South County 4 Obama

President Obama needs your efforts as well as your vote more then ever now

The stakes are high and the race is close. We need to step up and volunteer NOW

In order for Pres Obama to get re-elected we need to help the swing state voters to vote for him. Organizing for America’s has instructed blue state like California to volunteer to canvass in swing states and for us to phone bank to swing states Age or citizenship does not matter when volunteering; there are young adults and people on work visas who are volunteering.

Each phone bank list is composed from data of people who have shown interest in Obama’s 2008 campaign by either having donated money or signed up to volunteer. The caller is given talking points and consists of a total of three questions like:

Q- Do you know who you will be voting for president in this year’s election?
Q-  Do you know who you will be voting for in their local race for ______?

Q- Have you received your mail-in voter ballot?

If the response is pro-Obama then you ask if they would like to volunteer.

The call is usually less then five minutes each. The whole event is only scheduled for a total of two hours so as not to burn out the person.

To see when the next event in our area is:


Prior to him taking office on Jan 20, 2009 

  • US went through an Economic Meltdown
  • 4.4 Million Jobs Loss US Economy Spirals Down

2009 – 2012

  • Jan 20, 2012 Senator Barack Obama takes the oath as President Of The United States of America.
  • America starts to recover.
  • Today America’s auto industry is back.
  • Our enemy brought to justice by our greatest heroes.
  • Our troops are home from Iraq.
  • Instead of losing jobs America is creating jobs.

President Obama believes in America and fights for America. We have more to do but we are coming back…

If you still want to help make that difference please log in to to get your name back in to the action. I have signed back on as ‘South County 4 Obama’s’ team coordinator.



I sent a package of Obama bumper stickers and O-Lapel stickers to the Organizing For America San Jose office and received this nice thank you email:

We (David, Brandon, Christine and I) here at the San Jose office want to thank you for the nice package of goodies we received today. It was very unexpected and very appreciated — our regular volunteers will undoubtedly be happy to finally get their hands on some swag. Also, thank you for your support and all the work you’ve put into the campaign! May Nov 6 be a good day!

Office Manager



My neighbors who are devote Catholics just phoned me asking that if I am still involved with Obama and I said “Yes!” So she said that she would mail in a check to the Obama for America fund. I told her that the Hispanic Democratic group did a Voter Reg @ our Gavilan College last week and that we (California) will probably go blue so we are concentrating on persuading swing states to vote Democratic. I said we are doing phone banks and I know that it is not everyone’s cup of tea. I said that if she has family or friends in a swing state to contact them and ask them to vote Democratic.

She asked how would her husband switch from being a Republican to a Democrat. So I gave her a voter reg form and explained it to her (also said that if he decides to be an Independent “Declines to State” then he can vote for either party)


8/19/12 2012 South County Democratic Picinic

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Just came back from a day at the Gilroy Garlic Festival with my husband.  I passed out Obama stickers to anyone who commented on my ¡OBAMA! shirt.



My husband rides CalTrain to and from work; I park in the CalTrain parking lot to drop him off and pick him up. Our SUV has Obama stickers/magnets on the front, sides and back so it is obvious who I back as a presidential candidate.

I parked to pick up my husband and one of one of my husband’s train buddies walked over to my car and asked if I knew where to get a voter registration form; he said that he knew I would know where. So I got a voter reg form from my trunk. I explained how to fill it out, told him to keep the stub, etc. There is always confusion as to the registering/voting as an Independent that is NOT to be confused with George Wallace’s Right-Wing”American Independent Party” so I wanted to explain that and I started to say “if you want to vote as an Indepedent” and he said “Oh I am voting as a Democrat”. I told him that he has to mail it back within 10 days of signing it and he said “I will mail it in tomorrow”. The shocking thing about the whole encounter is that I know for a fact that the couple are Mormons!



Camp Obama – Gilroy
We just had a great Camp Obama with OFA Neighborhood Leader Mary Shine (San Jose) and Elsa Walton (Morgan Hill/Gilroy For Obama Team Lead) OFA members north of us like Regina Wallace-Jones, Leslie BannermanAlex Drzaic, Tyller Williamson from Monterey, and Stephan Schaffer from LA! There was new OFA members like a gal from Los Banos and another from Atascadero who wanted to start something in their area.

South County 4 Obama” has joined “MH/Gilroy Team Obama” . We are planning voter registration drives, phone banking and canvassing to near by battleground states!


