims. And here is how it happened.

      MRS. OBAMA: So tonight, it is my great privilege to present Nickelodeon’s Big Help Award to someone who has rocketed to the top of the music industry, but still keeps her feet on the ground; someone who has shattered every expectation of what a 22 year old can accomplish, and someone who is going to keep making sparks fly for all of us in the years ahead.

      Let’s all give it up for the one and only Taylor Swift!

      5:55 P.M. PST

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