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Objective:  Supporting Our Democratic Party and specifically President Barack Obama’s goals

Yes, I was one of those 2008, 2012 Obama volunteers. After becoming fed up with the trolls on the OFA blog I created this pro-Obama website on May 31, 2010. I post information on current US economic, polical and social news as well as what steps President Obama and his administration are doing to help America.

I believe in equal rights for ALL people from all ethnic groups, all sexual orientations and all religions. 


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Links to ProPresObama.org Civil Rights Timelines ™

US Govt & Indigenous Peoples Timeline 1819-2016 

US Minorities Civil Rights Timeline 1863-1963 

US Minorities Civil Rights Timeline 1964-2016

US Women’s Rights Movement Timeline 1848 – 2016

US LGBTQ Rights Timeline 1903-2016

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2017 UPDATE: Many of the government links may not work or may have been deleted due to the current Trump Administration. If you are upset over Trump’s actions you need to vote in every election.