Mushroom Mardi Gras – Democrat Booth (#259 near 3rd St)

Just spent the morning at the Democratic Booth at the Morgan Hill Mushroom Mardi Gras (5/26 & 27) that was manned by the “South County Democratic Club“, “East/South San Jose For Obama” and “Marriage Equality USA” where one can register to vote, meet the Democratic candidates and renew South County Democrat Club membership

Candidates Meet & Greet

Gary Karnes (from Bill Monning’s campaign) Sat. pm,
Mark Stone (or rep.) Sunday
Peter Arellano 1-5 pm Sat & Sun

Focus: Voter Registration, Candidate Info., and Club membership.

Come by Saturday and meet Forrest Williams, Rebecca S, Susan, Sousan, Dom, Dan, Eleanor,  Rebecca and Bruce

On Sunday come by and meet Rebecca S, Swanee,  Susan, Walt, Bob, Eleanor,  Rebecca and Bruce

5/29 UPDATE:

Club Booth at MH Mushroom Mardi Gras a Huge Success!
Wow, what an incredible week-end for our Dem Club at the Morgan Hill Mardi Gras!

Thank you to the following members for their work at our booth; Forrest Williams, Dorothy Williams, Eleanor Villarreal, Bruce Morasca, Susan McKuhen, Sousan Manteghi, Dom Payne, Dan Kenney, Walt Glines, Bob Sigala, Kathleen Sullivan, Anne Rosenzweig & Lydie Jones. Special thanks goes to new Club member CR for the Obama SWAG donation, Swanee Edwards for loaning us materials, Rebeca Armendariz and Rochelle Arellano for creating a BEAUTIFUL Club brochure and lastly, Rich Constantine, for making a special effort to help us tear-down – but we had beat him to it – with 6 volunteers working quickly!

We registered 27 voters (19 Dems), sold 2 memberships and brought in $88.00 in donations for the Obama SWAG. We shared the booth with the Marriage & Equality group, who graciously donated $80.00 to help with the booth fee. All 4 candidates visited the booth; Luis Alejo, Bill Monning, Mark Stone and Peter Arellano. The booth looked beautiful, attached are pictures. Thank you everyone!

– Rebecca – South County Democratic Club


May 24

Donated some Obama 2012 campaign swag to the “South County Democratic Club”  and received this nice thank you note!


July 22, 2010


I held “Brown” signs in front of Christopher Ranch where Whitman was speaking with Daniel Kenney of Jerry Brown for Govenor, Swanee Edwards and Rebecca Armendariz and her family.


Southbay 4 Obama Inaugural Fest
By ☮ CR ❤ OFA – Jan 14, 2009 10:24:47 AM ET

Date: Jan 20th

Location: Moorpark Hotel
4241 Moorpark Ave. (Saratoga Ave. and HWY 280)
San Jose, CA 95129

Cost: $25 includes 2 well/draft drinks, appetizers, desserts and party favors
Proceeds to go to the local veteran’s Fisher House



My husband and I attended the Southbay 4 Obama Inaugural Fest at the Moorepark Hotel last night.

Mari Houssni, team leader of San Jose/Democratic Delegate/Caravan leader to Nevada, with her San Jose team were the hostesses of the party (She is pictured with her husband, Abdel). Mari’s group got everyone fired up and ready to go with Obama raffle items, Obama posters and buttons for sale.

There was about 250 people there. Galen Swain, team leader of San Jose/Caravan leader to Nevada, was getting everyone fired up with his DJ system,  Elaine Coombs and Martin O’Leary from West Valley 4 Obama were there. John’s co-worker, Malcom and his wife were there.

John’s Oklahoma (RED Republican state) customers Mandi and Josh were there. They voted for Obama and thought that since they were traveling on business that they would miss celebrating Obama’s presidency. They were very happy to hear that we were selling tickets to an Inaugural party. They had a good time and even took a photo with the Obama cut-out.

There was Obama Karaoke, a photo slideshow of the voter registration drives, canvassing, caravans to the swing states during the Primaries and the General election. The Ethical Approach Car Sales featured it’s Zap Electric Vehicle and people could take it for a test drive!

People ate, drank, danced to music and took their photos with the Barack cut-out. We watched as the Obamas had their first offcial presidential dance together. FINALLY we have President Barack Obama!!!!!

The Success of South County 4 Obama
By ☮ CR ❤ OFA – Nov 18, 2008 7:03:11 PM ET

Thank you to all of the dedicated, hard working volunteers that helped South County 4 Obama in the Gilroy/Morgan Hill area to be successful!

Yeffi Vannata and Elaine Coombs helped us from day one to get South County 4 Obama off the ground. They always had time to help guide me. Linda Burnett, my data manager and my right hand woman – (May she rest in peace).

Bob Petit, Democratic Delegate/team leader of South Valley 4 Obama (Palo Alto, CA,) helped me with informative emails when I was asking for scrambling for help.

Mari Houssni, team leader of San Jose/Democratic Delegate/Caravan leader to Nevada came down with her team to get us fired up and to bring silent auction and raffle items for our Obama Victory Fundraiser. She was always there to help!

Galen Swain, team leader of San Jose/Caravan leader to Nevada, came down to get us fired up and to bring his solar DJ system and his Obama cut-out for our Obama parties. He was always there for me!

Thank you also to all the volunteers of South County who came out again and again to help out in our ten voter registration drives, our Obama post card writing campaign for Women from Ohio, our  Obama Potluck Party, our Obama Victory Fundraiser, Dennis Wise (my Republican captain) with phone banking events, and all those who caravan/canvassed in Nevada!

Let’s keep the non-partisan community service going!!! Yes WE Can!

10/18 Obama Victory Fundraiser in Gilroy
By ☮ CR ❤ OFA – Oct 11, 2008 4:56:50 PM ET

Date: Sat, Oct 18th

Where: Oakwood Lounge 7421 Monterey St, Gilroy (between 6th & 7th on the west side – green awning)

Speakers: Mari Houssni, Democratic Delegate at the Democratic Denver Convention & Obama Neighborhood Team Leader in San Jose

Thank you so much for all who came out to our Obama Victory Fundraiser!! A special shout out to Mari Houssni and her team; South County 4 Obama really appreciates your time and effort!  Between 4pm-8pm we raised $360 for the Obama Campaign and $310 for the California-Nevada Gas Fund. We really had a good time! Yes WE Can!

Taste of Morgan Hill Voter Registration Drive

By ☮ CR ❤ OFA – Sep 16, 2008 6:44:43 PM ET

Date: 9/27 & 9/28 (Sat & Sun)

Where: 17395 Monterey Rd. (corner of Monterey & Second Street) old bike shop site

Thank you to Martha Oral, Dan Shoreman, Ebru Akcasu, Linda Burnette, Linda Piceno and John Russell for their great help in registering voters for the two days of the Taste of Morgan Hil. We helped 65 people to register to vote, made our South County 4 Obama presence seen by assisting people with information and gave away round Obama stickers and mini Obama buttons.  Thank you Linda Burnette for donating the Obama/MoveOn.Org mini buttons for us to pass out! At least twice a group of people stopped me while I was trying to quietly walk past in front of the McCain/Palin booth to beg me for the Obama mini buttons and stickers; a McCain person ran out and offered them an McCain sticker and they said “No, we want Obama stickers!!”

Yes WE Can! Obama/Biden 08

Gavilan College’s Constitution Day Voter Registration Drive
By ☮ CR ❤ OFA – Sep 16, 2008 4:06:12 PM ET

Date: Sept 17 (Wed)

Where: Gavilan College Student Center

A non-partisan voter registration drive was held at Gavilan College in the Student Center on the 221st anniversary of the signing of our United States Constitution.

Constitution Day (or Citizenship Day) recognizes the ratification of the United States Constitution and also recognizes all who have become citizens due to either coming of age or naturalization. It is observed on September 17, the day the U.S. Constitutional Convention signed the Constitution in 1787.

We helped 50 students to become registered voters in our area today!!! Thank you Patricia Russ and my husband John, Graciela Serna Nutter and Ali Esmaili of Gavilan College for all your help in making this event possible! Gavilan College has asked us to come back with voter registration drives when ever we want to!

* Yes WE Can! *



Gavilan College’s Welcome Week Voter Registration Drive

By ☮ CR ❤ OFA – Aug 26, 2008 4:19:56 PM ET

Date:      Sept 3-4    (Wed & Thurs)
Where:   Gavilan College Student Center

A non-partisan voter reg drive was held at Gavilan College in the Student Center cafeterian during the first two days of the fall semester. Our voter registration drive went well. We did hear a lot of “voting Democrat” comments but we were not allowed to show our approval! Big thank you to Patty Baggese, Carol Benette, Linda Piceno, Patricia Russ and my husband John for working so hard at Gavilan College Welcome Voter Registration Drive! In a total of six hours we got/gave approximately 50 voter reg forms!!! Thank you Graciela Serna Nutter of Gavilan College for all her help in making this event possible!  * Yes WE Can! *

South County 4 Obama Potluck Party
By ☮ CR ❤ OFA – Aug 25, 2008 7:44:22 PM ET

** South County 4 Obama you are invited! **

What: *Obama Potluck Party* – Food, fellowship and fun!
*Bring a dish to share *and your Obama enthusiasm! Obama bumper stickers and pins will be available. Bring your camera and take a photo with the Obama cut-out! Galen’s Swain will bring his solar powered DJ equipment for tunes. Kathy Bisbee of CMAP will interview/televise the event. Guest count so far: 30 attendees

When:  *Saturday, 8/30 starts at 6pm*

Where:  The Patterson’s house

Attire: *Obama* attire (don’t worry if you don’t have an Obama pin you can pick one up at the party!)


Follow up story:

Mahalo Nui Loa Kakou (Thank you everyone) for making last night’s Obama potluck a hit! It was great to finally me you all; My husband John and I truly had a good time. We loved sharing our stories and hearing yours. There was so much positive energy at the party.  Thank you to Tom and Tanya Patterson for hosting that great party! We finally left the party at 10:30!!! Wow! 🙂

South County 4 Obama
South County 4 Obama


We played “Pin the HOPE on the Donkey
I asked each person to write down their HOPE on what an Obama Presidency would bring.
How do we win this for Barack? Here’s how!
By ☮ CR ❤ OFA – Jul 26, 2008 8:03:51 AM ET

How do we win this for Barack? Here’s how!

1) Travel to battleground states to help out other Obama volunteers on the ground

2) Phone banking to the swing states via the website

3) Post card writing campaign

Write the postcards at your own convenience (post makred by 9/30/08) and forward the batches to Women for Obama in Ohio who will address the postcards to undecided voters in the critical swing states.

4) Hope In Action

Hope In Action is a movement to connect Obama supporters with community service opportunities and is based on Barack Obama’s Plan for Universal Voluntary Public Service. Community service projects like volunteering at a homeless shelter, a blood drive, cleaning a park, hosting a book drive, or visiting a Veteran’s Hospital improves the community for everyone.

5) Obama Fundraisers

Start a carwash, bake sale, lemonaid stand, yardsale fundraiser, craft fair, auction for Senator Obama.

6) Show your Obama pride

Display an Obama sign at your house, wear an Obama T-shirt, wear an Obama pin , put Obama stickers and magnets on your car and talk you everyone you know about Obama.

7) Check on Obama Events near you:

Voter Registration Drive on the path to the Gilroy Garlic Festival
By ☮ CR ❤ OFA – Jul 22, 2008 1:21:46 PM ET

* Organizing a Voter Registration Drive along the path to the Gilroy Garlic Festival *

7/21- I am usually a wallflower but I have blazed new trails this summer as I work for the Obama Campaign as a Voter Registration Coordinator. I will be training new Voter Registration volunteers in the coming days to get ready for our big South County 4 Obama Voter Registration Drive that will be along the road to the Gilroy Garlic Festival.

California Voter Registration Information:

This will be the 30th anniversary of the Gilroy Garlic Festival which is always held the last full weekend of every July, Friday through Sunday.  The Garlic Festival draws 50,000 people from all over the world each day of the festival. There are 100 arts and craft booths. There are 70 food vendors mostly laced with garlic, even garlic ice cream! The festival will give us great foot traffic!

The South County 4 Obama will be ready with clipboards, pens and voter registration forms ready to register people from all political parties. Do you realize that we as Americans have the honor and privilege to cast our votes; in some foreign countries people risk their lives by voting their choice or are bullied and told who they will vote for. I have never missed voting in a presidential campaign since I was 18! I came across someone recently who said that they did not vote for Kerry because she thought that he would win. NOT THIS TIME! Thank you to The Gilroy City Council, GilroyFire Marshall Jacqueline Bretschneider, Gilroy City Clerk Shawna Freels and Gilroy Police Captain Kurt Svardal for all their help and encouragement in the success of Voter Registration Drive! Yes WE Can!!! Go Team Obama!!!

Voter Registration Coordinator

By ☮ CR ❤ OFA – Jul 19, 2008 11:09:39 AM ET

My husband and I attended an Obama Voter Registration Training session last Sunday at Christmas Hill Park in Gilroy hosted by Yeffi Vanatta and Elaine Coombs. Since than I have been asked if I would help the campaign by becoming a voter registration coordinator in my area. I find this terrifing and joyful all at the same time. I am a reserved person who likes to play the wallflower card so this terrified me but I also knew that the goal of working to get Barack Obama as our next President was too important for my trivial personal preferences. So yes, I will step up with the help of other Obama supporters.

Think of this, the decisions and the actions that we take from this day forward until November 4th will affect every single person who is in the U.S for the next 4-8 years. Whether they are legal, illegal or someone staying here temporarily or someone here that is on a green card status the actions of the U.S. Government DOES EFFECT EVERY SINGLE PERSON HERE IN THE U.S.A young or old, military or civilian. Just think about the current headline news and people’s financial situation, the financial status of U.S. companies, the U.S. stock market, the world market and you can connect it to the current U.S. administration.

California Voter Registration website:

Fired Up and Ready To Go! Let’s work to get Barack Obama as our next President! Go Team Obama!